tagErotic CouplingsThe Rules of the Game Ch. 01

The Rules of the Game Ch. 01


It was half past twelve by the time Simon Fletcher had returned to Number 37 Lawson Mews―his new home. He was sitting alone at the kitchen table devouring a kebab he had picked up on his way back from the pub. The house was quiet. Felicity Hammonds, the owner of the house and his new housemate, had already retired for the night. Simon was grateful for that.

Something had happened the night before, something between them, something that he now deeply regretted. A mere two days in London and Simon had already managed to fuck things up. What he had done was wrong. What he had fantasized about doing was criminal.

Chili and garlic sauce spilled onto his chin as he bit into the kebab and contemplated his predicament. The greasy street treat was rumoured to have amazing curative powers―turning drunken blithering idiots into slightly-less drunken blithering idiots.

Tonight's meal, however, was eaten more out of habit than drunken necessity. Simon had spent the evening at The Kings Arms catching up with Nathan, one of his mates from his days at Uni. Nathan Blair fancied himself quite the ladies man and had spent the night on the pull, chatting up girls with decidedly mixed results. Simon, on the other hand, spent it nursing pints and worrying about what had happened the previous evening. He ended up heading home more distracted than drunk.

It was by a sheer stroke of luck that Simon had stumbled upon this incredible living arrangement―a room in a mews house in Belgravia, one of London's most upscale neighbourhoods. Properties in this area routinely sold for three million pounds or more. If that weren't enough, the rent was cheap, dirt cheap, in fact it was free.

Felicity Hammonds had been friends with Kate, Simon's mum, since Year Three of prep school. Divorced for nearly a decade now, Felicity had recently become an empty nester. Three months ago, Darren, her only child, married a Kiwi girl that he had met during his gap year. They ended up settling in Auckland, so that she could be near her family.

Alone for the first time in a very long time, Felicity was becoming lonely. So when Kate rang her, asking for advice on housing for Simon, whilst he attended the London Business School, Felicity leapt at the opportunity to fill the emptiness in her house and in her heart.

Simon looked around now at his posh surroundings, perhaps for the last time, and wondered what his mum would say when she found out what he had done. He hoped, beyond hope, that Felicity wasn't aware of his indiscretion.

He tossed the crumpled kebab wrapper into the bin and headed for bed. Flicking on the light switch, Simon was greeted with a surprise―on the nightstand, next to the lamp, was a Harrod's shopping bag and an envelope, neither had been there when he had left for the pub.

He sat down on the bed, pulled the metallic-beaded drawstring of the lamp, and looked at the envelope. On the front of it, written in elegant cursive, were the words "The Rules of the Game". Simon opened the envelope and started to read the letter that was inside.

Dear Simon,

I discovered something strange this morning when I was doing laundry. There was a peculiar stain on my bedsheets, the kind of stain a horny young man leaves behind.

Admittedly, details of what happened last night are a bit fuzzy. I did have quite a bit to drink, we both did. I do remember having a lovely dinner at the restaurant and then stopping off at a bar for a nightcap. On the walk home, I caught my heel and turned an ankle. Like a proper gentleman, you helped me the rest of the way to the house and up to my bedroom. That's when things started to get a bit hazy. I remember getting undressed for bed and the shock from the ice pack when you placed it on my ankle.

It wasn't until I woke up this morning that I realized I wasn't wearing any knickers last night. You must have got quite an eyeful when you returned from the kitchen with that ice pack. I would've thought seeing an old hen like me in the nude would be quite uncomfortable for a young man like yourself. And apparently it was, but not in the way I would have imagined.

What happened after I fell asleep, I do not know. But what I do know is that if we are going to continue playing these kinds of games we need to establish some ground rules.

The Rules of the Game

― The Taker and the Taken, that is the game.

― The Taker enters in the night and takes what he wants from the Taken. That is how the game is played.

― The Taken and the Taker are, and always will be, strangers. No names, nicknames or derogatory terms will be used.

― The game is over when the Taker has taken what he wants.

― There can be no discussion of the game in the real world because in the real world the game does not exist.

― The Taker takes what he wants but he does not damage what he takes. That is nature of the game.

― Players signal each other when they are willing to play. The game is only on when both players agree to participate.

― In the bag on the nightstand you will find a balaclava and a pair of black leather gloves. If you are wearing these items you are the Taker and you are ready to play. The game is not played without these items.

― If the Taken's bedroom door is unlocked, the game is on. If it is locked, there will be no game that night.

― "Surrender" is the safe word. "Stop", "No", & "Don't" are not.

― If the Taken is unable to speak, a raised hand is the equivalent of the safe word.

― You are under no obligation to participate in this game. Any prior events that may have led to this proposition are forgotten and will never be brought up again.

If you agree with these rules and are ready to play, I am waiting.


About to be Taken?

* * * * * * * * * *

She was lying naked on her bed―face down, legs spread apart―dripping with anticipation. It had been a long time for Felicity and the possibility of what might happen next was driving her mad with arousal. The buxom brunette beauty had already masturbated three times this day, each time forcing herself to stop just short of orgasm. The Taken wanted the Taker to be the one to make her cum.

What's taking so long? she wondered. Surely, he must have read the letter by now. The sweet agony was killing her.

Several more minutes passed. There would be no game, not tonight, not ever, she finally realized. Felicity felt a bit silly now, thinking that there ever would be. She was about to reach back between her legs and finish the business at hand, when she felt movement on the bed. And in an instant he was on top of her. The Taken looked back towards her masked assailant. "Who are you? What do want?" she demanded.

The Taker ignored her questions and entered her. She let out a scream as his thick hard cock penetrated her soft succulent sex. The Taken knew it was coming, but it still caught her by surprise. "No, not this. Please!" she begged. "I have money, jewelry . . . anything but this."

The Taker responded by plunging deeper into her, letting it be known there was only one thing he desired.

"Please! Don't!" the Taken pleaded. "Stop!"

And strangely, that's exactly what happened. The Taker stopped. What's wrong? Felicity wondered. Has he somehow lost his nerve or his desire? She looked back over her shoulder and in a desperate voice begged, "Please don't stop!"

And just as quickly, the game was back on. The Taker started fucking her slow and deep―his thickness filling her, stretching her. Trapped and helpless, the Taken was loving every minute of it. She tried hard to mask her arousal but couldn't keep from moaning in delight. It was more than she had hoped for, more than she could have imagined―she was overwhelmed.

The Taker increased his pace―it was hard, forceful, intense. The Taken was screaming out now, every time he pushed into her. She started bucking back against his sex, craving every inch of it. They were two creatures in heat, driven by a desire they could not control. It was raw, primal, animalistic, and rapidly moving towards the end game.

As their hearts raced and their breathless bodies bounced together, it was the Taken that first surrendered to the satisfaction―climaxing hard on the Taker's cock.

Seconds later, unable to hold back any longer, the Taker joined her in the rapture―releasing inside of her, filling her with his pleasure.

He pulled out and was gone.

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