tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Russian Mistress Ch. 02

The Russian Mistress Ch. 02


Natalia, the twenty three year old Russian was still standing on the round bed in the purple tinted room. Her arms were chained up above her head to the ceiling, her legs strapped with restraints on the bed and spread wide. Her ass hole still ached from when Todd was ramming his fingers inside of her. The bright eyed and dark haired woman breathed slowly and relaxed as best as she could but minutes felt like hours as she was strapped there waiting for Todd to return with a woman he called Anne.

It had to of been at least twenty minutes before he returned. Todd looked handsome as he had before. His muscles tense below a white wife beater he must of recently changed into. She examined him, knowing what bulge laid below his black Dickie shorts.

"Hello beautiful. Sorry to keep you waiting." He winked and laughed a little, the sneer on his face somehow incredibly attractive to Natalia. She did not respond but watched him closely.

Finally he spoke again, "Anne, come in."

Natalia watched as a very attractive girl walked into the room. She had auburn hair longer than her shoulders and perfectly straight. Her eyes appeared to be a very light brown. She wore very little make up because she didn't need to. She was naturally beautiful with large plump breasts and a perfectly round behind. Her legs looked stunning like swimmers legs in her tight denim skirt. She also wore a skin tight green tank top. Just like Todd, she dressed very casual as if she were going to a movie, not to some bar with a secret back room.

"Wow. She is a prize." Anne beamed as she walked over in her flip flops. She kicked them off into the corner and got up on the bed. She stood inches from the naked Natalia. Anne immediately grabbed Natalia's large breasts in each of her hands and squeezed. Then one hand slowly slid down her stomach, over her pussy. She did not hesitate. Immediately she was slipping a finger into Natalia's still wet pussy.

"Tight too." Anne smirked. "We're going to have so much fun! Aren't we, slave?"

"Yes." She hesitated and looked to Todd before looking back at Anne. "Master."

Anne smiled and leaped off the bed. She walked to Todd, pushing him over easily into the comfortable black chair. Anne was facing Todd as she stripped. First went her shirt and Natalia could see she wore a lacey white bra. She let that drop to her feet, her body swinging side to side in a graceful manner. Todd kept his eyes on the woman undressing herself, ignoring Natalia who watched anxiously. The handsome man reached over, never taking his eyes away, and his hand found a radio. He clicked a button and music began to play. Anne moved to the beat. Her fingers ran down the length of her chest, down to her belly button, into her skirt. She unbuttoned it, spinning around to face Natalia and winking. She slid off the skirt. No panties, no big surprise. Her pussy was clean shaven and her lips looked swollen and ready for pleasure.

Anne slowly walked to the bed and climbed on. She put her arms around Natalia's neck and leaped up, wrapping her legs around her waist. Natalia was confused but quite impressed with how skillfully this girl moved. Natalia kept watching the best she could as Anne reached up and grabbed the pole that held the chains that linked to Natalia's arms. She smiled, feeling as though she were about to be released. But she was wrong. Anne pulled herself up, her breasts going past Natalia's face. Soon Natalia understood. Anne's damp pussy was right in front of her face.

"Come on you little Russian whore. You know what I want." Anne sneered, her head looking down at Natalia and loving the look in her eyes.

Natalia took a deep breath. She had never done anything like this. Slowly she leaned her head forward. Her mouth opened slightly, her tongue poked out until it touched Anne's clit softly.

"Come on!" Anne yelled. Todd watched, sitting back as if he were watching Monday night Football.

Natalia didn't hesitate this time. She leaned her head forward completely, her tongue lapping up and down over the woman's clit. Her tongue slid between the lips of her pussy. She could taste her and surprisingly she loved it. Her breathing roughened and Anne's did too as Natalia began to speed things up. She began to nip at her lips and her inner thighs. Anne's head rolled back, her mouth open and her eyes closed. Natalia was turned on and was surprised by it. Although she had slept with woman and used toys, she had never done something this crazy. It excited her mentally and physically.

Anne's body shook slightly, her breathing became louder and she moaned loudly. Natalia could feel the juices pouring into her mouth and she drank them down like the good girl she had to be. Anne pulled away and the Russian beauty stopped. The woman remained by her face, panting and trying to catch her breath. Finally she slid off, dropping her feet onto the bed and stumbling off with an enormous grin.

"Girl's got talent." She winked at Todd. The man sitting back with his cock hard below his jean shorts laughed. He stood up and undressed himself quickly. Natalia and Anne simply watched as his well-shaped pecks and abs were revealed followed by his seven inch dick.

"Don't talk to me like you're my friend, slut." Todd demanded. "I'm your master, you're my slaves. Now get down on your fucking knees."

Anne looked confused, scared almost. She shared Natalia's first expression. However, Anne did exactly as she was told and dropped to her knees on the bed, her head by Natalia's stomach but facing away. Todd smirked, walking over to the bed. He climbed on, ignoring his newest slave. He tenderly kissed Natalia's neck, her face turning away from him. As he kissed her neck his hands reached up and he unclipped her arms. Her body dropped a little and she sighed in relief. He kissed down her neck slowly, to her chest and between her breasts. He pulled away to release each of her ankles before backing away and going to the wall of toys.

"Get on your knees too, sweetheart." Todd said with his back turned. Natalia kneeled beside Anne, looking at her. Anne smiled a little and looked over Natalia's slender physique once again. Both woman were wet and could feel their pussy's fluids leaking down their thighs.

They watched anxiously, both nervous and excited, as Todd picked a few toys from the wall and walked back. He dropped them on the ground by the bed but kept one in his hand. It was a double sided dildo and Natalia's heart beat faster. She had only used one of those once and it was several years ago when she was young, experimenting with a friend.

He didn't say a word as he grabbed their shoulders, spinning them around and onto all fours. Anne could feel Natalia's bubble butt close to her own well rounded one. Todd couldn't help but to smile. They looked delicious on all fours. He didn't wait too long before he was slipping one end of the long and thick dildo into Anne's warm pussy. He slid it in slowly, savoring the moment as she gasped, moaning a little in pleasure. Natalia was becoming more nervous and had to look back. She got to see the actual thickness of the dildo now and her gut sank. It was massive!

"You're next." Todd teased, sensing the fear in her eyes as he grabbed her hip, pushing her away from the dildo and then back into position.

Instantly she felt her pussy widen, her insides being stretched further apart. Her mouth dropped open before she began to grind her teeth, trying to ignore the pressure.

"Now, you know what to do." Todd said. "Go!" His voice became loud as he yelled, making the two girls jump a little. Anne and Natalia began to rock back and forth.

"Oh! Oh...my...oh...god." Anne moaned. She felt the dildo slipping in and out of her, she was becoming sore already. "Ah!" She closed her eyes tight as she slowly moved back and forth. Natalia did the same.

"What the fuck is this? Faster! Harder! I want to hear you scream." Todd demanded.

He leaned forward, slapping both of them on the behind. Natalia was the first to speed things up. She rocked back and forth until their asses began to meet. The dildo slid deep inside of her and she squeaked occasionally. Their breathing became rough and tears began to form in the Russian's eyes. "I love it when you cry." Todd said when he noticed.

He walked in front of Natalia and stroked her cheek. She closed her eyes and looked away but he only grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him and stare into his beautiful yet cruel eyes.

"Oh...mast...ma...oh, master." She moaned to him.

"Such a good slave." He cooed. He stroked her cheek again and kneeled before her, his knees resting up against the edge of the bed. "Suck my dick like the good slave you are."

His fingers ran through her straightened black locks of hair. Natalia gasped in pleasure and pain and he took it as the perfect chance to shove all seven inches deep inside of her mouth. The head of his dick poked the back of her throat and with tears in her eyes she sucked. It was enough for Todd. He began forcing himself forward. As he did so Natalia's body backed up more into the dildo, ramming it deeper inside of Anne.

"Oh!" Anne screamed. Her pussy was going from pink to red. "I'm...about...to cum, master!"

"Don't you dare stop." Todd ordered. He grabbed Natalia's shoulders and forced her back even faster. Natalia closed her eyes, almost choking on the dick banging into the back of her throat. She felt Anne slowly down, then wobbling. She knew Anne was cumming again. She heard Anne gasp, struggling for air as her body shook and her vagina pulsed in and out in pure pleasure. Natalia wished she could get off so easily.


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