tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Russian Mistress Ch. 04

The Russian Mistress Ch. 04


Anne shook, worn out from all of the sex that she had endured. Her pussy and ass hole were swollen and beat red. Natalia was in the same condition and yet Todd was not ready to release such a beautiful Russian woman.

"Get out." Todd said, looking at Anne, who stared. Was he kidding around? She rose slowly, shaking as she grabbed her clothes and put them on.

Natalia sat up, watching Anne dress with a look of desire to do the same. She sighed as Anne left the room, running out and leaving this all behind. Lucky girl, Natalia thought.

A slap to the face turned her head around so she looked at Scott, who stood over her with his hand ready for another slap.

"What's my name, slave?" he yelled.

"Master." Natalia replied to the handsome Italian man.

"Good girl." He replied with a laugh.

"Now what to do with you next? We covered anal beads, dildos, and cocks. You don't seem tired enough to me. I have to think of something good. Oh yeah, something to make you scream." Todd said, laughing. He sat down and looked around the room.

Suddenly, he stood and left after whispering something to Scott who beamed with joy. This terrified Natalia, who sat there and watched Todd walk out. She sighed again, breathing slowly, trying to ignore the pain in her pussy along with her back door. She was swollen and red, her pussy soaked from recently getting to cum. It didn't look like she got a chance to rest though because Scott, with his olive skin and dark hair, got on his knees and stuck his face between her legs. She leaned back on her hands, her legs wrapping around his head as he licked her clit nice and slow. He pulled back to blow cold air onto her clit, making her moan. It felt so good, so relaxing. It was what her sore pussy needed.

This pleasure didn't last long before Todd was returning, wheeling in a swing of some sort. Natalia's heart sunk and Scott stood up, smiling again.

"Stand up and lets get started." Todd smirked.

Natalia did as she was told. She walked to the swing where she was held up by her wrists, spread apart above her head. Her ass was supported by straps and her legs were connected to poles as well, stretched wide apart to reveal her bright red pussy with its swollen clit.

She closed her eyes, blocking out the two handsome men who were using her up as much as they could.

Immediately, Todd got behind Natalia, who was lifted off the floor in the swing. From behind he reached between her thighs and rubbed the outside of her pussy, stretching her lips and rubbing her clit. He got his hand wet then rubbed it between her ass crack. He slid one finger into her back door, making her yelp. She twisted a little in the swing, but had no choice but to take it.

Scott got in front, holding his thick and seven inch cock in his hand. he held his balls in his other hand, rubbing and squeezing them. As he rubbed the head of his dick over her pussy lips, Todd began to rub his on her asshole. Natalia clenched her eyes shut tight.

Scott slid only an inch in, then out, then in. He did this several times just as Todd slid the head of his cock into her asshole. Natalia's eyes shot open and her mouth fell open, gasping as Todd's dick intruded her tight ass hole. He slid more and more in, making her scream. Tears began to roll down her cheeks as the pain intensified. To make matters worse, Scott rammed all seven inches deep into her soaked cunt without any warning.

"Ahhh! Oh god! Oh god!" Natalia moaned and screamed at once.

The swing rocked with them, her wrists in pain in the cuffs above her. Scott and Todd rammed into her holes, making her cry and scream and moan. The pain was blurred with pleasure as the two men thrusted.

Scott began to rub her clit hard and fast, wanting her to cum all over his fat cock. Natalia screamed, twisting side to side, forcing Todd's dick deeper inside of her ass hole. She felt their balls slapping together below her.

Her thighs tightened first. Then her eyes shut, her mouth ajar, her chest rising and falling. her nipples were hard, ready for the pleasure to erupt through her.

"Oh yess! Yes! Yes! Ah!" Natalia screamed as she moaned, an orgasm shaking her body.

This turned Todd on so much that he couldn't resist shooting his load up into her ass hole. Disappointed that it was over so quickly, he pulled out slowly and walked away to clean off. Scott continued, thrusting into her tightened pussy. She shook in pain and pleasure. Scott felt her body tensing up and her pussy squeezing around his cock. He pulled out, shooting his load all over his stomach. He stroked his dick till every last drop was out.

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