tagErotic HorrorThe Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 05

The Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 05


Chapter Five: The edge of existence

The twins swept past Gemma's crumpled form, moving in silence to attend Raven and unfastened the now stained crimson gown. As they peeled it from Raven's firm body it fell noiselessly to the stone flags and the creature stepped from it delicately. Instantly the ever-attentive Katrina whisked it away from behind her. Naked and proud Raven approached to stand before Gemma who drank in her tormentor's fabulous beauty. At the sight of the girl's revealed splendour Gemma felt a renewed vigour begin to flow forth that seemed overcome the weariness within her. Instinctively she realised what was now expected of her and she relished the thought as she struggled to her knees. With trembling hands Gemma nervously stretched up to touch Raven's firm breasts, she winced with the accompanying pain her efforts caused her as the girl obligingly moved closer still. Feeling the rock hard pointed nipples rasping against her palms, her shaking fingers closed cautiously about the unbelievably firm flesh of her tormentor's breasts as her desire overwhelmed her and all but erased her suffering.

Her gaze fell between the girl's firm slightly parted thighs; her mound bulged hairless and smooth before her eyes. Almost no flesh protruded from it, only an unusually big rounded knob of glistening brownish flesh that must be her clitoris broke shape. Gemma was amazed as she stared at it protruding as it did from the zenith of an otherwise perfectly uninterrupted juice beaded slit. Slowly Gemma moved her head forward to carefully kiss the flat firm abdomen before her only to feel the girl quiver in welcome response to her touch. Emboldened by the response Gemma's hands slipped down to caress the creature's hips as she eagerly began to kiss lower and lower. She felt the girl's hands entwining in her perspiration drenched blonde curls insistently guiding her head as she licked and kissed nearer to Raven's hairless crotch. Just as the sweet erotic intense aroma of Raven's excitement pervaded Gemma's nostrils the fingers seized her head even more urgently. Before she could savour the perfume they were urgently crushing her nose and mouth into the sucking wetness that burnt between the creatures hot thighs.

Gemma senses reeled with intense pleasure as the girl's juices passed her lips, she tasted the creature's intimate intoxicating honey. Eagerly she opened her lips wide to suck at the bald pudenda and was amazed by the amount of previously hidden flesh that just seemed to blossom forth into her eager mouth. Inexperienced as she was Gemma randomly licked and sucked at first, then judging by the girl's responses as she explored rapidly learned what to do and set to work with fervour. Surprised by the amounts of fluid the girl's sex produced as her tongue eagerly explored Gemma consumed it greedily until she sought out the knob of flesh she had set eyes on earlier that was now bulging out from between the top of the fleshy folds. As her rapidly flickering tongue brushed over the rubbery knob she felt the creature suddenly twitch and cry out. Filled with added enthusiasm Gemma started to concentrate her efforts wholly on the obviously highly sensitive stub.

"Stop girl!" hissed the girl above her prizing Gemma's mouth away from her sex "stop now for your own sake!"

"Oh please, Mistress please allow me to carry on," she pleaded gazing imploringly up into the girl's glittering gold eyes seeing the excitement boiling there.

"You do not know what you are getting into Gemma!" warned Katrina urgently.

"I can't believe this," wailed Gemma insistently, "you've abused me obscenely and drank my blood and yet you want to deny me any further pleasure, please no!"

"All I'm trying to tell you is that if you proceed things could get out of hand," Katrina emphasised, "extremely out of hand!"

"I don't care, do as you wish with me!" Gemma wailed demonically at them, "just let me pleasure the Mistress first."

She watched the two women as they appeared to communicate without speaking and both nodded and turned to her. Raven appeared very excited by her eagerness to proceed despite the warnings; Katrina meanwhile seemed concerned and uttered one last warning to her.

"Your perception of Raven as your mistress is wrong girl, she is your goddess, you are now hers, from this moment you will worship her alone," she looked deep into Gemma's eyes, "consider this, I must tell you that the choice you have made is a dangerous one." "Proceed with caution for after a certain point your ability to control the situation will evaporate and a force beyond your comprehension will govern matters from then on, the dangers are great!"

Gemma nodded to let them know she understood then spread her arms in a gesture of supplication towards Raven. The girl smiled evilly and stepped forward and Gemma set to work. Her attention instantly was focused on the girl's strange clitoris; she drew it into her mouth and clamped her lips about its base. Before long as she sucked on it she became aware that it had once again begun to swell and it intrigued her immensely. Wanting to find out how big it would get she continued licking and sucking upon it more and more enthusiastically. Gemma marvelled as all the time it continued to distend abnormally in response to her attention. Before long the hard angry hot stub of flesh had grown to over two inches long and an inch across it grew convolutions and lumps about its sides and was developing a crown ridge about the tip. It was big enough to suck like a penis, now that was something she did now how to do and eagerly she drew it as deep as possible into her mouth teasing the still swelling and gnarled shaft with her tongue. All the time it continued developing even more in return as she lovingly caressed it with her mouth. It grew gradually in stature developing a large pointed head as it did so. Gemma was enthralled at how the shaft grew incredibly gnarled and convoluted as she worked on it eagerly.

Raven cried out her voice changing slowly to a deeper throaty growl as the creature grew more excited and began to buck its hips against Gemma's eagerly sucking mouth. Before long the creature's hugely distended clitoris had fully transformed into a tremendous rigid upwardly curved phallus and had grown so long it began to thrust into Gemma's throat. She toiled diligently as it grew and grew, it was now becoming really quite immense her hands grasped the gristly convoluted length one above the other to steady it as she eagerly concentrated her mouth's efforts around the strangely shaped pointed glans. The most wonderful musky sweet juices soon began to ooze from its surface that Gemma gulped down readily. Working attentively on the huge shaft Gemma was thoroughly engrossed until Raven grasped her hair and unexpectedly pulled her away quite violently.

Excitedly she snapped her adoring eyes up past the thick fifteen-inch phallus at the creature towering above to gaze upon her and once more their eyes met but this time the animalistic look Gemma saw in Raven's stare was heart-stoppingly intense. Raven glared back down at Gemma from an unbelievably wildly contorted aroused face from which the burning gold piercing demonic eyes seared straight through Gemma's soul. Her blood red lips were drawn right back and menacingly the creature's long fangs gleamed viscously in the lamplight between them. In a flash the creature had reached out and seized the instantly terrified Gemma's arms in her strong grip, her screams of terror were useless.

This must be the point Katrina had urgently warned her of thought Gemma for the briefest instant before her world exploded. Effortlessly she was spun about and thrown face down on the floor and almost before she landed Ravens strong hands had grasped her hips lifting her easily from the stone flags. Gemma only just managed to throw out her arms narrowly stopping her skull dashing against the stone as she was tossed about like she weighed nothing. All of a sudden Raven viciously lifted her by the hips and she was wrenched violently backwards to be effortlessly impaled on Raven's unnatural member.

Gemma cried out in terrified ecstasy as the creature took her viscously from behind, the immense contorted shaft tore deep into her eager wetness again and again. Far too big for her virgin pussy it tore her inside and she loved every shrieking nerve that screamed in protest. Raven seized her upper arms pulling her up tightly against her as she fucked her hard and fast from behind. She was tossed about like a rag doll impaled on the kneeling creatures tremendous lance, her knees did not even touch the floor as her legs swung wildly about. Gemma felt sure that between gravity and the ferocity of Raven's fucking her insides would be torn apart as with each thrust the shaft buried itself deeper inside her even so she worried not.

The other three girls had taken a growing interest in what was happening to her, sensing it was safe, that Raven's moment of insanity had passed they came toward them as the frequency of Ravens thrusts fell and steadied a little. Wide-eyed Gemma watched their approach excitedly hoping they intended to use her once more while the goddess fucked her good and hard.

"Come on then!" She cried out between strokes, "I want you all!"

The trio looked over her seeking Raven's consent, which must have been approved. Her perverse wish was willingly granted, hungrily the three women fell on the whimpering girl eagerly kissing and caressing her willing and over excited body once more as Raven took her violently from behind. Katrina fell to her knees crouching low beneath the copulating couple concentrating on Gemma's crotch as Raven pounded into it she drank the cocktail of blood and their joint excitement. The twins kissed and stroked at Gemma's wildly bouncing body as best they could whilst Katrina repeatedly licked and nibbled her clitoris at every available chance she got. This was beyond imagination thought Gemma as deep within her the hugest of orgasms began to grow.

As the first explosion began to ripple through her nervous system she felt Raven tensen behind her and the member that tore her apart seemed to swell even more. With an unearthly scream Raven came as well. Something amazingly hot exploded deep inside Gemma's cunt as the most immense burst of orgasmic energy erupted inside her. She was violently pulled back by her blonde curls and her head twisted to one side. As the creature's fangs ripped into her throat her arousal intensified tenfold and she screamed in orgasm. Spiked on the creatures pulsing shaft the this time very painful bite just added to her ecstasy as she came deliriously feeling the floods of scalding inhuman come bursting from Raven into her eager womb in angry boiling spurts.

Raven drank lustily from the heavily climaxing girl's throat whilst the other fed eagerly from the raw seeping wounds she had inflicted on Gemma a little earlier. There was nothing sweeter or more invigorating to Raven than the sexually excited life-force of a beautiful young girl. Though she could feel her own excitement and hunger was rapidly waning she still carried on fucking the whimpering girl until she had wrung the last morsel of sexual excitement from her.

Raven's issue had burst into Gemma in such incredible quantities that it surged out of her with each thrust and splattered over Katrina who was now laid on her back beneath them. The overpowering weakness caused by her sheer fatigue and severe blood loss began to over come Gemma. She fell face down on top of Katrina like a broken rag doll when Raven eventually prized her from the slowly shrinking shaft and let her drop. Even in her state of total fatigue she was well aware of the red headed girl beneath her who was sucking greedily on her tortured pussy and Gemma shuddered in rapturous response despite her battered and weakened condition.

Exhausted almost to the point of unconsciousness Gemma mewled like a kitten, her heart fluttered feebly and she fought weakly but determinedly for each and every breath. Her eyes felt incredibly heavy as she adoringly watched the exquisite naked creature that she adored casually stand and with an expression of absolute satisfaction turn away. Still totally naked the magnificent creature began slowly walking away from her indifferently without even looking back. In a futile attempt to follow Raven she rolled over tumbling off Katrina but came to rest on her back too weak even to turn herself over. Arching her neck painfully aware of the wounds on each side she attempted to follow Raven with her eyes. Nothing more than a pitiful whimper escaped as she tried to call out to the creature.

Weeping in despair Gemma was unable to gather enough strength to move before Katrina's open mouth fell greedily upon one of the angry open wounds at her throat. Katrina's fiery red mass of hair obscured her view of Raven even before her sight faded. All sensuality had faded, she gasped quietly with pain as Katrina tore insistently at the already healing wound in an attempt to stimulate the flow of blood. Gemma wept weakly for she thought that she was dying and her adoration of her newfound goddess was rejected. Just how close to the truth but at the same time how very far from it she did not even realise yet! Her senses reeled in shock and her vision blurred then faded as she passed out.

Realising the girl was close to the edge of existence Katrina broke away, she stood and stretched smearing the blood from her lips with her long fingers. In an instant the twins reacted, there was no need to speak. Between them they heaved Gemma to her feet and hauled her away respectfully. Katrina stayed behind to cleanse the altar,

Awakening in the pool of warm sunlight that spilled into her room swathed in the soft encompassing bed Gemma was confused, the memories were blurred; her brain was still very fuzzy. How long had it been? Her whole body ached quite distressingly, she was still very weak but she felt incredibly good for some reason. She could not work out what was memory and what was fantasy but despite the pain was eager to find out. As if on cue Katrina entered the room bearing a tray.

"Good to see you back with us Gemma darling!" the redhead beamed huskily.

"Katrina," Gemma moaned softly, "Raven, when will I see her again?"

"Ohh, soon enough my love," soothed the redhead, "soon enough, now eat and gather your strength."

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