tagMatureThe Saga of Janie Ch. 01

The Saga of Janie Ch. 01


Author's note: All characters appearing in this story are 18 years of age or older. All events and characters in this work are fictitious. All resemblance to real events and people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


When I was young, I thought I would go to college, land my dream job, fall in love with a beautiful woman, get married, and live happily ever after in suburbia with two kids, a mortgage, and an SUV. I got the degree, the job, the house, the mortgage, and the SUV, but instead of getting the perfect woman, I married a succubus. Well she was wonderful when we first got married but as time went on she metamorphosed into the aforementioned succubus.

We had met in college and married soon after. The first year was great, but each following year was worse than the one that came before it. She mocked, criticized, and or laughed at every hope, dream, or idea that I had. When she wasn't doing that she was complaining or nagging. She broke me as a man and destroyed me as a person. After eight horrendous years of marriage, she left me for another man. I would have felt relieved but I had been so broken for so long that I forgot what it was like to feel alive. It just left me numb. I felt hopeless and accepted my failure as a man. At least, I could look forward to the coming school year which was only two months away.

I chose to become a teacher because I wanted to shape and inspire the youth of the nation. I wanted to help someone become the next Mozart or Einstein. This fantasy was washed away by years of low pay, long hours, and classrooms filled with children devoid of discipline. The only upside to my job was the eye candy. As the years passed, grades went down and skirts went up. You won't catch me complaining about that though. I shot many loads onto the shower walls with visions of teenage temptresses filling my head. Despite being boner inducing eye candy, they were all, sadly, retarded. That's why I never saw her coming.

Janie walked through my classroom door and straight into my life on the first day of the new school year. Janie was 18 years old. She absolutely glowed with a youthful exuberance. She was extraordinarily cute. When we made eye contact, she smiled at me exposing her gleaming braces. My heart stopped for the briefest moment and I forgot how to breath. I was lost in her and that moment. Her face blushed and she giggled. She took a seat in the front row directly across from my seat. I had trouble keeping my eyes off of her the whole day. Her curly brown hair and brown eyes were adorable. I snuck in every look I could get. She was petite. She stood at about 5'1" and weighed maybe a 100 lbs soaking wet. She wore a tight blue blouse with a white shirt underneath. It outlined her slender frame and a small blossoming bust. She wore a denim skirt that accented her thin hips and showcased her skinny but beautiful legs. After school, she asked if I needed help grading papers. I usually graded them at home but I couldn't resist the opportunity to spend more time with her.

She sat so close to me that her hip and legs were touching mine. We didn't get a lot of grading done though. We talked about school, life, and many other things. She had a wonderful sense of humor and kept me laughing most of the time. She was, also, intelligent, interesting, and mature for her age. This became a daily ritual for us over the next few weeks.

It felt so good to spend time with her. She made me alive again. I had forgotten what that was like I grew to genuinely care for her. I encouraged her in everything that she did. I even spent long hours helping her study so that she would succeed. I couldn't stop thinking about her. I wanted to be around her all the time and even convinced her to enter the school spelling bee.

She easily won the school and district spelling bees. Now, It was time for the state spelling bee which was quite a long distance drive to the state capital. Many of the sponsors of other district winners suggested that we all carpool to the competition because it would be more environmentally friendly and it would set a good example for the kids. I volunteered to be a driver so I could spend time with Janie. Most of the kids and sponsors were able to cram into the other vehicle leaving Janie to ride with me. This wasn't my first spelling bee trip and I understood they could run late into the evening. So I made sure Janie packed an overnight bag just in case.

The drive was fun and we talked plenty. About an hour into the drive, I rested my arm on the center console. Janie cautiously slid her hand on top of mine. I gulped and looked at her. She shyly smiled when we made eye contact. I rolled my hand over and we interlocked our fingers. I felt like I was in heaven at that very moment. A thought popped into my head.

I love her. I am in love with her. I contemplated the possibility of having a real relationship with this girl but quickly shook the thought from my head. It was wrong on many levels. She was old enough but was still much younger than I. I was her teacher. I couldn't do it, but I didn't want this feeling to end. I didn't want to let go of her hand nor did I want this feeling to end, but nothing lasts forever.

The car began to sputter and lost all power. I pulled over and the other car did as well to see what was wrong. I popped the hood and took a quick look. The radiator hose was rotted and broken. The tear was so large even duct tape couldn't fix it. I called a tow truck and had it towed back to my house. We were running a tight schedule.

All I could think about now was getting Janie there on time. This was her last year of eligibility for the spelling bee. The other driver suggested that we all cram into her minivan.

People sat on each others laps to make room. We threw our bags in back and I took a seat in the last row. Janie sat on my lap and off we went. We still had about an hour to go. Janie eventually slid back to a more comfortable position. Her hair smelled fruity and fun. Her cute little butt was pressed against my dick. She leaned back, crossed her legs, and started kicking and shaking her top leg. My heart started pounding because I knew what she was doing. When my ex-wife was younger she had told that it would cause her thighs to rub her pussy and she could get off like that. Janie was masturbating in my lap!! My dick got so hard. I wiggled a bit to free my cock from between my hip and her ass. It came to rest between her butt cheeks and pressed against my tummy. The rocking wasn't just getting her off. It was causing her whole body too shake and massage my penis. Her crotch was getting warm and I could feel it through her jeans. Fantasies of fucking her silly flashed in my head.

I imagined turning her around and kissing her with her legs spread, one on each side of me. I thought about leaning her against the back of the driver's seat and pushing her red t-shirt up to reveal her small developing breasts. I would massage them before sucking and licking her nipples. Next, I would undo her pants, bring her legs together, and lift them over my head. I would pull her jeans and panties off in one swift motion. I imagined that she spread her legs around me and revealed a perfect young pussy. It was dripping with anticipation. I would take a moment to admire her neatly trimmed pubes and creamy white skin. I pulled out my cock and pushed it inside of her. I would thrust hard and fast like the world was going to end and this would be the last orgasm I would ever have. I could feel the tension building. I was getting close to cumming so I opened my eyes and pushed the fantasies aside.

She reached back and squeezed my forearm tightly as she tensed up. Janie let out a cute little gasp. She started holding her breath. Then her body relaxed and she breathed. She just had an orgasm in my lap. The thought almost made me explode in my pants. I fought it off though. I couldn't leave a wet, gloppy, mess on the front of slacks. Everyone would know. It was torture not being able to fap. I would have given my net worth for an empty bathroom or anyplace to relieve myself. Right after she came in my lap, we pulled into the parking lot of the building where the state spelling bee would be held.

We found a close parking space and narrowly beat another car to it. I announced that I need to go to the men's room to relieve myself. I chuckled at that. I wrapped my sweater around my waste to hide my erection. I told Janie to meet me in the main auditorium. Then rushed into the restroom. This was going to be the hottest masturbation session I have ever had. I rushed into the restroom and too my horror it was filled with people and it was filthy. My heart sank at the realization that I would have to save this one. My cock quickly softened as my thoughts turned to the spelling bee. I pissed in a urinal to not arouse suspicion and met Janie in the auditorium after washing up.

The spelling bee was filled with strong competition. It took hours to whittle down the crowd to Janie and a tubby kid with glasses. This is her last year of eligibility and I wanted her to have something to be proud of. She was doing phenomenally. Unfortunately, so was the other kid. Neither of them would make a mistake for a few more hours.

My thoughts would constantly turn to those precious moments we had holding hands in the car and the unwitting mutual masturbation in the van, My cock was a hard a few times that night. I have never needed to masturbate this badly in my life.

It was about midnight when the tubby stood up to the microphone and the judge said "numnah."

The boy responded by spelling out "N U M N U T."

"I'm sorry but that is incorrect. The word was numnah. A numnah is a saddle blanket or saddle-pad"

Janie just had to get her word correct and she would win. She was given the word "Inappropriate" and she rattled it off without a hitch. I had to restrain myself from running up on stage and giving her a hug so big that she would not be able to breath until it was over. I did however stand up and yelled with such enthusiasm and vigor that the entire auditorium looked at me. I didn't even care. I was just so proud of her. We met up in the lobby and I hugged her and told her how amazing she was.

The group walked out together and I kept giving Janie side hugs on the way to the minivan. I was exhausted and so was the other driver. We both agreed it would be too dangerous to make the four hour drive back. So, we decided get hotel rooms. Janie called her parents and they said if I paid for Janie's room they would reimburse me when we got back.

I couldn't wait to get to my room so I could jack off to the days earlier events in the mini van. I asked for two rooms and gave the clerk my card. She politely told me that it had been declined. I had to use it to pay the divorce attorney. I asked her to try for one double room. She ran the card again and it was accepted. I would have to share a room with Janie which wasn't a catastrophe. I could still stroke it in the shower. We made our way up to our room on the third floor.

The room had two beds with floral bedspreads and a lamp over each bed. The wall and floors were all done in neutral tans and browns. It was not luxurious but it was very clean and it would serve its purpose well.

Thoughts of Janie's cute little butt massaging my cock and the orgasm she had in my lap began racing through my head. I could feel my cock begin to stiffen. It was time to take a shower and finally relieve myself. Janie, however, had other plans. She announced that she needed a shower. I did not protest, despite the growing sense of disappointment and sexual frustration. I sat down and turned on the TV. She entered the bathroom nook, that had the sink and the mirror, and closed the privacy curtain.

I could see her feet under the curtain. She used one foot to push the other shoe off and vice versa. The t-shirt fell next followed by a white bra. I could see her wiggle out of her skinny jeans and pink boy-shorts. She pushed them and her down to floor in one motion. She stepped out of them and into the shower room and closed the door. She just left her clothes scattered on the floor. The shower turned on. The thought of taking a closer look at her underwear raced into my mind and sent blood rushing to my dick.

I tried to push the notion from my mind but the little devil inside my head reminded me of a tidbit of information she once shared with me. She liked long showers. I couldn't, It was wrong and if I got caught I would lose my job. That little devil told me that she wouldn't hear anything because of the shower. The temptation was too great.

I snuck over and quietly reached under the curtain and grabbed her bra and looked at the tag. It was 32a. Small but she still had a lot of growing to do. I put it back down and reached for her underwear. My heart started pounding because these were the panties she came in while sitting on my lap. They were still warm and fresh. I held them close to my face and inhaled deeply as if it were the last breath I would ever take. Her sweet womanly smell filled my nose and my dick sprang to life. I felt as if I could drive a nail through a board with it. I needed to stroke one off.

I undid my trousers and released my manhood from captivity. I wrapped the crotch of her panties around the head of my penis and started stroking slowly. Her soft underwear felt like heaven around my cock. Once again the thought of her masturbating in my lap was driving me ever closer to a seismic release. The Shower turned off.

I wanted scream out of frustration. I put everything back, jumped back on the bed, and turned on my side with my back facing the private area. The shower room door opened and I could see her step out. I hoped she would get dressed quickly so I could have my turn. This, however, was not to be. She stayed in the privy area for quite some time and didn't appear to be nearing an end. The thought her beautiful naked body behind that curtain made the time pass slowly. I needed some air to ease my tension so I told Janie I was going to take quick dip in the pool.

I changed into my trunks and went for a quick swim. I remembered that the pool had a small shower room. I would shower down there too. I couldn't risk masturbating in public there. That would have to wait. After about 30 minutes I made my way back up to the room and found Janie lying on her bed reading a vampire romance novel.

She was on her tummy, legs kicked up in the air and crossed. She had changed into short black soccer shorts and a yellow t-shirt. Her curly brown hair was up in a pony tail. She noticed me entering, smiled, waved, and said hello. I returned the gesture and made my way to the sink to brush my teeth. I grabbed my bag, closed the privacy curtain, and changed into some sweats and left my shirt off. I got in the habit of keeping a good body because my ex-wife wouldn't sleep with me if I put on weight. I was about 5'6" and about 140lbs. I admired myself for a sew seconds. After I finished, Janie asked;

"Do you think I'm pretty? I don't think so. The boys in school like to make fun of me."

I let a deep breath escape. I walked over to Janie's bed and set next to where she was laying. I placed my right hand over her, on the bed, so that I was leaning over her. I used my left hand to softly brush a few loose hairs behind her lovely ears. I said;

"Janie, you are the most beautiful girl in school. You are the smartest, funniest, and most interesting student I have ever had."

"Thank you. Thank you. You are far too kind." She replied in a silly tone.

Her whole face lit up. I could see that I was making her nervous and she rolled over on her back and looked up at me. Very cautiously she asked:

"Do you like me?"

"I like you so much that I think about you all the time."

She asked a second question, "Do you want to be boyfriend girlfriend?"

I replied with a question of my own "Can you keep a secret? Can you keep the biggest secret you have ever kept? I mean, you can't tell anyone at all, not even your parents or your closest friends. I could get into very big trouble because I am your teacher." This is wrong but I need someone in my life so desperately.

"Yes! I can." she said with a giggle.

"Promise me."

"I promise!"

"Then we can definitely be secret boyfriend-girlfriend." I replied. I know that I should have said no but no one has made me feel this good about myself and life in general for many, many years.

"Oh my god! This is so cool! I can't believe this is happening to me!" she exclaimed with another giggle. "I have an idea! Lets watch a movie. It can be our first date."

"That is a great idea! What do you want to watch?" I asked.

"Well let's see." She wiggled out from underneath me and got up on her knees and grabbed the remote and flipped to the pay per view guide. She picked the latest teen vampire romance movie. I leaned back against the headboard and kicked my feet up on the bed. Janie snuggled up against me and held my hand. I loved that feeling.

We watched for a few minutes until Janie suggested snacks. We ordered ice cream from room service. It only took a few minutes for the waiter to arrive with our treats. Janie grabbed the deserts and I paid and tipped the waiter. I got back in bed leaned up against the head and Janie sat right between my legs this time facing the TV. Her butt was pressed right up against my crotch. Hopefully there would be a replay of the day's earlier events in the minivan. I could feel the hormones starting flood my body again. We talked a lot during the movie and occasionally spoon fed each other scoops of ice cream while exchanging flirty looks. When the love scene started she lost all interest in her ice cream and set it down on the night stand.

She crossed her legs and started shaking her top foot side to side. She was masturbating again which had the same effect on me as it did earlier. My cock sprang to life. She giggled just a bit and I knew that she could feel it. I guess this had made her a bit uncomfortable.

She turned around and knelt in front of me. She leaned into me and pecked me right on the lips and my heart skipped a beat and I felt alive as if my soul had just awoken from a long slumber. Her face turned red. She was clearly inexperienced in the ways of love. I looked deeply into her eyes, took her by the hands, and said

"Janie, I love you. You have awoken my soul, breathed life into my heart, and you have found things inside of me that I thought were lost." She melted as I said that.

"I love you to." She replied.

I looked at her lips which were well glossed and juicy. I leaned in and kissed her. First I wrapped two lips around her bottom lip and gently sucked on it. Then did the same to the top lip. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I pressed both of my lips against both of hers and parted her mouth with tongue. I wrapped my arms around her waste and placed my hands on the small of her back. She followed my lead and our tongues darted in and out of each others mouths. I slid my hands lower and firmly grabbed her butt cheeks. I gently laid her back and then laid on my side next to her.

I went back in for another kiss but this time on the neck. I started to rub her shoulders, arms lightly. I loved the feel of her soft and white skin. She felt so frail. I wanted to protect her, love her, and ravish her all at the same time.

I slid her shirt up just enough to expose her cute tummy and started planting little kisses. I put my hand on her knee and slid it up her creamy thigh. I pushed my hand up the leg of her soccer shorts. I was going to rub her through her panties but she let out a little nervous squeal and snapped her legs shut. Next, I Pulled my hand out of her shorts and from between her thighs and placed it on her. She relaxed a bit.

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