tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Saga of Tythoros Ch. 08

The Saga of Tythoros Ch. 08


This is my attempt at a "porn parody" (for lack of a better description) of Ancient Greek mythology. It is not a direct adaptation of any one story, but an original tale made of tropes and archetypes pulled from several Greek myths. The intention was not only to create a work of erotic fantasy, but an epic saga that paid loving tribute to the poets and playwrights of antiquity.

Thank you for reading. Please enjoy.

Chapter 8

After a very long and tiring journey, Tythoros fell to his knees.

"Praise the gods," he rejoiced. "We have arrived!"

The travelers had come at last to a large and grassy meadow in the shadow of the Rila Mountains. They were overwhelmed with awe at the sight of those enormous rocky peaks, and with terror at the thought of what waited for them inside.

"Are we close enough?" asked Callioa. "Will this place serve our purposes?"

"We cannot waste any time looking for more suitable ground," answered Sidrophus. "This will have to do."

"Then we should get to work," Tythoros said as he stood. "Callioa, you can fetch some game. Sidrophus and I will gather kindling."

"Nay, Tythoros," Callioa retorted. "Sidrophus' bow will be faster and stealthier in catching the meat we need. Let him go hunt, and I shall take his place."

Tythoros and Sidrophus traded looks of surprise at this but the prince could only agree. After gathering his bow and quiver, Sidrophus left to search for prey in the forest.

"Something must be weighing on your mind," guessed Tythoros, as he walked into the woods with Callioa. "I have never known you to refuse a hunt."

"I am curious," began Callioa, "what will you do when this is over? Where will you go, and who will be waiting for you there?"

Tythoros hesitated for thought, and then started to gather branches and dead leaves. "I had not considered it," he confessed. "I suppose I will return to Thebes with Sidrophus. Surely he can help find some place for me there."

"You have no other friends in Thebes? No remaining family anywhere else?"

"Now that my wife is dead, I have none."

"During our travels, you spoke very fondly of your old life in Athens."

"That life is gone!" Tythoros blurted, his voice starting to crack with sadness. He took a moment to calm down before continuing. "My entire past was closed off to me the moment Aloche died. I have nothing left but a chance to earn a new beginning with Dusedre's extermination."

They both knew better than to continue the conversation. Tythoros and Callioa worked in silence, bringing armfuls of kindling from the forest to the campfire. Callioa watched her friend all the while, waiting for his temper to cool before speaking further.

"We have much in common," she finally said. "When we first met, you observed that we both grew up with uncertain parentage, and we have both lost many loved ones. I do not know where I came from or what I might have been, any more than you do."

Tythoros turned to look at her. He had never seen such vulnerability in her features, nor heard such sincerity in her voice.

"At least you have a home," he said. "You can return to the woods of Greece when your loved ones have been avenged."

"Where in the forest could I go?" she asked, with tears welling in her bright green eyes. "I may have been raised among beasts, but I am a woman! What pack of animals would take in a strange human as one of their own?!"

She threw down her leafy burden in frustration and wiped away her tears. Tythoros put his own gatherings down and softly put a hand on her shoulder.

"You could come with me and Sidrophus," he offered gently. "We would find a place for you in Thebes."

She nodded, but in a very resigned and melancholy way. "I am no fool, Tythoros. I always knew the day would come when I would have to leave the wilderness and join my own kind. Now that my family is dead, I know that moment cannot be delayed any longer."

"I understand what it means to leave your entire life behind," Tythoros reminded her. "I know you are afraid, but the fear will pass. In time, you will adapt to life in society."

Callioa's eyes were red with fresh tears as she turned to face him. "I have heard how those of my sex are treated in society. I would be treated as less than a person until I could find a mate, and then I would be treated as less than my husband. I would spend the rest of my days dependent on others -- on men! -- for my every desire and need!"

"Brave Callioa," Tythoros interrupted, "you are without doubt an uncommon woman among Greeks. Aloche was very uncommon as well. She fought for those she loved and refused to compromise her virtues, no matter how many times she was pressured to do so. No other man would have taken her for a bride, but I did. I could have married any other woman for her beauty or wealth, but I chose to marry Aloche for her spirit."

Tythoros took Callioa's hands into his own and went on. "I swear a solemn binding oath to you now that no matter how many Greek men try to claim their dominance over you by right of their sex, you will never stand alone against them. As I honored the strength of my late wife, so shall I honor yours."

Callioa saw deep affection and honesty in Tythoros' expression. She knew the time had come at last to utter those three words she had secretly been waiting for years to say.

"I challenge you."

Tythoros was taken aback. "What did you say, Callioa?"

"Taking a husband would mean breaking my vow of chastity to Artemis of the Hunt," she explained. "The same vow I took in return for her tutelage and protection while growing up. I would be turning my back on the chaste goddess who helped raise me, and risking her terrible vengeance as well. I believe you are a man who would be worth the risk, but this is not a choice to be made lightly."

Callioa returned to her work as she continued explaining. "When I was a young girl, I promised myself that I would never give my chastity to any man who had not earned it. I decided that any man who would take my heart must prove himself my equal in strength, speed, and intellect. I challenge you, Tythoros, to prove yourself."

"I have not yet redeemed myself for the death of my wife, and I am to compete for your hand in marriage?!" he asked in bewilderment.

"If you will not compete for my heart," she replied, "then compete to prove yourself my equal."

"In what contest?"

"A game of wrestling," she said.

"I have already defeated you at wrestling!" he exclaimed. "I pinned you to the ground when we first met!"

"I was caught by surprise," she countered. "I did not know my opponent at that time, and neither did you. I want a second match, and I want it conducted fairly."

Tythoros could only shake his head in disbelief. "I see no point to this exercise," he grumbled, "yet there is no harm in a friendly sporting match and I can see that you will not be dissuaded. Very well, let us finish our task and we will compete this evening."

So agreed, Tythoros and Callioa returned to their task of gathering all the dried leaves and dead wood they could carry.


While hunting earlier in the day, lucky Sidrophus had found a field that was flat and large enough for a wrestling match. He guided his companions to this grassy field shortly before dusk.

"I still think that this is a foolish exercise," he said. "So close to the monster's lair, we should either be preparing for an assault or on our guard."

"Our preparations for assault are complete," Callioa answered. "And if we are attacked, our weapons lay within easy reach."

"But we have so many wrestling arenas waiting for us in Thebes!" countered Sidrophus. "Must we do this now, here in hostile wilderness?"

"Yes," she replied simply and forcefully. Sidrophus could only look to Tythoros, who gave a resigned shrug.

With a sigh, Sidrophus asked "Could I at least get some help in drawing the boundaries?"

"You are the referee, my friend," said Tythoros. "You set the terms of the match."

With the butt of Tythoros' spear, the prince grudgingly set to drawing the wrestling-ground's edges. The resulting square was smaller than most, as Sidrophus was eager to have this distraction over with. As he worked, Tythoros stretched his muscles in preparation while Callioa arranged her hair into tight braids about her head.

"It is finished," Sidrophus reported. "You must disrobe before entering the ring, lest you grab hold of each other's fabric unfairly."

In the past, Callioa had always avoided the sight of her male companions in the nude. She had also taken great effort toward hiding her body, and her comrades had been noble enough to respect her wishes.

Tythoros turned to Callioa. "You may still call this game off if you so wish," he said.

He and Sidrophus had both expected Callioa to refuse, yet she only flinched for a moment when Tythoros removed his chiton. She did not object when her godlike opponent exposed all of his tanned flesh and sculpted muscles. His massive penis swung freely, in full view, and Callioa made no attempt to look away.

Instead, she removed the pelts of her clothing in one smooth movement.

Tythoros and Sidrophus were struck with awe as she stood before them in all of her naked glamor. She was tall and lean, with skin that was pink and flush with life. Her limbs and waist showed many alluring curves, with muscles that betrayed no sign of weakness. A seductive nest of dark auburn curls sat between two firm and shapely thighs. Beneath her long and smooth neck rested two plump and perky breasts.

Callioa's male companions were stunned at the sight of this forbidden beauty, but her eyes stunned them most of all. Her piercing green eyes showed a defiant lack of shame. Her diamond-shaped face was set in an expression of determined pride.

"Let us begin," she said. Tythoros followed her to the ring, his eyes drawn to her taut, round backside as they walked.

Sidrophus finally willed himself back to his senses, forcing himself to recall the wrestling games he had witnessed while growing up.

"During this match," he said, "there will be no biting, no eye-gouging, no intentional punches or kicks, and no grasping genitals. Your opponent will score a point if your back touches the ground, if any part of you touches outside these boundaries, or if you concede defeat at any time. The first combatant to three points wins. You will obey my commands and my rulings at all times. Are we agreed?"

"We are agreed," said Tythoros and Callioa.

"Clasp hands." They did.

Sidrophus proceeded to guide the combatants to their marks, just outside arm's reach of each other. He then left the boundaries of the ring as Tythoros and Callioa crouched into fighting stances, waiting for a signal from their friend.

"Begin!" shouted Sidrophus, shortly before Callioa and Tythoros collided.

They gripped each other's biceps, trying to force their arms upward. They pressed toward each other, refusing to yield any ground. They tried each other in this way until Tythoros was able to force his arm under hers. He would have reached down with his other hand, but Callioa was too quick -- she blocked him with an arm under his.

Tythoros stood with Callioa's supple breasts against his chest and her warm breath on his cheek. They struggled for a moment, enjoying this test of each other's strength. Callioa showed the power and tenacity that had come from so many years of wrestling animals. She had made wolves and bears submit to her over the years, but she had never clashed with a son of Zeus.

Callioa put so much strength into her arms that she neglected her feet. Tythoros kicked an ankle out from under her and the two began to tilt sideways. Callioa reflexively dropped a lithe arm to catch herself, freeing Tythoros' hand to grab a slender ankle. Tythoros fell atop her, lifting her leg skyward until her back was on the ground. Her legs were wide open as she lay pinned on her back, though Tythoros could only savor the view of her quivering folds for an instant.

"Halt!" shouted Sidrophus, too quickly. "One point for Tythoros. On your feet."

Both combatants got to their feet and returned to their original positions. "Callioa," muttered Tythoros, "please quit this waste of time before we exert ourselves too much."

"Begin!" shouted Sidrophus. In an instant, just as Callioa approached, Tythoros pushed her away by her lean triceps to duck under her arm. He then dove to take hold of her bulging thigh and gripped it with both hands as he stood, using his head to push against her ample chest. He might have tripped Callioa then and there if not for her fast reaction.

Tythoros did not expect Callioa to put so much strength into pushing his head closer to her crotch, away from her chest. He could smell the pungent scent of her sex when she bent down to trap his head under her chest and reached to grab his far knee. He could see her trapped foot loop around to the near knee, but there was not enough time to react. She pulled his knees out from under him, sending Tythoros upon his back. He was sprawled upon the ground, with Callioa on her hands and knees atop him. She leaned in toward his ear.

"If you love me," she whispered, "then fight for me!"

"Halt!" shouted Sidrophus. "The score is tied at one point each. On your feet."

Callioa got up and strode back to her position, but Tythoros hesitated before standing. He lay there for a moment as a realization finally dawned on him.

"Come on!" roared Callioa. At last, Tythoros stood and got into position. If Callioa so badly wanted him to fight back, then he was not going to disappoint.

"Begin!" shouted Sidrophus, when both contestants were ready. This time, they gripped each other's shoulders and grappled for control. They were at a deadlock until Callioa reached behind Tythoros' neck. She attempted to push his head down, though she was not nearly strong enough to break his resistance. Instead, Tythoros retaliated by trying to move an arm under her shoulder, but that was not about to work twice.

Callioa quickly brought her arm up and inside, ducking down to avoid his hold. She then thrust her head between his legs, wrapping her arms around each of his enormous thighs. Tythoros sprawled in response, forcing his hips downward and his knees to the ground. Callioa got the wind knocked out of her as Tythoros lowered all of his weight onto her, yet she still kept hold. He tried to get her head out from between his legs by pushing against her shoulders and moving his hips back. They were both acutely aware of his partly-erect manhood rubbing against her neck as he did so.

Though Callioa fought to keep control, Tythoros gradually extracted her head and slipped an arm under hers. With a great roar, he rotated on his knee, dragged Callioa forward until they were side by side, and then pushed her sideways onto her back.

Tythoros looked down to see Callioa's perky breasts and their bright pink nipples pointing upward at him. He noticed that her skin was now gleaming with sweat, as was his. They were both panting from the exertion of resisting each other, but Callioa's bright green eyes had a glint that craved more.

Then came the familiar cry of "Halt! The score is now two to one in Tythoros' favor. On your feet." But they did not get up.

"Sidrophus," asked Tythoros, "perhaps we could have a moment to rest before we continue?"

"That is a very sound idea," agreed the prince. "Do you have any objections, Callioa?"

After a moment's consideration, Callioa groaned "Get off me, then, and we will break."

The contestants went to opposing sides of the ring. Tythoros was deep in thought as he sat in the grass and looked up at the darkening sky. He paid no attention to the brief yet heated argument between Sidrophus and Callioa.

Resigned to her stubbornness, Sidrophus walked over to crouch beside Tythoros. "She will not yield," said Sidrophus. "She is determined to win this foolish contest."

"Callioa does not want to win," Tythoros quietly replied. "She wants to put in her best effort and lose anyway."

Sidrophus showed his confusion at this answer. "But why?" he asked.

"She wants us to marry when we get to Thebes, but she is too afraid of breaking the chastity oath. This way, she can truthfully claim to the vengeful Artemis that she defended her maidenhood with all of her strength before I earned the right to take it."

"She might have told us that," Sidrophus indignantly remarked.

"Callioa was raised by feral beasts and the goddess Artemis, all of whom despise the company of men. Our concept of love is a strange one to her."

Sidrophus completed the thought. "She has no idea how to cope with her feelings, much less how to express them in words."

"Instead, she pushes me on to fight for her affections."

Sidrophus let out a very heavy sigh. "And what about you, my friend? How do you feel about this arrangement?"

Tythoros did not answer immediately. Sidrophus pushed on.

"Do you return her sentiments? Are you truly competing to win her hand?"

"I told her that I would compete to prove myself her equal," Tythoros finally replied. "I cannot bear to answer truthfully. My words might go down to my wife in the realm of Hades while her death still lies heavy on my conscience. The gods might hear my answer while I am still on a quest to earn forgiveness in their eyes."

Tythoros, his face clouded with anguish, turned to face the prince. "I cannot voice my true feelings, Sidrophus. Not while I risk the wrath of the gods and not until I am certain that Aloche rests in peace."

Sidrophus put a hand on his friend's shoulder. "I understand," he said. "We will speak no more about this until our mission is ended."

He stood up and moved to walk away, but Tythoros stood to stop him.

"Pray forgive my asking," Tythoros whispered, "but are you at all attracted to our companion?"

Sidrophus ruefully shook his head. "Nay, Tythoros. Though she might grow to forgive a man who accidentally killed her brother, she could never grow to love him. Far worse, though it pains me to admit it, I could never hope to defeat her in a wrestling match."

The prince looked directly into Tythoros' eyes as he continued. "Even so, Callioa is a most uncommon beauty. If she ever finds a worthy husband, I shall not think any worse of him. On the contrary, her affections are so hard-won that I would greatly admire any man capable of earning them."

The two friends shared a smile at this as Tythoros patted Sidrophus' shoulder in gratitude. No more words between them were necessary.

At that moment, Callioa approached them. "We must continue," she insisted. "The night approaches quickly."

Indeed, the western sky was radiant with purple shades by that time. Quickly, the three of them took their positions. Once again, Sidrophus shouted "Begin!"

Callioa pressed her hands against Tythoros' broad shoulders as he reached to grip her arms. They might have continued struggling against each other in this way, but the time for testing each other was over. This match had to end, and it had to end with absolute certainty.

Tythoros broke her control simply by pulling hard on her arms. He kept hold of Callioa's triceps while ducking under it. He then drove his other arm between her legs to grab hold of her knee. He felt her moist arousal on his forearm as she attempted to sprawl, forcing her weight down to trap him underneath her. The sensation was very brief, however.

In a flash, Tythoros spun hard out from underneath her while pulling her knee downward. Callioa's momentum took her face-down to the grass, and Tythoros was instantly on her back. Before she had regained her senses, Tythoros already had both of his arms under hers, with his hands above her neck. His legs were on the inside, spreading hers apart.

Callioa struggled for any kind of leverage, but there was none to be found as she lie flat on her stomach with her limbs spread out. She tried to reach back and break his grip, but he was too strong for that. She wriggled and struggled beneath him, feeling his hot and firm cock against her buttocks as she did so.

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