The Saint


There's nothin' else that I have seen/There's no gettin' around it or in between/You're out of this world except you're not green/Look, you don't know what you mean to me...

The way that he moves. The way that he touches me sends chills down my spine. Never have I felt this immense about someone. When he kissed me, I melted a bit on the inside and smiled. He stared into my eyes and I saw a twinkle that I have never seen before...

New York City: Four days before...

"Hey sweetie. Where are you at?" He asked as she gathered her suitcase.

"I am here. I am going to hop on the bus to the subway. See you in about an hour."

"Alright. Love Ya."

"Love Ya too..."

Denise waited for the bus. In the sticky NYC heat, she took a breath in, adjusted her shades and listened to some Deep House Music to clear her mind.

Ahhh yes! A few days of relaxation and fun away from the stresses of Atlanta. She has always been a Peach, but deep down inside, she felt like a New York Apple. Her petite frame and look turned the heads of many onlookers in the big city. Hell, it was more than what she got in back home. The lack of desire for her ethnic features and thick, curly, but short tresses became a bother for her dating Life. Men wanted the 'Barbie Doll' look and fairer features. Her skin was of a rich brown glow, with hints of red and yellow hues. However, she took pride in her heritage and what it bestowed upon her.

As the bus rolled in, she hopped on and sat down, excited. Her best friend was her rock and she was thankful to be spending time with him. As she arrived to his place, she looked up at the late evening sky and braced herself for what was going to be an interesting few days in NYC -- seeing family, meeting her best guy friends' partner, shopping, dancing and the beach.

After dinner with her close guy friend, Andrew, she fell asleep. Another day is ahead of her. She stirred in her sleep about what she left behind. Preston was of her past. They were close friends at the time, then a relationship formed. However, right before Valentine's Day, he broke her heart.

"So you are just not going to explain why I have not heard from you in three weeks?! Answer me, damnit!"

Silence on the other end. He took a deep breath and said with a faint tone, 'I am sorry. I should have told you earlier.'

She hung up and made it a mission to never let him into her Life again. She did admit that sex with him was passionate and intense. His reddish-brown hair would block his face whenever she pounced herself on top of him. She felt his man between her legs, which made her even more excited. He would slide his finger deep within her, thus causing her to moan.

SNAP OUT OF IT! She had to. New beginnings. New everything. She reminded herself.

How can I be sure? /If you're sure about about the signs tell me what do they mean?/How can I be sure?

Samuel placed his book bag on the couch and relaxed from a long day at work. Between meetings and vying for clients in a new firm, he just wanted to chill out for a while. He slipped on some Omar and reached into the fridge for some water. His hazel eyes came into the focus of the Jamaican woman which he had framed on his wall.

In a city as big New York, the opportunities were endless for this man. With his Cuban/Jewish ancestry, the amount of pussy he could get was priceless. However, that was not him at all. He dated beautiful chocolate women of all flavors. He had a higher Love for the woman of natural beauty and features. Nothing overdone or nothing put on. Just an everyday woman. His last woman ended up a disaster. She confessed her Love for him, moved in with him and quickly the relationship went downhill. It broke him a bit. However, he brushed it off and started once again on the conquest for Love.

Our brightest day is yet to come/Revolutionize this Love (x3)

Denise dolled herself out for a night on the town. No one or nothing was going to stop her. Andrew was supposed to be her accomplice, but him and his mister were having issues. Walking in SoHo on a nice summer night was what she needed. She arrived at her destination and danced the night away. She ran into acquaintances, mingled for a bit and danced some more. It was alright with her to dance alone in a big city full of eligible bachelors. Nonetheless, she felt eyes on her as she danced and it excited her even more. She knew it was not from women, but from men. Something told her to look to her right, but she refused. As she took a water break, her phone rung.


"I am fine. Enjoy your evening. Do not worry about me. How could he do this to me?"

"I will be home as soon as possible. I Love You."

"Love You too!"

Denise reentered the establishment and danced the night away.

Samuel walked in with some friends and danced the night away. As he was dancing, he noticed a petite frame within his peripheral vision.

'She cute...' He thought to himself as he kept dancing. Maybe it was coincidence that she knew the same people that he did. Nonetheless, he had to get to know her.

Jamming the night away and dancing with the fellow dancers in the circle, she did her thing. Just as she was about to call it a night, he approached her.

"Would you like to dance?" He asked as he stared at her with his warm hazel eyes. She looked at him and smiled.

"Sure. Why not?"

As they both danced, all she could do was just stare at him. He was alright looking, not ugly by any means. On top of that, he was not even her type. Yes, Denise had a type: Tall, handsome, dark hair and eyes. She also had a strong attraction to white men. All, if not most of her exes, were white. She dated a brother, but he only ended up disrespecting her during the relationship and after the breakup, he ended up stalking her. Talk about foolish.

She snapped back into reality as he was chatting up with her. She was in her zone as a dancer. He stared at her dancing and keeps it honest with her, "I cannot keep up with you. Nonetheless, I would like to get to know you a little more. What is your name?"

"Denise and yours?"

"I am Samuel. A pleasure. Let's stay in touch." Just as he said that, she pulled out a card and handed it to him. He smiled and look at her once more.

"Talk to you soon!" He said as his back was to her. She smiled and continue dancing. What are the odds that a man in this city would want to go out with a woman like her?

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