tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sales Associate Ch. 06-07

The Sales Associate Ch. 06-07



The deal with Torston had gone like so many others. Martin's connections and Holly's presentation were a dynamic combo that seldom failed. A few self-righteous clients had acted insulted and kicked them out, but three out of every four were more than ready to deal, usually bartering for a hand-job, striptease of fuck-show like Torston had. Not once had Holly been asked to do more than that -- at least not yet. She feared the day was coming and wasn't sure how she would react. Yes, she understood that every signal she sent out was that she was a slut and while she didn't recoil at that label, she also didn't want to embrace it to the point of participating in gang bangs, either. At least right now, she was a slut for one man whom she knew she could trust for the most part. And, despite his eagerness to show her off, Martin was far too jealous and protective to ever share her willingly. Hell, even swallowing Torston's cum had been her own idea, not his.

No, Martin wasn't problem. The problem was Josky. There was something about him that Holly didn't trust, though she didn't know why. He had been up front about her duties on the job and had made no bones about what her role was. But he was all about the bottom line and, the fact was, as well as they were doing, if Holly put out, sales could probably be doubled. Holly knew it and, if she knew it, so did Josky.

Sooner or later the order would come from Josky to go from slut/tease to all-out whore. That, she knew deep down, would be her last day on this job. She just hoped she was wrong about Josky.

"I better call Josky and tell him the good news," Martin said as they drove toward the airport. He was smiling broadly. A good fuck and a big sale always put him in a good mood. "You were great, babe. Nice touch, eating all the cum. I think Torston just about shot another wad in his pants when you did that."

"Thanks," Holly said. "I just wanted to make sure he had something to remember when we come back in a couple months."

Martin's phone rang. "Hello? Oh, hello, sir," he said. "I was just getting ready to call you."

"Yes sir," Martin said as Holly listened to half the phone conversation with Josky. "You saw the contract? Thank you, sir. Holly was a real pro.

"Oh, OK, sir. We sure will. We'll see you then." Martin hung up the phone.

"Well?" Holly asked.

"We're heading to Vegas next," Martin said.

"Vegas? I thought we were going to Seattle."

"Change of plans. They want us to present at a health and fitness convention there. There must be some pretty high-stakes players. Josky's going to meet us there. Our tickets are waiting for us tonight and he's going to fly in tomorrow. He's having our equipment shipped directly there, so I guess we'll have a display to demonstrate."

"Wow!" Holly said, her pussy tingling a little at the thought of performing her routine not for a dozen or so people, but literally hundreds or thousands. "This is huge. Do you think we'll get in trouble -- you know, too racy?"

"Hell, it's Vegas," Martin said. "They see racy every day. Speaking of racy, grab that bag in the back seat. I've got something new to try."

Holly reached in the back seat for a small plastic bag and pulled out two strings of round metal balls. She knew very well what these were -- anal beads. There were three balls on each string -- one set was gold, the other silver, but otherwise they were identical. She had used these many times. This was hardly something "new".

Reading her thoughts, Martin said, "Just put one up your pussy and the other up your ass. Trust me."

After the sales demonstration, Holly had changed into short, pleated pink skirt, a pink thong, a white tube top and pink stilettos. Her hair was in a pony tail and she wore a pink choker around her slender neck.

She spread her legs and easily slid the three gold beads one by one into her moist pussy until only about a quarter inch of string hung out. "Better lube these up," she said, holding up the silver strand and one by one plopping them into her mouth, covering them in her warm saliva. Then, she shifted her weight toward the passenger door, lifting her ass off the seat as she slowly stuffed the balls up her ass. She still didn't know what was going on, but she wasn't complaining. She liked the feel of both holes being full, the balls snug in their respective tunnels, yet still jiggling enough with every bounce of the car to provide some interesting sensations. Holly's nipples began to harden underneath the white tube top and she felt her clit becoming engorged.

"Very good," Martin nodded. "Feel OK?"

"Oh yeah," Holly said. "You know I like these."

"I can tell," Martin said. "We've got about 10 minutes before we get to the airport. Go ahead and have some fun if you want."

Holly didn't waste another second. She immediately put her right hand on her snatch and started rubbing it through the thong, playing with that swelling clit. Her left hand went to her nipples, which ached with pleasure as she rubbed and squeezed them. She moved her thong aside and rubbed her exposed clit harder, running her fingers in small, fast circles, pussy cream leaking out to provide warm lubrication.

She knew Martin was enjoying the show and she didn't care a bit. In fact, that was a big part of the fun. It turned her on to know he was watching, wishing he was fucking her right then, dreaming, no doubt, about what he would do to her in the hotel room tonight.

She bucked her hips off the seat and grabbed her pussy with both hands, rubbing it vigorously. Her eyes were closed, head back, mouth open. She felt the car come to a stop, but nothing was going to stop her now. She jammed away on her throbbing clit, finally climaxing in a series of gasps and whispers, her pussy flooding her thong and the car seat with sweet cream.

"Oh, that was so good!" she moaned, slowly opening her eyes to see they were stopped at a red light. Something caught her attention to her right and she looked to see a large passenger van next to her and dozens of eyes peering at her, fingers pointing. She noticed the side of the van said "Blackwood High School" and realized that it was probably some sort of school athletic team on their way to a game. She wasn't sure how much they saw, but it was obvious from their ogling eyes, open mouths, pointing fingers and lewd gestures that they had seen plenty. Maybe they had spotted her even before they reached the light. Who knew? Just the thought of a dozen or so horny guys watching her was turning her on all over again.

As they started to pull away from the light, she turned to face the van and pulled her top down, revealing her first-class tits to the students and driver, who swerved and nearly hit them.

"I think they've seen enough," Martin laughed, tapping the accelerator and pulling onto the exit lane for the airport.

"Do you want me to keep these beads in, or was that what you had in mind?" Holly said, secretly hoping she could keep them in.

"Oh, that was just a side benefit. No, what I have in mind is still to come," Martin said. "You'll see soon enough."

They parked and Holly got out of the car, readjusting her tube top and thong, putting herself back together. She got the usual stares and whistles as they walked into the airport. Her nipples were still hard and quite visible to anyone within a few feet and anyone lucky enough to be behind them was treated to glimpses of her perfectly round ass as her skirt flipped up with every step.

They checked in and found out their flight was leaving in an hour. With no time to waste, they headed toward their gate, finding the usual long line to get through the security scanners. Holly had been through a million of these and it was all routine. Usually, the security guys made comments or took a few extra looks as they checked her through, but it was nothing more than what every other guy in the airport was doing. She was used to that. So, she wasn't the least bit nervous as they approached the gate, but she noticed Martin smiling nervously and could tell he was excited about something.

Suddenly, it hit her. Metal balls inside her ass and pussy. Of course! She would set off the alarm and they would have to wave the wand over her. And when they realized where it was coming from ...

Holly smiled and nodded at Martin, letting him know she had figured it out. "Just stay with me," she said.

Martin went first, passing through with no problem, then turning to wait for her. She stepped through the gate, noticing the large, middle-aged security guard's eyes bulge as got an eyeful of her. The alarm sounded and Holly could have sworn she heard the man say "Yes!" under his breath.

"Ma'am, please step over to the side," he said, motioning to his left. Martin stepped over to. "Just stand with your hands at your sides, feet together," the guard said. Holly did and he waved the wand over her, up and down both sides, then down her front -- he seemed to take a long time at her chest -- and her back.

"OK, ma'am," he continued, "please spread your feet a little for me." She did, opening her legs. He ran the wand between her thighs and the wand beeped.

"Give her a cavity search!" someone suggested.

"I'll find it!" someone else offered.

The guard just smiled. This was turning into the best day of his career. "Ma'am, I'm going to have to perform a cavity search. Would you please come with me?"

"What's the problem, sir?" Martin said, stepping in with the proper air of concern in his voice.

"Just routine, sir," the guard replied. "Is the lady with you?"

"Yes," Martin said.

"OK. Would you like to come with me, please." He led them to a door just across the concourse from the security station and took them inside a small room with a bare table, four chairs and no windows.

"Please have a seat," he said. "I have to call for a second guard. Normally, we would have a female present in the room, but Jackie called in sick today. I'll see if I can find someone from one of the airlines, if you like, but it might take some time."

"No, that's all right," Holly said. "As long as Martin's here, I trust you."

"Thank you, ma'am," the guard said. "I'll just call Bobby in. My name's Nate, by the way. We'll try to make this quick and get you out of her as soon as possible. I'll be right back."

Nate left the room, locking it behind him, and called Bobby on his walkie talkie. "Bobby, man, you got to get over her for a cavity search. Trust me, you don't want to miss this one. Hey, make sure the tape is running on the security camera. This will be worth watching later."

Nate went back in the room and waited for Bobby. Bobby 38, 10 years younger than Nate, but they had worked together for nearly 15 years and were pretty good friends. Bobby was going to owe him one after this.

When Bobby came in, he tried to hide his excitement at the sight of Holly, but it was no use. Holly glanced at Martin, trying to hide his smile, knowing that so far this had gone exactly as he'd hoped.

"OK, ma'am," Nate said. "Do you have any idea why the metal detectors keep going off? Can you think of anything that might be causing it? Are you pierced, um, anywhere that could be causing this?"

"No, I have no idea why this is happening," Holly said innocently. "Can't you just take my word for it? I mean, look at me, do I look like a terrorist to you?"

"No, ma'am," Bobby laughed. "You sure don't. But it's regulations. You understand, right?"

"Not really," Holly said.

"This is ridiculous!" Martin said, feigning anger.

"Sir, calm down," Nate said. "We'll have you and your daughter out of here in a few minutes."

"She's not my daughter," Martin said, a gleem in his eye. When Nate raised his eyebrow in a questioning glance, Martin just nodded and smiled.

"Sorry, sir," Nate said. "Well, we'll have you and your ... uh ... you and the lady out of her as soon as possible. We'll get you on your plane in time. Now, ma'am, I know it's not comfortable, but if you would be so kind as to lay back on the table and just kind of let your legs hang off the end ... yes, that's it. Bobby..."

Bobby took the cue and gently pulled Holly's legs apart, revealing her pink thong. Now, Holly knew why Martin had had her pull it up between her pussy lips before they came in. She heard Bobby gasp, starting to breath hard.

"Ma'am," he said, voice shaky, "I have to remove your panties."

"OK," Holly said. She felt his hands run up the outside of her thighs and grab the top of the panties, gently pulling them down. The thong, however, was wedged so tightly between her ass cheeks and pussy lips that it wouldn't come off.

"Uh, ma'am," Bobby said, "could you please raise your legs?" Holly did and he reached under her, filling his hands with her ass cheeks as he took his time pulling the thong out and then watching it emerge reluctantly from between her pussy lips. "OK, you can put them down now. Thank you." She did and he pulled the thong down her long legs, noticing that it was wet. He felt his cock stiffen. He pulled the thong the rest of the way off and tossed it to Nate, nodding to him to touch it so Nate would notice the moisture as well. Nate felt it in his hands, smiled and stuffed it in his pocket.

Holly kept her pussy clean shaven. While Martin said he preferred a small landing strip, the clothes she wore practically demanded she shave every day. That fact certainly didn't go unnoticed by the guards.

"She looks clean to me," Bobby couldn't help but joke.

"We'll see about that," Nate said, stepping between Holly's legs and leaning over for a closer look -- much closer than he needed to be. Holly could actually feel his breath on her exposed pussy. He had to have seen the string already, but it was clear he was in no rush.

"Well, well," Nate said, "what do we have here? Some sort of string. Bobby, let's pull it and see what happens."

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Bobby nodded. He was standing right beside the table, his crotch just inches from Holly's hand.

With his right hand, Nate took hold of the string and gently pulled. A few inches of string came out of her pussy, glistening with moisture, before he felt the resistance of the first ball. "I think we've got something here," Nate said. "Bobby, I think I need a hand. Can you spread her a little for me."

Bobby eagerly put his hands on both sides of her pussy, gently pulling it apart as Nate pulled. The first gold ball came into view as her pussy opened slowly. He kept pulling until the ball popped out with a wet sucking sound that told everyone that Holly's pussy was every bit as tight and wet as it looked.

"Well, looky there," Nate said. "Guess you just forgot about that, huh?"

"I did," Holly said earnestly. "Martin likes me to wear them all the time. I'm so used to them, I just forgot. I'm sorry for the trouble, but now that you know what it is, can you just let us go?"

"I'm afraid not," Nate said. "There's more to this string and I see another one hanging out of your ass. We're going to clear both cavities and conduct a thorough search. Who knows what else you have hiding up there."

"Come on guys," Martin said, "this is crazy. Let us go."

"Sir, you're obviously a very lucky man," Bobby said. "If you'd like to stay lucky, I suggest you keep your trap shut."

Satisfied that they were in control of the situation, Nate pulled on the string until the second and third balls popped out, noticing how slick they were, covered in those sweet juices. He licked his lips, wanting a taste.

"OK, ma'am, roll over onto your stomach, please," Nate instructed. Holly did and Nate flipped her skirt up to reveal her bare ass cheeks. He stepped aside and said, "you do the honors this time, Bobby. I'll hold her for ya."

Bobby grabbed the string and pulled while Nate gladly filled his hands with her firm ass cheeks and spread them apart until they had a great view of her tight, puckered hole. He glanced up at the security camera, smiling as he held his prize in his hands. That would make a great shot on the video.

Bobby slowly pulled all three silver balls out of Holly's ass and set them aside on the table next to the gold ones.

"Now, that's it, see," Holly said. "Can we go now?"

"I think not," Nate said. "Now we're ready for the cavity search. Bobby, would you like to do the honors?"

"My pleasure!" Nate held Holly's ass apart and Bobby prepared to search her.

"Better lube up," Nate said. "She's got plenty down there."

Bobby dipped his fingers into Holly's dripping pussy, letting her cream coat his fingers while he enjoyed the tight warmth of velvety pleasure. He reluctantly removed his hand and quickly moved to her asshole, gently but relentlessly pushing his wet fingers against her tight opening, spreading her open. He forced three fingers inside her and began pushing them back and forth.

"Better go deep," Nate suggested. Bobby pushed as far into her ass as he could, feeling the heat surrounding his fingers. After a few minutes, he pulled them out. "I can't find anything else," he said. "You better check the other."

They turned her back over and Bobby held her legs up in the air while Nate slowly entered her velvety wetness. He gradually went from one finger to four, feeling inside her, noticing how her clit stood up, her pussy leaked sweet nectar and her nipples tore at the inside of her tube top. Holly tried to keep her body still, calm, but it was reacting against her.

Nate sensed this and actually picked up the pace. "Well, partner, what do you think?" Nate asked. "I think she knew exactly what she was doing and that this is what she wanted. I think she's a slut who gets off on this."

"I think so too," Bobby said. "Let's make sure she gets off, then."

Nate continued finger fucking her and Bobby went to work on her clit. Martin stood up and said, "Gentlemen, I have quite a bit of experience with her. If you'll let me, I can help."

"Bring it on, Marty," Nate said. Martin stepped around the table and pulled Holly's tube top down. He squeezed her giant tits together to let the guys get a good look, then began rubbing them and squeezing her nipples. Holly was moaning now as she gave in to her body's urges and let the three men pleasure her with their hands. Those hands combined with their comments and the knowledge that they were watching her get off was more than Holly could take. She bucked her hips, pushed her tits hard against Martin's hands and squealed as she came not once, but twice before she finally fell back and they reluctantly stepped away, watching her glistening body writhe in the afterglow of orgasm.

"We gotta get going," Martin said at last. "It's only 15 minutes until our flight leaves. Are we OK to go?"

"Yes, I think we can let you go," Nate said. "However, we will need to keep these" -- he held up the thong panties -- "as evidence. And you can't carry those anal balls on the plane, so you better stick them back in her."

"Of course," Martin said. "Actually, if you gentlemen would like, you may have the honors."

Bobby and Nate smile and each picked up a string. Bobby held her ass open for Nate and Nate held her pussy open for Bobby, working as a team to fill her back up again.

Holly got up and thanked them both, then gave them each a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for a great time!" she said. "And thanks for giving them back to me. I was afraid you'd keep them."

"No, ma'am," Nate said. "It's clear those belong inside you. I wouldn't want to do anything to prevent that. You two have a safe flight and if you ever come back through here again, just ask for me and Bobby. We'll make sure you don't have any hassles."

PART 7: FLYING HIGH The company, ever appreciative of what Martin and Holly were doing, always paid for first-class airfare and the flight to Las Vegas was no different. Martin also usually requested they have the middle and window seats if the plane had three or more seats on a side. That was the case with this one and, when they saw a sharp-dressed businessman sitting in the aisle, Holly knew exactly what Martin wanted her to do. Martin sat down first, squeezing past the man and sitting next to the window. Already, the man had noticed Holly and was no doubt trying to figure out how to discreetly steal a peek.

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