The Salon


Corrina plopped into the chair, letting it spin slowly. It had been a long day and an even longer week and she was ready to go home and relax. All the other girls in the salon were scurrying about, cleaning the salon before leaving for the weekend. Most of them would be primping themselves later before going out that night. Corrie ran her cousin's hair salon, usually cutting hair just twice a week, but this week, because of the flu going around, had to fill in as a stylist all week, as well as doing her usual managerial duties.

She looked around the salon, making sure all the customers had left. She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, relieving the tension across her large breasts. She sat there a few minutes, relaxing before beginning her cleaning.

"Any plans this weekend, Corrie?" Susan asked as she swept the floor around the chair. Corrie sat there, breathing deeply.

"Nope, I'm just going to go home, take a hot bath and watch a movie," Corrie replied. "I'll probably be doing that tomorrow night too." Susan didn't understand that. Corrie was one of the prettiest girls she knew and probably the nicest, too. Corrina had that natural beauty about her.

She was not only very beautiful on the outside, but had an inner sweetness that people loved. Susan didn't understand why Corrina didn't have a date every night. Corrie saw the puzzled look on her friend's face. "Susan, I date who I want to, when I want to," she said, smiling. "This weekend, I want to be with me." Corrina said, and then began cleaning her station.

"Corrie, phone!" yelled Bridget from the front desk. She put the call on hold, then announced to the whole salon, "Its a man!" Corrina gave Bridget a playful sneer.

"Hello.... oh, hi Dr. Jones," she said, rolling her eyes at the other girls. Geoff Jones was one of her clients, her favorite client in fact. When Corrina was just starting to learn to cut, Corrina's cousin, Kristie was cutting his hair. Geoff told Kristie to let Corrina do it, volunteering his hair as a guinea pig for her. Since then, Geoff had always requested Corrina and she never forgot this.

"Corrina, are you still open? I forgot that you were closed tomorrow and I have a very special event to go to tomorrow," the voice said on the other end in an almost pleading tone.

Corrina paused for a moment, "Sure, when can you be here, sir?"

"Is five minutes soon enough? I really do appreciate this, Corrina," he said, " I just completely forgot that you were closed tomorrow."

"It's all right, just get here as soon as you can," Corrina handed the phone to Bridget, smiled then finished cleaning her area. The other girls began teasing Corrina, joking about having an after work tryst with her favorite client.

"Are you sure you will be all right, Corrie?" Kristie asked. Kristie normally would never let someone be there alone with a client, but she had known Dr Jones for about five years and he had never been anything other than a gentleman to her and the staff.

"Sure, Kristie, you go on," Corrina answered, "You have a date anyway, don't you? I'll make sure everything is ready for Monday." Kristie smiled, kissing her cousin on the cheek. She and Bridget walked out together just as Geoff was coming in. He held the door for them, smiling, then realized that everyone had left. He looked at Kristie, then Corrina.

"You're not staying here just for me, are you, Corrina?" he asked. "You don't have to do that." Kristie leaned over to Geoff, glancing over at her cousin, smiling, "She doesn't have anything else to do tonight, Dr. Jones." Corrina looked at Kristie angrily, and then turned three shades of red. Kristie and Bridget left quickly, laughing to themselves.

The older man walked into the salon, "Corrina, I mean it, you don't have to do this. It's late and I'm sure you have plans for tonight," he said. Corrina frowned slightly, "No, it's all right, Kristin was right. I don't really have any plans for tonight."

Geoff looked at the young woman, trying to determine if she were telling the truth, "Are you sure?" Corrina nodded, smiling.

"Here, let's wash your hair first, Dr. Jones" she said, taking his hand gently, leading him to the back room. Corrina had been cutting his hair for just over a year. They had playfully flirted often, but had never taken it past that.

"Enough of that Dr. crap," Geoff said, smiling, "I have been telling you and Kristie to call me Geoff for a long time. Tonight, you start calling me Geoff, understand?" Corrina smiled sweetly, her eyes lighting up. "All right, but it might take me a while to get used to it."

Geoff leaned back in the chair, resting his head on the padded edge of the sink. He closed his eyes as young woman rinsed his hair with the hot water, her fingers massaging his scalp. Her eyes glanced down, looking over the body of the man lying in the chair. Geoff was older, late 40's, maybe 50, but he looked much younger. His tall slender frame filled the chair. She knew he worked out, seeing him at the salon sometimes in his workout clothes. Corrina slid her hand under his head, caressing and massaging the back of his neck.

"You feel tense, Dr...uuummmm....Geoff," she said, smiling. Geoff opened his eyes, looking up Corrina.

"Yeah, I had a busy afternoon," he replied. Corrina glanced at the mirror behind the sink. Her eyes widened as she noticed that she had not rebuttoned the two buttons she had undone earlier. Her blouse was open to the top of her bra, revealing the lace that edged the top of the cups. The latex in the blouse pulled it open much more than she normally allowed. She could see her breasts hanging in front of Geoff's head as she held it off the sink. Corrina smiled to herself. She and Geoff had a playful relationship. She decided to leave her blouse open for the time being. She pulled his head up even further, just a few inches from her breasts.

Geoff breathed deeply, enjoying the massage on his neck. He knew he shouldn't, but Geoff opened his eyes, hoping maybe to catch a glimpse of her breasts as she held him up. His head jerked suddenly when he saw her large breasts inches from his face. The lace cups of her bra curved gently around the smooth flesh of her breasts, pulling the large globes together to accentuate her cleavage. He held his breath, afraid that Corrina would feel the warmth of his breath on her breasts. Corrina looked in the mirror.

She could tell that Geoff was looking at her breasts. She felt her body tremble slightly. She felt so naughty exposing herself like that. She rubbed the back of his head, caressing, massaging his neck and scalp.

Geoff moaned softly, "That feels so great, Corrina, so wonderful. Just what I needed today." Corrina decided to tease a little more.

"Do you like it, Geoff?" she asked softly, "Do you like what I'm doing?" Geoff smiled, keeping his eyes on her full, luscious breasts.

"Can I hire you out sometime, Corrina?" he responded. "You can do this anything you want to me." Corrina giggled softly. She rinsed out the conditioner, running her fingers through his soft hair. Instead of finishing, she decided to do a second conditioning, just to tease the older man a little more. Squirting the cream onto her hands, she rubbed it into his scalp, caressing the temples, then working her fingers to the back of his head. She leaned over even more, giving Geoff an even better view of her large breasts. Corrina could not believe that she was actually doing this. Normally, she was rather reserved in her manners, but Geoff had always been very sweet and considerate to her, even though their earlier flirtations had begun to push the envelope a little.

"Do you give all your clients this much special attention?" he asked, squirming slightly in the reclined chair. Geoff felt his cock begin to harden as he gazed upon her beautiful breasts.

"Only my special clients," she replied, reaching under his head, pulling his face within an inch or two of her exposed breasts. She could feel his warm breath blowing across her breasts, sending chills down her body.

"So I'm a special client, Corrina?" he asked. Corrina laid his head back and began rinsing the conditioner from his head.

"You're the special of the special," she answered, aiming the water around his head. Geoff smiled, and then bolted up quickly as the water ran down the back of his neck, down his back, soaking his shirt.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry, Geoff!" Corrina cried, trying to dry his shirt as best she could. Geoff broke out laughing, taking her hand in his.

"Its all right Corrina, don't worry," he said, trying to calm the young girl. He could tell that she was very upset with herself. He looked up at her, smiling, "You don't do the shampooing too much, do you?" Corrina looked down at him, nervously, but when she saw the smile on his face, she began laughing.

"No, no, I don't," she said, giggling. "Usually one of the other ladies does it. I'm sorry," Corrina was now smiling. "Here, take it off, we have a dryer in back. I'll have it all ready for you by the time you're though."

Geoff pulled off the Polo shirt, handing it to her. "It also got into my pants," he said.

Corrina looked at him, "Then give me your....." Realizing that he was joking, she slapped his hand playfully, "You naughty man! I was just about to take your pants, too."

"Well, a man can always dream, can't he?" Geoff said, smiling. Geoff got up and walked into the salon area while Corrina put the shirt in the dryer. When she came back, she paused for a second, looking at the tall, older man as he walked around the room without a shirt. His broad shoulders tapered to a trim waist. He didn't have a 6-pack abs, but there was very little fat on his belly or sides where men much younger than he often had "love handles".

Geoff turned when he heard her walking in. His eyes looked up and down her tall shapely body. He had always had a little crush on her, ever since he first met her at the salon. Corrina walked over to her station, patting the chair, "Here, sit down."

She turned the chair towards Geoff and held the back of it, motioning for him to sit in it, smiling to the mirror as she watched him take his seat. She turned the chair towards the mirror and smiled to him through it, her hands running up to run through his soft, wet hair.

"So, just a simple trim? Or did you have something special in mind this time? I bet I could fix you up with a pretty good Mohawk, what do you think?" She laughed as she ran her hands up the sides of his head, covering the sides with her hands and just leaving a thin strip showing between them, imitating the outlandish hairstyle on his head. "I bet that'd get the ladies lining up, huh?" She said with another small laugh.

"No, just a trim, Corrina. I can't be looking too unprofessional, and I'm not sure the women my age would be into that sort of look anyways," Geoff replied, showing an amused grin at her modeling on his head, watching as she lowered her hand back down and straightened his hair back out before leaning to the side and reaching for the counter under the mirror.

Her breasts pressed lightly against the side of his right arm as she leaned over, brushing past them. She fumbled a bit, gathering up a slim set of metal scissors and a black comb from her counter before standing back up behind Geoff. As she started running the comb through his hair, she noticed him staring back at her breasts through the mirror, seeing his eyes following them as they moved back and forth behind his neck. She just smiled to herself, thinking she probably should have buttoned her blouse back up, but finding herself enjoying the stares. She felt a bit of a shiver run up her spine as she dwelled on it more, but she quickly pushed the thoughts out of her head and returned her attention to his hair.

"So, what is this event tomorrow? I hope they don't have you working on the weekend," Corrina asked as she ran the comb around to the other side of his head, carefully straightening the hair that she had tussled earlier with her joking.

"No, no work. Just a birthday party for a coworker. I wasn't really expecting to be invited, but I figured I should go now that the invitation was given. I don't really have anything going on, anyways." He smiled, pulling his gaze from her breasts as she began talking, realizing that he was staring. He just grinned to himself, knowing he shouldn't, but unable to resist. He'd always enjoyed the full, almost-perfectly rounded shape of

Corrina's breasts, but she'd always had them covered with her sweaters or tightly buttoned shirts, this was the first time he'd seen the golden-tanned flesh, finding himself a bit overcome with interest, but thinking he'd better do a better job of hiding his interest to keep him from getting into trouble.

"Ah, so we're both having mostly-boring weekends, hmm?" Corrina commented, carefully running her fingertips over the top of his head with the back of her fingers, just the nails touching the hair, sizing it up through the mirror, making sure it parted evenly on his head. "At least you've got a party to go to," she continued, playfully showing a mocking pout on her lips, breaking into a little grin as she saw his amused smile back to her.

"Well, you're welcome to come if you want. It couldn't hurt to show up with a date," he grinned in response. "But, I'm sure you wouldn't want to be seen with an old geezer like me." He laughed as he jokingly offered to her.

"Aww, that's sweet, but I wouldn't even know anyone, unless you just wanted to hang out with me the whole time." She smiled, running her comb across the side of his head one last time, perfecting the direction of the hair. "And don't be so hard on yourself, you're kinda cute for an 'old geezer,'" She grinned to him through the mirror, keeping the comb in one hand as she reached to her pocket to fetch the trim set of scissors. She brought both of her hands up to the right side of his head, running the comb up the side of his head and bringing it up to measure the ends of the little strand of his hairs. "So, just an inch or so? Or is that too short?" She asked.

"Yeah, an inch would be fine. It seems like it's been getting a little long, anyways, so have at it," He replied, looking back to her to confirm the length. He heard the swift snip of the scissors and saw the first pieces of hair fall to his bare shoulder.

Corrina gasped as she saw the hair fall, bringing her hands up to cover her mouth as she gave a little laugh, her cheeks turning a light shade of red. "Oh geez, I'm so sorry Geoff, I forgot all about the apron. I just got so worried with your shirt, it just completely slipped my mind. They're all in the wash, but I can still get you one if you'd like." She asked, looking embarrassed at her mistake, reaching down to brush the little bit of hair off his shoulder and on to the floor.

Geoff just laughed at her embarrassment, trying to calm her. "No, no. Don't worry about it. You're closed anyways, right? So you don't have to worry about being perfect with everything. As long as you still have those brushes, you can just take care of it when you're done, right?" He said, showing his easy-going attitude, honestly not minding at all, actually enjoying sitting in the seat without his shirt, feeling so casual and laid back in the empty salon. Corrina did place two small hand rags on his shoulders to keep much of the hair off.

Corrina looked to her side as Geoff mentioned the time, reminding her that it was getting later, the sun glowing a deep shade of orange as it started to set behind the horizon. She just smiled as Geoff reassured her, putting her hands down on his bare shoulders and let her fingertips run down over them, giving a little squeeze. "You're sure?" She asked again, lifting her hands from him and reaching back to her pockets for her comb and scissors.

"Positive," He replied, giving her a warm smile as he watched her go back to work. Seeing her still hesitant and pausing as she watched the hair falling to his chest and shoulders, but slowly getting back to her working pace. Her hands steady as she worked along the right side of his head, moving up to the top of his head, creating a thin bed of hair on Geoff's chest.

After finishing the side of his head, Corrina leaned around the right side of Geoff again, looking back along the side of her head to get a better look at her work. As she turned, her breasts pressed against Geoff's arm again, firmer this time as she turned her body to look back at him. She felt the fabric of her blouse press against him first, but then the flesh of her breasts as she leaned more, touching his bare arm. She let out a little shiver, feeling his warm skin against hers, but she did her best to keep her composure. She lingered a little longer, reaching to run her fingers through his hair, smiling at him as he looked up to her. She brought her other hand up and gave a quick snip along his forehead, brushing at his hair again before she pulled herself back up, standing behind him again.

She made quick work along the back of his head, stepping back and letting the cut hair fall between the chair and her body. She worked quicker now as she got into her routine, finishing with the back of his head and moving around to his left side. She shifted a few steps to the left, up along his shoulder, and ran her comb up to measure the hair along his head. She leant in against the chair now, letting Geoff feel her waist against his shoulder.

"So, you're really just spending the night alone tonight?" Geoff asked, trying to strike up another conversation with the younger girl.

"Don't you start on me, too. I get enough of that crap from the other girls," Corrina quickly responded, playfully scolding him as she moved around his side more, keeping her body close to his in the chair. Her knee bumped up against the handle of the chair as she stood along his left side, the hem of her skirt resting just above the level of the armrest.

"Yes Ma'am. Consider it dropped," Geoff responded, going along with her scolding tone, playing along with her. "It's just Friday night, a beautiful girl all alone, it just doesn't seem right," he grinned as he snuck in his addition, smiling to Corrina's form as she stood alongside him, working at his hair.

Corrina just smiled to herself as she heard Geoff, lowering her hands and looking down at him with the dumb smile on his face. She just leaned down and lightly kissed his cheek. "That's sweet, but I'm a big girl. I can handle myself," she said as she brought her hands back to his hair, continuing on it. She just smiled as she worked, Geoff watching, hearing the light, playful tone still in her voice.

As she went back to work, Geoff let his left arm rock back and forth a bit on the armrest, feeling the material of Corrina's skirt swaying lightly against his arm. He moved his arm to the side a bit more and felt his arm touching the flesh of her left leg, just letting it rest there. He looked up at the mirror and didn't see any reaction from her, so he just kept it there.

Corrina did feel it, though, and she was doing her best to pretend she hadn't noticed. She loved the feel of his warm skin, the little hint of hair brushing her skin. She knew she shouldn't let him, and worried a bit about leading him on, but deciding there wasn't any harm in it now.

She finished the left side of his head, staying close to him and letting his hand stay against her leg. She felt him getting a bit more daring, his arm turning so his palm was lightly pushed against her leg now, his fingers lightly draping around her leg, his pinky sneaking up to lightly touch her thigh under the skirt.

Corrina felt the touching still, noting the new movements he was making. She felt a shiver run up her spine as she felt his pinky sneaking up her skirt just a little bit.

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