tagGroup SexThe Sarah Saga Ch. 02

The Sarah Saga Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Intern

When Sarah woke up someone was licking her nipples.

She sighed and stretched before opening her eyes. Her roommate Ashley was looking up at her, slowly running her tongue around the hardening pink nub. "Morning roomie."

"Mmm, morning." Sarah gasped as Ashley bit lightly at her skin. "This is a lot better than my alarm."

It had been a week since Ashley had invited Sarah to the party that had changed her life. What she had thought was an innocent day on a yacht turned out to be an orgy. Sarah had been shocked and confused at first, but with some gentle encouragement from Ashley she had embraced a side of herself that she didn't know existed. She fucked more people on that yacht than she had even thought about sleeping with in her entire life. Men and women, which was something she hadn't known she was even interested in. Sarah had found out that she loved it, loved all of it. She loved having a cock in her mouth and her pussy at the same time. She loved it when her ass was licked. She loved the taste of pussy. She loved fisting her roommate and getting fisted in return. It was the most amazing and eye opening experience of her entire life.

Over the last week she felt like her whole body had become electrified. Like every sense had expanded. She was constantly horny. Work became an ordeal to be endured until she could go home, strip, and wait for Ashley to get back from her own job. When Ash finally did return they would fuck, a long and intense experience which would leave both of them exhausted and soaked with sweat. It had become their routine.

The morning wake up was another part of the routine. They had quickly discovered that they preferred to sleep in separate beds. Neither of them slept well with another person cuddled up against them. But on the first morning after they slept apart Sarah had woken up so desperately horny that she had been compelled to walk to Ashley's room and dive face first into her pussy. The next day Ashley had returned the favor by tonguing Sarah's asshole.

Ashley grinned up at Sarah, her olive skin and black hair contrasting against Sarah's pale form. "You woke me up so nicely yesterday. Four fingers in my pussy and two in my ass. What more could I ask for?"

Sarah moaned as Ashley's fingers found her dampening pussy. "You took so long to wake up. I felt like I had to do something drastic." She gasped again as Ashley began to gently rub her clit. "Oh God."

Ashley began to kiss her way down Sarah's body, little licks bringing her to full wakefulness. She moaned as Ashley slid two fingers into her already sopping pussy. She began to push her hips up, hoping to take more of her roommate inside. Ashley obliged her, slipping a third finger in before lightly pressing her tongue against her friend's clit. The sheer wetness of Sarah's pussy always delighted Ashley, and she wasn't disappointed now as her fingers began to draw out Sarah's juices. They were slick and wet as she pulled them out and Sarah's pussy made lewd squishing noises as she pushed them back in. Sarah moaned and pulled at her nipples as her orgasm swelled within her. She reached down and grabbed Ashley by the hair, holding her in place as she ground her pussy against her roommate's face and hand.

Her first orgasm of the day came quickly. It swept through her body and she let out a long, shuddering moan. Ashley smiled up at her and continued to lap up her juices.

Sarah took a couple of seconds to recover, and then reached down a pulled Ashley up by her hair. "Your turn, get that pussy up here."

Ashley stood, and then settled her dripping cunt over Sarah's face. She reached down and began to tug on her roommate's puffy pink nipples. Sarah's tongue swept across Ashley's lips and then probed deep into her pussy. Her thumb began to massage the tight pucker of Ashley's ass.

"Mmm, yeah baby. Fuck my ass while you lick my pussy," Ashley whimpered.

Sarah eased her thumb into the tight ring. Ashley's moans increased as she began to thrust the digit in and out. Sarah sucked on her roommate's slick inner lips, tasting her nectar. Her tongue spiraled around the hard nub of Ashley's clit. Ashley groaned, and came, her thighs clamping down on Sarah's head.

They cuddled for a few minutes, and then Sarah looked over at the clock.

"Shit," she sighed. "I have to get ready and go to work."

"Are you sure?" Ashley lightly ran one of her fingers over Sarah's nipple. "I can think of a few more productive things we could be doing."

"I wish. But unless you're willing to pay me to lick your pussy, I gotta go." Sarah got up, and began making her way to the bathroom. "Besides, you have to work too. You can't spend all day here."

Ashley stretched, catlike. "I don't have to leave for hours. I can spend all that time here, having fun with myself.

Sarah rolled her eyes and headed into the shower.

When she came back into the room Ashley was still there, looking like she was about to fall back asleep. She gave Sarah a lazy smile and began to draw slow circles around her clit with a finger. "Are you sure you don't want to play some more?"

Sarah grinned over at her roommate, but started pulling on her clothes. "Believe me, I do. But I have to go in to work today. I think I might have to fire my intern."

Ashley frowned and stopped teasing herself. "Why? Is she still giving you trouble?"

"Yeah. I think she thought she would be saving the world. The realization that the job is mostly paperwork has killed her motivation."

Sarah worked in a small non-profit, one that tried to bring food and clean water to third world countries. As investor relations coordinator her job was primarily to solicit money from large corporations that were trying to prove to the world that they had charitable interests. It was an interesting place to work, and Sarah enjoyed working in an environment where people were actively trying to make the world a better place. The only bad part about it was her intern, Veronica. She was in the process of getting a degree in international relations from an Ivy League school and it was very obvious that she believed that her education should give her special status. She certainly acted as though the standard administrative duties that went along with an internship were below her. Sarah felt bad about damaging her future prospects, but she had given Veronica enough warnings. By this point the girl was actually making Sarah's job harder.

"That's too bad. I know you don't like doing that sort of thing." Ashley thought for a second, and then her face lit up with a wicked grin. "You could always fuck her."

Sarah laughed. "I can't do that."

"Why not? Isn't she hot?"

"She's pretty in a blonde, blue eyed cheerleader sort of way. If that's your thing."

Ashley licked her lips. "Oh, it is. So why can't you fuck her?"

"Because fucking interns is frowned upon where I work. Unlike some people I know."

"Hey!" Ashley's voice was full of mock indignation. "That's only happened four or five times. And besides, I fucked customers, not staff members."

Ashley was a manager at a luxury hotel. One that was popular with the rich and famous. The celebrities that stayed there were not immune to her beauty. She'd spent time in the beds of rock stars, actors, and even one well known politician. It didn't happen often, but she indulged herself every now and then.

"All I know is that the thought of your tongue would definitely motivate me," Ashley said. "Maybe it'll work for her."

Ashley's words were still in Sarah's mind when she got to work. And they were especially prominent when Veronica finally showed up forty-five minutes late. It wasn't as though Sarah had never noticed the girl before. She was very pretty. But some sense of workplace decorum had stopped Sarah from ever considering her in a sexual way. Now it was all she could think about.

Veronica was every bit the cheerleader that Sarah had described. She had shoulder length blonde hair that she wore loose, and cornflower blue eyes. Full, perky breasts that were barely contained by a thin white blouse. Her long, muscled legs disappeared into a tight, thigh length blue skirt. Sarah's eyes glided over her features, mentally undressing her. She began to imagine how Veronica must look under her clothes, how they would look pressed up against each other. Sarah's face flushed, and she felt her pussy dampen.

Work was harder than normal. Sarah was constantly distracted by Veronica's presence. Jobs that should have taken her a short amount of time now took hours. It didn't help that Veronica obviously had little interest in doing anything assigned to her. By the end of the day it was clear that they would have to stay late just to finish all of their tasks.

Veronica was unhappy with that decision. "I had plans tonight," she complained. "I really can't stay that late."

"Look, Veronica. We have a bunch of stuff that needs to get done before we can go home," Sarah said, without sympathy. "It shouldn't take too long. Let's move everything to the conference room, we can sit together and work on these proposals. We should be out of here in an hour."

Of course, it took much longer than that. Veronica was clearly unhappy about having to work late. And she expressed it by doing as little as possible to help Sarah. Every piece of paper work that took too long and every quite sigh that came out of Veronica's mouth only increased Sarah's frustration. She was on the verge of screaming at her intern multiple times. She finally had to find an excuse to leave the room so she wouldn't explode. She went back to her cubicle to get some more folders, and took a couple of long breaths.

When she got back to the conference room Veronica was checking Facebook on her phone. And that was enough. Something inside of her snapped.

"God damn it Veronica!" She moved right up to where the girl was sitting. "Why do you have to make this shit so hard? This is not a tough job! And I've tried to help you." Sarah sighed. "Do you know how many times I wanted to fire you today?"

"No?" Veronica said in a quiet voice. Her eyes had gotten huge, and she sounded like she was close to tears.

"You're smart, and I know you can do this job," Sarah said more calmly. "But I need you to work with me. Ok?"

Veronica swallowed, and nodded. "Ok. I'm sorry."

There was something between them now. Sarah's skin was hot, and she could feel the blood rush to her cheeks and nipples. Veronica was obviously felling it too. Her face was flushed and she gently bit her lip as she looked into Sarah's eyes. Her nipples were pushing through the thin material of her blouse and the hard nubs were clearly evident. Sarah was aware of something new in her mind. There was a slick, tense feeling in her muscles that she had never experienced before. She stared down at Veronica for a long moment, licked her lips, and then turned back to her chair.

Things went much faster after that. They didn't talk much, but they would look over at each other constantly. When their eyes met tension crackled in the air. Soon enough, all the paperwork was complete. Veronica picked up a pile of folders and went to return them to the file cabinet. And then she tripped. Folders and paper went spilling to the floor.

Veronica looked down at the pile of fallen papers, and then she looked over at Sarah with a small smile on her face. "Oops," she said. Veronica bent at the waist, her skirt pulled tight against her ass, and began slowly reorganizing. Sarah was transfixed. The girl's ass was framed perfectly, and her thong panties were clearly outlined through the fabric. Sarah had been thinking about that ass all day, and now it was right in front of her. Her heartbeat quickened, and her pussy juices began to flow.

Veronica finished picking up the files, but remained bent over. She looked back at Sarah, a deep blush on her cheeks, and licked her lips. She quickly looked away, and slowly shifted her hips.

Sarah was stunned. "You've got to be fucking kidding me," she muttered under her breath. "Ashley's never gonna let me hear the end of this." She stood and walked over to where Veronica was bent over.

Sarah stopped behind her, thinking for a second on what she should do. And then she brought her hand down on the girl's ass with a sharp crack. They both moaned, though Veronica's was half yelp. Sarah let out a long, shuddering groan. It felt like a bolt of pleasure had gone from her hand and straight to her pussy. Her cunt gushed, and her panties were instantly soaked. She could feel trickles of juice running down her thighs.

Sarah wound up and spanked Veronica again. "Do you know how much trouble you've caused me?" She brought her hand down on the girl's ass again. "How hard it's been to work with you?"

"No," the girl moaned. "No. I didn't know." There was a desperate note in Veronica's voice.

Sarah grabbed her ass and squeezed, hard. "Well it's been hard. You are a huge pain in the ass."

"I'm sorry." Veronica's breath was coming in ragged gulps now.

"You're sorry what?" Sarah punctuated her question with another slap.

"I'm sorry... ma'am?"

"You're fucking right, intern. Now stand up."

Sarah grabbed her by the back of the neck and kissed her. Her other hand found one of Veronica's breasts and she roughly massaged the firm mound. Veronica moaned into Sarah's mouth and returned her kiss with a frantic intensity. Their tongues met and pushed against each other.

Sarah broke the kiss and pushed Veronica down face first onto the conference table. "You have been worthless since you started working here." She reached down and unzipped Veronica's skirt. "You made my life so much harder. And now you're going to make up for it." She dragged the skirt to the ground. Veronica's pink panties were soaked through, a dark wet spot over her mound broadcasting her arousal. "Do you like this, intern? Am I turning you on?" Sarah slapped her ass again, leaving behind a bright red handprint.

"Oh! Yes! Yes ma'am!" One of Veronica's hands was stretched out on the table in front of her, flexing and grasping at nothing. The other was underneath her, pinching and pulling at a nipple through the fabric of her blouse. "Please. More please."

"More what?"

Veronica lifter her head and looked back at Sarah with pure desperation in her eyes. "Please, spank me more ma'am. I need it."

Sarah gave the girl a feral grin. "Well, if you ask so nicely." She rained blows down on Veronica's ass. The flesh of her butt jiggled and turned red where it was touched. Veronica was moaning and writhing on the table. Her back arched every time Sarah's hand touched her sensitive skin. Her breath was becoming ragged and hoarse. Thin trickles of pussy juice were running down her thighs.

"Oh god! Oh god! Oh god yes!" Veronica let out one more long, throaty moan and went limp against the table. She took sharp, gasping breaths as she struggled to recover. "Oh my god. I've always wanted... but I never had..." She looked back at Sarah again. "Thank you."

Sarah knew what she meant. She had damn near climaxed herself. Her pussy was soaked, and there was a heavy, wet feeling in her gut that said she was close.

"You're welcome, intern. But that was only the beginning. We have a long way to go before you make up for the last month."

Veronica looked nervous, but nodded.

Sarah dragged Veronica's sopping panties down to her knees. The girl's lips were wet and glistening. Sarah reached out and dragged the tip of one finger up and down the length of her slit. "You have a very pretty pussy, Veronica. I bet all the boys at school would love to have a chance to fuck you. Do they know you like getting spanked?" Sarah slapped her ass again.

Veronica moaned. "No ma'am. I've never told anyone." She pushed her ass back, trying to get more of Sarah's finger inside of her.

Sarah grinned. "Is that what you want? Oh don't worry intern. I'm going to fuck you." She slid her finger deep into Veronica's pussy. The girl let out a long, wordless groan. And then Sarah began fucking her in earnest. Her finger moved in and out, drawing out the girl's juices. She brought her other hand up and began running her thumb around Veronica's clit.

Veronica seemed to be in the middle of a continuous climax. She was moaning and shuddering, her limbs twitching almost uncontrollably. Her juices were flowing freely, running down her thighs and smearing onto Sarah's hands. Sarah pushed a second finger into her slit. Wet, sloppy noises were coming from Veronica's pussy. Sarah could feel every fold and contour of that tight wetness. She added a third finger, and then bent down and lightly bit the meat of Veronica's ass.

This was too much for the intern. She screamed as her pussy rippled and flexed. Sarah marveled at how Veronica's cunt felt like a hungry mouth, trying to devour her fingers. Eventually the girl stilled, moving only to suck in heaving breaths. Sarah slowly extracted her fingers and brought them up to her mouth, savoring the taste of Veronica's nectar.

Sarah let her rest for a moment and stepped back, unzipping her own skirt and letting it drop to the floor. She slowly removed her blouse and bra, taking the time to gently pinch and tug at her nipples. She slapped Veronica on the ass, lightly this time. "Alright, intern. Turn over. I want to get a taste of the rest of you."

Veronica pushed herself up on one elbow. Her eyes got huge as she looked back at Sarah's body, clad only in heels and a soaked thong. "What now?"

Sarah smiled as she gazed at Veronica's naked flesh. Her pussy, thighs, and ass were shiny with nectar. Her blouse was stuck to her back with sweat. And her hair was pasted to her head. "Now? Now I lick that sweet pussy. Roll over," Sarah said, her voice insistent and commanding.

Veronica rolled onto her back, and she began fumbling with the buttons of her blouse. Soon she was topless, her hands moving up to massage her high firm C cups. Sarah simply grinned, and leaned in to flick her tongue across one of Veronica's small, hard nipples. The girl moaned and arched her back, trying to press as much of her breast into Sarah's mouth as possible. Sarah sucked and nibbled on her offered flesh, switching between each nipple. And then she slowly made her way south.

Veronica's pussy was perfect. Her thick outer lips resembled a cleft peach. There was not a trace of hair on them. Sarah used two fingers to spread her open, revealing her wet, pink core. Her prominent clit was already protruding from its hood, and Sarah focused her first assault there. Her tongue reached out and began to swirl around the sensitive bud.

Veronica couldn't handle such intense pressure for very long. And two of Sarah's fingers in her pussy helped speed her along. Her orgasm came on like a lightning bolt. Sarah kept her mouth latched to the girl's cunt through her climax and immediately set to work on getting her off again. Her tongue probed, her lips sucked. A mix of Veronica's nectar and her own saliva was running down her chin. Veronica was moaning and writhing, her hands busy massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. Sarah sucked directly on her clit and pushed three fingers in to press against the girl's g spot. The thumb of her free hand came up and began to run small circles around Veronica's asshole.

Veronica came. And then came again. Her moaning only subsided when Sarah put her fingers in Veronica's open mouth, letting the girl taste he own nectar. She sucked on Sarah's fingers with a desperate hunger. They shared a long, quiet moment where they gently kissed, their fingers tracing patterns on each other's skin.

Sarah was the first to break the silence. "That was pretty good, huh?" Veronica could only nod. "Now it's my turn," Sarah said with a grin.

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