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The Sauna


My back hurt like hell. I had done something to it while doing crunches at the gym. It was just past midnight on what was now a Wednesday and I was one of the few at my twenty-four hour gym. I had become a regular at that hour because the only way I could sleep at night was to become completely exhausted.

My wife had left me two months before for "a bigger dick." Those were her exact words. I had been fighting depression and anger since. I had been to the gym almost every night for the first month after she left. I had slowly cut it back to just three nights a week but Tuesday night was not one of them. That day when I got home I was served with divorce papers. My anger flared to new extremes and I had been at the gym for five hours trying to destroy the machines or me. The machines won.

I staggered to the locker room, undressed and headed for the whirlpool. Twenty minutes later the pain was considerably less, I had to admit that the whirlpool had done some good. I thought that the spray from a hot shower might help even more but as I passed the sauna I decided to give that a try.

I had only tried out the sauna once and that was during my first week at the gym. It was about one in the morning when I went in. Steam made it difficult to see but I just found a spot on a bench and settled in. As the cloud of steam dissipated I could see I was not alone in the sauna. As the air cleared more I saw that there was a man giving another a blowjob.

I knew I should have left but did not.

I heard the older man getting the blowjob moan. I saw the man giving the blowjob, a blonde guy about my age and size slow down his labors. Not too long after that I saw the older guys dick slip out of the younger man's mouth, it appeared to be deflating rapidly. He had cum in his benefactor's mouth.

The younger man then helped the older man onto his knees, kneeled behind him and slid his cock into his ass. The younger man loved fucking the older man, not a surprise, but I was surprised by the look of contentment in the older guys face; he was definitely enjoying getting fucked in the ass.

I really wanted to see the culmination of that fuck but forced myself to leave. For a week after that every one of my masturbations featured that experience, yet I had never gone back into the sauna, until my back forced me to give it another try.

I was alone for a while. Sitting on the bench proved painful so I reclined on my back and brought my knees to my chest and that seemed to help a lot. About that time the door of the sauna opened and a guy came in.

He saw me as I was planting my feet on the bench and said, "Hurt your back I see."

"Yeah, I need to find something else to do when I get angry at the world. The machines have no sympathy. One abs crunch too many."

"Go ahead and keep pulling your knees up. I know for a fact that works best."

He threw some water at the hot rocks and the room was soon filled with steam. I pulled my knees up and held them with my arms just as my towel slipped off. The steam protected my modesty so I held the pose.

"What made you mad at the world?" the man asked.

"I got served with divorce papers today."

"Ouch, what did you do?"

"Me? Nothing. I was born with the unfortunate shortcoming of not having a big enough dick for my wife."

"Double ouch. I have seen your dick and it is nice and definitely bigger than mine. Her problem is that her pussy is too loose."

His statement about my wife's pussy was a comfort. That possibility had never occurred to me and allowed me to shift the blame to her. His statement about my cock baffled me. When had he seen my cock? The steam cleared enough for me to see him standing next to me.

"See?" he said as he opened his towel and showed me his cock.

He was right; it was easily shorter than mine, maybe four inches plus compared to my just under six inches. It was probably the same width as mine and that gave it the appearance of some heft.

I realized that I was still staring at his cock when I saw it pulse. It was erect. That was when it dawned on me that he was the guy giving the blowjob and fucking the guy on my previous trip into the sauna.

The reason I fled the sauna that night is that while watching them I had freed my cock from the towel and had begun to masturbate. He must have seen me while my eyes were glued to the sight of his cock disappearing into the older guys ass. He likely saw my cum fly through the air. And there I was holding my knees to my chest with my asshole pointing at the ceiling.

I lowered my legs too fast and winced with pain.

"Pain got you, huh. Here let me help."

He quickly wrapped an arm around my leg and pushed it slowly to my shoulders perhaps three inches further than I had managed, I felt something in my back move and suddenly most of the sharpness of the pain was gone. As he slowly lowered my leg his hand slowly slid down my inner thigh. By the time my foot settled on the bench his hand was in contact with my balls and I had an erection.

"Lets do the other leg," he said as he kneeled on the bench.

As soon as he began to lift my leg I felt his cock make contact with my ass cheeks and wetly slide into the crack. I wondered how far I was going to let him go,

He leaned over a bit to press my leg on his shoulder. I had forgotten about my pain, all I could feel was the head of his cock poised at my anus.

His hand slid down my thigh until it made contact with my cock and gripped it as he pushed the head of his cock into me.

I had my answer; I was going to let him fuck me.

My ass felt no pain, minimal pressure, and minimal heat. The stories about how painful it was to get fucked in the ass apparently applied to big cocks. It was perhaps the only advantage little cocks had, at least in a virgin ass.

I could certainly feel there was a cock in my ass and as soon as he started the actual fucking I could tell I was being fucked in the ass by a real cock.

The feeling was unique. I did not love it but I did not mind it either. In fact I was a bit disappointed when I saw he was about to cum since I had become comfortable with the process but when I felt his warm cum bathe my insides I though that was a good enough reward for me.

He slowly removed his cock from my ass and let my leg down slowly. "How do you feel?" he asked.

"Fine" I said.

"Can you get up on your knees?"

"I don't know. Let me try."

I had no problem with it so he turned around on his hands and knees and presented his ass to my cock. I slid into him with very little resistance.

"Perfect, just perfect. Take your time; I love your cock in my ass. But don't hurt your back."

The tightness around my cock felt outstanding, much better than a too loose pussy. As I started to stroke I knew it was already my best fuck in years. When I noticed my back was not going to complain I began slowly stroking completely into and out of his ass. The guy moaned with pleasure.

I sped up cautiously to test my back and noticed he loved that too but not more than I did. I suddenly started to really pound his ass not caring what my back said; my dick was now in charge. The guy moaned louder and I launched my load into him. My cock pulsed for what may have been forever, squeezing out the largest ejaculate of my life while his ass contracted around it.

He moaned when I slid my cock out of him. I stood as he did and we prepared to go to the showers. I saw a blob of cum on the bench that told me the guy had cum while I fucked him. He must have cum without touching his cock. Cool.

We showered without any further sexual contact since there were two guys in the shower when we got there. I did look at their cocks and noticed that one was a bit bigger than mine and the other was a bit smaller. I also noted that their cocks were not entirely flaccid, our appearance may have interrupted something,

We dressed and as we stepped outside the gym my sex partner handed me a card. His name was Daniel and he was a lawyer.

"I have my last client at four. Come see me after five any day and bring the divorce papers. I will check it for potential problems for you.

"Are you expensive?"

"Yes," he said with a chuckle. "But you already paid the retainer. Why have I not seen you for a while?"

"I come Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And you?"

"Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays."

We both chuckled at the irony. He said, "I can come Wednesdays."

"I can come Sundays," I said.

"Sounds like a plan," he said as he shook my hand and left.

The following Sunday his cock was the first in my mouth as it had been the first in my ass. The older man was there on Sundays and I got the chance to fuck him on a regular basis. He loved my cock in his ass too.

One Friday the two guys we had apparently interrupted in the shower were in the sauna. I had walked in on them as one was slipping his cock into the others ass. They froze in terror when I discovered them but relaxed when I gave them a friendly hi and caressed each of their butt cheeks.

The guy with the dick bigger that Daniel's but smaller than mine was the one being fucked. I got the impression that he was fully gay. The guy fucking him seemed to be a straight guy satisfying his curiosity.

I waited until his friend shot his load then placed myself on the bench on my hands and knees in front of the guy being fucked. He jumped at my invitation and was soon fucking me with enthusiasm. There was enough difference in size that I could tell that I was being fucked by a bigger dick than Dan's but still no pain so I found myself enjoying the fuck. I soon heard him groan and felt the warmth inside my ass. I squeezed his cock until it slipped out. He kissed my shoulders and neck tenderly before stepping back.

I was not surprised when his friend took his place. He had watched us fuck and I had watched him play with his cock over and over until he had another erection. His cock slipped into me with a bit of effort, his was the biggest cock in my ass by far. I felt warmth and some minor discomfort at first but I again found myself enjoying getting fucked.

The guy with the bigger dick left the sauna after cumming in my ass but the other one stayed, kissing my lips and caressing my cock constantly. I surprised myself by returning his kisses and in fact initiating some myself. He soon went to his hands and knees and I gave him as tender a fuck as two guys can share. By the time I filled his ass with my semen his dick was hard so I urged him to fuck me again. I had apparently decided I loved a cock in my ass.

His name was Jerry and he would become my Friday night lover. I never saw the other guy again.

Daniel was my only two nights a week partner and we became close fiends.

Then I met his wife and things got weird.

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