The Scarf Ch. 02


Eventually, they got close enough to kiss. It happened smoothly and without hesitation on either woman's part. Chris remained still, tasting Traci's tongue in her mouth. Soon, Traci's hands were on Chris' breasts.

Tom rammed into Chris frantically, raising his ass off the floor with each thrust. He thought he knew what they were doing, and the idea excited him even more. If only he could see.

Tom groaned loudly as his orgasm began deep in his balls. He felt cum flow through his cock and explode out the end into the already dripping cunt that was engulfing him. He clenched his fists and pounded the floor as two more shots of cum entered his wife. His voice rang in the room and the sound of his thighs hitting Chris' ass echoed off the walls.

Chris' own sighs were muffled inside Traci's mouth. They continued to kiss throughout Tom's first orgasm. Chris felt the cum combine with her own juices. The pounding cock drove into her over and over, remaining hard long after several shots of hot cum were released inside her.

Chris squeezed the cock with her cunt muscles and another moan was followed by one last dribble of cum. A few seconds later, Chris lifted herself off the softening cock.

Tom was exhausted, but continued licking and sucking on the clit above his mouth. Traci closed her eyes momentarily, then rose to her feet. Both she and Chris stood next to Tom.

"OK, Tom. Take off the scarf," Traci said.

The man anxiously untied the scarf and unwrapped it from his head. He froze when his eyes adjusted and he looked up at the two naked women. Staring up their long legs and seeing their bare cunts nearly made him hard again.

"You have to tell me who was where," he begged them.

"Nope," Chris said. "That's for you to figure out on your own. How about another drink?"

Both Tom and Traci answered "Yes" and the two women walked into the kitchen with Tom watching their every step. He could hear, but not understand, their talking and laughing. When they re-emerged, he was leaning back against the couch.

They sat, talked and drank. Each of them felt a certain exhilaration in being naked. Suspecting that more sex was likely only compounded their excitement.

During a lull in the conversation, Chris said, "Right now, I think Traci is due a little pay back."

That brought a vacant stare from the young girl. "Pay back?" she asked.

"Tom. Do me a favor," Chris said with a sly smile. "Please take that scarf and tie our guest to the legs of the table." Chris looked and nodded at the large wooden coffee table by the couch.

It was hard to tell which of the two, Tom or Traci, was more surprised. But, it didn't take Tom long to grab the scarf and head for Traci, who sat on the couch. The girl started to rise from the couch and lean away from the approaching man. She made it to her feet and took one step before he had her arm in his grasp.

Traci looked at Chris, a slight smile crossing her face. "Does this have anything to do with the Christmas party?"

"It has everything to do with it," Chris said.

By now, Tom had fastened the scarf securely to one of Traci's wrists.

"This way," he said, pulling the girl backwards.

He led her to the end of the table and made her lie on the floor. He then looped the scarf around the legs of the table and tied the loose end of the scarf to her other wrist. Tom looked down on the perfect, youthful body stretched out below him. He didn't know if this was whom he had fucked earlier, but he certainly knew he would be inside her soon.

Chris walked over and stood next to Tom. "Isn't she beautiful? "

"Very," Tom said. "If I haven't already, I'd love to have sex with her."

"Get in line," Chris answered.

With that, the woman moved next to Traci and straddled her head, facing Traci's feet. Traci looked up at the pussy a few feet above her. She wanted to taste it again, as she had a few weeks earlier when Chris was tied to a headboard by the same scarf that now restrained her.

Chris didn't hesitate long. She lowered herself to her knees and then placed her cunt near the girl's mouth.

"Make me cum again, Traci. Just like you did before."

Traci's tongue was already visible when the cunt reached her lips. Tom, meanwhile, was both shocked and energized by what he saw. As Traci began to lick his wife's pussy, Tom began to masturbate at the girl's feet. Chris moved her body giving Traci access to her clit and vagina, which made Tom hard again in a matter of seconds.

Traci very much wanted to reach up and pull Chris tight against her face. She strained against the scarf's unyielding pressure. But, she didn't need to worry. Chris was giving her free contact with every sensitive area. Several times, Traci found her tongue deep inside of Chris. Other times, she was sliding it across a swollen clit.

The man watching them now held a full erection in one hand, fiercely stroking it. He moved forward, between Traci's legs. She parted them and bent her knees. Chris watched closely as he knelt down and placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt. With his hands under the young girl's thighs, he thrust himself into her.

Traci moaned from underneath Chris. "Oh, yes," they heard her whisper. Then her tongue was back at work.

Tom almost immediately knew this was not the woman he was in earlier. This vagina was tight. Much tighter. It seemed to draw him in and hold him. It was wet and hot. It was wonderful.

Each of them thought separately that this was, perhaps, perfect sex. Their senses were heightened by the others around them. Only Tom, because of the earlier sex, was not on the verge of cumming. They all wanted this to last, but knew it couldn't.

Chris was the first to cum. "Oh, my God. Yes. Yes. Right there," she nearly screamed.

As Traci's tongue hit her clit repeatedly, Chris came in waves. She forced herself down until Traci's entire mouth swallowed up her clit. Chris put her hands on the table behind her and let the orgasms come one after the other.

Seeing his wife climax from the licking and sucking of another woman was more than Tom could take. He came inside Traci, his face just inches from Chris body. Each time he propelled his throbbing cock into the girl, another shot of cum resulted. He lifted her ass off the floor and pushed harder and deeper.

Feeling his hot cum pour out caused Traci to cum as well. Chris was about done as the girl joined Tom in climaxing. Their combined moans and groans resonated throughout the room. The louder Tom got, the more Traci came. Eventually, they were urging each other on verbally. The effect was telling. A man who had drained himself of cum a short time before was again being squeezed of all his juices by a willing pussy.

Shortly, all three were on the floor. Chris and Tom each had one of Traci's breasts in their mouth, feeling very satisfied.

Chris and Tom felt a new appreciation for each other, not to mention their new friends…Traci and the scarf.

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