tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Screwing of Emma Watson

The Screwing of Emma Watson


Only my second story, so feedback is most appreciated.

This one fills a painful gap in the literotica catalogue, and I hope other will contribute to the world of Emma Watson.


Jake had just finished his first essay of the term, and so had arranged to meet a few mates at a local coffee shop for a relaxing beverage, and some idle chat. He arrived a few minutes early, desperate to leave the library where he had spent the better part of 5 hours. As he walked up to order his coffee, he caught a glimpse of a face he recognised, but she turned her back too soon for him to get a good look. Shrugging it off, he ordered a coffee and sat down, grabbing a paper and skimming over the day's headlines.

He got a little bored of the paper, and looked around to see if his mates had arrived, and he couldn't spot them, but did spot a girl about his age, with naturally blonde hair and a gorgeous face, looking intently at him. He made eye contact, gave her a smile, then returned to his paper. Jake was pretty much used to catching girls staring, he wasn't arrogant in that way, he just recognised that he had better looks than most. He got toward the trashy gossip section of the paper, and something caught his eye, the headline read "Harry Potter Star heading to US University". It was then when he realised why he recognised the pretty girl's face: she was Emma Watson, the actress who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies.

Jake realised that he couldn't pass up the chance to at least try to get her number, so he put down the paper and headed towards her. He walked up, asked if he could sit down (she of course said yes). He started the idle chat, and she returned it enthusiastically, when he asked her name, she looked surprised, and replied "Emma Watson".

It was then that Jake knew his plan of faking idleness towards her celebrity status had worked. She must have had thousands of people come up to her a gawk, so Jake knew a different approach was needed.

The chat started to turn more serious, with more than a hint of innuendo, and a definite hint of flirting. Jake decided to take a gamble and ask her if she wanted to get a drink at a bar down the road, classy but not pricey, and with an atmosphere to stimulate conversation.

To his delight, she replied yes, her sparkling eyes lighting up.

They walked down the road, and Jake couldn't help but notice the sight of her perfect legs walking in front of him, accentuated by a pair of heels, and a stunning dress that only just stayed on the causal side of dressy. He was now sure that he wanted slightly more than her phone number.

They shared a couple of drinks (wine for her, beer for him) and the conversation moved more and more flirtatious, and a sense of intimacy grew between the two.

Jakes bladder was bursting, and so he made his excuses to go to the toilet. Before he left, Emma beckoned him in close.

"You better not be long, think its approaching the time we left this place". She huskily whispered into his ear.

Jakes cock grew slightly at the sound of that and, his mind full of images; he hurried toward the almost brand new toilets. He was just about to lock the toilet door, when someone pushed it open, and Jake was greeted by the sight of Emma Watson, with a sexual glint in her eye. Jake grabbed her waist, and immediately their tongues met, swirling and encircling each other, struggling to find new, different, and exciting areas in their mouths. Jake's hands moved instinctively towards her toned backside, and he began to massage her shapely rear. His hands were met by approving gasps from Emma, and Jake doubled his efforts on her arse.

Still passionately kissing, he moved one of his hands to her lower thigh, and pulled up her dress to expose her gorgeous legs, and to his great surprise and arousal, a panty-less crotch. He continued to stroke her thighs, working his way upwards, eliciting small moans from the sexy Ms Watson. When his fingers made it to the bottom of her slit, she broke the kiss and again whispered in his ear.

"Please make me cum". She said desperately.

Jake was only too happy to comply as he stroked the entirety of her hairless vagina, and now moving his other hand from her arse, to concentrate on her wet clit. The contact with her clit caused her to moan loader and more urgently, and her pussy was now soaking wet which Jake explored with his middle finger. He slowly forced his finger into her dripping snatch, and got knuckle deep in the young slut, causing her to almost scream with arousal. Adding another finger to the beautiful actress-slut, he began to massage her clit with his thumb which caused an audible shriek.

Jake now continued to fuck her pussy with his fingers, feeling her hips buck towards him; she was desperately trying to get more of him inside her, to fulfil the aching arousal in her core. He moved his fingers slightly inside her cunt, and immediately knew he had found her g-spot, as she moaned, and started to bite his neck. He picked up the pace, and it was becoming too much for young Emma, she moaned louder and louder, her cunt getting wetter and wetter, her hips bucking faster and faster, until she screamed with her orgasm, passionately kissing Jake, whilst her orgasm lasted longer than any she had had before.

Jake took a moment to savour the sight of the gorgeous Emma Watson still recovering from an earth-shattering orgasm. Her hair was now slightly unkempt, which just made her look even hotter.

Jake's cock was so hard he feared he might explode, but thankfully as Emma came down from the glow of her orgasm, her mind also turned to the bulge in Jake's pants.

"I think it's about time I returned the favour isn't it?" Emma asked, with a wink.

"It certainly is, let me feel how good your slutty mouth is." Jake replied, slightly surprising himself with his boldness.

Being called a slut sent a shiver down the spine of Emma, she felt herself become even wetter at the thought of the degrading name. Dutifully, she got down to her knees, and started to unbuckle Jake's jeans, exposing his underwear, and the massive bulge within.

Ms Watson pulled down Jake's underwear to reveal the biggest dick she had seen in her life – not that she was massively experienced. She got to her knees and secretly revelled in the sluttyness of sucking off an almost stranger, on her knees in a toilet. She grasped his achingly hard prick in her hand, and began to massage it, eliciting both a groan from Jake, and a small amount of pre-cum. She took him into her mouth, enjoying the taste of his sweeter than average pre-cum, and began to massage his cock-head with her tongue.

Emma grasped the base of his dick and began to jack him off whilst she licked and sucked the sensitive head of his dick, her free hand moving down to her cunt, and she desperately frigged herself as she sought to get herself and her lover off.

The sight of the gorgeous Emma Watson, her hair now a sexy, naughty mess, and her talented tongue, was too much for Jake. He began to moan, and grasped Emma's head, which made her double her efforts on his cock and her own pussy, Jake's dominating nature was turning her on. Jake forced most of his cock down her throat and moaned deeply as he shot rope after rope of hot salty cum into the gorgeous young actress, who also began to cum hard, the combination of her fingers and the fact that Jake was using her as some common slut, was simply too much for the sexy young lady, and she came along with Jake.

Jake staggered away from the slutty Emma Watson, dazed by the intensity of his orgasm, the skill that Emma possessed with her mouth had overwhelmed him. Emma too was enjoying the afterglow of her second thunderous orgasm, and she looked into Jake's eye and swallowed, then licked her slutty lips and said:

"I do looove the taste of your cum Jake, and I love the way you used me, but now I think it's time we headed off, so that you can really show me a good time".

It was as much an order as a request, and Jake was in no mood to turn her down. He buckled his trousers back up and firmly slapped Emma's pert arse as they walked out of the toilet (a couple of people noticing) and headed outside.

Emma hailed a cab as she led Jake toward her apartment (being a multi-million dollar actress had its advantages), and they were barely through the front door before Emma's greedy, perfect mouth was on Jake's. Their tongues met once more, and with furious rhythm they kissed deeply, passionately, they consumed each other. Jake moved his mouth to her neck, and Emma groaned as he nibbled her nubile neck, Jake aiming to leave a mark of their encounter, the thought of which made Emma moan once more.

But Jake's cock was too hard to ignore, and Emma also was getting to hot to be content with simply kissing. She pushed Jake's mouth off her neck, and pushed him down onto the couch, her finger lingering on his chest as she backed away and made a show of her undressing.

She sensuously removed her trench coat (courtesy of her sponsors, Burberry), and threw it aside, moving now to her blouse. She unbuttoned it slowly, each button causing a lurch of Jake's cock, his breathing quickened as the sight before him was unfolded. Emma's blouse and skirt were now gone, she was left standing in matching black and purple underwear: her bra was perfect; it accentuated her c-cup cleavage effortlessly. Once more Jake's cock lurched as she pushed her shoulders forward and unstrapped her bra, her tits now only held out of sight by her arms pressing her fantastic breasts together. She moved her arms upwards, bringing the bottom of her bra cup in her hand, and slowly the sight of Emma Watson's young tits was revealed, and Jake once more appreciated how truly lucky he was, knowing that every guy in the land would kill to be in his position.

The show had aroused Emma too, and she now moved with haste, slid off her tiny panties, and started to undress Jake, which she did quickly. She once more sought to regain control, forced Jake down onto the couch once more, and sat, facing him, in his lap. She leant up, offering her gorgeous breasts to Jake, which he took greedily into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on her pert breasts and now erect nipples. She continued to moan as Jake focused his attention on her other tit, feeling the warmth of Jakes erect dick on her thigh.

Jake couldn't wait any longer, and he lifted the young slut of an actress off his lap, she could read his mind and grasped his dick and aimed it at her willing cunt, and sank her body down onto his dick. They both moaned, although Emma was louder, she almost screamed as she felt the full length of Jake's cock fill her tight cunt. Jake lifted her up, and positioned himself on top of her on the large sofa, and started to fuck her in earnest. Her pussy was delightfully tight, warm, and (owing to Jake's skill) now soaking wet.

"Oh, yes, keep fucking me you stud. Oh yes, you like my tight pussy don't you? Show me how much you love your slut's cunt." Moaned the eager young Emma Watson, even surprising herself with her language, such was the intensity of Jake's fucking.

Jake was only too happy to oblige, and he once more had a mental double take at the reality of fucking the girl of most guy's dreams, young, tight, with her endless legs and perfect tits, the thought almost made him cum straight away inside her eager cunt. But he managed to hold back, savouring her pussy, which seemed to suck him in deeper with every thrust.

"OH YES." Screamed the young slut "Right there, please fuck me harder there, keep fucking me, don't you DARE stop, I'm soo close now. Keep going, keep fucking me, you love to fuck my tight pussy, please make me cum, please make me cum, please make me – AHH OH."

And with that the perfect young actress started to shake, she closed her eyes and literally screamed as her huge orgasm overtook her, her made more powerful by Jake's refusal to stop pummelling her tight cunt, which clenched on his dick, drawing out his cum.

Jake too was ready now, and Emma sensed it as in her post-orgasm glow, urged him to cum deep inside her.

"Please shoot your hot cum inside me Jake. Please fuck your slut and reward here pussy with some of your virile seed."

It was too much for Jake; he grabbed her hips and forced his cock deep into her cunt as he exploded, shooting rope after rope of his cum into her, and he moaned at the sound of her fourth cum of the night. She moaned into his neck as she felt his cum inside her, which triggered off another orgasm.

They both lay spent, totally exhausted, but totally contented. They had a moment to contemplate each other before exhaustion overtook them, and they collapsed into each other.


Jake woke in the morning sun, and smiled with sweet realisation as he looked to his left and saw the gorgeous, sleeping face of Emma Watson - the young starlet of Harry Potter. He moved his mouth to her neck, and nibbled her awake, ready for another mammoth session that he was sure to remember for the rest of his life. She woke with a smile.

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