tagErotic PoetryThe Search is Over, Claim Me (Her)

The Search is Over, Claim Me (Her)


Thunder crashed against the window pane
Lightening illuminating the night skies,
Shaking the earth to the very core,
As I tossed and turned in my bed,
Wondering when you will come through that door,
And hold me in your arms, as I so long for.
The french doors come crashing open,
Sending the white sheers sailing through the air.
Suddenly, your spirit stood there, big and magnificent
Your long black cloak flying behind you
As you gaze at me with your dark blue eyes, possessively.
You walk over to my big four-poster bed, in long strides
I stare up at you with a mixture of fear and love,
Looking into the eyes of the man I have searched for, for centuries.
Your broad shoulders block out the moonlight, as you look over me.
I look at your beautifully chiseled face, the visage of my nobleman.
Your eyes claim me with a burning look of love
That has sustained us throughout the ages, undyingly.
Your big strong body leans down over my small one,
Wrapping your arms under my back and legs, you lift me to you.
The night wind causing my white silk nightgown to fly around my soft legs,
As you hold me effortlessly.
Your warm lips claim mine so hungrily, greedy for a taste of me.
My long, dark lustrous auburn hair frames my face lovingly
As the wind wraps around us like a protective shield.
Tears of love run down my smooth face, as I gaze upon my soul mate.
With dark green eyes and long black lashes, spiked with wetness.
While our lips merge greedily, deeply and completely.
You kiss away the teardrop so gently, causing my heart to swell with love
He whispered to me in his deep but gentle voice....
"I have come to take you home, my lady beloved. I have searched long enough".
I look up into your dark blue eyes with adoration, running my fingers
Through your black hair, marveling at its silkiness
"Take me home, my love, I have waited forever for you. I am yours, beloved"
Your long legs move swiftly across the stone floor of my chambers,
As we both vanish back to your time, centuries past, where we belong.
A lone dove flies into my abandoned chambers, amidst white rose petals..
The only evidence of me ever having been there, as I follow my love home.

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