tagErotic PoetryThe Search is Over, Claim Me (Him)

The Search is Over, Claim Me (Him)


I inhale her soft french vanilla scent,
In the night breeze.
For centuries we have loved each other
Always finding each other, to reunite.
My soul mate, my beloved, my heart.
Once a hardened warrior, who's
Heart was encased in ice, I loved no one.
Until I beheld this vision of beauty and vibrancy,
Who one day, lay wounded on the grounded
Thrown from her black stallion sixteen hands high.
Her long dark auburn hair, glimmered in the sunlight
The highlights shining like red flames.
Her body lay prone, as I approached her.
Turning her over in my arms, as I knelt.
Her long black lashes framed her smooth young face
Smudges of dirt coated her face, yet she was the most beautiful
Woman I had ever seen, her essence capturing me so completely.
Her rosebud lips, so soft looking and pink.
I remember shaking my head fiercely, as these strange sentiments hit me,
Causing my heart to pound in my chest.
Suddenly her eyes had opened, as she moaned in pain
I gasped softly as her vibrant dark green-brown eyes beheld my blue ones.
My heart was lost at that very moment and for all time.
I held her in my arms and carried her to my dark grey castle in the hills,
Nursing this little woman that was barely five-foot-one, back to health.
I shake these old memories away, bringing myself back to the present.
Having searched for ages for my soul mate, I am finally here to reclaim her.
Reaching the french doors of her chamber, thunder and lightening crashing outside.
I throw the doors open, impatient to reach her.
Gazing down at her vibrant green-brown eyes, filled with tears of love,
I know she recognizes me and has been expecting me.
Picking her up in my arms, I devour her lips in a branding kiss.
Her soft, voluptuous little body snuggled in my strong arms
As I claim the unbridled lips of my beloved, I whisper to her
"I have come to take you home, my lady beloved. I have searched long enough".
Her beautiful melodious voice whispered back to me:
"Take me home, my love, I have waited forever for you. I am yours, beloved"
Carrying her in my arms, I walk out into the night and vanish with my love.
Never letting her out of my life again, claiming her as my bride for eternity.
A pure white dove flies through the chambers as we leave, amidst white rose petals
Raining down on the stone floor like a cloud of snow.
The only evidence of our souls ever being here...
As the search is over, I have found my soul mate, and I will never let her go.

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