The Second Foundation Pt. 02

byThe Avenger©

Then Anika mounted him, slotting his cock into her hole and started riding him spiritedly till she was cumming all over his dick and screaming.

He couldn't believe all the horny, freaky shit. He went wild with lust. He rolled her on her back and punched her pussy like a punching bag and she screamed,

"Oh ja!!!! Fick mich Neger! Fick mich tot!" (Fuck me nigger! Fuck me dead)

Dez gave it to her. Then Adam was pushing Sue's smeared face into his ass and telling to eat Dez' black butt as he fucked her from behind. Sue was whimpering and grabbing his cheeks and licking his ass as Adam pounded her from behind. She tongued his hole and sucked it, crying to the rhythm of Adam's deep thrusts. It felt so good Dez thought he would die. Then he was groaning and bucking and exploding in her friend. He left Sue cleaning up her pussy as he went to piss and then rolled and fired up a joint, watching Adam fuck Sue as Anika ate her pussy.

After Adam came, they relaxed a while, smoking. Sue looked sated and drowsy, but Anika said she needed something big and black in her two hole. She grabbed a bottle of lube from her bag and made Sue finger fuck her ass hole. Sue was kind of shy, but Anika soon had her fingering her ass with three digits and eating her pussy as she sucked both guys' cocks greedily. Sue then sat back, stroking her pussy and gazing as Dez, who was horny but kind of shy, was talked into double teeming the horny freak of a lawyer.

Adam told him, "Don't be a square, put some black into that white ass." The horny German wife sat astride Adam and rode his cock as she sucked Dez. Then she pushed him away and grabbed and spread her cheeks, offering him her winking, pink ass hole. Dez entered her lubed, tight hole and started fucking her, feeling Adam's cock sliding into her pussy hole. He filled up her ass and the guys started fucking her to the same rhythm.

Anika started rocking between them, fucking both their cocks and moaning and grimacing. Then she got used to it and started lunging at them and pumping her hips, crying in agony for them to fuck her harder. Both guys went wild with lust and pounded her into an oblivion. She came again and again, giving deep, agonized cries, her face contorted into a fierce grimace. She was like a woman possessed, as two black cocks possessed her pink holes and stretched and fucked them, opening her wide like a bus had run through her.

Dez was almost worried the cops would come and arrest their black asses, for making all that noise and fucking a white lawyer to death. They didn't. Instead, Dez and Adam flipped her over and Dez now got the pussy as Adam rammed the white ass. They fucked her harder and harder till they came hard in her hot, convulsing holes. She finally rolled rolled off them, onto her back, her holes gaping, with thick amounts of cum dripping out of them.

Then Sue, who had been watching and cumming all over her fingers crawled over and licked Anika clean. Anika grabbed her head and buried her pretty face in one hole after the other, moaning at her to get that sweet tongue deep in there. Then she pulled her up and tongue kissed her smeared mouth.

Dez and Adam sat back smoking and stroking their cocks as the girls put on a hard core lesbian show eating and fingering each other's holes, Anika with expertise and Sue with hunger and both with no shame.

Anika talked Sue into getting fucked by them both as well. They stood over her and she scooped up and worshiped their black cocks with her pale hands and pink mouth.

Adam got the pussy and Dez fucked that white ass. She was wincing at first, but Anika came over and rubbed her clit with her oiled digits and Sue started cuming and got all horny. They fucked her slow, nice and deep, till she was loving it and humping them back lustily. Then they fucked her hard and fast, and yeah, deep as well. Sue started crying and cuming. They pulled out and Anika sucked their cocks clean and lubed them. Then Sue was flipped over and had both cocks plunged back in her, right where she wanted them, deep inside her holes, fucking her in unison till they exploded in her and filled her up with cum. Anika then stroked and cleaned her stretched holes with her tongue.

Around five in the morning, the girls showered and got dressed.

Anika gave Adam her number and told them both to call if they needed legal representation or just a nice, horny fuck.

Sue was looking dazed.

"So, how did you like your first black cocks?" Adam asked her, smacking her ass.

"I loved it. But I am so sore. I cant believe all the things I did," she rasped, like she had just seen a man walking on water.

"Fucking black men is so liberating, and so satisfying!" Anika chuckled. "I love black men. The only white man I sometimes let fuck me is my husband. And I only enjoy it when he fucks me after a black man has left his sloppy cum in my hole. And he loves it too." She chuckled dirtily. "Some men are born great, and some men achieve greatness. You should try it with your husband."

"Should I?" Sue asked, unsure but excited. "What if he freaks out."

"Every white man knows his place!" Anika chuckled. Dez and Sue didn't understand fully, but Anika and Adam smiled at each other knowingly. The two novices gasped as she then added. "I only let my husband cum in my mouth so I can drink his energy, or I let him cum in my ass so I can shit it out. I wont let his worthless sperm in my pussy!"

The two women tongue kissed the black men, then they tongue kissed each other. Then they left, with Anika telling Sue that she wanted her eating her pussy and ass every day in the office from now on.

"Damn!" Dez exclaimed. "These horny sluts! The love black men don't they?"

"Yeah, they love fucking black men and being our sluts. But be careful with them. These bossy German bitches hate men, and they hate everything actually. Don't fall in love with them."

Dez chose not to listen to the white pussy veteran, when he should have taken those jewels.

Chapter 4

Adam tried to get Dez to help him move more drugs, but he didn't wanna make a little cash on the outside. He wanted to experience the German society from the inside. He returned to Kirschberg after three days of sin in Hamburg.

Some of the African refugees went to church prayers three times a week in the afternoons. They would sing in a choir and play in the church's foot ball team. The church also offered German lessons and some members had an odd job to offer once in a while, so Dez tagged along.

The church people, mainly elderly Germans, were very nice and friendly. He joined language lessons, given by a young single mom named Erika. Erika was impressed by Dez' sharp language skills and determination to learn and she helped him along, giving him extra lessons at the church. Dez learned German fast and started reading papers and following programs on TV. After three months, his German was accented but getting fluent.

Dez vocalized an offer to the church people, that if anybody needed any type of job done, he would do it, and they could pay him by speaking German with him. He was taken up on his offer and worked for many people, be it chopping trees, renovations, carrying stuff, whatever. He soon became popular, for he worked hard and was very friendly.

The first thing that struck Dez about Germans was that they had a very unrealistic picture of Africa. They thought it was like a backward place, full of diseases and war, without cars, houses, TV and such like. The ignorance was baffling. Dez found it funny but the others, who had been around longer were really pissed off with the ignorance and arrogance.

Chapter 5

One afternoon, Dez and another African guy went to help a German woman from the church move some new furniture into her house. Her name was Aida, and she lived with her husband who was at work and her two teen age kids were at school when they arrived. She was about forty five, with a long face framed by golden brown hair. She had glassy, blue eyes with flakes of brown, a cute nose and a wide, thin, pink mouth. Aida was tall, with small breasts, a slim waist, wide, curvy hips and thick ass. She was wearing a nice perfume and looking sexy, in a tight halter top and push up bra that made her small tits look nice. She wore a short, tight skirt around her flaring hips and fine, round ass.

As they moved the furniture and carried some into her cellars, she was gazing at them with fascination and open lust. The naughty housewife was bending over to pick up something every so often, and her skirt was sliding down to show them her tiny, red, lace thongs and the tops of her pale ass cheeks. She could see they were watching her ass and she she was smiling up at the two young black men in a very lascivious manner.

When they were finished, she gave them wine and sandwiches. When his mate went to the bathroom, Aida started stroking Dez's sweaty, bulging muscles, giggling shyly as her eyes got smoky with lust.

"You have really nice muscles," she chuckled in a low rasp. "Beautiful..."

Dez could see she wanted him. He took her hand and pulled her astride his lap.

"Oh we shouldn't. You know I am married...." she rasped, her lips quivering.

Dez cupped the back of her head and pulled her lips down to his. He sucked on them and chewed on them real nice and she started moaning. Then she was sucking on his tongue voraciously and grinding her cunt feverishly into his cock. Dez pushed her skirt up around her hips and ground his cock into her as he grabbed and squeezed her dimpled thick, soft, but firm, ass cheeks. She cried and started dry humping him.

His mate came back in and stopped dead in his tracks.

"Oh, hi there, Manuel, wasn't it?" Aida rasped at him, stroking her hair back from her face.

"I will wait for you outside, Desmond," Manuel said, gazing with lust at Aida's thick, pale ass cheeks in his mates dark hands.

"Why don't you come and join us. I will pay you guys good, for a little fun..." Aida held her hand out to Manuel.

Soon, the German housewife was on her knees, holding two, big, hard, excited black cocks and sucking them voraciously. Dez' eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as the mature woman jerked and sucked both their cocks and tried to swallow them down her throat at once. It was amazing. Pure black cock worship. He wondered if she was possessed by the spirit of a dead, notorious whore. She was bubbling with joy as she blew them greedily. Dez grabbed her hair and yanked her onto his bursting cock as he stuffed his cock into her mouth like he wanted to choke her. She loved it, moaning and going all feverish. She sucked him greedily, with drool running down her chin, onto her chest.

Manuel was acting all surprised because he had not fucked a German woman before. But his dick was hard. Dez winked at him and he caught on and yanked Aida to his cock and stuffed it down her greedy, hungry mouth.

Dez pulled her across his lap and made her lower her pussy down on him. She went mad with joy as he entered her.

"Oh yes! I have wanted this so much! Put it deep inside me Desmond!" she begged. He held her hips and started fucking her. Then she grabbed Manuel and pulled his dick to her mouth, sucking on a black cock as she rode another. She loved it. She started riding feverishly up and down Dez' hard meat as she banged her face on Manuel's cock.

"Shit! This bitch is greedy for cock!" Manuel gasped.

"Ah, she just loves black men, don't you Aida!"

"Yes! You are so attractive, both of you! I am so happy. Sex has never been so good. Please fuck me guys. Fuck me good."

They fucked her till Dez exploded in her pussy and Manuel came in her mouth. She cleaned their cocks with her mouth and ran off to clean up, with cum trickling down her jaws and the insides of her thighs.

"Shit!" Manuel groaned to Dez. "That was unbelievable."

"Lets fuck her again."

They found her in the bathroom and Dez told her to strip. She blew their dicks again and got them hard. Manuel sat on the toilet seat and she rode his dick as she blew Dez. She loved it so much. Then she walked with them to her bedroom, holding a black cock in each hand and stroking it as they smacked and grabbed her ass. They soon had her on all fours between them. Dez fucked that bushy, dripping wet mature white pussy from the back as Manuel stuffed his cock in her mouth. Aida was jackknifing between them, moaning and gasping as she got fucked by the two young black studs.

Dez felt her hot, wet pussy fluttering around his cock so he knew she was cumming again and grabbed her hips and yanked her onto his cock to pummel her orgasming pussy. She screamed aloud and came like a bitch.

Dez winked at Manuel and picked her up to slam her on her back. He fucked her hard and fast and Aida went crazy, thrashing about and screaming. When he felt himself close to cuming, he pulled out and switched places with Manuel. He grabbed Aida by the hair and cooled his cock off in her mouth. She suckled on it sweetly as she pushed her hips up at Manuel and the brother fucked her nice and deep. They kept switching on her and she kept cumming till she was drowsy.

Then Dez pulled her onto her knees before them and she sucked and jerked them both till they came all over her face. She caught some in her mouth, some on her lips, some on her forehead and cheeks, and some on her neck and chest. They drenched her in their cum. She went feverish and rubbed it in like lotion, her face beaming with joy.

She gave them more tasty sandwiches and paid them generously, and then said they should come and help her out again next week.

"She is crazy!"

"She is our slut!" Dez told Manuel. "Lets drop by and fuck that white woman at least once every week, and get paid."

They fucked her regularly from then on. Two weeks later, they were fucking her ass and she was sucking it off their dicks. After another week, she invited her sister, elder by a year or so, to come and join. She was also married with grown up kids. Dez and Manuel didn't care. They fucked them and got a little cash. But what really fascinated them was the way the white women submitted to them and enjoyed being their dirty fuck sluts. These were rich, married white women who had everything. They were poor refugees with nothing, but their blackness, but it was enough. The elder sister soon started asking Manuel if he wanted to marry her, for his papers. She said she could get a divorce.

Chapter 6

Dez learned German with a fervor till he spoke it fluently, and could read papers and follow movies. The rest of his time, he spent trying to find a job. The white guys weren't employing brothers. If they couldn't find a German, they took an East European, or an Arab, and by the time blacks were finally up for it, it was usually too late. Their dark skin was their sin. The Germans didn't even bother hiding it. Dez would call a construction site, and the guy on the phone would ask, "Are you fit, strong, no back problems, hard working, blah, blah, blah?" Then came the all important question. "Listen, you have an accent. Are you German?"


"Where are you from?"


"Is that in Africa?"

"Yes. But I speak German fluently and work very hard."

"Sorry! Bye now!" Click.

If he went around in person he was chased away like he smelled of shit. It was that simple, and it was no fantasy but hard, bitter reality.

He started a boxing club at the church. At first, only the refugees attended. Then he put out notices all over the town and by and by, young Germans trickled in. Now, most of them had short hair, and looked and dressed like skinheads, and were indeed skinheads. The church members and the refugees didn't want them at first. However, Dez took them in, as long as they paid the small monthly subscription fee which gave him a bit of pocket money.

As he got familiar with them he chatted with them asking them white youngsters why they hated foreigners so much. They blamed them for everything, like unemployment, crime and whatever. The town only had 30 refugees, to a population of 8 thousand, and the foreigners were really insignificant, but that didn't seem to bother them. By and by, Dez realized that these guys were filled with hate. They came from a tradition of racial supremacy and hatred for foreigners.

Whereas in his town back home, people were excited about people from other places, it seemed like the European tradition was one entrenched in xenophobia.

They were not even ashamed of it. People walked around in T-shirts celebrating Adolf, or proclaiming their right wing identity. It was pathetic. He couldn't understand how these people thought. But they were dangerous. If he saw a bunch of white men at night or in some deserted place, it was well advised to run for it. You couldn't even go to the cops for they were sympathizers or even the dads and brothers of those jerks. Dez just shook his head.

When he read the papers, they were full of lies and propaganda. Every time a foreign country was featured, they just wrote shit about it. And when they featured Germany, then it was always something positive. Now wonder these ass holes were so pompous and arrogant and full of hate. Even refugees who had been in the country long were picking it up and talking shit about other people. But the brainwashed, most ignorant, arrogant motherfuckers of course were the honkies. They talked shit about other people's places without even knowing they were talking shit.

Chapter 7

Dez scoured the Internet looking for anything on Trish and her family. He found a lot of news articles on her dad, but no number which he could call. Dez was determined not to return home until he found her.

Erika, his language teacher worked in a supermarket as a cashier. They were looking for someone to clean, sweep and carry stuff around. No German wanted to do that job. She recommended Dez. Dez started working there, taking orders from some sadistic, chubby white woman in her late forties that always threatened to fire him and always added some racist slurs in her talk. Dez kept his mouth shut because he needed the job, but she just wouldn't let off. Erika calmed him down, telling him that Isabel, for that was her name, was bitter and frustrated because her man had run out on her.

Now, Dez was amazed at the racism in the town. When he thought he had seen it all, something else just come up to top it. The white guys hated a white woman that fucked blacks. They were called "Negerhure!" which meant "Nigger whore!"

Dez had thought that the other refugees wee exaggerating, till he saw a young German woman who had a young, mixed race child being verbally abused at the supermarket. And her reaction was all telling. She didn't even bother reacting, she just ignored it like that shit was normal, like breathing.

Another time, he went to watch a foot ball match between teams of 12 year old boys. There was a mixed race boy who played like dynamite. He kept scoring goals like his name was Samuel Eto or Didier Drogba. Now, the jealous parents of the kids from the other team were hurling racist verbal abuse at him and the referee and the parents of the brown kid's own team were laughing heartily. Only his mom was complaining, but her dad told her to relax, they boys were just having fun. That brown kid didn't even react, for he was used to it, Dez guessed. The boy just kept scoring goals till some jealous, angry white dad ran onto the pitch and tried to bash him. Then a fight broke out between the dads and they bashed each other.

Dez was the only black guy around. He didn't get involved, but at one point, he saw many German men coming for him anyway, so he just legged it or he might have made the press, for blacks, Asians and even South Europeans were always getting bashed by the pale faces and the courts always found inconclusive evidence.

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