tagNovels and NovellasThe Second Foundation Pt. 03

The Second Foundation Pt. 03

byThe Avenger©

Warning: Parts of this series may contain violence, coercion, extortion, blackmail, non consensual sex, same sex copulation, derogatory terms, interracial sex, political statements, cheating and a lot of other stuff good boys and girls should not read (on porn websites). If any of the above are not your cup of tea, please don't waste your time reading this.


Chapter 1

It was however Laura and Aisha who gave him a good tip. They told him they were looking looking for someone to clean the premises at the place they worked part time. Dez was tired of being a cashier anyway so he said he would go and check it out.

The address turned out to be a massage and hair and cosmetics business, set in the pool and sauna area of a 5 star Hotel on the outskirts of town.

As Dez entered the noble, imposing, finely done premises, his heart thudded like a drum. The reception area reeked of class, and fineness. It was top notch, the walls painted in white and lined with fine, framed paintings. Soft music was playing and a pretty, tall slim blond stood behind a tall, glass counter. She was dressed in an impeccable white shirt and longs and she gave him a million dollar smile.

She had a long, pale face, glassy, dark eyes, a long, sharp nose, thin lips and a pierced tongue. The name tag on her shirt front said she was Anja. He told her he was there to see Mrs Cornelia Huber. She told him to take a seat and called someone on the phone.

Mrs Cornelia Huber came from an office at the back. She was a German woman in her mid forties, with a long, pleasant face, intelligent, glassy, green-brown eyes, a pointed nose and thin, wide, pink lips. She had smooth, dark brown hair cut just below her ears. Her skin was very pale, almost white. She was tall, with an athletic but curvy body. She wore an elegant ladies business suit and her perfume was rich and fine.

She was very nice and polite and he could tell she liked him at first sight. She showed him around the facilities proudly, taking him to the indoor pool, the sauna and the massage and cosmetics rooms. Cornelia was a trained masseur and beautician. She was very dedicated to her work. She told him that Germans needed massages. They were over worked, stressed out and lonely, needing the human touch. She said business was slow, but picking up. The town and surrounding areas had a budding tourist industry. A couple of huge, old castles nearby, once belonging to German nobility had been converted into hotels. There were several golf and tennis courts, conference facilities and an artificial, indoor ski resort. She was getting lots of business from those and hoped her company would finally start to make a profit, then she could pay him more, she promised.

Dez immediately decided he wanted to work here and be a part of this fine establishment.

Anja was then asked him to show him his work. She told him that he should come in every morning at five, sweep and mop the pool area and the rooms and clean up everything and set up the rooms and the pool area. Then he was to bring away dirty, used towels and get fresh, clean ones. She told him,

"Make sure you don't come late, all right, and clean up real nice. Don't mess up. Nothing shoddy, or we will just fire you. Is that clear?" her tone was suddenly very stern.

"Yes ma'am!" Dez responded. He sure didn't aim to disappoint.

Chapter 2

Dez was always punctual and cleaned up very well. Anja always inspected after him and always found something to bitch about. Dez never saw her smile.

As he worked there a while, Dez began to realize that not all that glittered was gold. Anja for example, was a lazy chick. She read magazines at the reception even with customers around, chewed gum and had this annoying habit of poking her tongue out and running her piercing against her teeth. She displayed acute disinterest in the clients that came in to use the pool or take massages and beauty treatments.

Several of the workers, young German men and women came to the reception once in a while. They all wore white uniforms, like Anja. And like her, they were not very polite to the customers. Anja was always necking at the reception with one of the masseurs, her boyfriend, Tom, a blond German of medium height in his late twenties.

Tom had a joy in ordering him around and reminding him that he was a masseur and Dez was just a cleaner. One morning, Tom made Dez sweep the reception area whilst he kept a sharp eye on him. They heard Cornelia approaching and Tom snatched the broom and chased Dez out of sight.

"Tom, why are you sweeping?" Cornelia asked.

"Oh, I just saw some dust and thought I would do it. That black guy is really too slow and shoddy."

"he is still new. But that is the right attitude Tom. Thanks." Cornelia kissed Tom on the cheek and walked out saying she was going to a meeting and would be back in four hours.

"Don't worry, everything is in good hands," Tom said to her. Soon as she was gone, he shouted, "Hey! Hey! Mr. Don't laze around back there! Come here!!!"

Tom made Dez sweep. He took Anja to a massage room and they were gone for an hour, making a customer have to wait. Dez shook his head. What a couple of lazy bums.

Cornelia was a very hard worker. She came in early every morning, meditated to some CDs and then started working. Often, her workers came late or did not show up at all, so she usually had to do reception duties and massage or do hair as well as managing the business. Dez always chatted nicely with her. He realized that she was a very good person, but not very strong or mean enough to manage her daughter and the bunch of truant workers, so they took advantage.

One morning, Dez was cleaning near the reception area when he noticed Cornelia having trouble communicating with some American hotel guests for her English was very bad. He approached and helped out for his English was impeccable, being from a former Crown colony. The Americans only wanted to know about the pool and sauna area, but Dez talked them into taking massages and beauty treatments.

Cornelia, who was watching, was impressed, by his command of English and his people skills and salesmanship. He had just brought in a lot of cash. She offered to try him out at the reception, a couple of days a week.

Dez saw his chance and utilized it. He was punctual, well groomed, polite and friendly, worked hard and sold loads of treatments for he was sociable and good with people. If anybody came in to swim, he usually sold them something. Cornelia realized that she did good business when he was around, so she gave him more days to work and raised his pay.

Now, the German workers were not pleased that the black cleaning boy was now wearing the same uniform as they and had the same status. They opposed Cornelia, but she was adamant, for she could tell he would bring in money, and that was what she needed.

Dez soon realized that his German co workers had a lot of bad human characteristics. They were a lazy, disunited, selfish bunch. They were rude to customers behind Cornelia's back. They were always squabbling and there was no unity or camaraderie. They gossiped and talked shit behind each other's back and liked to snitch on each other to Cornelia. Sometimes they would even argue and insult each other in front of customers. Dez was smart enough not to get involved in that shit.

Anja and her boyfriend Tom were the worst. They acted like they owned the place and always came late or just did not turn up, annoying customers.

Cornelia was a good business woman, but Dez soon recognized her weakness. She was all into peace and harmony and shunned confrontation. Therefore, those lazy young Germans danced on her nose like the biscuit man, but she couldn't snap her jaws on them.

Chapter 3

Cornelia was divorced. Anja, 22, was her only child. Cornelia worked twelve hours a day, for she did everything herself. Her employees had no initiative and Dez soon realized that these young Germans, were a lazy bunch. Had it been his business, he would have chased them away.

Dez had had much experience with his dad's supermarket back home. He knew how to keep the books, do duty rosters, staff wages and ordering. Cornelia was impressed and she made him familiar with the system and the software and he started helping her in the office.

Cornelia was so glad to have him. And she was impressed by his sharp mind and hard work. She gave him a lot of duties and he was soon her right hand man. She however could not pay him more money, so he offered to take massage lessons, which were given on the facilities.

Dez was fascinated with the business. They made money out of shit. The massages were over priced, but Cornelia told him that this was good for the Western psyche.

"If you make something expensive, people think its good. Plus they like that not everyone else can afford it." she explained.

But what was funny was that they sold a lot of slimming products. They had get slim creams, lotions, food supplements and even massages. And all that stuff was really fake and it cost a lot of money. The most expensive massage was an anti-cellulite massage. It was no different from a normal massage really, except that it was done with an exotic smelling oil, laced with heat rub, so the client felt his body get hot and thought he/she was burning loads of calories.

"People over eat and don't like to exercise. But the media beauty ideal is to be thin, you see. Therefore, people look for products that give them the feeling they can eat and laze around all they want and still lose weight. It doesn't actually have to work, it just has to seem to be able to, and they will pay loads of money for it" Cornelia told him.

Dez found this rather silly. But once he got the gist of it, he sold all the get slim and the look young products like hot cakes. It was so easy to sell anti-cellulite massages to fat German ladies. He made them compliments, told them they were pretty and would look even better Cornelia was very pleased and gave him commission on his sales.

Now, seeing that Cornelia liked Dez and worked a lot with him, the co workers, especially the white men were pissed.

Dez was reminded of lyrics from Da Lench Mob, which had once been just a rhyme to him, but now started making sense, once he put it in perspective.

"They hate to see a black face, Win the motherfucking race!"

The white guys started hating him, even insulting him to his face and trying to provoke him. If they stood in a bunch, he would see them sneering at him and he knew they were talking shit. The white women followed their lead, but when the honky men were not around, they were nice to him and even flirtatious.

Cornelia's daughter Anja and her boyfriend, Tom were the worst. Dez realized it was better to ignore them. They were stupid cunts, and would never amount to much in life. If it wasn't for Cornelia, they would both be unemployed, drinking cheap booze and watching TV all day and talking shit about foreigners any old how.

Unfortunately, Tom was the chief masseur and he also gave the massage lessons. Tom was an excellent masseur but a small minded, stupid cunt of a guy. He thought he was special because he was dating the boss' daughter. He disliked Dez because he saw him as a competitor. He was not amused that the black guy could use a computer and was hard working. All he saw was that Dez was trying to steal his shine. Therefore, when Dez came for lessons, Tom did his best to teach him nothing. He only let the other guys in the lesson practice and ignored Dez.

Initially, the only person besides Cornelia, that was nice to Dez was was a bi sexual guy named Volker. Volker was a pretty boy in his early thirties. There was something girlie about him. He was quite open about his homosexuality. One day, he came up to Dez at the reception, and started asking him if he had ever been with a man. Now Dez could see lust in Volker eyes. Being an African, he thought gays were disgusting, but he was diplomatic and tried to change the subject. But Volker was on a roll. He started telling him about his life, that he had a steady girlfriend but several male lovers. He started giving details.

A couple of elderly women came in for their appointments and waited for their massages and beauty treatments at the reception. Dez gave them drinks and tried to get Volker to shut up about his gay shit, but he wouldn't. He said he was not ashamed of who he was. The elderly German ladies were shocked and disgusted. But Volker started telling them not to be narrow minded. He said everybody had a gay side and shouldn't deny it. Blah, blah, blah. The women got pale faced and nearly ran away.

After they left the reception for their massages, Dez chided Volker but the guy wasn't having it. He even offered to initiate Dez into homosexual fun.

"I have always fantasized of having a handsome black lover like you. You seem so strong and so virile. I wanna be taken by a strong black stud. Mmmm!"

"Ohhhh!!!" Dez groaned and rolled his eyes. "You got a pretty girlfriend man! Isn't she good in bed or what!"

"Only a man really knows how to make love to a man. Come on, we can try it. I will stop if you Don't like it. Please!" Now the guy was giving him the come fuck me look.

Dez couldn't believe it. He shook his head and laughed heartily. Volker seemed very hurt. Dez saw him now join Tom and Anja and he could see they were dissing and back stabbing him big time. Just because he wouldn't give the jerk his black cock!

Dez downloaded instructions for massages on the Internet and practiced on people in the refugee home. When he got good, he started massaging people at church for a little money. With practice, he got even better. People said they loved his hands.

He told Cornelia that he was ready to massage. She let him try out several massages on her and she was impressed.

"You have these good, nice, strong, big black hands," she cooed, after he had given her a nice, long, full body massage. Her eyes were slanted and her voice was raspy, with pleasure and arousal. "You are ready to massage customers. And they will love it."

However, Tom, as chief masseur, vehemently opposed this. And his girlfriend, Anja and Volker the homo, sided with him and they made such a big, stupid fuss. Cornelia backed down, for she was a soft person who did not like confrontation. She told Dez to be patient. Dez wondered why she listened to her stupid, dumb, spoiled daughter, then he reminded himself that blood was thicker than water, so patience was advisable.

When the work load was heavy and Tom and Anja were not around, Cornelia let him massage customers and they were happy. He would earn compliments and large tips. He used this as an argument to Cornelia, but she said if Tom and Anja knew this, it would only make matters worse. Dez realized that blood was indeed thicker than water.

Dez started giving massage workshops at the refugee home, for he had an inkling of an idea. These people needed cash and were hard working. On the other hand, most of the Germans at work were lazy. Well, it was a competitive world.

Chapter 4

One of the girls he worked with was named Yvonne. She had very short hair, dyed peroxide blond and jelled so it stood out like the spikes of a porcupine. Her face was almost rectangular and had a kind of strange, cold beauty. Her eyes were pale blue, sharp and penetrating and always seemed to fix intensely on whatever she gazed at. She had a sharp nose, and a small, but thick, pouting mouth that was always a glossy lavender. She had the tall, lanky, very fit body of a volley ball player. Her breasts were like tennis balls, and her torso was lean, her hips slim but flaring and her ass cheeks were small and round. She wasn't exactly the type of woman Dez would rather have hung around with, for she hardly talked and her mind always seemed to be elsewhere. She also didn't have the type of body that he found desirable normally, but there was something attractive about the slim, athletic, remote woman.

Yvonne was a lone wolf, and kind of closed in herself. She wasn't friends with anyone in the company and basically minded her own business. She hardly exchanged talk with Dez. She would work six days a week, only resting on one day, for three months, gathering enough time so she could fly off over seas. On one of the rare occasions they chatted, she told Dez that her favorite destinations were Africa and Latin America. She said she loved it over there, for the people were nice, warm and friendly. She only stayed in Germany to work, for the money was good.

In his first days, before Tom started waging war with him, he had told him maliciously that Yvonne used to work in an erotic massage place in Hamburg, basically giving hand jobs. Dez didn't know if this was true or just malicious. He had no problem with Yvonne, though he found her kind of weird.

Yvonne had several regular clients, usually local men, yuppies and elderly guys. They came in the evenings and only when she was on duty.

Now, one evening, the two of them were on shift together. Dez finished his work, and wanted to close but Yvonne went way over time with a client. Dez got curious and walked up to the massage room quietly. He pressed his ear against the door and listened in. He heard a male voice groaning deeply. He peeped in through the key hole but the key was blocking the view. He tried the door silently but it was locked. He went off and cleaned up.

Yvonne finally emerged with her client. He was a balding, pot bellied elderly German, walking on wobbly legs and looking very satisfied. Yvonne seemed kind of jittery and nervous, and chatted with Dez way longer than she ever had. And her eyes were searching his face. And she kept working her jaw and rubbing it sub consciously.

The following day, he used some of his tips to buy a small video camera. A couple of evenings later, he hid it inside Yvonne's room, focusing it on the table. He put it on long play and pressed record.

After they finished work and she was gone, he retrieved the camera and watched.

Sure enough, he saw Yvonne's massage technique. Before every massage, Yvonne put on some soft music, then she strip danced, and slowly removed her clothes, remaining in a tiny thong. She would tease her clients, playing with her pussy and thong and then she would massage their bodies for half an hour. In the last half hour, she got nasty. Her face set intensely, Yvonne turned into a sex vamp. She gave oily, skilled hand jobs to her clients. Then she would get real dirty, oil her middle finger and finger fuck their asses as she blew them voraciously. She was an expert, she timed it perfectly, getting them close and then cooling them down. She would make them cum at the stroke of the hour. It was amazing. The guys would jerk and writhe and twist on the table as if they were possessed by demons when she finally made them shoot their load in her mouth. The pot bellied man was the kinkiest. Dez couldn't believe it. Yvonne blew him, fingered him and devoured his balls. Then she made him bend over, face down ass up, and licked and tongued his ass as she jerked him off. Her face was set intensely, her eyes blazing.

Dez got horny watching the perverted shit. Then he did the mathematics and gasped,

"She is a smart girl. The guy gave her 150 bucks straight. And from the other four massages I filmed, she got at least 50 bucks each. That is at least 350 bucks. And her daily salary is only 60 bucks."

Dez knew that Tom would have embarrassed Yvonne and gotten her fired. But he decided to hold on to the tape.

Dez downloaded instructions for tantra and pussy massages.

He practiced on the girls at the refugee home that he was fucking, and Erika, his former language teacher. Then he started adding erotic, tantra elements to his massages, when he had sexy female clients. He didn't touch their pussies, but he would tease their skin with his fingers erotically, during the standard massages, and make them writhe and sigh with joy. And none of them ever complained. They would give him aroused looks when he was finished, and book him again. And the tips became fatter.

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