tagNovels and NovellasThe Second Foundation Pt. 04

The Second Foundation Pt. 04

byThe Avenger©

Warning: Parts of this series contain violence, coercion, extortion, blackmail, non consensual sex, same sex copulation, derogatory terms, interracial sex, political statements, cheating and a lot of other stuff good boys and girls should not read (on porn websites). If any of the above are not your cup of tea, please don't waste your time reading this.


Chapter 1

Now, as their "honey moon" drew to an end, Dez and Angela lay together in bed and she told him she was very happy and determined to have her sweet, little brown child. Then Angela spoke in a very mature, serious tone of voice to him.

"Dez, here is what my heart desires," she said to him seriously. "I want four children with you. They shall bear your name if you so desire, but I shall stay with Marcel and he shall provide for them and make them his heirs. You shall have me when either of us desires, for your presence brightens up my existence and your company is a joy for me. But you are young and have to find your way."

"Do you love him?" Dez asked.


"Then why are you doing this?"

"We might go upright and wear clothes but we are animals deep inside. I made the two of you meet the other day to see which one of you was fit to have my womb, for I am a lioness, the stronger male must fuck me and give me his children. However, it doesn't mean that I don't love Marcel."

"He surely cannot accept that. I wouldn't!"

"Your people came from warriors and princesses, our people came from servants and masters, serfs and lords. They kiss the asses of those above them and shit on those below them. But most of all, they loathe themselves and feel like shit. Understand that, and you shall control and rule them." She smiled widely and chuckled dirtily. "I will help you find your way in white society. All I ask is that you trust me!"

"So, how are you going to break the news to Marcel?"

"I will not do it, but you. You shall tell him that I will bear your children and he shall provide for them. However, since your youth and your good heart makes you blind to the facts and reluctant to act, I will assist you. I demand though, that you trust me, and not question me for I am motivated by love. My love for our unborn baby and those to come, that you shall give me. My love for you and my love for Marcel."

"What is your plan?"

"Do you love and trust me?"

"Yes. Definitely"

Angela cupped his face in both hands and kissed him slowly, gently, affectionately.

"Make long, sweet, gentle love to me, my darling."

Chapter 2

Afterwards, they lay in each other's arms and Angela told him about Marcel. Her husband was was raised in a clean, protected environment. According to Angela, his mom had been a prude, stiff catholic, his dad, a selfish, rich fiend, that had raised a son with low self esteem and yet the arrogance of the rich. Marcel had been taught to value money and status, and since he had a sharp business mind, had graduated in business, ran and then inherited his dad's businesses.

"I liked him from the start because he has a good heart. I helped free him from the dominance of his parents and taught him to love himself, and laugh heartily," she said. "He is a good man. But he is not like me. I fought my way from the bottom up. I have swum in all kinds of water. I am flexible and adoptable. With or without, I am. He has, therefore he is. That is why he was scared of you when he met you, for he could sense your aura, and knew deep down inside that despite all he has, I would find you attractive. For a lesser light may not outshine a greater." She paused and kissed Dez.

"I have had that feeling with white men quite often, that they look down on us, with their brainwash and arrogance induced racial arrogance, yet one on one, face to face, they bow down to me."

He then told her that he had bashed up Tom and the guy now looked at him with hate, but stayed out of his way.

"You beat him up. That was wrong. You cant win against white men with violence for it is their culture, and they have all the bombs. What if he goes and get skinheads to way lay you and kill you. You need to handle matters delicately. You should break him and not beat him."

"Look, I was just tired of shit. Why does he hate me? Since I came in the business is doing much better and they all get their salaries and their job are secure. He should be grateful, but that racist hates me. Just because of all that brainwash and prejudice..." Dez was getting worked up. But Angela put a finger to hislips..

"Dez, your problem is you are confronted with racism and you try to explain it logically. Therefore you busy yourself with trivialities. A weak person hates a stronger, just like an ailing person dislikes a fit and healthy being. White men know that black men can beat them at anything, if given a fair chance. They know you are superior to them. They feel dominated by you and your big, black cocks. Any black man developed enough, mentally, can make any white man his cock sucking fuck slut, and the white man will love him for it for that is his rightful place in life. Deep down inside, Tom knows his place is on his knees, before you, sucking your dick and serving you. Even my husband knows that is his place too. I shall help you put Marcel where he belongs, and we shall all be happy. Afterwards, you will go and get Tom in his place."

"Shit!" Dez chuckled, like she was telling him she could walk on water. "And what is your place?"

"Dez, I have experienced a lot in life and come to the following conclusion. The King shall go forth, on his own if he desires, for a real man shall not be tied down. The Queen shall enjoy the fruits and freedoms of the Earth as she pleases, and with all her heart, she shall nurture his seed and ensure it grows strong and healthy. The servants shall cater to her whims and keep her entertained. Upon the King's return she shall welcome him with open arms and legs." She smiled cheekily and rolled onto her back, spreading her arms and legs. "bearing in my mind you have not long been forth, it will be my pleasure to welcome you into me all the same, my King!"

"All that beautiful poetic language and at the end of the day you still wanna fuck!"

"You inside me is the most splendorous poetry of all!"

Chapter 3

Angela would not tell Dez exactly what she had in mind.

"Come on Angela, I am part of this as well. Tell me what you are planning."

"Look, the easiest thing would be for you to walk up to my husband and tell him to kneel down before you and suck your dick and drink your cum. Are you prepared to do that?"


"Then forever hold your peace and let me and my cunning mind save the day. Just be at ready, for when it is time for you to play your part, I will call upon you, and shall tolerate no hesitation and indecision," she said, smiling wickedly, her eyes twinkling.

When they got back to Kirschberg, two days before Marcel was due back, Angela called a girl she knew in Milan, named Sierra and flew her over, one night before her husband was to return.

She knew Sierra through the manager of a modeling agency they owned. She had met her a couple of times at parties, and liked her. She was tall and slim, with medium sized breasts and the body of a model. She was almost like a white girl, except for her thick, pouting lips, hr cute snub nose, those big, brown eyes and that big, round, small (by black standards) but gorgeous, heart shaped ass, protruding ass. Looking at her made Angela feel hungry, for tasty dark meat. She flirted with her. Sierra was dating a young Italian beau. He was a tad too clean for Angela, but she wasn't interested in him, rather in Sierra. Angela had sent her smoke signals and Sierra had blown them right back. Angela had hooked up with her a couple of times and fucked her and it had been so much fun. Sierra was a lady on the street, pure elegance on the ramp, and a dirty, horny, kinky, black fuck slut in bed, her kind of girl. She had been seeing Sierra for almost two years, but Marcel didn't even know they knew each other at all, let alone intimately, and dirtily.

Angela had long been having fun with girls. She had told Marcel of her romps with girls before their marriage. However, her liaisons thereafter were her secret for two of his mates had lost their wives to women. Now, Angela decided it was time to pull the freak out of Marcel and let him join in the debauchery, and be debauched.

When Sierra arrived, Angela fell over her and gorged herself on the chocolate. The two girls devoured each other hungrily and kissed and ate each other till their tongues and jaws were sore and their heads were dizzy with arousal. Then Angela told Sierra the reason why she was there, which was that she wanted to have sex with her and her husband, so that he could accept her having female lovers. Angela trusted Sierra but didn't want to tell her the real reason for it was a top secret better known by few..

Sierra was kinky and she loved playing. She liked Angela a lot and would have done anything for her for free. But Angela would reward her with a lucrative contract with a modeling agency that she and Marcel owned.

Angela called Dez and told him to drop by later and enjoy a nice, sweet present. She then told Sierra of her plan. When Dez arrived, he found Angela waiting for him dressed in a split crotch thong and nothing else. She looked like she was drowsy from cumming. He asked if she had been frigging all day and she laughed. He tried to pick her up, slam her on the couch and fuck that pussy, but she pushed him back.

She stripped him naked, sucked his dick and got him real hard, then she used his meat like a leash to lead him to her bedroom, where a sexy, dark, pretty girl was lying naked, except for a ribbon that was tied around her hips like a thong made up of thin straps.

"This is Sierra Dez. She is dating an Italian boy that doesn't know how to use that vagina. I finger fucked her and she was squeezing so tight. She needs to be stretched and loosened up. I want you to fuck her good and send her home happy. But don't cum in her. All the sperm goes into my mouth. I will share some with you Sierra, don't worry."

"I am a well behaved guest!" Sierra responded with a smile. "Angela told me about you. White women tend to be easily impressed by any black cock! Prove your prowess," she teased Dez and blew him a kiss.

He thanked Angela and tongue kissed her deeply. She devoured his tongue and then pushed him towards the bed. He saw her get a camera as he unwrapped the gift wrapping around Sierra's hips. Then he was feasting on her dark pussy like he was starving and she was dripping tasty juices into his mouth like a river and moaning like a bitch in heat. He forgot about Angela until she rolled him on his back and made them sixty nine, with Sierra on top, saying that was the best position for the money shot. He gazed at her for a second, and she winked, smiling impishly, as she stroked her gleaming pussy with one hand, whilst the other wielded the cam coder and sought the perfect angle to capture the action.

Sierra displayed mad skills on his cock, power stroking him and devouring him wetly, noisily, with abundant relish, moaning, as he gorged himself greedily on her salty, steaming hot black pussy. At first they ate each other languidly, like they were fine dining on cuisine. But as the heat rose in their happy genitals, Sierra started sucking him real hard, like she wanted to force the cum to seep out of his balls and Dez groaned like he was dying. Then he finger fucked her hot, tight hole with two digits and lapped her clit so hard and fast that his tongue produced, wet clicks. Sierra felt a rush as sharp currents zapped through her loins and she went mad and banged her head on his cock, sputtering and sending her spit flying.

"Yeah Sierra baby! Get that dick! You are a fucking star! Deep throat it! Yeah gag bitch! Go back to Africa on that dick!" Angela chuckled dirtily, reaching to grab a wad of Sierra's long, dark hair and using it to throw her face on Dez' hard cock till she went dizzy. Then Angela forced her down on that hard meat till Sierra had it all buried in her throat. She held her down and forced her head to roll and shake, zooming in of her stretched mouth. When she finally pulled her off it, Sierra gasped heavily for breath, her lips parted, as she drooled onto her chin and chest. She had a feverish, possessed look on her face that Angela loved zooming in on and capturing on tape.

"Look at you now! Bitch! Weren't you like, "Yeah right, white bitch, wake up one morning with a black dick in your mouth and you start just to go crazy!" Angela laughed. Then she grabbed Dez' turgid cock, stroked it and pointed it at the ceiling. "Go on now, get up on that dick. I need some penetration. The people wanna see sex!"

"What people?"

"Me and my pussy!"

They laughed. Angela held the dick up as Sierra squatted over his hips and bore down on his meat. Her hole was so tight they both tight they both groaned deeply as she screwed her cunt all the way down his thick shaft. She started riding him smoothly and it was beautiful. Angela sat on his face and fed him pussy and ass as she wielded her camera like an artist, capturing the black on black action and sometimes reaching back to capture the interracial tonguing going on between her genitals and Dez' mouth.

Then she placed the camera on a table where it could capture all and threw herself into the thick of things. She pulled Dez out of Sierra and licked the girl's white cream off it. Then she lapped and tongued Sierra and told her to ride that dick like a horse, bareback.

"Fuck Angela! You are a freak!!!" Dez gasped, his dick almost bursting as Sierra swung up and down on his dick.

"Now you know!" Angela responded. "Now eat that pussy. Come on honey, don't be shy now. Mmmm Ohhh!"

The horny wife settled on his face and leaned forwards to devour Sierra's dark tits as her pussy was plated and sucked.

It was one of the hottest orgies of Dez' life, with the two horny, pussy licking, dick loving black and white beauties. Angela was in charge of the nasty ideas.

After she and Sierra switched a couple of times between riding Dez' cock and face, she made Sierra lay on her back, raised and spread her thighs, ate her pussy and then offered it to Dez, for him to fuck hard and deep. She slapped his ass and told him, "Make her scream! Stupid cunt! Dating a white boy! Make her see the error of her ways! Pound that treacherous cunt!"

Dez must have taken it to heart. He knelt between Sierra's thighs and lanced her dark, bald pussy with his cock, burying it to the hilt in her hot, pink hole. Then he fucked her hard and deep as Angela grabbed Sierra by the throat and pinned her down on the mattress. Rubbing her engorged clit with wet, slippery digits, she kissed the gasping, moaning, writhing girl, lapping her dark face and even sucking and slurping away on her dark meat. Sierra loved it and whimpered sweetly, her big, dark eyes glaring at Angela with affection and lust. Angela went down and ate her dark, perky tits, devouring her nipples, biting them sharply. Then she got horny and threw her leg over Sierra's face giving her something pink and tasty to chew and suck on as she went down to lap her clit like cat.

Sierra moaned into her pussy as she craned her neck and bobbed her head to get her tongue deep inside Angela's tasty fuck hole. Angela got horny and greedy and pushed Dez back so she could suck her sweet, pussy licking friend's pussy off it. Then she slotted it back in and told him to finish her off. As his cock pumped in and out of Sierra's very stretched hole, Angela latched her lips onto the thick, engorged black clit and sucked it hard and released it, to Dez' rhythm. Sierra started heaving and bucking, speaking in tongues. She forgot to lick, but Angela pumped her hips and rubbed her pink pussy feverishly on her dark face, drenching her as Sierra started cumming. The black girl writhed and heaved like an angry, powerful python but she was held down and hammered till she went mad with pleasure, and screamed, cumming like a bitch. Angela sat on her face and gagged her with her dripping pussy till her shattering orgasm subsided.

Then Angela yanked Dez out of Sierra's lucky, convulsing hole, blew the tasty, smeared, pussy flavored cock for a sec and told him to get behind her and reward her for such a wonderful present.

Dez loved it, fucking Angela as she knelt over Sierra, ass up and all over his black dick, face down and buried in black pussy.

"You getting blacked now for sure, you horny white slut!" he told her seriously, as he smacked her ass hard, grabbed her white hips tightly, and yanked her white pussy onto his cock. Angela bawled with joy into Sierra's pussy, bobbing her head to the rhythm of the thorough, hard, frenzied dicking.

Sierra craned her neck and started lapping and sucking Angela's thick clit and felt it clench and convulse. Dez felt Angela cumming, but he knew she could cum all the time, so he kept pounding her like it wasn't nothing. When Sierra's neck got sore from all that craning and she lay back, he pulled out of Angela and dropped his cock on her lips, letting her suck some white pussy off his dark meat. She groaned and chewed and slurped away. Angela started begging for dick, like, "Pass the black meat please!" so Dez pulled it out of a hot, wet, sucking mouth and pushed it into a steaming, moist, clenching pussy. He lowered his balls onto Sierra's mouth and she engulfed them and feasted on them. He didn't wanna disturb her meal, so he kept his hips still and started pumping Angela back and forth on his thick meat. She went wild and made her ass cheeks pop on his hips frenziedly. Then she was lunging furiously back at him, her ass thudding into his loins as she speared herself on his African spear, again and again, like she was trying to gut herself.

Her orgasming cunt squeezed and convulsed around hims o tightly that his balls became hard like stones. When she felt his cock grow hard like steel, Angela fucked him ferociously and pushed him over the edge. He roared and shuddered as his balls burst and his cock started spitting cum into her hole. Sierra let Angela have a couple of blasts and then she yanked it out and took two to her pretty face.

Then she wrapped her lips around and sucked and swallowed the rest of his salty cum greedily. When he was empty, she pushed him away like, "Get lost," and pulled Angela down on her face. Then she was devouring her smeared cunt and sucking up the creamy goo, slurping noisly and Angela was moaning and squeezing her cunt to feed her. She swallowed, but kept some in her mouth like a good guest and then Angela came down to tongue kiss her and share in the meal. They moaned as their tongues swirled the salty cream around their mouths. They tried to split fairly in two then they swallowed. Angela then had the last lap, as she licked Dez' cum off Sierra's pretty, dark face.

"Mmmm! How do you like me and my friend, Dez?" Angela asked, as they both smiled so sweetly and innocently up at him.

"You are in for it now! I swear!" he growled, drank red wine straight from the bottle as he stroked his cock, and then he went for them and pushed his dick between their pretty lips. He got licked and felt so appreciated.

Angela was so deviously wicked, she knew so many ways for them to fuck. She loved to be pounded by Dez, and she loved to make him pound Sierra. She got horny and fed his cock into Sierra's even tighter ass. Then she ate his ass as he fucked the girl's ass.

Dez went wild and fucked both beauties like a man possessed. He stacked them one on top of the other and fucked them, going from one pussy to the other. Then, when he needed to recover, they did a sixty nine, laying on their sides, thighs slapped around each other's pretty face as they tongued their holes. For a while, he just sipped wine and gazed transfixed at the horny, black and white lesbian show. Damn! Those girls loved pussy and ass and knew how to suck it. Then he slid up on Angela's back and Sierra scooped up his cock and ate it, then fed it into Angela's ass. She ate the Italian Diva's pussy and tongued it as he fucked her ass. Then she pulled him out of her and devoured that ass off his dick. Then she put it back up, all nice and slippery. He went around the other side and got the same freaky shit. He wanted to fuck them for ages but he just had to cum. He bust inside Sierra's ass and Angela sucked his cum out of her. She kept it in her mouth and then kissed Sierra and they shared the goo.

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