tagNovels and NovellasThe Second Foundation Pt. 06

The Second Foundation Pt. 06

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

Now, after marrying Cornelia, Dez ran her business successfully. Cornelia and her daughter Anja both bore him children, and so did Laura and Aisha. With the twins that Angela bore him, and the children that Maria and Laetitia bore him in Italy, Dez now had eight children. But living with German women proved a lot of trouble for nothing, for even Cornelia and her daughter started to give him grief and Dez couldn't stand them. Anja was the one that influenced her mom negatively, for she wanted to have Dez all for herself and wanted her mom and Angela and every other woman out of the picture. Now, as those two German women proved themselves to be world champions in nagging and talking shit, Dez couldn't be bothered. He was too rich for that shit. He could now stay in Germany as long as he wished, so he divorced Cornelia and decided to employ someone else to run the massage business, and he moved to Hamburg to study business, for he wanted to understand the world of international finance, so he could fully take over Marcel's business.

In Hamburg, Dez studied but did a variety of odd jobs, not for the money, but to get to know white society. He fucked a number of girls, for the fuck of it. Single white moms, divorces and horny, drunk students were the easiest to pick up. What Dez liked was that once he fucked a white girl good, she didn't care about her society any longer. Then she would be brave enough to turn her back on these punk ass racists that couldn't fuck anyway. In fact, fucking white girls was like an act of liberation. Once they got fucked good by a brother's big, fat, long lasting black erection, most white women did not even care about white men ever again.

The white society fantasized about black cock, no "diggity", no doubt. There were so many rumors and whatnot about the length of black cock and the sexual prowess of black men in white society.

Dez got a job in a pub. The owner of the pub, an old, ex punk, was pretty cool and open minded. But some of the workmates were trying to be funny like a bad joke. Dez bought the bar and made them all line up and suck his cock and take it up the ass. They all did it, but he still fired most of them anyway, and employed brothers.

The bar was a nice lively place, with a small dance floor that was always packed at the week end. It was a cool place to party and pick up women.

When German girls got drunk, they got horny and loose and loved an athletic, muscular black man with a big dick. The dirty, nasty ones, winked at him and slipped him their phone numbers when their boyfriend wasn't looking. Dez liked to take advantage and seduce and dominate them, using them like his fuck sluts. He would take them to suck his dick in the back room or take them home and fuck the shit out of them. German girls impressed him. They loved him fucking them like animals. They were addicted to having a big, black cock shoved in their mouths and holes till they dropped down half dead. Then they would recover and beg him to fuck them to death again.

Even straight German men acted like girls to him. They would be watching his dark muscles when he worked behind the bar. And they gazed at his long, black cock when he took a piss. He had a feeling they would suck his dick and kiss his ass if he told them to.

One evening, he was using the bathroom when he saw this good looking German guy, who had been sitting at the bar with his pretty girl, eying his cock. Dez saw the same look in his eyes that he had seen on many white guys that he used.

Dez looked around. There was no one else in the bathroom. He stepped up to the guy, stroking his cock slowly.

"Is this what you are trying to see?"

"Sorry man! I shouldn't have stared like that. Excuse me..."

The guy stared at it, with awe and lust. Dez snaked his hand around the guy's neck.

"Come with me," he said in a strong, confident voice and pulled him into a stall, locked it.

"What are you doing?" the guy whispered nervously.

"Get down on your knees. That is your place," Dez made him kneel at his feet, then he pushed his cock in his face.

"Stroke the motherfucker. Stroke it and lick it, you know you want it."

The guy whimpered pitifully, but he started licking and sucking him. Dez grabbed his head and fucked his hot, soft mouth. He exploded and flooded the German guy's mouth with his cum. He wiped his dick in his hair and went back to work. Minutes later, the guy was sitting with his girlfriend, like nothing had happened. He would glance at Dez and smile like a school boy in love.

A week later, the same guy came with his alluring girl, kissing with her and stuff. Then he followed Dez to the bathroom and got face fucked by a big, black cock. The guy always returned. Dez then he told him to wear thongs and bring a tube of lube next time. The guy gasped, and didn't come for two weeks. Then he did and Dez took him to the stall, made him bend over and lower his longs and thong underwear and fucked him up the ass. He cleaned his cock in his mouth and wiped it in his hair and then he laughed as he saw the guy kissing his girl. He told the guy to bring his girl to his apartment. Dez fucked them both and had them sucking his cock, eating his balls and ass like happy sex slaves.

Dez had several such experiences with straight white guys. They were eager to kneel at a black man's feet and suck his big, black cock or bend over and take it up the ass. But he never touched their cocks let alone sucked them. And when they wanted to tongue kiss him, he smacked their faces and directed them back to his cock. They were not his friends or lovers, they were his hoes, those white guys. On the whole, he preferred women, of every race, but there was something very gratifying about fucking some straight white dude and making him a whore and a cum slut!

Chapter 2

Dez was working in the pub one night, when he spotted a sexy, light brown skinned beauty walk in, accompanied by a tall, lean, muscular, handsome white dude, who seemed so proud to be her man.

Dez couldn't take his eyes off the black beauty. She was very pretty, with long, silky black hair, intelligent, piercing dark eyes, a cute nose and thick, dark, lush, heart shaped lips. She was in her mid twenties. She had a tall, athletic body. Her breasts were huge, her waist slim, her hips wide and curvy, and her ass thick and bubbly. She was a luscious black sex goddess.

She was dressed in in body hugging, elegant white Versace top and pants and white Gucci high heels. Silver and diamonds glistening around her neck and wrists, and from her earrings. It was obvious she had money.

She moved with grace and beauty, her body gliding and undulating like a snake. She settled at a table with her companion.

Even white guys who had their women with them, could not help staring at her. White girls were casting her evil, jealous looks, whilst licking their lips and rubbing their tits like they really wanted to turn dyke and eat her.

Now Dez recognized her and nearly had a heart attack. He couldn't believe it. He had searched for Trish for five years with no success. And now, she just walked in.

The dude ordered. Trish was drinking and chatting happily with the German dude. Dez gazed at her. She had grown even more beautiful. He looked at the man she was with, wondering if the German could fuck such a pretty black princess and satisfy her as good as he could. He decided no. In fact, there was something kind of feminine about the guy.

When a funky soul tune came out over the speaker, Dez pulled his cap low over his eyes and went over to Trish and asked her to dance. They danced happily to the song, black bodies flexing, winding, bumping and grinding to the rhythm. All the white people watched them with envious smiles, eyes filled with jealous and lust, probably saying some shit like,

"Oh, die haben es im Blut, diese Neger!" (they got it in their blood, these Niggaz). Dez was feeling her, her body was hot, soft and wonderfully sexy. She moved so well. She turned around and made her ass pop all over his dick. He glanced over at her man and saw the German looking at them with jealous and at the same time entranced eyes. Dez the pulled up his cap. Trish saw his face and nearly fainted. She would have fallen but he caught her.

"Desmond! Don't tell me."

"I am telling you. Here is my card. Call me."

Trish went back to her table walking as if in a trance.

"You work here?" she asked him.

"Yep. I own the motherfucker too," he told her as she ground her hips into his cock. After the song, she gave him her number and went back to her husband.

The next day, he called and she asked him to drop by her Restaurant.

Trish owned a nice, top notch, very well decorated Brazilian Restaurant in the CBD of Hamburg. The place was doing very well, it was filled with an affluent, yuppie clientèle. Trish breezed around like a princess, in a ladies skirt suit, and sparkling diamonds and jewels, chatting and flirting happily with her guests. She led Dez to a table and served him a delicious meal and tasty cocktails.

Finally, after the staff and the last guests were gone, she showered and changed into something more relaxed. Now dressed in a skimpy jeans skirt, that showed off her fine ass, white, knee high leather boots, a white, backless top and a white Kangol, Trish led him to her BMW sports convertible and drove him to a nice, in little bar in town.

They kicked it, sipping on cocktails, as they caught up on one another. Dez told her what had happened in his life and she told him what had transpired in hers. When she told him she had his son, he started crying. She started crying too.

Trish told Dez about her husband Ansgar. She told Dez that he was so weak. She lived with him in his fine Villa, had credit cards and shit, a brand new, convertible Porsche and a BMW and anything she wanted. She had him supporting her whole clan in Africa as well.

"Wow, you are smart!" Dez exclaimed.

"You gotta be smart with white people. They wont give you shit if you don't take it."

Dez was impressed. She was indeed a smart sister.

"So, what is it like, dating a white guy? Can he give you what a hot blooded, sexy black mama like you needs?"

"No! But I am sure you can." Trish squeezed his thigh under the table and then her hand traveled upwards, to cup the thick bundle between his legs and stroke it lovingly, making it grow larger and harder.

Dez leaned in and kissed her lips. They tongue kissed like lovers. She told him her husband was out of town and she wanted to show him their Villa.

Trish said she didn't want to divorce Ansgar, but wanted to return to being his woman.

They jumped in her BMW convertible and drove to the mansion on the Alster. Dez was impressed, Trish lived on expensive real estate in a large, expensively mansion fit for a king.

It was a warm evening so they went for a swim in her pool. Dez stripped naked and Trish striped down to a tiny string tanga that barely covered the mouth of her cunt. They glided smoothly around each other like two dark fishes. Then they slid into each other's arms and started tongue kissing deeply.

Dez grabbed her ass under the water, squeezing it as she grabbed his chest muscles and caressed and stroked him while they French kissed till they were dizzy. Trish wrapped her hands around his big dick under the water and started stroking it as he cupped her fat cunt and stroked it, making her moan into his lips.

"Oh honey. I have missed you so, so, so much," she suddenly moaned. "But I knew you were coming, for the Oracle said it. And she was right about everything."

"What about your white boy?"

"Fuck him. They are not man enough, all of them."


Trish sank down into the water. The next thing he knew, she was sucking his dick under the water. Bubbles burst to the surface as his dick was devoured. She came up for air a couple of times and sucked and jerked him with such intensity, vacuuming his meat hard until he came in her mouth. Dez carried her into the house, to give her what her husband could not. They settled in the spacious,lushly carpeted living room.

Trish fired up a fat blunt, took several deep puffs and passed it to him greasy. She licked her full, dark, pouting lips as her eyes flared with lust.

They didn't talk much, she climbed on his lap, slapped her palms around the back of his head and went straight for his mouth. She sucked and lapped his thick, full lips, making them wet, then she bore down on him and sent her tongue slithering into his mouth. She tongue kissed him aggressively and forced his tongue to dance with hers. He grunted and grabbed her bouncy, round ass cheeks, squeezing them hard, just the way she loved it. She shuddered and then jammed her cunt down on the thick cock that was trapped between their bodies, burning it into her hot, dripping cunt. She ground her gash into his throbbing meat as she pushed her big, soft, pendulous breasts into his chest. He groaned and deserted her lips to lick her boobs and suck the nipples off them like a starving man.

"Oh yes baby! That's it darling, suck my tits!" she moaned, holding up a thick tit and shaking it as his lips remained latched onto a thick nipple. He slapped his big hand between her thighs, cupped her fat, soft pussy and squeezed it hard. She cried and her eyes rolled back in her head as the aroused wife humped her lover's hand frenziedly.

"Yeah, grab my pussy. Squeeze it hard and make me cum! Damn ya! Make me fucking cum!" she groaned in anguish and then groaned with relief as he slid his fingers in under her thong and slid two up her dripping hole. He rolled them round and round as he pumped them in and out and Iris went mad with lust. She grabbed handfuls of his powerful chest muscles and fucked his hand hard and fast, her hips moving in a blur till her pussy exploded, sending her into a shattering orgasm.

She dropped into his arms, and reclaimed his lips. She pushed his hand away from her cunt and grabbed his thick, hard cock, squeezing it hard.

"Oh fuck! I need dick! I need this big, fat black dick in my mouth," she gasped and then Iris dropped to her knees before him, stuck her tongue out and slapped it with his black shaft, sending her saliva flying.

"Fuck my mouth Dez honey. Fuck my mouth and don't hold back. I need to drink your cum honey. Feed me."

She was in such a frenzied, greedy lustful state for his meat, the way she started double fisting and pumping him as she smeared her lips and tongue all over his jet black rod, making it all slick with her saliva. Dez moaned and groaned.

"You like that huh! Like the way I suck your fucking big, black cock huh!" she growled, her dark eyes blazing into his face. Her balloon like, thick, ripe ass cheeks were split by the tiniest thong ever seen on the Copacabana. She was wagging and waving that money maker proudly in the air, like the Brazilian flag at the world cup finals.

She vacuumed the velvety shaft, dragging her lips up and down and had him throwing himself back in the couch and moaning deep in his chest.

She peeled back the foreskin and moaned at the sight of the big, dark, heart shaped head. The thick pee slit was filled with thick, precum. She kissed it lovingly, vacuuming half of it into her mouth and lapping up his tasty, stringy precum. Then she snaked her hot, moist tongue around it and and teased the engorged, sensitive head so good she made his cock leap.

Dez was in heaven as the woman he had loved more than any other women vacuumed his big, fat black cock into her mouth and swirled it around, sucking it like she was sucking the meat off a chicken bone and groaning with relish. Then she glared into his eyes, with her dark lips stretched lewdly around his cock and gave an animal groan. She went feverish, and her head started bobbing fast as her mouth slurped loudly while she jerked his cock frenziedly with both hands.

Dez had no chance to even hold back, Trish beat the cum out of his balls. His dick swelled huge and rigid, deforming her mouth into a huge oval shape. She grunted and bore down on him, taking his entire shaft into her hot throat. Then she was deep throating him, swallowing his man meat up in the deepest confines of her warm, wet oral cavity. There was no gagging or spluttering from this cock loving African chick. And she wasn't just moving her head neither; her whole body was bouncing back and forth, her fine back muscles flexing, as she threw her whole gorgeous, curvaceous body at the black meat, giving Dez the deepest, wettest, loudest of blow jobs.

Her dark eyes twinkled wildly and she was gurgling and gobbling in her throat, fucking him with her tight, slippery wind pipe. Her hand was grabbing and pulling on his heavy, dangling balls and it was exquisite.

Dez grabbed her face in both hands and pumped his hips up to meet her. He groaned and grunted as he yanked her onto his meet and shoved it deep into her throat, swelling so big she couldn't even breathe. Suddenly, he gave a sharp, animal grunt and his hips shot off the couch. His hips jerked sharply as his balls erupted mightily. Trish pushed him back and took the thick, hard jets of cum in her mouth, moaning with relish, her body trembling as she started sucking and swallowing hard.

Chapter 3

He gasped for breath as he sank back on the couch, and Trish knelt before him, gasping, with cum trickling down her jaw. But she wasn't finished yet. She milked and drained his cock with her hand, sucking up every last drop of cum, moaning with relish.

"You want me to get nasty and drive you real wild. Want that huh!" she rasped huskily, her nostrils flaring as if she was angry.

"Yeah. Go ahead mama! Rock my world!"

"I am going to do something to you that I have never done for my husband... Coz its just too nasty!"

Then she dropped his cock on his belly and the greedy, cock hungry African woman grabbed his balls, squeezing where his sack joined his cock, making the fat balls puff out, then she kissed them wetly, smearing her hot, wet lips into them. She snaked her tongue around them, stroking and massaging them and he went mad. Then she sucked them into her hot mouth, one after the other, chewing, sucking, pulling her lips off with a loud pop and gobbling them up again and again. Dez writhed on the couch.

"Do your white girls do that huh! Do they rock you like this!"

"You the best mama!" he rasped.

"I know Nigga!" she smiled naughtily and pushed his thighs up. "Hold them up for me daddy!"

Then Trish grabbed his cheeks and pulled them apart and she went down on his crack. She licked it and sucked his sensitive cleft, driving him wild with the heat of her tongue as she made him moan and cry. She rimmed his puckered hole and and teased it with her hot tongue tip, coaxing it to relax, then she pushed inside his hole. She grabbed his cock and gave him an incensing hand job as she bobbed her head and slithered her long, pink tongue into him, he groaned and moaned and writhed on the couch. Her naughty eyes twinkled at him like, "Yeah, I am doing this to you daddy!"

Dez grabbed her head and ground his ass lustily into her tongue and she slurped and sucked him so good he thought he would die. Then she finally vacuumed his dick back into her mouth and jerked him hard and fast as she sucked his dick so so hard and good. Dez exploded in her mouth yet again. She eased her finger into his hole and started stroking his prostrate and he stayed hard in her mouth. She worked him and he went mad, throwing his head back and bawling till he he exploded in her mouth in record time. Trish kept fingering his hole and he got hard again.

"My belly is so full. Thanks daddy. My husband needs an hour to recover," Trish grinned as she scooped the cum off her jaw and licked it off her finger.

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