tagInterracial LoveThe Second Time Around Ch. 04

The Second Time Around Ch. 04


Previously in "The Second Time Around:"

Finally awakened in the form of Adriano Comito, Caid Harrison, vows to find Brigitte Hils in order to once more have her back in his life. Now after completing physical therapy and officially claiming his newly rightful place in the Comito family, Caid (forever in the guise of Adriano) obtains the ability to see Brigitte. Face to face, after a year of separation, the only coherent thought on his mind is to have his Brigitte in his arms. Will Caid get a taste of his forbidden fruit? Or will Brigitte change her mind about screwing her husband over?

Now back to "The Second Time Around" Ch. 4:

Her lips were sweeter than honey with a tinge of champagne, rendering Caid slightly drunk from the taste of her. It was still hard for him to believe that a year had passed by since the last time that he had tasted those plump lips. A year since Brigitte had wrapped her silky brown arms about his neck and pulled him closer, delving her sleek tongue into his hot mouth. A year since she had moaned and tilted her beautiful face slightly to the right to get him deeper and closer to her.

Brigitte's breath came in ragged huffs as she tried to breathe once his pink lips left her mouth to trace a path down her throat. She could feel his strong hands gripping her hips, pulling her onto his standing erection. This was really about to happen. She was going to really cheat on her husband. Her insides tingled with anticipation and nervousness. Her fingers shook as they ran a course through his soft, curly hair. "Oh, Mr. Comito," she moaned when Adriano's lips landed on her collarbone to suckle on it.

"C—Adriano," Caid corrected, nearly saying his old name to her. "Call me Adriano."

"Adriano," Brigitte repeated.

Caid didn't like the sound of her calling another man's name while he was touching her, even if said name was now his own. He curbed his jealousy, pushing down the straps of her dress to feast on more of her naked flesh. "Brigitte, I want you to tell me what you need me to do," he whispered as his mouth hung over her bare breasts.

Brigitte arched her back up, resting her head against the wide mirror hung on the bathroom wall while biting her bottom lip. She was trying to push her nipple into his mouth, however, every time she felt his lips even marginally close to it, Adriano would back away from her, making her cry out in frustration before repeating himself that he needed her to tell him what she wanted him to do to her. "Please suck on my nipples," she begged in a wanton tone.

Caid smiled deliciously down at her as he cupped her full, brown breast in his large, slightly olive tanned hand to massage it with his palm. Her whimpers were becoming loud enough to fill the entire bathroom and he was sure if she got any louder, a few passersby would be able to hear her. So he did what came to mind and kissed her soft lips again until he was swallowing all of her moans.

"Adriano, why are you teasing me?" Brigitte demanded after he had forced her to voice her desires then had refused to comply with them. He had yet to put her tit in his mouth and give her nipple the tongue lashing it was looking for.

"Sorry beautiful," he said then did as she asked, slowly taking her pert nipple, inch by tiny inch between his lips until the entire bud was being caressed by his warm tongue. Brigitte bucked her hips up as his mouth incited within her pleasures that had disappeared when the love of her life walked out on her. "Like that?"

"Oh yes, Adriano. More!"

Brigitte's enthusiasm made Caid briefly lose sense of control as he practically engulfed her sweet chocolate breast into his entire mouth, giving it a light bite before switching to the other and doing likewise. She hissed as his quick tongue whipped her nipple hard enough to cut glass while his unoccupied hand continued to massage and knead her breast against his palm. As of that moment, her husband...whatever his name was, was the farthest thing from her mind. The only name, beside her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that she could recall was Adriano Comito. And she called it out as if she were a broken record.

"I want to taste you, Brigitte. Will you let me taste this chocolate pussy?" she heard Adriano ask somewhere in her cloud of desire. She didn't care what he did to her, as long as he didn't put a stop to the sweet torture that had her so enraptured.

Caid watched as Brigitte unconsciously spread her legs for him. His mouth watered with hunger, his hands itched to touch her wet pussy. He could smell her excitement within the bathroom already and it was making his cock stand rock solid. Tearing his lips away from her heaving breasts— eliciting a soft cry of protest from Brigitte, which he quelled with a hard kiss—Caid bent over enough to be eye level with her brown pussy, using his tongue to slowly part it so that he could look at her pink fruit overflowing with her white nectar. His mouth devoured her, he had meant to take it slow so that he could once again familiarize himself with the taste of her, but once her pungent musk had struck his nostrils, it had awakened within him a ferocity he had never experienced before, even in the days when they were together as Brigitte and Caid instead of Brigitte and Adriano.

He groaned against her wet pussy, jerking her hips down forcefully onto his mouth when she squealed and tried to distance herself. Brigitte could tell that he was serious as he slid his thick tongue inside of her entrance then fucked her with it like it was his cock. "Adriano, please...no, I'm gonna come," she cooed, grabbing onto the faucet to steady herself while he used her own body against her and made her ride his face.

"Come for me, Brigitte. Come in my mouth," he told her then quickly returned his tongue on her clit to tantalize her into a forceful orgasm. Her spasms racked her body, forcing her to jerk uncontrollably and cry out in ecstasy. But Caid didn't stop there, he refused to give her enough time to come down from her high and change her mind. He intended to claim her pussy and make her realize that he was a hundred percent serious when he did so. Lining himself up at her opening, Caid traced her entrance, torturing the both of them before slowly thrusting his thick, meaty cock into her tight pussy hole.

"Oh my—" Brigitte choked on her spit, unable to swallow as every thick inch of Adriano filled her pussy that had been left untouched because of her evil husband. "Huh," she cried as he bottomed out inside of her, not allowing her enough time to catch her breath before giving her the sweetest pounding her pussy had ever tasted in a year. He thrust so hard that his fat balls slapped, unceremoniously, against her ass, holding her legs apart in order to get deeper than he already was.

"You like that, Brigitte?"

"Yuuuuhhh." That was supposed to be a solid yes, but instead, she had uttered babble. "Fuuuugggg!"

"You like the way I'm pounding your pussy, Brig?" Caid asked, using a nickname she hadn't heard in ages. "You like how deep I am? Huh? Does your husband fuck you like this?" he asked, taking his jealousy and frustrations, on the fact that she was now married, out on her body. He landed a heavy hand on the side of her ass, wishing that he could watch it jiggle and turn red as he pounded inside of her. He decided to make his fantasy a reality, quickly pulling Brigitte down from the counter to lean over it before entering her from the back.

Their eyes met in the mirror and Brigitte bit down hard on her bottom lip as she felt Adriano surge back inside of her. It turned her on that he was so attentive towards her responses. Whenever she raked her hands over the marble countertops, he instinctively knew that it was too much for her thus giving her slow deep strokes. Likewise, when she threw her head back and screamed Adriano would tentatively increase the pace while spanking her and making her pussy jump from the sting.

"Answer me, Brig, does your husband screw you like I do?"


"Do you have sex with that bastard?" Caid asked, turning their sexcapade into a royal inquisition. "You let him touch you?" He smacked her jiggling ass hard when she had been too caught up in his pounding to answer.

"No! Oooo...ooo...oo"

"Then this is my pussy now?" he demanded, not giving her enough time to answer as he lifted her right leg and placed it up on the countertop before gripping either side of her hips. "This is my pussy now. Tell me that it's my pussy."

Brigitte could hardly catch a proper breath, much less tell him what he was demanding to hear, but the words came out on a scream of climax when his hard cock hit her deep enough to rub her cervix while his long fingers tweaked her clitoris mercilessly. "Your pussy! It—it's yoo—pussssssss—EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" She cried, convulsing on him and milking him with her walls until he was emptying his semen inside of her.

Caid slumped against Brigitte with a sensation of immense fatigue. His knees were officially weak and he knew that if he tried to stand up to his full height that he would only fall back down again. So he made himself content with listening to her erratic breathing and wild heart beat until the both of them were able to pull themselves together and straighten their appearances. He glanced up in the mirror just in time to catch her wiping away a few tears from her face. "Brigitte, what's wrong?"

Brigitte shook her head in denial even though she could tell that he was the type to not drop a subject once he had started it. "Nothing. I'm fine."

"You're feeling guilty about cheating on your husband, aren't you?"

"Then if you knew, why the hell did you ask?" she replied, looking back into his eyes through the mirror. "What am I supposed to do? I've never done this before. When I got married I swore that....what's his name," she said with shame, still unable to remember her husband's name. "Would be my last. I thought that he truly loved me and wanted a happy life with me, but he's just like every other man that has ever been in my life. They never want to stay. They only want to leave after a few brief moments of fun." Brigitte wiped at her eyes again, hating the fact that this stranger had had the privilege to do things to her and see things with her that others had had to work so hard to find out.


"Why am I even telling this to a stranger? It's not like you even care, anyway." She turned to exit the bathroom except she found that she was trapped by Adriano's long arm firmly planted against the closed door.

He turned her around to pierce her with his enticing dark blue eyes before speaking very slowly and very precisely, "Do not ever accuse me of not caring about you. I care more than you could ever know."

"How?" she asked him in disbelief, shaking her head up at him. "We just officially met. The last time I saw you, you were laid up in a hospital bed still in a coma. I didn't even recognize you earlier tonight when you introduced yourself. We're complete strangers."

"No, we're not," Caid told her truthfully as he pulled her into his arms and silenced her protests with a gentle kiss. They searched each other's mouths with their tongues until they were both left breathless and heady with renewed desire. "Let's get back out there before someone realizes that we're missing." He corrected any minute discrepancies he could find with her clothing then let her out of the bathroom first before following suit a couple of minutes later. Luckily, Dante and Gina were still keeping Paul occupied while he had banged the hell out of his wife. Thank God for family.

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