tagLoving WivesThe Second Worst Day Of My Life

The Second Worst Day Of My Life


I'd like to thank Wolf Vixen for her help in catching all the things I miss.

Some times what you find out is worse than what you thought in the first place.

As I lay there in the dark looking at the ceiling I figured it had to be somewhere around 2:00 am. I sat up, looked at the bars and thought, how much my life had changed in less than 24 hours. You see I was in a holding cell in the Third Precinct Police Station down town. I'm charged with damaging personal property and threating someone with an aluminum bat. My wife and sister tried to bail me out this morning, but I told the jailer I'd made other arrangements and for them to go away. I was afraid if I saw them, I would do them bodily harm, so I sit here cooling my heels thinking about what my next move is going to be.

My name is Steve Moore. I'm thirty-nine soon to be forty years old. I work for Ace Insurance Company as a property adjuster. I've been there twelve years and make a pretty decent living at what I do. Sue, my wife of seventeen years, works in an office downtown and we have one son, Kevin, who is also seventeen and more than a handful at times. You see, we're the typical suburban family and pretty happy; well we were until yesterday.

We had a date night, or should I say date weekend scheduled for Saturday and Sunday this week. You see, a couple of times a year, my wife would ship our son off to spend the weekend with her parents and we'd have two days to ourselves. Sue started this a while ago so we'd have time to reconnect with each other. She would usually go out with my sister and a few friends on Friday night and be back just before midnight. It would then begin with earnest.

I think if I told you she was going to try to screw me to death all weekend, you'd get the picture of what I was looking forward to. I was in charge of the food and Sue handled the rest. To keep it fresh, we'd change the theme every time. One time it was edible things, another was dress up night and the last time was fantasy weekend, which I really loved. We did things that weekend we'd never done in the seventeen years we'd been married. I couldn't wait until Friday night.

"Sue I'm planning on chocolate items for Friday night, finger foods for Saturday and a couple of slabs of ribs for Sunday when Kevin comes home," I told her Wednesday when I came home from work.

"I picked up a couple of bottles of that wine we like and I'll leave them in the refrigerator. This way we won't have to screw around with the ice bucket," she said putting everything away.

We had a nice meal Wednesday and Thursday; Kevin was talking non-stop about how his grandparents were taking him to six flags and all the fun he was going to have.

"Go easy on them honey," my wife told our son. "Remember they're not as young as they use to be. And I don't want you stuffing your face and getting sick on the rides, you hear me?" she warned him. The two of them got him packed Thursday night and he was set and ready to go by 9:00 pm.

"I told Cindy I wanted to be home by 11:30 Friday night," Sue told me. "I really need this weekend, it's been so hectic lately, it'll be nice to kick back and have a little uninterrupted fun," she said smiling at me. "I don't plan on wearing a stitch of clothing all weekend, not that you'll mind," she said as I started chasing her around our bedroom.

"That will work out perfect. Friday I'm meeting with hopefully with a new client and if he signs, we'll really have something to celebrate," I told Sue.

"Well save your energy because you're going to need it this weekend," she informed me trying to get ready for bed as I grabbed at her. "You know the rules, no nookie tonight. You'll get all you can handle tomorrow night," she told me.

It took me a long time to fall asleep Thursday night. A couple of times I snuck over to kiss and feel up Sue a little. She'd tell me to go back to my own side of the bed and go to sleep. I shifted my hard on to the side and eventually fell asleep.

I knew Friday was going to be busy so I got an early start. I kiss my wife while she was still in the shower, grabbed her butt and ran out of the bathroom before she could throw the wet washcloth she had in her hands at me. I went downstairs, gave my son a hug and told him to be good this weekend and I'd see him Sunday night. I took off and speed down the road without a care in the world for the last time.

Everyone was in a good mood this morning. How could they not be, it was Friday and payday at that. I went over the proposal I'd be presenting later in the day and finally got my bosses approval after two minor changes. You see it was a proposal to insure a resort just outside of town. The resort was worth about $10,000,000.00 and the policy would give our company a nice shot in the arm, especially in this economy.

"Don't screw it up," my boss Tom said about 3:30. "What time are you meeting with them?" he asked.

"He wants me there about 6:00 so we can go over the numbers after they check in Friday's guests," I told him. "How much leeway do I have on the numbers?" I asked.

"Not much. You can drop it about three percent if you have to, but that's about it."

"Don't worry, I won't leave without a signature," I told him.

I screwed around the office and left about 5:30. It was only a twenty-five minute from downtown but it was a scenic drive along the lake so I took my time and enjoyed the view. I pulled into the resort around ten after six and went over the numbers one more time before going in.

"Steve you made it," Rick said extending his hand. "How was the drive?"

"Wonderful, you really have a beautiful place here," I told him. "It must be super quiet at night," I asked.

"Except for the loons and owls, you can almost hear a pin drop. A lot of people come up here just to get away for the weekend. We're close to town but just far enough away where you don't get the congestion of the city. I call it my little bit of heaven The rooms have no TV, radio or cable, that way there are no distractions. Our restaurant stays open until 8:00 and we've got music piped in to the lounge until midnight," Rick told me.

"Well it looks like you've got your own little gold mine here," I told him. "Ready to look at a few numbers?" I asked. And that's what we did for the next hour.

"He showed me around and we adjusted a thing or two and by 7:30 we'd come to an agreement. I ended up giving him about one and a quarter percent off but I was well within my allowable range. He signed, I signed and his wife notarized the contract.

"I'm glad that's over," he told me. "How about dinner before you go back, and maybe a bottle of wine to celebrate our new agreement?" Rick asked.

I agreed and we went into the corner of the dining room and slid into a private booth.

"Not too many people here?" I said just making small talk.

"Still a little early, most people get here by 7:00 and my wife normally has everyone settled into their rooms by 8:30. If you're a meat eater, try the steak, there to die for and my chief open flame broils them to perfection.

We had a great meal and were both enjoying each other's company.

"I'd love to have a place like this," I told him. "It looks like there's a bit of work to do, but also a lot of fun. I'm a people person and running something like this or a B & B would appeal to me," I told him.

"In this economy business is tough and we're making money, but not a whole hell of a lot. If we didn't live here and do ninety five percent of the work ourselves we'd never make it. But I do enjoy what I do."

I was stuffed and I don't know how I finished that steak. I passed on desert and just sipped on a little brandy after dinner.

"I've got to get going pretty soon," I told him as we decided to take one final tour of the place. That's when my life as I knew it ended.

We were standing in the door of the lounge watching a few couples dance when I thought I recognized someone. I was starring at a certain couple when Rick piped in.

"That's the Carols. They come here a couple of times a year for dinner and then hit the dance floor. I'd love to have something like that in my arms right now," he told me.

"So would I," I thought to myself, because unless my eyes were deceiving me, that was my wife Sue, with her old college boyfriend Bill Carol. When they turned around and walked back to their table I confirmed it. "So this was Sue's and Cindy's girl's night out," I said to myself.

I watched them laugh, have a drink and go back to the dance floor for a slow number. The only reason I didn't rush right out there and go nuts on the two of them was because I was standing next to Rick and had to at least appear to be a professional.

"Rick, I've got to get back home. I've got a ton of things to do tonight and it's almost 10:00. I want to thank you again for the business and I know you won't be sorry for going with our company," I told him walking away from the door.

"Pick a weekend, and bring your wife up. You'll be my guests. A weekend up here will do wonders for your love life," he said with a wink. "I can guarantee it."

We shook hands once more and I got into my car and headed out. I drove back to town in a daze. "How fucking long?" was the first question.

Sue was going with Bill when we first met in class. They'd been going together for the better part of two years and what started out a lively debate in sociology class, turned into a lunch or two in the student union and finally a dinner date. She flip-flopped between Bill and I until I put my foot down.

"Sue, make up your mind. It's either him or me, I won't share you," I said giving her my ultimatum.

She dropped him two weeks later and we became an immediate couple. Hell, we screwed like rabbits on our first date.

We went out to Out Back Steak House and spent Saturday and all day Sunday in bed. It was less than a month later, Sue found out she was in a motherly way. Hell, it wasn't even a question of what to do at that point.

With my grandmother's ring in my hand and me on my knees I proposed to Sue. She accepted and a month later we were husband and wife. Was I sorry it happened that way? Not really, I had the woman of my dreams and eight months later we had a bouncing baby boy. Everyone pitched in and we did just fine. We weren't rich but happy nonetheless. And that's how it went from day one.

Even after all these years, we found time to do it at least three times a week and I always considered myself a happily married man. I didn't stray and figured my wife felt the same. That is, until an hour or so ago.

Sue wasn't home when I arrived, thank God. I went to the computer and Google in Bill Carol. Computers are wonderful. There is a wealth of information out there that you can get with just a few keystrokes. Take for instance Bill. I now know he lives about forty-five minutes away in the same town as ours. Cross-referencing his name and address, I find he's married to Ruth.

"If he's got a wife, what the hell is he doing with mine and how long has this been going on?" I asked myself. I got an address and figured I'd pay Bill a little visit.

I went upstairs and started changing into something more casual when my anger burst. I threw my suit on the floor and punched the bedroom door.

"That fucking bitch," I screamed. "No wonder she didn't want to fool around on Thursday night. She wanted to be fresh for her lover," my brain kept saying over and over to me. I grabbed the mattress, dragged it down stairs and threw it out the front door. A little gasoline from the garage and it was ready. I took off my wedding ring, along with a little skin because it was on so tight, and with a butcher knife I secured it to the kitchen table were she couldn't miss it.

I grabbed a jacket, closed the door on my perfect marriage and stepped out on to the front lawn. I clicked my striker and started the mattress on fire, got into my car and headed for my next stop.

My sister Cindy's husband David answered the door.

"Hey Steve, the girls haven't made it back yet, but come on in," he told me. "You want a beer?" he said going to his refrigerator getting me out a cold one.

"That would be great," I told him. "Just where did the girls say they were going anyway," I quizzed him.

"Cindy didn't tell me squat. She just said she would be home by 11:30, that's all she said."

I looked at my watch and it was close to that time now.

"What do you need from Cindy? Maybe I can help you?" he said trying to be helpful.

"No, this is between Cindy and me," I told him trying to control the anger that was eating me up inside.

We shot the shit for about twenty minutes before hearing Cindy's car pull into the garage. When she walked into the kitchen she was a little surprised to see me.

"Hey bro, I thought you'd be at home waiting on Sue," she said walking towards me.

Neither she nor David expected what came next.

Cindy was picking herself up off the floor, rubbing her cheek while David was yelling at me, asking what the hell was wrong with me when I finally spoke up.

"Don't you ever speak to me, call me or even e-mail me ever again. You're dead to me from this day forth, do you understand?" I yelled at her as David got in my face.

"David leave him alone," is all she said. "Steve it's not what you think, I can explain," she started to say before I stopped her.

"Explain what Cindy? How you've lied to me and even David all this time? I don't want to hear another fucking thing out of your month do you hear me? Never in a million years did I ever think my own sister would do this to me," I said walking out of their house while I listened to David now yelling at her, asking what the hell was going on as she started to cry. All I heard as I pulled away was David still asking her what the hell I was talking about. It didn't make any difference to me any longer.

It took me almost fifty minutes to get to my final stop of the night. I confirmed the address and got out of my car and opened the trunk. I took out Kevin's almost new aluminum bat out and proceeded to break every window on the car sitting on the driveway including the headlights. By this time, the lights came on in the house and Bill opened the front door.

"What the hell are you doing? Are you nuts? I've already called 911 and you better leave before they get here." He shouted at me.

"Come on out here Bill and we can settle it man to man, unless you still the chicken shit you've always been. Hey asshole, does your wife know that you're cheating on her? Maybe we should just switch wives and call it even," I screamed for the entire world to hear as I approached the front door.

Bill slammed and locked the door but that didn't stop me. I took out the etched glass window at the top of the door and sidelights on both sides as I heard the siren of the police cars as they pulled up. I dropped the bat, put my hands over my head and walked towards them.

One cuffed me as the other one went up to the house to make sure everyone was all right. I could see Bill talking to him as his wife looked out the drapes.

I screamed again, "tell your wife what a good lay my wife is Bill, I think she'll be interested to know where you were earlier this evening," I said looking right at her.

I was thrown in the back seat of the squad car and taken down town. It was too late to do anything tonight, but tomorrow I was told I could post bail after my arraignment hearing.

So here I sit, in a holding cell wondering what was going to happen next in my life. My only sister was now dead to me because she's been covering up for Sue all this time. The worst thing, I never even saw it coming. I was happy, dump and gullible it seems. The next four hours gave me enough time to realize it had been going on for at least a year and probably more. I guess the weekend sex romps were a cover up for her cheating on me.

By 6:00 am I had calmed down a lot. I was still angry as hell, but the initial shock had worn off. I went before the judge Saturday morning and heard the charges. My bail was set at $2,500.00 and I was allowed one call. I called my boss Tom.

"What the hells going on?" Tom asked when he bailed me out. What did you do?" he asked.

I gave him the short version as he drove with his mouth open, not believing a word I was telling him.

"Where do you want me to drop you off?" He asked. I gave him Bills address because I hoped my car was still there, and it was.

I wanted to ring the bell and start again, but I knew I didn't want to spend another night in jail. I saw the drapes move but no one came to the door this time. There was no way I was going home, so I just checked into the Holiday Inn closest to work. Breakfast at Denny's almost brought me back to life or at least filled my empty belly. I had wanted answers last night, but now I didn't even care any longer.

I turned on my cell phone and there were five messages from my sister and ten from Sue. I listen to one of my sisters in which she said it wasn't what it appeared to be and to call Sue because she was worried about me.

"A little late for that," I thought to myself.

Sue's were about the same. "Please call me so I can explain," she begged through her tears, but I was in no mood to talk to her. I erased all the rest of the messages and shut my phone off.

Sunday I got drunk, not before going out and buying a few things to wear to work on Monday. I hadn't had more than four beers at one time in the last eight years but today I managed to finish off almost a twelve pack. It was great until I puked up everything in my stomach and passed out on the bathroom floor. Some drinker I was.

I was a little late to work on Monday and as I walked by Tom's office he pulled me in.

"You look like shit, but under the circumstances I can't blame you," he told me. "If there's anything I can do, just let me know," he said.

I handed him the signed contract. "At least something good came out of Friday night," I told him with a weak smile.

"I told the receptionist to screen your calls and take messages for the next couple of days and security not to let your wife in until you give the ok. So grab yourself a cup of coffee and tell me about what you had to give away to get it signed Friday," Tom told me.

Monday was a drag. I was busy getting the new contract rewritten and submitted to corporate. I got a bunch of atta boys, but it didn't make me feel any better. Security said they'd turned Sue away at the door and asked if they wanted me to continue keeping Sue away? I told them yes.

I rarely went on the road, but the one big thing I hated when I did, was eating alone. No matter how good the food was, eating alone was a bitch. Instead of Denny's tonight, I went to the Olive Garden. I sat at a table for two in the back and had a good meal but a better bottle of wine. I wasn't a drinker. But over the last two days, I'd consumed two weeks worth of alcohol and it didn't help my mood one bit.

Monday night I started making plans. I didn't trust Sue and with my luck she'd emptied our savings and checking accounts. I took out my laptop and went on line. Nope, the funds were all still there thank God. I made a note to take half tomorrow at lunch and open up a new account. My medical couldn't be changed, but my company life insurance policy and 401K sure as hell could. I'd switch both to Kevin in case something happened to me.

When my phone rang I remembered I'd forgotten to turn it off after checking my messages. This call I took, it was from my dad.

"All right, where in the hell are you?" he asked. I guess we were beyond hello and how are you doing stage.

"In a motel by work," I replied.

"You know I've got two crazy women in my house right now? All crying and telling me and your mother what you saw Friday night wasn't what it appeared to be," he said in a matter of fact voice. "I can't get heads or tails out of the two them between all the sobs only that Cindy and Sue have been lying through their teeth for quiet a while. You in any mood to come over here tonight and get to the bottom of this?" my dad asked.

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