tagGroup SexThe Secret For Sure Sex Ch. 02

The Secret For Sure Sex Ch. 02


I was ready for my next test. This would be the ultimate trial. This would tell me for certain if "show them your cock" works. I was thinking about the next target as I walked to my next class. I walked by the gym, stopped, and walked backed and looked through the door window. The gym class was finishing up their volleyball game and heading to the showers. I looked at the female team.

"Oh my god," I said to myself. "What a group of hotties!"

The six girls on the volleyball side were putting the rest of the equipment away. Seeing them in their loose T-shirts and tight PE shorts made my pecker twitch. There were three brunettes, two blondes, and one redhead. They all had lengthy hair past their shoulders and tight little bodies with nice racks on top. Nice sexy legs on all six. They moved to the locker room. As I saw them file in I watched their nice round asses sway back and forth until the door shut. I didn't even have to think about it. I went into the gym and walked to the female locker room. I made sure no one was looking and I slipped inside. I walked to the benches and lockers and saw their clothes laid out. I heard them laughing and giggling from the showers. Then I heard the sound of running water as they washed up. I peeked around the corner and saw the girls under the shower heads, soaping up their sexy naked bodies. If I thought they were hot in their PE uniforms, then nothing could prepare me for this. Nothing beats 18 year old tits and ass. Their young flesh and tender breasts were irresistible. I was glad to see their fresh teenage pussies were hairless. Their twats seemed especially pink too.

I went back to the benches and undressed. When I finally removed all my clothes, I grabbed a towel from atop one of the lockers and picked up a rag from one of the benches. I breathed deeply and gathered my thoughts. Then I walked around the corner and into the showers.

I held my head down a second and then looked up. I pretended to be startled. One of the blondes saw me first.

"Oh my god!" she screamed. The others turned to look at me.

"I'm so sorry!" I said. "I thought this was the men's locker room."

"No," said one. "It's the girl's."

Another girl piped in. "The men's is on the other side of the gym."

"Ok. I'm sorry again. I'll get out of here," I said and turned around, thinking it didn't work and starting to feel embarrassed. Then one of them said something that changed everything.

"You don't have to go. Since you're already here, you can shower with us. None of you girls mind do you?" she asked her partners.

They all showed no objections and in fact they invited me over. I smiled and thanked them. I noticed they all seemed to be gazing at my cock too. I walked over and stood in the middle of them under the center shower head.

"So, what is your name?" the redhead asked.

"I'm Matt," I told them. "And you girls are?"

They introduced themselves. The brunettes were Melissa, Crystal, and Emily. The two blondes were Maggie and Sara. The redhead was Angie.

"Hey Matt," Maggie said, "Can you wash my back?"

"Sure!" I exclaimed and purposely used my hands to rub the soap across her sexy backside.

Angie moved behind me. "I'll wash your back Matt." She soaped up her hands and moved them down my back. Her hands moved slowly down to my butt. She made sure my ass was good and soapy. I did the same to Maggie and discretely squeezed her tight young ass.

"I'll wash the rest of you too," I told her and moved my hands around her waist and moved up her flat stomach. I wrapped my hands around her young and still growing breasts and squeezed them so tightly.

"I'll make sure I get these real clean," I said. She giggled and leaned back against me. My dick was at half mast now and quickly rising. I reached down and ran one finger between the pussy lips.

"We want to get this too," I said. I could feel her juices even with the shower pouring water on us. Now I was fully erect.

"Wow!" exclaimed Crystal. "I don't know if we have enough soap to cover that thing! Look how big it is girls!"

"Did we do that to you Matt?" Sara asked.

"Yeah, I guess you girls did. What can I say, it happens," I said so slyly.

"Do you want us to help you out with it?" Melissa asked.

"Sure! If you want to of course," I said.

"You bet we do," Emily said and was already on her knees. She got in front of me and licked her lips.

"Let me know how I'm doing," Emily said and engulfed my cock into her mouth. My knees buckled a little and I leaned back against the wall. She immediately took the whole thing down and licked my ball sac with my dick all the way down her throat. I groaned in pleasure and threw my head back.

"I think he's enjoying it," Crystal said and the girls laughed. While feeling the undeniable pleasure Emily was giving me, Maggie and Angie were on either side of me running their hands up and down my body. I wrapped my arms around them and squeezed each of their tender tits. It got even better. Melissa and Sara joined Emily and got on their knees and went for my cock. They both took a ball in their mouth while Emily slopped hungrily on my dick. Crystal got between my and the wall and let me lean back against her. She ran her hands down my back and squeezed my ass. I was in pure bliss. I couldn't believe it! I was getting a triple blowjob!

Sara was tugging on my sac while Melissa was running her tongue on the base of my cock with my nut still in her mouth. Emily was now focusing on the tip. She massaged it with her lips and tongue, making sure to cover all sides with her saliva. Feeling her tongue drag across my crown sent chills down my spine and I gripped Maggie and Angie's tits even tighter. Sara took over and slid the head in her mouth. My cock throbbed wonderfully as she dragged her tongue up and down the sides of my shaft, swirling wonderfully around the head each time she switched sides.

"Come on, save some for me," Melissa begged as she took control and popped the head into her mouth. The other two continued to work my nuts. Melissa took it all the way down and snaked her tongue along the underside and tickled the top of my sac. I groaned again, this time with impending orgasm, and held on to the tits in my hands. They sensed I was about to cum, so Melissa released my dick and they all licked up and down the shaft like it was a popsicle. I let out a small scream as my cock shot cum violently into their faces. Sara held onto my cock as I let my semen loose. All my thick cum landed on their pretty faces. They tried to catch it in their mouths but some landed on their foreheads or noses. They made sure to scoop it into their mouths before the shower washed it away. I let out a groan as I let the last bit drop from my dick.

"Damn! Sperm tastes so fucking good!" Emily declared as the others laughed. Crystal's hand was wandering down my ass and she was now fingering my ass. It was strange, but definitely arousing!

"I'm glad you think so," I replied, "I have a lot more to give."

The girls got excited and started fighting over who got to suck me off next.

"It's my turn..."

"You've already had some dick..."

"I wanna taste his penis!"

"C'mon, I want some cock!"

"I need sperm in my mouth!"

I interrupted the girls finally. "Hey, there's enough for all of you," I told them. "Now I'll get to all of you eventually. Let's help each other out so we make sure I have enough for all of you."

They all agreed and waited for me to choose. I observed Angie's pale but beautiful skin. Her long red hair exaggerated her light skin tone, but that just made her even hotter in my opinion. I walked to her and placed my hands on her naked hips. I kissed her neck and moved down past her shoulders. When I got to her tits, it was like I was 12 again and looking at the Playboy magazines. All those magnificent tits. Now I had a spectacular pair in my hands. I sucked on her little nipples and gave both the attention they deserved. While sucking on one I squeezed the other. Angie ran her hands through my hair and begged me to continue. Sara was behind me this time massaging my ass. I kissed my way down Angie's slender tummy and reached her bare pussy. I didn't even try to tease her. I immediately shoved my tongue as far as I could up her pussy. She jerked with sensation as I invaded her lovehole.

"Oh God!" she exclaimed. I twirled my tongue around the insides of her sacred area, gathering every drop of sex juice. Boy, was she delicious! Her hips jerked every time I went around.

"Uh! Yes that's it! Right there! Uhh!" she screamed. Her lips were swollen now and she was really juiced up. I stood up and kissed her on the mouth to let her taste her pussy juices. She jammed her tongue in my mouth and swallowed all that was there.

"Pussy juice tastes so good!" I told her and she agreed. "You can go ahead and suck my cock," I told her.

Her face beamed and she immediately dropped to her knees. Angie popped the tip in her mouth. She paid extra attention to the tip, concentrating on it the most. She let her tongue and lips massage it, making sure to get the sensitive underside. I moaned at the sensation. No doubt about it, a blowjob is the best feeling in the world! I thought about busting my nut in her mouth, then I decided no. I wanted to fuck this girl.

I brought her up before she could finish me off. She knew immediately what I wanted. I leaned her back against the wall and she lifted her left leg up. I immediately took my hard dick and lined it up to her pussy. I slid in slowly at first but started going fast as soon as I was all the way in. Angie screamed each time my balls slapped against her ass. Her pussy was really tight too so it squeezed my cock only adding to the pleasure. Angie lost her breath and started panting as she came. She clawed her hands into my back as her pussy clamped down on my cock. That did it and I came too, shoving my cock in as deep as it would go as I let my boys go. I leaned into her as the orgasm almost made me pass out. I bit my teeth at the intense pleasure. After what seemed like minutes, I finally subsided and slid out of her. Angie sat on the shower floor and recovered from her orgasm, still smiling.

Crystal was my next target. She laying on the shower bench rubbing her twat. I walked to her and hovered my dick over her head. I inserted my penis into her mouth and bent my knees to get it all the way in. I dunked my dick into her mouth until my balls were on her nose. I reached down and pinched her nipples. I jiggled her breast then tweaked her nips again. I felt my dick head go past the back of her throat. I kept it there until she gagged then I pulled out. She caught her breath again and begged me to do it again. I dunked it back into her mouth again. When my balls hit her nose again, I tried to push in even deeper. Because of the position, my cock went down her throat a lot further. I could feel the tip sliding down her esophagus. I immediately felt her gag reflex. I seemed to tickle the head. Damn, that felt good!

I came up again to let her get her breath. She still begged for more. Who was I to deny it? I dunked into her man pleaser again. I wanted to feel her gag tickle my tip again, so I immediately went as deep as before, then I tried to go further. Her gags tickled my tip even more this time. The sensation was incredible! My scrotum tightened up and brought the feeling on fast. I kept it there as long as I could. I felt Crystal breathing though her nose (even though it was covered by my balls) so she could keep going. The tickling got more intense and brought on my orgasm.

"Oh SHITTTT!" I screamed as she sent me way over the edge. I kept my dick in all the way and let my load go. I shot my semen straight into her esophagus, not even letting it hit her tongue. I placed both hands on the bench to hold myself up. I breathed deeply as I continued to let my splooge loose into her throat. Crystal handled it like a champ, not even loosing the tight grip her lips had on my dick. When I was done, I slowly pulled out. She kept her lips locked tight and slowly let my cock slide out.

"Oh God, I love cum so much!" she declared.

Sara grabbed my hands and led me under the next shower head.

"I'm going to take control here," she said, "Get on your knees."

I did so happily. I leaned my head in towards her beautiful pussy, but she pushed my back and laid me flat on my back. I let my legs lay out and she sat on my chest. She grabbed my head by the hair.

"You had better be good at eating pussy," she warned. Before I could reply she moved forward and sat on my face. What was I to do? I jammed my tongue up her womanhood and tasted her little girl juices. I think she was satisfied, at least her screams of pleasure seemed to say so. I tongued her pussy, then I lapped at it like a dog. She was getting really wet and I made sure to collect all of her cum into my mouth. Mmmmm! What a tasty pussy!

Maggie took the opportunity to mount my hard cock. She slowly lowered herself onto the first two inches, then she quickly impaled herself on the rest.

"Oh shit!" she screamed in painful pleasure. She rocked away like there was no tomorrow. She went all the way up, then quickly dropped back down again, making my cock disappear inside her pussy in less than a second. I could hardly believe the undeniable pleasure I felt below the waste, but the tasty pussy in my mouth was just as good. Sara's swollen clit made its appearance. I immediately went for it, puckering my lips around it and sucking on her love button. I moved my hands from her hips and placed them on her tits. Sara was panting heavily and her thighs clenched my head tight. I had to hold her in place as her impending orgasm almost took her away. I held her clit in place with my lips and flicked it with my tongue rapidly. Sara shook violently and her pussy started spraying its honey.

"FUCKKKKK!" she howled. Her juices shot out like water out of a hose. It went into my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. It was even tastier than before. I tried to hold onto her clit but I couldn't hold her still. When she ran dry, she crawled to the side to recover from her orgasm. I cleared some of the cum out of my eyes so I could see Maggie bouncing mercilessly on my cock. The pussy juice seemed to fuel my lust and I wasted no time in grabbing Maggie's bouncing breasts. That was all it took to release my flood of semen. My sperm invaded her pussy in quantities unseen before. At least 20 shots of semen came out of my penis and into her vagina. She kept my cock in her as deep as possible while I filled her womb up. I saw she was biting her tongue as she came just as I sent my last shot into her. I held her close and put my mouth on tits as she came down from her peak. When we were done coming, I sucked on her tits a little more before she got off. The other girls were begging her for their turn. Maggie finally let up with a pout and told me to leave her tits and go fuck her friends.

I agreed and walked to the others. Emily was already on her hands and knees. I got behind her and shoved my cock in her pussy. We didn't have to say anything. We both knew what the other wanted. I immediately started pounding away as we fucked doggy style. Her pussy was really tight and it seemed to squeeze my cock especially hard. It only felt better because of it though. I placed my hands on her tight 18 year old ass. I squeezed her cheeks while listening to the wet smacking sound my balls made as they slapped her ass. Melissa got on her back and laid her head under me and Emily where my cock and her pussy met. She stuck her tongue out and licked my ball sac each time it came back and forth. The feeling was unbelievable. Emily was panting really hard and begging for more.

"Come on, give me more of that fucking cock," she demanded as I pounded her ass.

"Yeah fuck my tight little pussy!" she screamed. I slammed into her even harder now. Then I decided to do something I always wanted to do. I raised a hand high in the air and brought it down hard on her left ass cheek.

"OW!" she screamed in painful pleasure. I slapped the other ass cheek. Then did it again. And again.

"Yes, keep slapping my ass! Fuck my tight pussy! You like shoving your cock in that 18 year old pussy, don't you? You like ripping me open with your dick?" she taunted me.

I squeezed her ass again, which was red from the slapping. I leaned forward and reached around to grab her young tits.

"Squeeze my fucking titties! Grab those young, still growing tits! I bet you like touching little girl's breasts, don't you?" she screamed at me.

Her screams, Melissa's tongue on my balls, the tight cunt clamping down on my cock, and the tender titties in my hands finished the job and my cock exploded in Emily's tight little pussy. I squeezed her tits even tighter and held her close as I came. My cum splashing around inside her made her cum too and her cunt clamped down even further on my cock and milked it even more.

"SHITTT!" I screamed as the feeling almost made me pass out. Emily screamed even louder as her orgasm took over. We screamed nasty taunts to each other until we finally recovered. I slowly pulled out while she crawled away. Melissa was still on the floor under my cock. I was still hard and horny, so what was I to do?

"Open your mouth," I told Melissa. She happily obliged and opened wide. I inserted my penis into her mouth and let her do her thing. Melissa mainly focused on the tip, using her lips to massage the head while her tongue played with the sensitive underside. I held her head in place and moved my hips back and forth, slowly fucking her mouth. She really knew what she was doing, and really knew how to please a guy. Boy, was I pleased.

"Oh damn girl, you're really good at this! I bet you wish you could suck cock all day! You like having your mouth full of dick, don't you?" I asked.

She nodded in agreement but didn't let up to speak. She just kept on sucking, pleasing me the whole way. Angie came behind me and reached under my legs to massage my balls. She fondled my sac and tickled it with her fingers. I moaned at the deep pleasure. My balls were swollen with cum and Angie took the opportunity to squeeze them ever so lightly. That was all it took. I emptied my load into Melissa's mouth.

"GODDAMNNN!" I screamed as my cum blasted into Melissa's throat. She latched onto my dick and didn't let up so all the creamy cum would be swallowed. This cum was more pain than pleasure this time, but still felt damn good. When I was completely drained, Melissa released dick from her jaws. I stayed on my knees for a moment to recover, but the girls got me and brought me to my feet.

We all went to shower up finally. I made sure to wash every part of their sexy bodies while they each got a chance to wash me up. They paid extra attention to my penis, making sure every nook and cranny was nice and clean. Finally we turned the water off and went to the lockers to dress up. I promised to come and watch them play sometime. They assured me I would always have a place to shower.

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