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The Secret Garden


The original novel by Francis Burnett published in 1909, "The Secret Garden" is the source of this story's title. No similarity exists other than the title. This is a long read with four chapters and I hope you find it enjoyable!



Michelle was a picture of elegance, standing on the ship's deck just outside the dance club on this cool summer Caribbean night. She steadied herself with one hand resting on the ship's railing as she unconsciously flirted with the gentleman by touching his forearm with the other.

He must have said something intriguing because her face smiled brightly as her hand touched him; her knee instinctively bent, bringing her foot up onto its toe and nervously twirled on its axis as she leaned into him, exposing the sole of her peek-toe pumps to her husband, watching from inside the club.

"Michelle, you're such an incredible woman!" Frank whispered as he lifted his drink to his lips. He looked at her hair that was full of luster and long; rippling as she passed her hand through it, pulling it behind her shoulder. The light from the dance club danced off the golden locks as they fell off her fingers. Behind her, the light of the moon shimmered off the water of the Caribbean, silhouetting Michelle and the tall gentleman standing with her.

Against her better judgment, and only to please her husband, she had agreed to wear the skimpy black dress into the ship's dance club. Frank didn't consider the dress to be risqué'. But, she knew better. She was somewhat annoyed when he first sprung the idea on her. He had purchased it in Miami and had it delivered on board before the ship left port. And tonight he had the porter deliver it to their cabin, where Frank insisted she wear it to the club. He was having nothing of her warning that she couldn't wear a bra or her regular panties with it. And now, here she was in her revealing dress, a very thin black thong and her matching black heels. Michelle would never entertain the idea of going out like this back home.

Frank was glad he hadn't let Michelle off the hook! The dress was open in back above her ribcage and a small silver clasp holding the halter top together behind her neck. The thin material in front hugged her natural, large breasts. Viewing her from the side, her big supple orbs seemed to amplify the small size of her waist and slender frame.

The material was very fine silk that draped smoothly over her breasts. Thin straps held the dress close to her body and prevented the portion against her tits from blossoming out just above her nipples. Below her ribcage, small straps connected the front and back halves of the dress with equally small silver clasps, but left a gap between them that descended down her waist to the top of her hip and naughtily exposed the black strap of her thong.

Her mother had taught her to resist flaunting her body by wearing a dress like this. She was raised to dress conservatively and be cautious of how she presented herself to strangers. Lucky for her, Michelle's mother was just as gorgeous as she is and had spent considerable time educating her in the fine art of proper dress and presentation. Because of her mother's efforts, Michelle knew the effect a beautiful woman's body has on the opposite sex and how to control it.

He watched from the corner of the bar, hidden from her view as the breeze fluffed up her dress, revealing more of her bare legs. Just a little more wind, he thought each time her skirt fluffed, only to be disappointed again and again.

Her always sensitive nipples were protruding through the thin black fabric as the cool sea air brushed across them; while the moonlight on the ocean framed them in silhouette, making the scene especially erotic to him. Voyuering her from the bar excited Frank; and knowing she was caught up in the moment and didn't notice him excited him even further!

"Very beautiful woman. Is she yours?" The Asian bartender asked, breaking him out of his trance.

"What is it about us husbands with pretty wives, that make us want to show them off," he answered with a question to the bartender as he was handed another round.

A smile curled on the bartender's face as he looked at Michelle and gave his answer. "I don't know, mister. But, I see it every night of every cruise. She's a beauty. I envy you!"

"Thanks. Yeah, she's something else," Frank tossed him a healthy tip and refocused his attention on his wife.

After several of Michelle's unconscious flirtations, the tall gentleman reciprocated by placing his hands on the back of her waist. The sensation of his fingers on her exposed skin must have alerted her because she moved backward and broke off the conversation.

She was walking toward him, anxiously brushing her skirt down when they made eye contact. "Hello sexy! Where have you been?" she teased Frank.

"Just enjoying the view!" he answered. At that, she blushed and looked down into her drink, knowing precisely what he was talking about.

She lifted her drink to her lips, mischievously tilted her chin and looked into her husband's eyes. Sipping her drink she queried him nervously, "What exactly did you see?"

After ten years of marriage Frank knew all of her womanly tricks to deflect attention from the subject at hand. He enjoyed her effort but wasn't going to let her off so easily! He told her he had seen a good-looking man hitting on his wife. When Michelle's eyes flushed wide open and her hand came up to her face covering her mouth Frank knew he had surprised her.

"Frank, I'm so sorry! Oh, my goodness! I didn't realize what was happening and all of a sudden he had his hand on my waist and...and....and..."

Frank interrupted her before she could finish her sentence by placing his finger on her lips. "Sshhh, honey. Don't worry," he tenderly said. "I know you weren't doing anything, baby." He paused a moment and added, "You are a truly rare woman."

Michelle looked at him and gently laughed, then blushed suddenly but kept on looking at him.

"You are blushing," Frank said to her.

"No I'm not."

"Yes, you are blushing now."

"Why are you so perceptive," she said and hugged him. "I adore you, Frank."

"I love you too, Michelle."

With that, she became more comfortable and suggested they have some fun in their cabin. "I'm married to the most handsome man on board. Can I talk him into buying me a drink in my cabin?" she teased as her bright blue eyes sparkled!

"Well, well. You do seem to have a thing for older men! And, since I'm over forty and you are a mere twenty-nine, I think I qualify!"

Her fingers ran through his graying temples as she reached to kiss him. Then, they turned and walked out of the bar. Minutes later they were lying on their bed, with Michelle on top, still in her dress and heels.

"Honey, you know I'm completely devoted to you? You know that, right?" she asked, still somewhat concerned about the inappropriateness of being with the man by the ship's railing.

Frank had never spent a single minute worrying about Michelle's faithfulness to him. From the very first day they met in that dusty crowded lecture hall she had known she wanted him as her husband and in a very short period of time, he knew she would be his wife.

"Of course I do. You've never once strayed from our marriage. I've never concerned myself about that," he said.

"It took too much hard work just to get you to go out with me, let alone win you over! I'm not about to screw it up and lose you, darling!" she responded.

They laughed in each other's arms and continued their intimate conversation about finding each other ten years ago.

"A college professor is not supposed to be dating a college student. It's unethical," he chided.

"Even if the college professor is a tall handsome man with wavy black hair and the student is the homecoming queen? Even then?" she kidded.

"Even then," he responded with a mock disapproving look.

Michelle loved these intimate word games and didn't want it to stop!

She used her good little girl voice to deliver her next line."Even if the student is so persistent and clever that she convinces the professor to give up all the other women beating on his door and date the beauty queen exclusively? Even then?"

"Especially then, because it demonstrates how incredibly devious the student is!" He gave her a swift, firm spank on her behind!

Michelle put on a pouty face. "Is the professor going to give up on his student and send her home?"

"The professor will do no such thing. The professor has much work to do before his student's studies are complete!"

Michelle giggled and laughed as they teased each other.

Frank's smile gave way to a more serious look. "Michelle, sometimes I worry about you."

A quizzical look came across her face.

"Don't look at me like that. I mean it! I worry about you, Michelle."

"Why, darling? I have everything I could ever want. We have a beautiful home, expensive cars, memberships to fine clubs, all the clothes I want, and I'm married to the man I love. Why would you worry about me, Frank?" She said all of this as she lifted her dress from under her ass and squirmed on her husband's cock.

"Baby, don't you just every once in awhile want to let yourself go? I mean even for just one night?"

"I can't believe what I just heard!" she answered with an amazed look. She responded that she had "let herself go" tonight by wearing the little black dress into the bar for him. "And, sexy black high heels too!" she added.

"And you almost let the good looking gentleman keep his hands on your waist for longer than two seconds," He kidded.

"Hmmph!" she playfully socked him on his shoulder with her little fist. "You know I don't let men flirt with me. It's wrong, Frank! I'm your wife. You don't want that." She questioned with a concerned look, "Do you?"

He held back an answer and pulled her onto his chest.

"Oh, no! You do! You want to watch me flirt, don't you? Oh my goodness!" She said incredulously as she sat up and put her hands on her hips while continuing to squirm on top of his crotch. "You are such a naughty boy!" she playfully scolded and wagged a finger at him.

Michelle began pulling off her dress.

"No, leave it on. Your high heels too. I want to fuck you on our balcony with everything on that you wore tonight."

He pulled her up and towards the French doors leading to the view of the ocean from their cabin's balcony. Their cabin was one floor below the high-roller suites and had an expansive view of the port side of the luxury-liner. Frank had paid a great deal of money for their suite and he was determined to use every bit of it!

"Darling, I....I can't. Someone will see us...No," she pleaded.

Michelle's head was telling her no, but the excitement of being exposed while her husband fucked her caused her nipples to reveal her feelings. They were clearly constricted and poking out her halter top. Frank strengthened his grip on her hand and pulled her out of the cabin and into his arms.

"Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

Below them, spray from the hull striking the sea flew up the side of the ship while high above the wind blew thin clouds across the moon. They kissed as he lifted her skirt to her waist. Frank felt the goosebumps rise on her ass as the cool breeze blew across the back of his fingers. Michelle pulled her breasts free from her halter, signaling him to suckle them. He released his grip on her skirt and cupped each breast. Pushing her nipples together, he sucked on each one in turn before returning to her mouth.

While he paid attention to Michelle's nipples and mouth, she paid attention to his hard cock. After freeing it from his slacks she stroked it and maneuvered his balls between her fingers.

"Fuck me, darling," she said after giving in to her lust and turning away from him to face the shimmering surface of the ocean. With his prim and proper Michelle leaning against the railing of the ship, he lifted her little black dress above her hips and admired the view for just a moment.

The fabric of her dress was so thin and delicate that it bunched in a narrow band around her waist. The moonlight bounced off the firm cheeks of her ass, interrupted only by the dark shadow of her cleavage between them. Her calf and thigh muscles were complemented by her black high heels. She was a work of art to be admired.

He slipped his cock between her legs and found her wet opening. Frank pushed into her pussy and began stroking as Michelle squeezed her sex around him. She wiggled her ass into Frank's crotch, trying to get as much of him into her as she could. He grabbed one of her tits and the railing of the ship to use as anchors and pushed deeper with each thrust. Michelle gave in to her lust and made passionate love to her husband, the love of her life.

Breathing the salty sea air as it mixed with Michelle's aroma is a memory Frank was sure he would never forget. And, he could hardly believe his normally prim and proper wife; the wife he loved so much; was letting him fuck her in such an exposed place with a risk of being seen.

Maybe it's the alcohol; but he hoped not. Instead, Frank's hope was that something had triggered her to let herself go. Was it his confession of wanting to watch her flirt? Or, the fun she had dressing so sexy? Or, something else entirely? All Frank knew was that he didn't want Michelle to push these thoughts from her mind. "This is the real Michelle," he whispered to her after she fell asleep beside him in bed. As he stroked her hair he wondered how she would react to his plans for the remainder of the cruise. He knew his steps had to be measured if she were to accept them. Frank had to be patient.

Michelle was more quiet than normal the next day. Frank didn't want to press her for a reason why. He knew why without asking, so he let it go. They spent their day engaging in the normal activities of a couple aboard a cruise ship.

Late that night the ship docked in French Martinique. Tomorrow would be a day ashore on one of the most glamorous locations in the Caribbean. Casinos, restaurants, shopping and beautiful topless beaches!

Before bed Michelle packed their shoulder bag for tomorrow's adventure. Frank took the opportunity to give his wife a present. She was all smiles as the paper and bow was ripped from the box. Inside, she found a very small hot pink bikini and a pair of matching pink raised sandals. Frank wondered how she would react.

The smile drained from her face when she held up the bikini. She had never worn one this small and he could tell she was displeased, and wasn't thrilled at the thought of wearing such a risqué' bikini in front of strangers.

"I can't wear this. Please, take it back," she said, disappointing him.

It angered Frank to hear her rejection and he responded before thinking. "I will do no such thing, Michelle. I expect you to accept my gift and I expect you to wear it tomorrow. At the very least you should act grateful, even if you're not."

Michelle shot back at him, "I'm not a cheap whore, despite your attempts to turn me into one!" Michelle thought of how just last night she had let him show her off; first by having her wear the sexy dress and then by fucking her on the balcony. She had since regained her moral compass and was determined to put her foot down! "I'm not going to be your little slut," she told him.

They slept back to back that night and awoke the next morning feeling empty. At breakfast, Frank brought up the subject. "I'm sorry to have hurt your feelings last night, Michelle. I spoke before thinking. I want you to know that you're perfect in every way and I love you," he told her. "Look, you can wear a potato sack today if you want to. I don't care."

A smile pursed her lips and she giggled before answering, "I don't think a potato sack would be very flattering! But, thanks for the offer!"

The smile was replaced with a worried look as she continued. "It embarrassed me, Frank. I looked at that tiny bikini and the thought of strange men on the beach oogling me raced through my mind!"

She looked down as she spoke. "Oh, I know it shouldn't have. You tell me I shouldn't be so concerned about things like that. You tell me all the time to not worry what others think of me. But, I can't help it. I guess....I just have a problem with sex." With her chin still down, her eyes looked up and made contact with his own. A tear slid down her cheek as she asked, "What's wrong with me, darling?"

"Nothing at all, Michelle. You're perfect in every way."

"No. No, I'm not. The one thing I've always took pride in is being a good wife. Being one you were proud of. But, now I realize I'm selfish. I'm so concerned with getting my way that I turn down a simple request to wear a bikini you were thoughtful enough to buy me."

"Michelle, you're not being selfish. I love you, Sweetheart. Don't worry about it," he said.

"I love you too, darling!" She hesitated and then added, "You're going to be proud of me today. I promise you."

"I'm proud of you already."

When they left the ship Michelle was wearing the bikini under a sexy white summer dress. The dress was thin enough to allow her bikini to show through; much like a woman's bra can be seen through a thin, semi-transparent blouse. Her spirits were high, and her walk confident, as her heels clicked on the walkway and her breasts jiggled with each step. She asked Frank how she looked.

"Sexy as hell," he responded.

She held her hat on her head, protecting it from the morning breeze, reached up and cheerfully gave him a kiss. "Thank you, darling!" she said.

The two enjoyed watching the countryside, full of banana and sugar cane plantations as a taxi sped them to Saint-Pierre for some shopping and late in the morning made their way to the black sand beach of Anse Couleuvre. High cliffs and remnants of coral rock bordered the long stretch of sand. The beach was by no means crowded, but with a cruise ship docked in Fort-de-France they thought it best to claim a spot on the beach right away.

They found one on the very end of the stretch of sand next to a rock outcropping and a large white canvas half-shell to give them a degree of privacy and relief from the sun when they needed it.

The cabana boy found his new customers right away and brought them lounge chairs. It was nice to be on land and the two settled in for an afternoon of wiggling their toes in the sand, drinking vodka, and frolicking in the waves!

After the cabana boy brought drinks Frank turned the shell partially toward the rocks, adding to their privacy. That's when Michelle gave Frank a special treat.

"Here goes," she said nervously, looking at him over the top of her sunglasses. She sat up, undid the top of her bikini and pulled it off, letting her breasts pop out and exposing them to the gentle trade winds and warming sun.

Michelle's breasts were exceptionally plump and enticing. The big, cantaloupe sized orbs retained their shape on top of her chest as she sat back into her lounge chair. Since she never sunbathed nude, their color was a creamy white with soft puffy pink areolas the size of small plums.

Without much hesitation she spread suntan oil on them. "I wouldn't want a first ever sunburn," she said bashfully.

"You look marvelously sexy, Michelle. Your breasts are the envy of every woman on the beach."

She giggled, "I'm not worried about the women!"

"I'm the one that should worry about the men, baby."

"I have to admit I feel so naughty, exposing myself!"

"You're nipples are certainly saying so. My god, they're hard as rocks!"

That comment earned Frank a hard punch on his shoulder! "Let's get wet!" he said.

Michelle instinctively reached for her top, but stopped herself and went into the surf without it. She was glad she did. They had the kind of fun in the surf they hadn't had in years! They felt like teenagers at the swimming pond playing hooky from school! On the way back they ran into a gentleman walking the beach. The man, who was tall and muscular, with sun-streaked blond hair, and a tanned face, wore a sun-faded short-sleeve shirt and tight fitting swimsuit.

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