tagGay MaleThe Secret Life of Bob

The Secret Life of Bob


Bob watched his wife Jackie pull on her satin panties, the smooth fabric tightening over the curve of her hips and pulled taut over the globes of her ass cheeks. His cock, still slick from their morning in bed, pulsed back to life. She turned and smiled at him, her pouty lips drawn up under her aquiline nose, her tousled blonde hair, curling over her shoulders and down her back. Without taking her eyes off of him, she hooked her large, hanging breasts into a push-up bra, concealing the distended brown nipples behind black lace. His hand traveled down his stomach, lightly furred with brown hair, and languidly gave his meat a squeeze.

"I have to be in the office in ten minutes, Robert," she said, pulling on a knee-length grey skirt and buttoning a sheer white blouse, "You'll have to take care of that yourself." He grunted in response as she turned and left the room, her small, voluptuous silhouette disappearing down the hall.

He gave himself a few cursory strokes as he heard the front door close and the garage door opening. He was stiffening again, but decided against wasting the load building in his smooth balls. He flicked the clear liquid off the tip of his penis and brought it to his mouth. Bob smiled to himself, and then got ready to go to the gym.

Twenty minutes later, he was standing in the locker room pulling his training pants up over his jock strap. The young guy from the desk entered and began throwing dirty towels into a nylon mesh bag. He was about twenty, tall with dark brown hair and the lithe but muscled body of a swimmer. Bob took his time and adjusted his member in his pants, its girth straining against the soft fleece. Then he stretched his thick arms behind his back and made his shoulders creak. The young man looked over and grinned but continued his task of tidying the men's change room.

Bob hit the free weights and was soon into his routine, pushing heavy barbells and working on the large muscle groups. He had gotten into the habit of training for power as a high-school wrestler, and the decades of steady work had left him with broad shoulders, a thick torso and bulging legs and arms, corded with muscle. Since he entered his forties he'd gained a layer of flab that softened his look slightly and Jackie said that he looked more like a teddy bear.

He kept his eye on the room, which was smallish, but covered in mirrors. There were the usual gym rats, a couple of 'roided-out body builders with fading spray tans, and two women, going through the circuit training machines. They were regulars and Bob happened to know that the thirty something brunette had pierced nipples and enjoyed being spanked, while her redheaded friend was strictly into other women. He felt his already stiff member harden slightly as he remembered his large hand beating the blonde's ass till it glowed red, while Jackie sat on the redhead's face. The desk attendant walked by and began chatting with the women and Bob noticed the brunette's obvious interest in the young man's physique, which was well displayed in a blue tank top, and black Lycra shorts.

After an hour's intense work out, Bob returned to his locker, then stripped down and headed to the steam room with a fresh towel around his hips. The small, humid space was empty and Bob climbed onto the second tier of cedar benches, leaning back and closing his eyes. He had gotten himself quite excited watching the other members of the gym in their tight outfits, the smell of sweat mingling with the grunts and groans of hard exercise. Now that he had some fresh material, he allowed his hand to travel down to his crotch once more, where he gripped his cock in his rough right hand. He was oozing pre-cum that he quickly rubbed over his glans for lubrication. The room was fogged with moist steam as his head lolled back and stroked the length of his dick a couple of times.

"Do you have everything you need?" a voice suddenly said. Startled, Bob's eyes popped open and he sat up. The desk attendant was directly in front of him, one knee on the first row of benches, his hands planted on either side of Bob's thighs on the second tier. Bob was embarrassed at being caught tugging himself, but didn't think to let go of his turgid member. Instead, he squeezed tighter and another pearl of pre-cum emerged from his dick.

The young man moved forward and cupped Bob's low-hanging balls, then knelt on the first row of benches and began to drag his tongue over Bob's scrotum and down between his cheeks. A low moan escaped his lips and he began to jerk himself faster as the young man tickled his anus with his tongue. He felt himself nearing the brink as his legs were lifted up and the other man buried his tongue in his ass.

Desperate not to cum too soon, Bob sat upright and pulled the man toward him, reaching into the lycra shorts and pulling a half erect cock into the steamy air. Bob gripped it gently, and then pulled back the foreskin revealing a wide purple head. Without thought he opened his mouth and popped it between his lips, tasting the salty mixture of pre-cum and sweat. The young man hardened immediately as Bob slid his tongue over the head and around the shaft.

Obviously more experienced than Bob, the young man shifted again so that they were lying facing each other, their cocks at face level in a sixty-nine position. Greedily Bob slipped the uncut gem back into his mouth and he could feel the young man follow suit by swallowing his fat member. The other man's tool was rigid in his mouth and Bob felt fingers softly probing his sphincter. He moaned around the cock in his mouth and opened his legs slightly.

He knew that the end was approaching when the desk attendant slipped first one, then a second finger into his rectum. He began sucking the tool in his mouth even harder as the fingers began to pump. Suddenly the young man backed off, leaving Bob's thick meat bobbing in the moist air.

Then the young man was on top of him, kissing his neck, biting his ear, grinding his pelvis against Bob's. He couldn't quite believe this was happening, but Bob knew what he wanted now. He rolled onto his back and lifted his muscled legs into the air and the other man knelt in front of him.

The pain was surprising, but Bob bit his lip as the gym employee guided the tip of his young cock into his anus. The young man slid his hands over Bob's furry torso and pinched his nipples. Bob howled as the other man began to slide his hard cock up his ass. His thrashed from side to side and it was then that he noticed the two bodybuilders watching the show while jerking each other's cock.

His young lover smiled and beckoned them over and soon Bob was stretching his lips around a tanned boner while the other muscleman bent forward to suck Bob. The two cocks pummeled him in unison and he could feel his spunk rising. The young man in his asshole bottomed out and began blowing his load in Bob's rectum, while at the same time his mouth was flooded with the bodybuilder's first jets of sperm. This was too much to handle and he felt the first spurt of his load spray all over his belly. He opened his mouth and more cum hit his chin and cheek.

Bob opened his eyes with the last splat of his ejaculation. He was lying in his bed, knees up on his chest, his hand still tightly gripping his cock. He could taste the cum on his lips. Jackie's favorite dildo, a very realistic six inches of silicone with hanging balls was deep in his asshole. He dragged his hand through the sticky mess on his stomach and brought it to his mouth, cleaning off his fingers. Catching his breath, he slowly removed the dildo and set it aside to clean, then looked down at his cum drenched body.

It looked like it might turn out to be an interesting morning at the gym.

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