The Secret of a Happy Marriage Ch. 01


"I see what you mean," he said looking down at me. "Look what all this talk has done to me too." He gently wanked his cock back and forth, making it jump even harder, the foreskin sliding back and forth over the head.

At that moment, I wouldn't have minded covering it with my own mouth but I didn't think that is where he wanted this to go. Someone else's entrance to the toilet broke the moment and we stuffed cocks back into trousers.

The conversation didn't quite return to its sexual subject again that night and it wasn't until Kate and I were safely back in our room that I told her what had happened. She confirmed that a similar conversation had been happening between her and Sue. Sue loved Brian but as he had more or less been her first love, she wanted to experience something really raunchy and dirty, preferably with Brian present and involved.

"What did you say?" I asked.

"I told her about our excursions and it really grabbed her interest. She asked if you could get one or both of the black gardeners interested in a fuck session and asked if we could go too."

"So much for a romantic retreat," I said.

I wasn't exactly sure that the two big-brute gardeners were the sort of guys you just walked up to and said, "Hey we've got a couple of wives here we'd like you to fuck, any problems?"

Quite apart from the fact that they would be in fear of their jobs if they did mix with guests, I felt sure that they might be a) religious; b) married; c) maybe even gay. It was later that afternoon while Brian and I were trying hard to return to the glorious drunken state of the previous evening and were sinking a few beers when I looked to see where Kate and Sue were and my heart sunk!

Over in quiet corner of the gardens, our two lovely wives were chatting to the two, tall, coal black, manly gardeners and the gardeners seemed happy to be talking. As I nudged Brian and we looked over, I saw both guys look in our direction as we quickly pretended to be looking at something else. My cock started to rise in my shorts. The thought of seeing Kate with a black cock in her, the thought of seeing Sue naked and with a black cock in her (and perhaps mine too) and, to be honest, the thought of actually handling a black cock saw that my dick was tenting in seconds.

Could the girls pull this one off? It seemed a long shot, especially all the rules and protocols inside hotels of this size. The only thing that might make it happen was the fact that we had a near beach bungalow which could be accessed from the beach if security could be dodged.

It was over thirty minutes later when the guys returned to work and the girls rejoined us, saying nothing initially.

"Well?" I said loudly.

"Well, what?" said Kate.

"You know; what were you talking about?"

"Oh you mean to Al and Lester," said Kate coyly while smirking to Sue. "Well they are originally from Barbados and working here for the season. They seem really nice guys but are finding all these couples a bit off putting as they are single and not getting any."

"Poor lads," I said.

"Sue and I suggested a possible answer to their dilemma and, but they thought we were winding them up and I don't think they took the bait. I told them we were in beach bungalows and they could come by any time but I have a feeling they are in fear of their jobs."

"Pity" said I.

"We could always meet without them," said Kate.

"The sooner the better," said Sue, looking at my tenting shorts. "I can't wait to see that myself, after what Kate has said."

Brian was quiet. "Where do I come into this?"

"Oh don't worry Brian, someone will make sure you get a blow job, even if it's Paul," said Kate, looking at me with a smile on her face.

Brian went quiet, so I took him off to the bar to reassure him he would be joining in and he should stick with me for advice. Within ten minutes he was like a rampant terrier with a stiff cock and a lot of questions as I made sure I told him what he needed to get him to the boil.

The tryst was to be at our bungalow after 10.00 pm so after dinner we all took drinks and headed there. We took it in turns to freshen up and the girls stayed in dressing gowns while we guys dropped to t-shirt and shorts. Kate had never been fucked by another man since we had met but we had discussed it and agreed that both of us would enjoy when the right time came. This seemed to be the right time.

Sue walked over and sat between Brian and me on the sofa and placed her hands, one on each cock. I was already hard. Kate watched and then walked over to Brian and knelt in front of him, kissing him fully on the lips. Sue swung a leg over me and did the same. Within a few minutes, both of us were on the couch with opposite wives, kneeling between our legs sucking cock. Brian was groaning with pleasure. I was glad as I worried he might have chickened out of this but he was already randy. Sue was a great cock-sucker and enjoyed the extra length of my cock, passing compliments on its size between slurps. It looked like a scene from a porno movie. In fact I clicked on my video camera to make it a scene from a porno movie!

"Oh this is really nice. I'm feeling all warm and woozy," said Sue as she licked my cock.

I was sure the booze she had consumed contributed in some part to that feeling but the compliment was still welcomed. Brian was saying nothing. He was laying back on the couch, his cock as hard as a rock and his head slumped back and eyes closed. Kate was giving good head as I knew she could.

The gentle knock on the door made us all jump.

It was Sue and Brian's chalet so our main worry was that it was someone from hotel staff doing some kind of bed turn-down so Kate and I dashed into a corner, out of eyeshot of the door while Sue wrapped a bath towel around her and Brian covered himself with a cushion.

I couldn't hear but there was a man at the door. Suddenly I heard Sue inviting him in and in walked Al, one of the gardeners who pushed Sue gently just inside the door and in one swoop, untied her towel and kissed her as it dropped to the floor. This guy was horny!

Kate walked over to Brian, whose eyes were on stalks as his wife was being seduced, and she knelt to continue her oral administrations.

"Holy shit!"

I looked up and Al had suddenly noticed Kate and then me.

"Wow, a fucking orgy," he said.

"With the emphasis on the fucking, I hope," said I.

Sue was hungrily unfastening Al's baggy cream pants and they dropped easily to the floor. His horrendous purple boxer shorts had a projection at the front that promised to be a pleasure to watch in action. This tall, black skinned guy was fondling Sue's beautiful upright tits with both hands as she tried to pull off his t-shirt to get him as nude as we were. Kate left Brian and joined her, dropping to her knees and pulling the shorts down allowing a wonderful, stiff, massive cock to slowly bounce out. It looked to be around 10 inches or so and beautifully thick. He was cut, unlike Brian and I and Kate dropped to her knees her satisfied groans as she attempted to swallow the impossible length. Her saliva glistened against the dark skin of his cock and his tight balls seemed obscenely too small for the appendage above them. Kate still fondled them as she serviced Al and his frantic, almost aggressive kissing of Sue suggested he was building him nicely for action.

I did not ask for permission but filmed the action with no complaints from the horny gardener. He pushed them both back to the couch and Brian jumped up as the girls headed backwards towards the space he occupied. They flopped back down, their naked bodies glistening and the dark slashes of their vaginas moist with the excitement so far. He opened both girls' legs in turn and started to lick them out. His long tongue seemed to be working well as each girl moaned in turn as he went to work. As he licked one, he fingered the other. Brian and I stood watching. He cupped his balls with one hand and wanked slowly with the other. I tried to film with my left and wank with my right.

"Awesome," said Brian.

We both walked across to the sofa and clambered on opposite sides to allow the girls to get our cocks in their mouth. I went to Sue and he went to Kate, his smallish cock allowed her to fully service him right to the hilt. Al did oral on the girls, they both sucked us and we both fingered them. Everyone was enjoying this!

Kate, never happy, lifted her arm across to my head and guided it across to her mouth. I carefully bent over and kissed her as Brian's cock slid in and out of her mouth. His hard, wet cock skin was something else and sharing it with my wonderful Kate made me realise I wanted her fucked by both men. If possible I also wanted some contact with them too, but at this stage wondered if this was all I would get.

Brian didn't blink when his entire cock slid in my mouth and I started to suck in earnest.

"This is a first for me," he said, "and fucking awesome it is too," looking down at my mouth slurping on his cock.

I said nothing as I didn't want to ruin the moment.

All raised his head, looked at me and smiled. I wondered what that smile meant but there was wickedness in it that I liked.

"Please let me see you fuck Kate, Brian," I begged. "I have never seen her fucked by another man and I want you to be the first. I also want this to be the second." I said this gripping Al's massive cock as he now stood in front of us.

The feel of this massive hard cock sent shocks through me and I felt almost faint. Brian pulled Kate on to the rug and spread her legs open, as the rest of us stood around him. He stretched a condom on to his cock and lay between her pushing his penis into her as I filmed up close. He kissed her tits and gently licked her body as he started to pump to a rhythm and fucked her. He was definitely doing something right, as Kate was whimpering as he screwed her.

Al and Sue stood alongside me, her arm around his waist. I looked down at his cock and he grinned, his white teeth almost menacing.

"You wanna suck this?" he said to me.

I mumbled as though this was not my scene, but he had rumbled me as his heavy hand pushed the top of my head down towards the waiting beast and my mouth opened willingly to receive it. As my heart thumped and my head spun, I heard Kate wail another orgasm as my lips covered as much of his cock as I could. Then I was at it like a starving animal. I gripped him hard and concentrated on the head sliding my mouth up and down. His cock went brick hard.

"That's fucking 'A' man. You been practising that," he said in his deep Caribbean voice.

Sue watched me and my saliva coated his coal black cock making it glisten in the room lights. His precum mixed with my saliva giving a salty, but not unpleasant taste in the back of my throat. He started to kiss Sue. The erotic scene of my wife being fucked by a stranger and me servicing this black guy while he kissed another woman was so exciting that I could feel my heart thumping against my ribcage.

"I want you to warm me up for this brute," said Sue, "so fuck me!"

She lowered herself into position carefully, lying alongside Kate and Brian.

"Hi sweetheart, are you enjoying yourself?" she said to her humping husband.

Kate seemed to be having multiple orgasms, howling like a wounded animal as Brian pumped into her.

My cock already covered, I lowered myself on to Sue. Her gaping cunt was larger than Kate's. The entrance looked like some large Amazonian flower with red, wide lips and surrounded by her dark pubic hair. The centre was visibly wet and waiting. My entry was much easier than Kate and, though I was around 30% larger than her husband, my cock slid in without any strain at all. Her gasp as I fully entered her was reward enough and I was soon hammering at her, my hands steadying her hips as I fucked. The feel was like a long, wet, velvet-lined tunnel and my cock was able to pull out fully and plunge right up to my balls. She loved it, and I lay forward to kiss her as I fucked.

A finger traced my arse as I fucked and I realised that Al was behind me. His damp finger was pushing against my arsehole as I fucked and the sensation of being penetrated, however slightly, as I fucked almost brought me to orgasm and I had to stop all too quickly. I withdrew and Sue sat up, ripped off the condom and swallowed my cock right in front of Brian and Kate. As she sucked me, Brian suddenly stopped.

"I have to pull out or I'm going to cum," he said, withdrawing his cock.

"It looks like it's up to Al now," said Sue.

She lay back down, alongside Kate as Brain stood up to join me and Al went down to do his duty. He went for Sue first. Surprisingly his enormous cock was swallowed by her gaping cunt and apart from an inviting "yess" it slid in easily. The camera did its work along with some great close ups of his great big cock sliding in and coming out covered in her juices. After a few strokes he pulled out and started on Kate. This wasn't so easy and it took a few attempts before she too was being fucked quite aggressively.

Brian's eyes were on stalks watching this brute of a black man taking both girls in turn. As he fucked one, his hands kept the other going with either his palm caressing their tits or his fingers pushing inside to keep them on the boil. He stood idly stroking his cock which looked hard enough to break out of the skin and I was kneeling at the point where I had been filming. His cock was at face level and just about a foot away from me.

I had a sudden urge and moved the short space to put my mouth over his cock. His hand initially blocked me and he slightly jumped but then he just pulled his hand away and let me. I was able to take his whole cock up to the pubic hair and held his balls in my other hand. Moving to a new position I was straight in front of him and as I looked up, his eyes were shut. I hoped it was in ecstasy and not because he didn't want to see me suck his cock. The hard cock was so easy to suck. His foreskin slid back and forth with my sucking and I was able to focus my mouth on its head.

Suddenly he grabbed his cock and I realised he was going to cum. I wasn't sure I was ready to swallow cum but I also knew I wanted to feel it fire. I pushed his hand away and withdrew my mouth just as the first burst broke free from the slit. The force that hit my face was almost painful and it splattered in all directions. I figured in all that he fired around 7 times before it reached its final dribble. It had thankfully missed my eyes but my face was whitewashed with his semen. It dripped off my chin and some had gone in my mouth. It splashed on my lap and my cock and balls and the stroking of my own cock was suddenly lubricated.

"My turn now girls," said Al.

He pulled his cock out of Kate, ripped off the condom and aimed at the girls faces. The quantity of cum wasn't anywhere rear that of Brian but it was enough to splatter on both girls faces and tits. I stood up and managed to join him in their cum-bath. My first shot coincided with his last.

"Wow," said Sue as a large rivulet of cum trickled into her mouth from her cheek. She licked her lips and simply swallowed it. I bent forward and kissed her and then moved over to Kate. The mixture of second hand cum and saliva was stimulating, even after cumming. I looked up to see Brian videoing the final clip for our home movie.

As often happens on these occasions, Al was dressed quickly with an excuse about getting out before he was noticed and we were left with the embarrassing laughter that people get after these sort of events.

The aftermath of this was that we managed another part to our movie with just Brian and Sue 2 days later, in fact we managed 2 sequels before the holiday ended. We also managed to arrange that we would meet up shortly after returning home for another session.

You may have wondered what happened to Lester, the other gardener. That thought had crossed my mind as Lester was considerably more attractive than Al in that he was younger, probably around 21 against Al's 35, he was leaner against Al's footballer's build and he was cuter, against Al's thick-set manly image.

Since Al hadn't mention him and none of the other 3 mentioned him, I put him out of my thoughts. I kept seeing him hard at work in the grounds but usually at another part from where we were sunbathing.

About 2 days before we left and after our last session with Sue and Brian who had left that morning, Kate was doing what Kate enjoyed doing, pampering herself. She had gone to the spa and I was by the pool. In need of the toilet, I went to the closest which was not the main one for the pool but was just off the ramped, underground entrance to the main service area/kitchens of the hotel. I had just finished when in walked Lester. I was in Speedos, he was in one piece dark overalls which he zipped from chest downwards to below his cock. I had finished so as I stood by the sink I watched him in the mirror as he took out a sizeable piece of meat. Though lightly smaller than Al's, it was not by much, and was definitely thicker. I would say it was about 8 inches long but the thickness was impressive. I could see him watching me.

He walked into a cubicle and stood, with the door open and his back to the bowl.

"Al says you suck cock," he said. "Suck mine!"

I walked forward in a daze and went into the cubicle. He pushed me down and stuck his cock in my mouth. He ruthlessly hammered it into my mouth and held my head while doing so. The whole event took no more than 3 minutes and he came his full load in my mouth causing me to gag. I swallowed some and spat out the rest. He then did something unusual for a guy that had just spilled his beans; he lifted me up, dropped to his knees and returned the compliment. Now that was a lot more pleasant.

I gave him what he had just given me and shoved my cock in and out of his mouth giving him the full blast from my aching balls. He swallowed every drop, zipped up his overalls and with a quick "see ya," was off.

I did tell Kate, but not until we were safely home. She commented that perhaps the reason Lester had not been in our room was that he wasn't into women. Possibly she was right so at least I managed a bonus point!!

Our relationship has entered a new, raunchier stage and I was looking forward to the future with Kate.

More to come.

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