tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Seduction Ch. 01

The Seduction Ch. 01


Part one - The Plan

I had always thought of Leah as cute, ever since we had met her and her husband Clay in Darwin. Although I've never been a huge fan of blondes, her pale skin and blue eyes were right for her hair. She had a touch of the Madonna look, though her face was slightly more rounded and her high cheekbones and a small gap between her front teeth made her look younger when she smiled.

However, her figure was not like Madonna's, her build smaller and slimmer. Her breasts, at a guess a B cup, were firm and although I had never seen her in a swimsuit (or less), her nipples appeared small with tiny points. I guess that is the beauty of life in the tropics, most here wear little in the way of clothing, and Leah never seemed to wear a bra under her small tee shirts while she was at home.

When Clay and Leah moved to Canberra, my wife Faith and I were sad to see them go, they had often been the centre of our social life in the organising of parties in our apartment block and so forth. So it was great to catch up with them at a back yard barbeque during a weeklong trip to Canberra. We had taken our video camera along and as the night became more drunken we shot more and more film of people staggering around, posing for the camera and carrying on as drunk people do. It was a good night, after the party we had found ourselves at the casino and in a patch of good fortune Faith had won a five thousand dollar jackpot.

We now were staying at Melinda's house in Canberra's north and were viewing the film for the first time, the remnants of our hangovers making the watching of tv the most strenuous activity we could face. On the screen I was singing into an empty bottle and playing an 'air guitar'. Leah appeared from off camera and joined me, our heads leaning together as we sang - poorly - to U2's New Years Day. At one stage I slipped an arm around her waist and she reciprocated, drawing a snide if good humoured comment from Faith.

'She's kind of pretty,' Melinda commented and I just screwed my face up non-committally.

'Yeah, but Dave won't admit that he's got the hots for her,' Faith rejoined.

'I have not...' I attempted to deny the charge.

'And she for him,' Melinda commented, watching as Leah turned her back to me and we dirty danced together on the screen, my hands having slid onto her waist.

The camera turned, losing then regaining focus, finding Clay sitting on a chair nursing a beer, a plastered smile on his face.

'So what do you think of the show your wife and my husband are putting on?' Faith's voice asked from behind the camera. Again the camera swung about and reframed Leah and I who were still moving together.

'Ah, good on 'em,' Clay said smiling wider. 'They should be nude!' he yelled out. On screen I evidently heard the comment and gripped the sides of Leah's tee shirt, pulling it up a little and revealing her pale tummy. Playfully she slapped at my hands, moving away a little to smooth her shirt back down. She poked her tongue at the camera, or at Clay, then moved back against me. She smiled the whole time. Then the shot faded out.

'You're right Melinda,' Faith stated. 'She'd have him in a second.'

'Oh crap,' I retorted, 'it's just drunken dancing. Hell, Clay doesn't dance so she dances with everyone else!'

'Yeah, but she keeps coming back to you though, doesn't she?' Faith asked again.

'Whatever,' I said. 'I wasn't taking notice.' We bickered good naturedly back and forth for a while, until Faith finally issued a challenge.

'Let's have a bet,' she said.

'On what?'

'On whether or not you can seduce her?'

'Oh right, like I'm going to do that.'

'No, you have to try your hardest, and if you win, you get to fuck her. That's worthwhile isn't it?'

'And if she refuses, as I believe, what do I win?' I asked.

'You can buy that laptop we were looking at yesterday.'

'Hmmm,' I said, intrigued. 'And how do you win?'

'If she fucks you!' Faith explained. 'And I get to go on a clothes shopping spree to the same amount as the laptop!'

'Ah,' I replied, understanding your motivation. 'Sounds expensive,' I added, but I sounded unconvincing. I couldn't lose, I either had sex with Leah, or got the new laptop I wanted. The thought almost made me want to lose, the thought of having sex with Leah was something that I'd fantasized about as I masturbated. Now Faith was suggesting we make it become real.

'How could we possibly do this?' I asked. 'There's no way, whether she fancies me or not, that I can just walk up and proposition her. She's not going to go in for a one night stand or whatever, we both know that she's not going to do that to Clay.'

'Why don't we invite them over for dinner here,' Melinda suggested, 'then let the alcohol run free and suggest a swap, Clay looked pretty cute.'

'No, no,' Faith said, 'I don't want Clay.'

'Ooh, I'd have him,' Melinda exclaimed and we all laughed. 'And I'm sure if we threw Faith in as a bonus for him, he'd be happy to let Dave and Leah go for it!'

'Remember that crappy B-grade video we saw the other night?' Faith asked.

'Ah, no way,' I said immediately. In it, the male character wandered around beaches dressed like a photographer and offered free portfolios to gorgeous girls, invariably ending up sleeping with them. 'As if she's going to let me snap photos of her then jump on me, hello!!'

'Not you, but Melinda,' Faith said wickedly.

'What?' we replied simultaneously.

'Leah hasn't met Melinda. Melinda rings her, introduces herself as a fashion photographer who works for, I don't know, an American or European magazine, and wants her in a fashion shoot.'

'She's cute but she's not model material,' Melinda says, and I nodded my agreement.

'Doesn't matter,' Faith continued undaunted. 'She'll say that it's a magazine for real people or some such crap and that they don't use fashion models. She can say that she saw her photo at a friend's place and they gave her the number. We'll have to tell her that it's a shoot with a male model, we won't say who, and then see what happens.'

'Where is this going to occur?' I asked.

'We'll get a motel room, no better, one of those two bedroom apartments, then there's lots of places for the scenes to be shot. And I can be in the second bedroom, which we lock, and watch it all through the video camera!'

I could see that Faith was becoming excited by the thought, and truth be known so was I.

'Why would she do it. We can't pay her, that would be wrong.' Despite my increasing interest, I still didn't think such a plan could work.


'Nah,' I said. 'She doesn't strike me as that type.'

'It could work,' Melinda cuts in. 'But we can't tell her we want nudity...'

'No, just a clothing shoot, tell her that she'll be posing with a male model as well, it'll be a little intimate but you've done heaps. Tell her the male model is keen to work with her and that the photos won't be published in Australia.' Faith was working through the problems as she thought of them and was not going to be denied. I was uncertain as to whether she was keen to see me have sex with Leah or wanted those clothes a real lot.

'There's nothing to lose,' Melinda said, only a moment before I was about to say the same thing. On that note, we agreed to try the next day and retired to our respective rooms for the evening.

Once we were in our bedroom, Faith and I started to change into our PJ's. I watched as she pulled her shirt over her head, appreciating the slim body that appeared to me, sliding my own clothes off until I was naked.

'Why do I want to have sex with another woman?' I wondered. 'Is it just someone different, or is it to prove something to myself, that another woman would want me?'

'Why do you want me to do this?' I asked, keeping my voice to a whisper. We appreciated Melinda surrendering her bed to us once again and I didn't want to keep her awake through the sound of our voices.

Faith unhooked her bra and her pert breasts flounced into view. She paused to rub at the wire marks on the underside of the soft skin as she considered her answer.

'Because the thought of you fucking someone else turns me on,' she replied as matter-of-factly as though discussing dinner.

'But I could probably slip into the next room and fuck Melinda while you listen at the door, or watch if you wanted,' I protested.

'Yes, do you want to?' Her smile was wicked as she knelt in the middle of the bed, wearing a pair of grey panties and I noticed that her nipples had hardened. In response my cock twitched and began to lengthen. Faith smiled as she saw my reaction, moving closer to me so that our knees touched. She reached between my legs and grasped me, stroking me to full length. I expelled the lungful of air I had been holding with a loud rush.

'I want to fuck you,' I growled.

'Hmmm, sure you wouldn't want to fuck Melinda?' Faith's mouth was close to mine and I could feel her breath on my lips. I leaned forward to kiss her but she pulled away, her hand tightening around me.

'No kissing,' she said, her smile narrowing wickedly. 'I'm a hooker you've called, and I don't kiss my customers.' It was a favourite game of ours, of Faith's, and it meant I was in for a good time. Alcohol always gave us a good time.

'Tell me what to do, but remember I'm just a whore,' she said, the breathlessness in her voice betraying her rising lust.

'Suck my cock,' I said softly.

Faith smiled then glanced at the wall that separated us from Melinda.

'Tell me what to do in a loud voice,' her hand was squeezing and stroking me as she spoke. 'In fact, go and open the door slightly, enough for someone to see through if they walk past.'

Although Melinda was the only other person in the house who would walk past, I knew it was part of the game, the game where I was in a motel and had hired a hooker for an hour. Faith's fingers released me as I slid off the bed and walked silently across the carpeted floor to the door. My erection bobbed in front of me like a divining wand and in my lustful state all thoughts of potential embarrassment were gone as I opened the door, positioning it so that if Melinda walked into the corridor, there was no way she could avoid seeing into our room. Pausing, part of me wanting to see her, I heard the shower from the bathroom. I realised that she wasn't yet in her room and that very soon Melinda would walk down towards us. My cock twitched at the thought.

I turned and faced the bed. Faith was lying on her side, staring at me.

'Melinda's in the shower,' I said. 'She'll be coming down the corridor very soon.' Faith remained silent, her eyes flicking to the open door the only evidence that she had heard me.

'Take off your panties,' I said, raising my voice in keeping with the new rules of the game. I leaned against the wall and reached down to stroke myself, aware that if Melinda appeared now, the first thing she would see would be me in profile playing with myself. I watched as Faith raised her hips to slide her panties off. Her lips were puffy and red, poking from amongst the dark curly hair like a beacon.

'Touch yourself,' I commanded. Faith obeyed, fingers parting the lips while her index finger stroked the slit, then rubbed at the clit. In reflex her legs closed on your hand.

'Spread your legs!' I almost yelled and I heard her gasp at my tone as she quickly obeyed. I heard the bathroom door open and wanted to turn to look, to see the expression on Melinda's face as she saw me standing there. But I controlled myself, pretending that I was unaware of her presence.

'Finger yourself,' I ordered, squeezing the head of my cock as I watched Faith's finger disappear inside her wet pussy. I was aware of Melinda standing in the doorway and turned to look at her. Her hair was damp and she was wearing a towel wrapped under her arms that hung down to mid thigh. I smiled at her then turned back to my whore, pushing off the wall to stand by the bed.

'Crawl to me and suck my cock!' Faith's obedience sent a tremendous rush of adrenaline through me and I felt powerful. I saw her catch sight of Melinda and pause, so I narrowed my eyes.

'Don't look at her, do as I say!' Faith glanced up and then her mouth was on me, wetly sliding all the way to the base of my shaft. I groaned in an involuntary reflex and thrust my hips forward. She slid back and I slid from her mouth with a wet sucking sound. I grabbed the base of my shaft and slapped the head, now shining with saliva, onto Faith's lips. I ran it across her cheek, putting on a show for Melinda. I directed it between her lips and thrust forward, stabbing her mouth. For a short time I simply fucked my wife's mouth, content as she kneeled on all fours unmoving, a vessel for my pleasure.

'Don't move,' I said, my voice a little hoarse with my lust. I had neared my climax and wanted to fuck her, pulling my slick cock from her mouth with some reluctance. I walked around to the far side of the bed and knelt behind her, looking down at the pouting lips that invited me inside. I grabbed my shaft and poked forward, feeling Faith thrust back towards me. The initial resistance of her pussy gave way and I slid into a very wet tunnel. She gasped and I grunted, sounds of animal pleasure. I grabbed your waist and began to pound into her. She gasped with each thrust and again I looked at Melinda.

My balls twitched as I saw that she had opened the front of the towel and had slid her fingers between her legs. I could see that her pussy was all but bald and knew that with Faith thrusting at me and watching Melinda fingering herself, I would explode in seconds.

'Oh God!' Faith groaned. 'I'm coming...'

The words sent me over the edge, and with a roar I pounded into her, holding myself inside as my semen spewed from me and into her. She writhed underneath me as her climax ripped through her body. I knew that Faith wanted me out, that the presence of my cock intensified the orgasm to a point that was nearly unbearable. But I held on deep inside, as the last vestiges of my orgasm rolled away. I rode through her climax until we collapsed, with me on top. After a few moments Faith wriggled to be free and I sat back, my deflating penis slipping wetly from her body. As one we looked to the door and saw that Melinda was gone.

'Was she really there?' I thought.

We slipped under the doona and snuggled in the spoon position.

'Thanks,' I whispered.

'Hmm, thank you,' Faith replied.

We lay in silence for a moment, drifting luxuriously towards sleep.

'So why Leah?' I asked again.

'Cos you've been with Melinda,' my wife replied in a voice full of sleep. 'It's someone different.' Then she was asleep, and soon afterwards, so was I

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