tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Seduction Ch. 02

The Seduction Ch. 02


The first thing I did the next morning was to reconfirm with Faith that it hadn't just been the alcohol speaking when she had suggested the whole seduction thing. After establishing that it wasn't, I then approached Melinda to ensure that she was still comfortable with the scenario. It was probably a silly question, but I had to ask and she confirmed that she was in.

Over breakfast we agreed that we should make the phone call today, and that if Leah was interested, then we would book the hotel for the following afternoon. We wrote down a few facts for Melinda's phone call, so that if Leah started asking questions then she would hopefully have the answers ready. We decided that the name of the magazine would be Real People Monthly. No distribution in Australia and it was available in England and Germany only. Melinda was to be a freelance photographer named Samantha, the name supplied by Faith. The photo shoot was for a line of suits that was to be available for men and women. On the day, Melinda was to reveal that all the accessories were part of the shoot, including underwear. If Leah asked, she'd simply state that at this stage she was not aware of anything else being considered.

The shoot was to centre on a couple coming home after a night out, still in party mode. They would dance together, pose for the cameras as individuals and as a couple. It would be easy to lead it from there, and again Melinda would deny anything further.

We discussed a few more possible questions then it was off to the telephone. After much discussion Melinda decided that she wanted to make the call alone, the presence of us in the room would be either off putting or make her laugh. Faith and I decided to go for a walk and left her to it.

We walked from the house into the cool outside air. The sun cast long shadows from the roofs of neighbouring houses onto the ground as we walked down the line of new buildings, their designs neat, compact and similar.

'You really sure about this?' I asked. In the broad light of day I was no longer sure that I was.

'I said yes.' There was a trace of annoyance in Faith's voice.

'Okay then,' I replied, deciding to drop the subject. We walked hand in hand down the street until we reached an intersection, then turned and walked back. On reaching Melinda's house I knocked softly and was pleased to see that she was off the phone as she opened the door for us.

'How'd it go?' Faith asked immediately.

'Oh, I was a bit nervous after you'd gone,' she said, 'which was strange really, seeing as how I don't know Leah. I rang and she answered almost straight away. She was really cautious at first, then accused you two of planning some prank call.' We exchanged a grin at that. 'Anyway, she was in the process of refusing when I made a decision on the run and offered her five hundred dollars if she agreed to pose.' Melinda's eyebrows shot up as she said that and again we looked at each other. Faith shrugged which I took to mean that she didn't care one way or the other.

'That's fine,' I said.

'Good, well I have to meet her for lunch to finalise the details.'

The Proposal

We decided that Faith and Melinda should head into town to hire some suitable clothing, while I tracked down the apartment and some photographic equipment to ensure authenticity.

Faith suggested that Melinda tell Leah that the model's name was Stefan or some such, and that I would be substituted at the last minute. As devious as we were being, none of it convinced me that we would be able to take it to the next step and convince Leah to have sex with me. Apart from the obvious issue of whether she wanted to, there was also the factor of Melinda being present. Again, Faith came up with a plan that if it seemed the only restraint was Melinda's presence, she could phone Melinda during the shoot so that she could make a quick escape for "half an hour or so."

I agreed that this was a good plan. During our walk we had decided that we would buy an infra red transmitter for our handycam and set it up so that Faith could watch the proceedings from the second bedroom. This also gave us the option to capture the event on video, and now gave Faith the ability to know when to make a call to Melinda if needed. If I ensured that the apartment was a ground floor unit, we could also find a way to smuggle her back inside through a window if she wanted to watch what went on, which I was sure she would.

At around ten-thirty Faith and Melinda headed off to shop while I began walking the yellow pages for the apartment. It took me less than an hour to find a suitable apartment not too far from either Melinda or Leah's house at a reasonable rate. I spent the next couple of hours relaxing reading the newspaper until the bustling sound of the interconnecting door to the garage announced the arrival of the women.

Melinda had selected the lingerie in conjunction with Faith. I eyed off the lacy set of underwear, jade green and cut high on the hips, that would make Leah's legs look longer and murmured my appreciation. They had also decided to pay for a full beauty treatment at one of the health spas in the city.

The lunch between Leah and "Samantha" had started slowly, with Leah slow to admit that she was genuinely interested in the proposal. Samantha had worked her charms and reassured Leah that nothing in the photo shoot would occur without full agreement and that Samantha would respect whatever Leah wanted to do, or not do. When Leah had blushingly asked for a copy of the photos for herself and Clay, Melinda knew that she was hooked. Leah accepted the offer of three hundred dollars for the base shoot, and an additional two hundred for the lingerie shots. No negotiation had been needed.

'It's still some way from her agreeing to have sex with me,' I pointed out.

'It's a lot closer than yesterday,' Faith rejoined, and Melinda smiled in agreement.

The Preparations

That night we were all somewhat wired as we prepared for dinner in the Apartment. We had decided that it would be a good idea to stay there overnight and party down. We had the suits and camera gear and spent some time setting that up so that the first impression when Leah walked in would be of a serious studio. Once that was done we found a hiding place near the window for the video camera that would provide an all room aspect for Faith as she watched from the next room. We were able to run the power cord from the shelf it sat on down alongside a lamp power cord, which meant that it could be left permanently on. I hooked up the infra-red transmitter and then attached the receiver to the video recorder in the second bedroom. We would keep this door locked and in the unlikely event that Leah asked, we would tell her that we were paying the one bedroom rate on condition that we didn't use that room.

In a rare moment of technical supremacy for me, the video hook up worked on the first go. I sat watching the picture on the TV. Melinda sat opposite Faith at the small breakfast table on which were three whisky glasses, two one-litre bottles of vodkas, a bag of limes and a bag of sugar. I decided that the picture overall could be in a more close up mode and tried using the camera's infrared remote control. Unfortunately, after several attempts, I discovered that it would only work from within a few feet of the camera, so I decided that the view would have to remain fixed.

Happy with the set up I left the bedroom and came out to find my vodka waiting for me. The sweet liquid slid down dangerously fast and spread warmth through my body that became a heat. Seeing that both women were on their second, I suggested that we eat before we became too drunk. It was advice that was ignored.

Within an hour we were all giggling like school kids and I for one was experiencing a delicious lightness in my head. It was like an out of body experience that was neither strange nor uncomfortable.

'So tell me Melinda,' Faith asked, 'did you enjoy our show last night?'

'Ohh yes,' she murmured, 'I hope you didn't mind, I sort of decided that if the door was open then the invitation was there.'

'Exactly,' Faith replied, reaching into her now empty glass to pick out a lime rind to suck on. 'I wasn't sure whether or not you were going to join in.'

Despite being drunk I suddenly felt a new tension enter the room. It wasn't uncomfortable, but was sexual, and having spent most of the day thinking about tomorrow, my libido was high and the alcohol was stimulating it further.

'Well, I wasn't sure that's what you wanted,' Melinda answered. Her eyes had locked onto Faith's and I wasn't sure whether either of the women were aware of my presence in the rapidly developing sexually charged atmosphere. I opened my mouth to speak, then snapped it shut, deciding that in my light-headed state I was probably going to say something that would break the spell. It was Faith who finally broke it, placing her glass onto the table with a bang.

'We should play cards,' she suggested, reaching for the vodka bottle. The memory of us doing just that one night so many years ago with Melinda and her now ex-husband Toby flashed into my mind.

'I've got some in my bag,' I mumbled as I stood on unsteady feet and headed for the bedroom. I threw the clothes from my case all over the floor before finding the deck in a side pocket, then returned to the living room to hear laughter as Faith refilled all the glasses.

'What're you girls laughing about?'

'Nothing,' Melinda replied, wiping a tear from her eye. My mind grew paranoid but I decided that changing focus would be the best option.

'What are we going to play?' I asked, sitting on the chair that felt so stable under me after my little adventure through the apartment. I began to shuffle the deck, concentrating to avoid dropping the cards as I did so.

'Twenty one,' Faith said. 'With the rules we used the other day when we played.' I knew instantly what she was talking about and smiled.

'We'll need a pen and note paper,' I said.

'What are the rules?' Melinda asked as Faith fished through her handbag, triumphantly producing a small spirex notepad and a biro.

'Normal twenty one, but you have to raise the money to buy into each hand. You do this by selling...' I paused to think of an appropriate word,' '...favours,' I added.

'Or clothes,' Faith added, pushing the pen and paper towards me.

'We all have to agree with the value of the item. I write it down and the bank gives you the money. The bank owns the item of clothing, or favour and anyone can buy it from the bank at a fifty percent premium. Once someone has bought it, they can demand that the original seller honour it.' I could see Melinda looked a little confused so I continued.

'To keep it simple, we'll work in fives. Five dollars minimum to be in the hand. I reckon that me providing a foot massage has to be worth five dollars per foot. Are we agreed?'

I looked at each of them in turn, so I wrote down "Dave, double foot massage, $10."

'I have ten dollars. Now Melinda, if you find yourself with fifteen dollars, you can buy that from the bank and then collect the foot massage from me, see?' She nodded. 'Good, the only other rule is that you can't both buy and sell from the bank in one turn and you have to win a hand to buy from the bank.'

'Aha, yes, this is cool!' Melinda exclaimed. 'I'll offer a neck massage for ten dollars,' she continued and we agreed. Faith offered, and we accepted, ten dollars for a head and eye massage. I dealt, and at the end of the hand Melinda had won five dollars and Faith lost five. A hand later and I was up to twenty five, Melinda was back to ten and Faith was broke.

'Now,' I said. 'I could buy back my foot massage so no one else could get it.' I looked at each of them and smiled, 'however what fun would that be. I'll buy the neck massage and claim it straight away thanks Melinda.'

Faith retrieved some massage oil from her toiletry bag and I sat on the floor at Melinda's feet, my eyes shut as her fingers and palms worked my neck. With the alcohol buzzing through my bloodstream, the scent of the oil and the feel of her hands on my neck, I began to drift into a daze and harden in my jeans at the same time. Finally the time was up and it took some effort to prise open my eyelids and return to my chair. I was still semi erect and decided to take the plunge.

'How much is a passionate kiss worth?' I asked as matter-of-factly as I could.

'Five bucks!' Faith shot back.

'Done,' I said. 'And a shirt?' We agreed on prices for all our clothing and the game continued. I soon discovered that the easiest way to up the ante was to bet big, forcing whoever was dealer to carry enough credit to cover the bets.

Within twenty minutes I was bare-chested and Faith was sitting in jeans and a light grey sports bra, courtesy of some large and successful bets by Melinda. I was running out of cash so again so offered up my pants. I won four hands in a row and was wearing a broad smile when Melinda upped the ante.

'How much for five minutes of oral sex?' she asked. I glanced at my wife, but she remained silent.

'Fifty?' I offered, raising my eyebrows. No one disagreed so I jotted down the details. That would cost seventy-five to buy from the bank and at that point I had forty. Still a way to go. I had won the last hand and glanced at the list, seeing Melinda's shirt listed on it. Fifteen dollars later and I watched as she peeled her blouse off, revealing a white lacy bra and a smooth cleavage. I won again and decided that it was time to move from stripping into action.

'I'm buying the passionate kiss Melinda offered up,' I announced. I dragged my seat back from the table as she stood, then sat back down on it, motioning that I wanted her to straddle me on the chair. I pushed my knees together as she sat on my lap, her hair falling across my bare shoulder as she leaned towards me. Our mouths met, her lips soft, then parting. My tongue darted outwards and met hers. Her breath entered my mouth, warm and tasting of lime and alcohol. Our tongues entwined in a heady aroma and I was certain that she must have been able to feel my hardness pushing against the crotch of her black pants.

'Time's up,' Faith eventually called and we broke apart with great reluctance. At that stage I had no doubt we could have just continued, but the card game was part of the build up. I glanced at Faith to check her reaction and was pleased to see a faint flush in her cheeks indicating an increase in her arousal. As I hoped Melinda was too.

The very next hand saw me win again, but I chose to hold my winnings. Then the cycle shifted to Faith, winning twice in a row and forcing Melinda to offer her pants as cash, which she immediately purchased. We both watched as she shimmied from them, the black material revealing matching panties for the lace bra. I could see that she had shaved and I thought I could see the outline of her pussy lips through the sheer material, though I wasn't sure if it was just wishful thinking.

My erection just wouldn't go away, and when Faith bought my jeans, it was both a relief and a little embarrassing. As I unzipped the jeans, my erection immediately sprung forward, stretching the dark blue cotton boxers. But it was relief to be out of the confines of the tight denim.

'Hmmm, looks like someone's enjoying themselves,' Faith murmured and I saw Melinda nod in agreement. I abruptly sat back down, sliding my chair under the table. Only Faith remained wearing jeans, and with her recent wins, she hadn't needed to offer them up. Until she lost the next three hands in a row and I found myself with sixty dollars. But Melinda intervened, buying them.

'Finally,' she said and in no time at all, her tight, rounded butt, clad under a small pair of grey cotton panties was in sight. Given that I had won as well, I made a small purchase of a passionate kiss from Faith, again dragging my seat back and asking her to straddle me.

With Melinda, we had worn a collective chastity belt of denim and cotton pants. This time my erection pushed freely upwards against the thin material of my boxers and she was similarly clad. I could feel the heat between her legs as soon as we made contact and felt Faith grind down against me. Her tongue darted in small, fast movements into my mouth, coaxing my tongue into hers where she clamped her lips around it and sucked it like a surrogate dick. My cock ached to be inside her and I was sliding my hands onto her buttocks, intending to pull her panties to one side, when Melinda called time.

Reluctantly we parted, our breathing ragged and cheeks flushed. It was difficult to stop, but with a great effort of will, we succeeded, Faith returning to her seat. Another hand was dealt, this time in near silence as we were each lost in our thoughts. Faith's thoughts were either lost in lust, or she were trying to force things to happen, as she bet big and lost to Melinda. On the very next hand she bet big again, losing to me this time. I counted and found I had eighty dollars and without hesitating I bought the oral sex Melinda had sold to the bank.

'I want you to crawl across the floor to me,' I said, coughing slightly as I found my voice had become somewhat throaty. I watched as she slid from her chair onto the soft carpet, her hair falling forward to half hide her face as she moved towards me, her butt wiggling invitingly from side to side as she crawled.

Sliding my hips forward to the edge of my seat, I reached down and flicked open the buttons on my boxers, allowing my cock to poke free, a thick pink rod pushing towards her.

'No hands, just your mouth,' I instructed as she stopped in front of me. I could feel Melinda's breath hot on the head of my cock and I was unable to look away as her mouth opened and her tongue snaked out to touch me. My cock jumped in response to the contact and I fought to remain still. I had ensured that we were side on to Faith and looked over to see a look of rapt fascination as Melinda's lips parted again, her head moving forward to engulf the swollen head. A low moan of animal pleasure escaped from me and I shifted slightly forward, pressing into her mouth.

Her hand came up from the floor and pressed against my thighs, holding me in place on the chair. I reached down to brush her hair back, revealing us to Faith. My head slowly sank backwards as Melinda's mouth slid down until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. The heat in her mouth was tremendous and I was savouring the action of her tongue as it swirled around my length in a lazy circular motion. Then she drew back again, revealing my shaft, slick with saliva and with the faintest tinge of red from her lipstick.

For the next few minutes the world was blotted out as Melinda licked around the head, nipped at it's ridged underside, engulfed me to the base, ran her lips along the shaft and drove me into oblivion. I didn't hear Faith when she called that five minutes was up, but on opening my eyes saw that Melinda had already returned to her seat, a seductive smile of superiority on her face. I knew that she too must have been as horny as hell, but was able to hide it in a way I couldn't. I longed to pick her up, throw her onto the table, rip her panties aside and fuck her senseless. But that was outside the rules of the game. For now.

Almost broke and craving for more sex, I sold sex in any position to the bank for one hundred dollars. There was big money going now as we each wanted some of the action. Faith won the oral sex offer I had in and I spent five delicious minutes driving her to the edge of orgasm, but slowing enough to leave her hanging. Her pussy was so wet that when I broke contact, my chin was slick. Faith's eyes were glazed and now she was so broke that she also put in sex in any position. I had quietly amassed one hundred and fifty dollars but was saving it.

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