tagGroup SexThe Seduction of Sara Ch. 02

The Seduction of Sara Ch. 02


* * * PART V (in Sara's voice) * * *

My body had quivered with excitement as I listened to Lily describe every steamy detail of her outdoor tryst. The exhilaration of committing their naked bodies to the open air... the uncertainty of being discovered by prying eyes... it was hot! As Lily brought her tale to a close, I took a long sip from my drink to calm my nerves. My senses were heightened, and the liquor warmed my insides.

I hadn't felt this way in a long time. I had once been so carefree about sex, giving myself over to my wildest fantasies, unselfconscious about what people would think. Unfortunately, it was precisely that propensity that had made the split with my ex-boyfriend so embarrassing and so shattering to my personality. But it was just this old personality that I now saw reflecting in my four new friends. They were mirrors to my true self. As I came to feel a greater and greater affection for them, I once again began to feel at home in my own body and its deepest desires. The self-deprecations of the past few months were so many judgments lifted by the openness with which I had been accepted into this circle of friends.

The five of us glowed. Our faces, like the rest of our bodies, were flush with the hot blood that was seeping into the capillaries of our searing flesh. And every burnt into me as Drew called upon me to take my turn. What could I say to keep kindling this fire?

Immediately, my curiosity answered for me. From the moment I had met my four new friends, I could sense a mysterious intimacy among them. What was their story? How was it that four people came to have the kind of openness and trust that even the most intimate lovers struggle to achieve? My curiosity burned and issued a challenge.

Not knowing the inferno it would ignite, I spoke. "I never had sex with multiple partners."

And it was true—I never had. However, just mouthing the words twisted an old thorn in my side. Just this summer I had wanted to try a threesome. But my boyfriend had been unwilling to go that road with me. His unwillingness, and his ridicule, had been the sting of embarrassment that hadn't really worn off until this very night. But at this moment I was unconcerned about my own history—it was the history of my four new friends that I longed to bring to light.

As I issued my challenge, I could immediately tell I was on to something. Furtively, the four of them glanced around at each other. Had a pushed the envelope too far? However, as each of their faces slowly lit up with the sly smiles of criminals whose clever plot had been discovered, I began to suspect that I had pushed the envelope exactly far enough.

Were my suspicions confirmed? My pulse raced as I wondered if had stumbled onto a truth even juicier than I had suspected. The silence was too prolonged for my suspicion to be wholly false. And the silence was unbearably tense!

The four of them seem to reach an unspoken consensus, and their sly, smirking faces turned back to me. Each smirk seemed to ask: do you really want to know the answer?

As I glanced around the table, images of a foursome began to flash before my mind —their hot, naked bodies sweat-drenched and tangled together. Could this be the secret that their smirking faces seemed to suggest?

I could tell that their reluctance was a house of cards. Each hesitating smirk disguised a burning desire to let me into their world. Unafraid, I walked through the door that they offered me, bringing the house of cards down around us.

"Well?" I challenged, setting my eyes expectantly on Steve. It was his turn to answer my challenge.

All of us slowly leaned into table, just as we had done when Lily told her story. Steve smiled, not sure how he wanted to respond. And then, taking courage from his friends, he lifted his glass into the air. Before he could bring it to his lips, however, Julie, Drew, and Lily all reached for their glasses and lifted them to a toast with Steve.

I was right! The realization hit like a surge of electricity through my brain! Each of them smiled brightly at me, pressing the truth into me with their eyes. Their intimacy was no mere friendship—the four of them had fucked each other!

I was now completely at a loss for how to respond. The four of them drank deeply from their glasses. As each glass returned to the table, the confession was complete. My mind raced, and I immediately found myself unable to contain my thoughts.

"Oh my god!" I blurted. "Are you serious?!" I couldn't help but laugh, absolutely tickled by the idea.

All four heads nodded earnestly as they joined my laughter.

"That is so hot!" I couldn't help but admit. Each of them was blushing with the immodesty of having bared their souls to me, but none of them hide their excited smiles. "So hot!" I repeated.

A good bout of laughter seemed to clear the air. Their secret had been but a thin veil surrounding the four of them. But they had now invited me behind the veil, and I now shared the intimacy of their private world.

"So, okay," I finally said, not too sure what I wanted to ask. My palpable unease brought forth another round of giggles. But I continued, "So you mean... all four of you... together?"

Still beaming with excitement, Julie nodded wholeheartedly.

"Wow," I remarked with profundity. I looked, wide-eyed, around the circle. Julie, Drew, Lily and Steve—each of their smirking faces was relishing my curiosity.

"So..." I continued, not quite sure how to ask all the questions I was dying to ask.

Julie interjected, "You're dying to know more, aren't you?"

"Well... yeah!" I confessed, thankful that Julie sympathized with the curiosity that burned inside me. But I qualified myself, still unsure how much I could expect my new friends to reveal. "I mean, yeah, you've definitely piqued by curiosity. But..."

"Do you want to hear the story?" Julie interrupted, raising her eyebrows at me. "I think we'd all be okay if you knew." Julie glanced around as everyone eagerly agreed.

Not quite believing what I was about to do, I answered, "Okay... that's a story I'd love to hear."

Julie's smile became even brighter. Glancing around again at the faces of her intimate friends, she leaned in over the table, and we all drew in closely to hear what she would say.

After a dramatic pause, Julie spoke. "It all began in April. Drew was living in Boston, and he had come to visit for the weekend. Steve had just moved to the city, and we decided to introduce him to Lily..."

The incandescent votive candles reflected onto our faces as we were drawn into Julie's tale. Drew, Lily and Steve were just as enraptured as I was, probably anxious to discover just how much of the story Julie was willing to tell. I felt a deep kinship with each of them. There was an inner beauty to them that mirrored their outer appearances. As we leaned closely together, clinging to Julie's voice, I fell deeply into each of their eyes, transporting myself into their world.

"...It was that weekend, in fact, that we last came to this very bar." I snapped my eyes onto Julie, realizing that I had played a part in the story she was about to tell! Julie's soft eyes were reassuring, and I found myself trusting her to reveal anything she wished to tell.

"Well, that night, Steve and Lily really hit it off. Drew and I were thrilled to see our two best friends falling for each other. So the next night, we invited Steve over to the apartment to watch a movie with the rest of us."

I couldn't believe it. She skipped over the entire night at the bar! Everyone else glanced around when they realized that she had left out a crucial part of the story. Even Steve seemed disturbed. Had he found out what happened that night? Did he know that I was a part of it?

Still, everyone seemed to let Julie pass over the details of that evening, perhaps assuming that it was too private for her to reveal. Hanging on her every word, we let her continue.

"So we were all sitting around watching the movie, and after it was over, we started talking about this one scene that took place at a lingerie fashion show. Well, I don't know what came over me, but before I knew it I was suggesting that Lily and I put on a fashion show for the guys!"

Steve and Drew nodded, remembering the night fondly. I cast Julie and Lily a surprised look, but smiled, encouraging Julie to continue.

"You see, that day Lily and I had just done some lingerie shopping ourselves. And we were both really excited about the sexy little outfits we had bought. Well, as soon as I mentioned the idea of showing the outfits to Steve and Drew, the idea took on a life of its own! Ever since I helped Lily pick out her lingerie, I was dying to see the look on Steve's face when Lily finally showed it to him. And even though I had picked out my own lingerie with Drew in mind, there was something so hot about letting Steve get a peek at what Drew would get to enjoy!"

Everyone nodded, agreeing completely with Julie's description of the mood that night. I could just imagine the looks Steve and Drew must have had on their faces when Julie made her devilish suggestion! Glancing down at Julie and Lily's bodies, I understood at once how they could have had the confidence of lingerie models. I wondered whether I would have been so bold in the same situation and eagerly listened to Julie continue.

"When Lily and I went into her room to change, we had an even better idea. We would put our regular clothes back on over the lingerie. Just when the guys began to think we had chickened out, we'd give them the show of a lifetime!

"Just as we suspected, the poor guys looked utterly disappointed when we emerged in our regular clothes. But boy did their faces light up when we put on some music and started to dance for them!"

My heart was palpitating with excitement as I watched Steve and Drew react. They were completely enamored with Julie and Lily, reliving the euphoria of that night as Julie described it for us.

"Lily and I teased the two of them mercilessly, eventually stripping down to our skimpy lingerie. Drew and Steve—their reactions were so priceless. For Lily and I, it became a game to see just how much of a rise we could get out of them.... no pun intended," Julie smirked.

"But it's true. The guys were looking quite uncomfortable in their pants, especially when Lily and I started to grind on them! I was getting a kick out of watching Lily work her magic on Steve. Believe it or not, she was once not nearly as outgoing as she has been tonight!"

Julie and Lily exchanged smiles, and Julie went on. "Well, the more I felt their eyes on me, the more turned on I became! Lily and I were having the time of our lives toying Drew and Steve's lust, but it was becoming clear that all of us were starting to want more than a tease!"

Julie took a deep breath, preparing the next part of the story. More than a tease? I was dying to find out what she meant!

"As I watched Lily grind her scantily-clad body into Steve's crotch, and as I rubbed myself against Drew, I couldn't help but want the guys to give us something in return! But Lily beat me to the punch. She demanded that the guys strip for us, too!"

I glanced around at Drew and Steve, who were grinning with delight to hear this story from Julie's perspective. Both of them seemed to be shifting uncomfortably, and as I realized that both of them must have been as aroused as I was, I began to wish I could have seen them strip off those clothes! They both had gorgeous, muscular bodies—and to keep two women like Julie and Lily satisfied, they must have been swinging some incredible pipe!

Julie's voice interrupted that thought. "Lily and I pulled them off the couch and took the spectator's seats for ourselves. And the guys put on an excellent show! By the time Drew got down to his boxers, I was dying to jump his bones! And when the guys—both only in their boxers—started swinging their hips in our faces, I started getting even more devilish ideas! Poor Lily and Steve. Even though they were really into each other, they barely knew one another at this point—and here I was, about to put them in the most awkward situation of their lives!"

Lily and Steve laughed in agreement, seeming to remember how uncomfortable they had felt. What had Julie done? What was so devilish that it made Lily and Steve, even now, start squirming in their seats?! I was locked in suspense as I waited for Julie to continue.

"Well, I couldn't help myself!" Julie insisted. "The mood was set. With the four of us down to our underwear, was it really going to stop there? I glanced over at Lily and Steve. The most playful, most mischievous part of me didn't just want them to hook up—I wanted to make it happen!"

Julie leaned in even closer, preparing to make her revelation. We pulled in so closely that our foreheads nearly touched. And then she spoke.

"Completely aware of the line I was about to cross, I grabbed Drew's boxers and dropped them to the floor!"

My pulse quickened as the impact of Julie's words exploded into my mind. The image was so vivid: I pictured Drew staring down at Julie, half-naked as she sprung loose his anxious erection! What was going through Steve and Lily's minds as they watched Julie disrobe her boyfriend in front of them?!

Julie voice raced with exhilaration. She couldn't seem to restrain herself from revealing each and every detail of what happened next!

"Lily and Steve were astonished. But neither of them could help but wonder what I was up to! So I indulged them! To Drew's utter shock, I grabbed him and began to rub his cock right there in front of our friends!"

My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe Julie was telling me all of this! She didn't seem to believe it herself. Even as she spoke the words, she seemed surprised at herself, and yet she seemed to get a certain giddy pleasure out of speaking so openly!

"Steve was so shocked, he almost tried to drag Lily out of the room! Damn fool!" she winked at Steve. "Well, Lily wasn't about to let him go..." Julie paused, keeping us in suspense. "...so she start started rubbing his cock, too! And you'd better believe that made him stay put!"

Steve and Drew were getting a kick out of hearing Julie give such graphic detail. There's no better way to pad a man's ego than to talk adoringly about his cock! And Steve and Drew couldn't hide their excitement at seeing my reactions!

"Well, the next thing I knew, I was watching Lily suck Steve off! And they were watching me go down on Drew! It was one of the most erotic moments of my life!"

My throat went dry. Just hearing Julie speak these words was one of the most erotic moments of my life! I could just barely begin to imagine how hot it would be to watch my best friend give a blow job! I had always had a sort of twisted curiosity to see what my friends did behind closed doors—but to actually sit there and watch, to let my friends show me their most intimate moments—the idea blew my mind!

"I thought that I would be self-conscious about letting someone other than Drew watch me give a blow job," Julie confessed. "But realizing how hot Lily looked as she took Steve into her mouth, I brimmed with confidence. I had an insatiable desire to give Lily and Steve the same kind of show, and let them see just how sexy it was to watch me make Drew come with my mouth!"

The more Julie told, the juicier her descriptions became. Her words had me so turned on that I almost feared I would start to get off right there in the booth!

"Of course, the guys were even more turned on than we were. Drew was as hard as I had ever felt him! And Steve's cock was visibly throbbing as Lily put her lips on it. Sara," she said, reminding me that this whole story was for my benefit, "it was fucking amazing!"

I smiled with fascination, trying to hide the tremors that were rumbling through my body. I nodded, trying to speak but unable to make a sound with my blanched throat. I cleared my throat and answered, "That's the most amazing thing I've ever even heard!"

Julie's face lit up immediately, and she seemed delighted to see that she hadn't scared me off. On the contrary! She had drawn me in! With the four of them pressed in tightly all around me, I almost felt as if I had been there in the moments Julie had described. I could almost feel the heat of their bodies against mine, the silky touch of lingerie that the guys had felt grinding against their skin, the feeling of their ravenous eyes upon me as I let a hard cock press between my lips.

The four of them giggled, giddy to have the details of their erotic night out in the open. I felt as if the five of us were entangled in an orgy of words. Inevitably, our bodies had become sexualized in the heat of the story, and I couldn't help but feel an attraction to each one of them. Julie wetted her lips, anxious to say more. Irresistibly, I imagined her beautiful lips planting wet kisses on the tip of Drew's erection. The only thing that could have shaken me out of this moment was what she said next.

"Of course," she paused, "that was only the beginning."

I blinked several times, trying to register Julie's words. Julie giggled at my bewilderment. "But I won't overwhelm you with all that just yet," she teased.

Just yet? Oh how I longed to be overwhelmed! Julie had set free a horde of desires within me that had long been repressed. Oh how I wanted that horde to consume me! I wanted to give myself over to my new friends. I wanted to have each of them with the intimacy with which they had each other. But was I merely a guest in their world for this one night? Was I destined to feel the warmth of their hospitality only to become a nuisance if I overstayed my welcome? Perhaps I could only enter their world by opening my world to them in return.

"Oh, you've already overwhelmed me!" I answered Julie, laughing. "In the best possible way!"

The four of them laughed along with me, relieved to hear my enthusiasm. I felt their eyes burn against my body. Could it be that they felt the same lust for me that I did for them? That hope smoldered inside me.

There was a long silence as we all waited to see if Julie would continue. Julie simply stared into my eyes, smiling. What was she thinking right now as her eyes pierced through me?

Julie blinked, snapping out of her pensive stare. "I'm sorry, Steve," she said. "I interrupted the game before you got to take your turn!"

Laughing, Steve replied, "You can interrupt me any time you want if you're going to tell a story like that!"

Julie smiled, coyly taking a sip from her drink. "Well, the game must go on," Julie said, putting her drink back on the table.

She commanded her usual authority, and Steve went to work thinking about his turn. We all slouched back into our seats, disappointed that story time was over.

* * * PART VI (in Drew's voice) * * *

I was hard as a rock after hearing Julie recount our first night with Lily and Steve. As Julie's lips dripped each sumptuous detail, I had watched Sara's every reaction, her astonishment and fascination. Julie's words seemed to rub Sara just the right way, teasing her and pleasuring her with every syllable. Watching the two of them go at it, watching Sara's imagination churn with images of Julie and Lily giving us blow jobs—it was enough to nearly bring me over the edge.

What was Julie up to? She and Sara were so much alike. It was no wonder they had become instant friends. But Julie was clearly up to more than that. The teasing, the sexual playfulness—this was a part of Julie's personality that came out only with me, and more recently, with Lily and Steve. Whatever Julie's intentions were, I could tell that Sara was hooked. And as we all waited eagerly for Steve to continue our little game, I wondered how far Sara's curiosity would take her.

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