tagLoving WivesThe Seduction of Victoria

The Seduction of Victoria


When asked what about my wife I love the most about her my answer is always her flirtatious nature. It isn't that her other attributes aren't great. Hell she has a body that belongs on a centerfold and was even offered that chance but turned it down. She claims that the only reason she did the test shoot for them was because of my encouragement. I still have the pictures from that test shoot.

She isn't a prude or she would have never let them take any nude pictures of her during the test shoot but the reason she said she didn't want go through with the full magazine layout was because as a newlywed she didn't want to live that lifestyle. That was five years ago and I think she is even hotter now then she was then.

More men that I can count have lusted after Vitoria (my wife), or Vicky to her friends. As I have said she is a flirt or some would call her a cock tease. It doesn't bother me since the most any of them will get is maybe a kiss, with tongue if they are lucky, and to cop a feel of her sexy hot body. Only once had she gone further than that when she gave one of her coworkers a blowjob at an office Christmas party. I wasn't able attend that party for some reason and when she got home a bit tipsy I was able to taste him when she kissed me.

For some reason my Vicky can't lie to me. She didn't want to tell me what happened but I was able to drag it out of her. The booze was plentiful as was the mistletoe and the combination of having too much to drink and all the kissing got her too hot. Jeff, her coworker, took advantage of the situation and got her alone. He got her shirt off and played with her tits and even pulled up her skirt and played with her pussy through her panties. She isn't sure if he got his finger in her pussy but thinks he did. When he got her really worked up he got her to blow him and she swallowed his cum, or at least most of it. She climbed up on him ready to fuck him when she kissed him. When he realized that she shoved some of his cum into his mouth he freaked out and throw her off of him and ran out of the room but with his pants down to his ankles and not being too sober he tripped in the hall fell and hit his head knocking himself out.

When she told me that I fell over backwards laughing. My reaction confused the hell out of her, she was afraid I would leave her or hurt her because she cheated on me. At first she just stared at me in shock at my reaction till anger over took her and she started screaming at me that I should be angry with her not laughing. That made me laugh even more. Reassuring her that I still loved her and wasn't going to leave her she tore off her cloths then attacked me tearing off mine. We never did make it to bed that night and boy was she confused when she woke up the next morning curled up with me on the living room floor since she didn't remember most of what happened after she got home.

That happened about two and a half years ago. She wanted to finish her copulation with Jeff, told her she could if she told me every detail but before they could he propositioned one of the secretaries at the company and she screamed sexual harassment which resulted in him getting fired. She came home that night nearly in tears because he was gone and she wasn't going to get his large cock in her pussy.

Taking pity on her and even on him, I told her to clean herself up and put on her sexiest lingerie and a skimpy barely there dress and go pay him a visit and cheer him up all night long. It took all my willpower to let her go to him, she was absolutely stunningly sexy and with just enough sluttiness to give me an instant hard-on. Nearly an hour latter she came mopping back into our home. He had a wife who wasn't too pleased with my wife showing up to fuck her husband. Not only did Jeff not get to fuck my wife but his wife kicked him out that night and divorced him. He left town the next day and we didn't hear from him again for many years.

It took a month before she was back to being her flirtatious self. I knew she was back to normal when about three months latter at a party she was the center of every guys attention. I saw her making out with at least three guys, not counting the casual peck on the cheek but locked lips for with tongue. The funniest part of the party was when she got some guy so hot and bothered that he came in his pants.

Latter when we got home she confessed that it was actually five guys she made out with, two of them got their hands under her skirt, one of them even got as far as getting his finger in her pussy. She had also gotten his cock out of his pants and jerking him to a hard-on that she guided him into herself. Just when he was all the way in and began his second stroke into my wife his wife walked in on them. This confession came after she nearly raped me upon getting home.

Vicky and I still argue about that night. She says that what they did wasn't really fucking since he didn't cum in her, I say it is was as soon as he entered her. That argument always ends the same way, with each of us trying to demonstrate our point. When I initiate that argument it is when I want a hot sweaty fuck with my wife up against the wall, I am sure she wants the same thing when she starts that argument. A few times she started it by telling me that she was wearing those same panties she had on that night.

The next morning I got a call from the guy's wife. She was pissed at what happened and was leaving her husband and thought I should know what my wife did. She was taken back when I told her that my wife already told me what happened and that I wasn't going to do anything about it.

What did happen was that we stopped getting invited to parties and my wife lost most of her so called friends. One of her former friends even told me that she didn't trust my wife near her husband and didn't want a home wrecker withing a hundred yards of him.

About a year ago a young couple about our age moved in next door. The four of us hit it off right away and became best friends. We started hanging out with each other at either their house or ours. Often we would all take off together for a weekend getaway.

Shortly after they moved in my wife told me that Stacy (our new next door neighbor, her husband's name is Jack) told her that once they settled in they were going to start trying to have a family. After about four months both Stacy and my wife went off the pill. Unfortunately, unlike Jack, I had to wear a rubber from then on.

Vicky confessed to me on more than a few occasions how much of a hot stud she thought he was. It didn't take long for her to great him with a hug and a kiss on the mouth when ever we got together. He would often cop a feel of her nice ass or her breasts. Stacy didn't seem to mind, she would tell my wife about their sex life and how huge Jack is.

Stacy had a shirt that read, "This belly is waiting to be filled with Jack's baby." on the front. Vicky had it printed as a gag gift for when they went off the pill. It was a simple white t-shirt but Stacy liked to wear it without a bra when she was at home or just around us. Both Jack and I enjoyed that sight. Stacy would get so much attention from us guys that she joked that she should lend that shirt to Vicky when she gets knocked up. My wife would blush causing us guys to bust up laughing.

It didn't take them long till Stacy was pregnant, only two months of trying but they didn't tell us till she was almost two months along. The four of us had a celebration and Vicky gave Stacy another new white t-shirt, this one read, "I have Jack's Baby." Much to my surprise and enjoyment she pulled off her "waiting" t-shirt and put on the new one in front of all of us.

What followed really shocked me. Stacy gave Vicky the "waiting" t-shirt and made her put it on right there. She made my wife not only take off her shirt but her bra as well since Stacy felt that no one should ever wear a bra with that t-shirt or the new one. Then she made Vicky take her pants off so she would be just in the t-shirt and panties. Vicky relented only if Stacy did the same, much to my surprise they both had on matching baby blue bikini panties.

Jack grabbed my wife and pulled her to his lap and began fondling her. She started squirming as he nibbled on her ear and tickled her neck with his lips. At first I thought her squirming was an attempt to escape him as he felt her up but it downed on me that she was really grinding her ass into his cock. Her panties were already getting damp as he reached up under the t-shirt to play with her tits as he whispered not too quietly, "If you keep wearing that shirt I will do my best to make it happen."

"No, no. I am not on the pill. We shouldn't go that far." Vicky responded but her body said something else as Jack worked his hand down her pantie, and into her pussy and he began to finger fuck her. Bringing Vicky to an orgasm I realized that Stacy had been taking pictures with their digital camera. Handing me the camera Stacy informed me, "Don't worry he isn't going to fuck her. At least not tonight."

What fallowed was a photo shoot. Among my favorite pictures was one with Jack standing with both his and my wife standing on either side of him with his arms around him, they all had a smile. There were several pictures that followed that one with Jack sucking on the breasts of both women. They also felt that since Jack gave my wife an orgasm with his finger that she should return the favor with a blowjob and she did. He was huge, at least nine inches, but he didn't cum down my wife's throat. He had her lay on her back as he jacked off and came on her pantie covered pussy, a few plashes did land on her breasts. Stacy then rubbed Jack's cum into Vicky's panties and over as much of her body as she could.

Stumbling home from the party my wife left her clothes behind and just wore that t-shirt, panties and a pair of very high heels. A part of me wished there was more witnesses to her antics. Once home she did let me fuck her but only with a condom. Then she was out like a light.

For the next several months not much happened between my wife and Jack. Sure they flirted with each other outrageously and they would feel each other up as often as possible but he only got the occasion blowjob from my wife, only three more over those few months, and yes my wife did swallow those ones unlike that first one. I found out a few weeks after that happened that everything at that party was all prearranged.

When Stacy was about six months pregnant they invited us over for dinner. It was a hot summer day so my wife decided to wear a very short fairly shear summer dress that showed off a lot of cleavage. I could tell she didn't have a bra on but I wasn't complaining and I could also see the outline of a small pair of white panties. Noticing that I was checking her out my wife pulled up the hem of her dress to show me her panties. They were also very shear and I didn't recognize them. Asking her if they were new she told me, "Yes, Jack gave them to me." Grabbing a condom from next to the bed I walked over to her and tucked it down the front of her panties saying, "Just in case Jack gets in." Vicky just giggle and dropped the hem of her dress.

Upon arriving at their house we found out that the heat got to Stacy and she wasn't doing too well so my wife took over much of the cooking and hostess duties while Jack played bartender. The drinks he gave me were a lot stronger than normal and it wasn't long before I was feeling them but they kept coming. I noticed that my wife got pretty tipsy as the afternoon past into evening.

At some point I must have passed out for a while. When I woke up I was felling pretty groggy but didn't move, not sure if I was able to at that point. It was dark and across the living room I could see that Jack and my wife were playing slap and tickle. Stacy was no place to be seen, I barely remembered that she had already retired since she wasn't feeling well. That must have been why he served me such strong drinks, to have his way with my wife. The only thing I didn't understand was why this way. I was sure that if he wanted he could have taken her anytime he wanted.

Not long after I came to that Jack got that summer dress off my wife as they were kissing. Sliding down he took her panties with him and found the condom I tucked there. Holding it up to my wife she told him that I had put it there to protect her from his seed. "No protection there." he said as he toast it away. Planting his face between my wife's legs he caused my wife to writhe in pleasure. Watching them I got a hard-on but I dared not move in case I spooked them.

It seemed like an hour or more but probably wasn't before I noticed that Jack was pulling himself up my wife as she laid on the couch. I don't know how or when but he no longer had any cloths on. As their mouths locked in a passionate kiss I noticed that his monster of a cock was taking aim between my wife's legs and it was bare, the condom apparently forgotten except by me. Slowly he penetrated my wife. Braking their kiss she bent her head back and muttered a low moan.

When he was about a quarter of the way in he pulled back nearly all the way out then back in. My wife moaned even louder. Penetrating half way into her this time, he paused to kiss her and let her get used to his size before he pulled out and pushed nearly all the way into her. I wondered if he would be able to get that entire monster of his into her.

Pulling all the way out he slammed back into her sheathing his potent cock all the way into my wife's unprotected pussy. She screamed out in a guttural mix of passion and pain. Jack just held himself buried in her, letting her to get used to his size. Slowly he pulled out and back in. She continued to moan but more quietly. Slowly he built up his speed, her moaning increased in pitch and volume to match.

As his potent cock plundered my wife's unprotected and fertile pussy she rapped her legs and arms around him screamed out in an orgasm that I am sure the neighbors heard. "Oh god, oh god." She repeated over and over between moans.

Some motion caught the corner of my eye. Turning my head very slowly I noticed that Stacy was hiding in the shadow. She was leaning up against the wall fingering herself as her husband fucked my wife, her best friend.

Looking back at the lovers I noticed that my movement didn't give me away. I wondered if I should stop them and prevent him from planting his seed in my wife. For some unknown reason I just could not bring myself to do it. A part of me hoped that she would allow him that ultimate privilege.

I noticed that he was getting close as he muttered, "In or on?" My wife moaned what sounded like "In." He must have thought she said the same thing I thought since he came in her as she had another screaming orgasm. They just held each other for a moment then they started kissing each other. Either he didn't go soft or her kisses got him hard again (they often have that effect on me) since he started fucking her again.

After a few minutes he pulled her up and bent her over the arm of the couch and took her from behind. This time he lasted at least twice as long as the first time and she was far more vocal. To hear your wife begging another man to fuck her and to knock her up would piss off most men, for me I got off on it and wished I could get some relief.

Filling my wife for the second time he lead her off with Stacy, I imagine to their bed for the rest of the night. When they were gone I took the opportunity to give myself some relief and jerked off to the memory of my wife no longer being faithful and possibly impregnated.

Waking up the next morning I noticed that Stacy was off in the kitchen and my wife, still nude, walking into the living room on Jack's arm who was wearing some PJ bottoms. Pulling herself away from Jack, my wife grabbed her dress and quickly pulling it on as she glanced at me with a guilty look. Jack picked up her panties and held them out to her told her, "Don't forget these."

I chose that moment to sit up. My head spun and I let out a moan. My wife quickly grabbed her panties from Jack and hid them behind her back as she turned to me wishing me a good morning. It was all I could do to keep the contents of my stomach down as I got up and wondered to the bathroom.

Returning from the bathroom nearly half an hour latter I found my wife sitting on Jack's lap with her dress pushed up to around her waist and her legs on either side of his. Her head was tilted back as she rhythmically slid up and down. Stacy sat on the other side of the table eating a bowl of cereal and watching the two new lovers.

Walking over I sat next to Stacy to watched the show. When my wife realized I was sitting across from her as she was getting fucked she settled down and sat motionless. Taking a deep breath that caused her breasts to strain against her dress she picked up a peace of toast. Licking her lips she very slowly placed a corner of the piece of toast in her mouth taking a bite of it then wiped her mouth with a white lacy cloth in her other hand. I noticed it was her panties about the same time she did. Jerking her hand away and under the table she asked me how I slept. "Terrible," I told her, "I think I am going to go home and take some aspirin and some water and go back to bed."

"OK, I will be home in a little while. I am um going to help clean up here first." She said weekly. Nodding I just got up and staggered home. Before I passed out in my own bed I noticed that it was just after ten A.M..

When I woke I heard the shower running but it was too dark. Turning on the bedroom light I noticed that it was nearly one in the morning. Glancing toward the bathroom I spotted my wife's dress on the floor in the bedroom doorway, her panties a few feet away. Getting up I walked over to her panties and picked them up. The crotch was covered in cum. Sitting back on the bed I stared at her panties as I held them for a long time. My thoughts a jumble of emotions.

I am not sure how long I sat there, didn't even notice when the shower stopped. Looking up I noticed my wife walking from the bathroom into our bedroom with nothing on but a towel around her hair. She froze when she saw what I was holding. Slowly a tear started to trickle down her cheek, then the dam burs and the water works began in earnest.

Running to me she knelt before me and pleaded for my forgiveness. "Did you enjoy the sex you had with Jack?" She nodded ever so slightly. "Is this something that is going to happen again?" Very slowly and weekly she said, "Probably."

"Do you love him?" she shook her head no, "Do you love his cock?" she nodded. "Do you still love me?", "Oh god yes, I still love you.", "Do you plan on leaving me?" she shook her head violently. Dropping her panties I gently grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her toward me and kissed her on the lips. Springing forth she pushed me back on to the bed and continued to kiss me. Ripping off my cloths we commenced to make love but before I could enter her she handed me a condom. "It is the same one you stuck down my panties last night."

When I filled that condom that I had hoped would prevent another man's seed from gaining access to my wife's fertile garden I gave her my forgiveness. Drifting off to sleep I knew that our lives had forever changed.

Over the next few weeks I filmed my wife and Jack having sex in every room of our house. Each scene started the same, my wife would wear a pair of high healed stiletto fuck-me sandals, a pair of sexy panties, never the same panties in any of the scenes, and that white t-shirt that said "This belly is waiting to be filled with Jack's baby." Each scene ended the same with Jack blasting his seed into my fertile wife.

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