tagNovels and NovellasThe Servant Ch. 11

The Servant Ch. 11


Chapter 11 – A servant’s pleasure

The following morning was Sunday. As soon as both women were awake, Trish asked her Mistress for permission to relieve herself. Eve picked up her whip and had the servant follow her to the street. Fortunately the policewoman had no need to use it: Trish peed on cue and wiped herself off. It helped that no neighbors were out of their houses that early in the morning, but it also helped that Trish was more accepting of her servitude and more relaxed about doing what she was told.

After going back inside, Eve ordered Trish to stand still so she could smear heavy-duty water-proof sunscreen on her face and upper body. She then ordered her servant to follow her next door to Flora's house. The older couple was ready to go out. Pierre was holding a bag full of swimming flippers and diving masks. There were gallon-jugs of water sitting on the porch with bags of fruit. Flora had a water-proof camera hanging around her neck. Also present was a very well-built young man who turned out to be a son with the same name as his father.

For the first time since her arrival on the Island, Trish was going to have the chance to go to one of its beaches. Eve, Trish, and the younger Pierre divided the load between them and they took a path that lead through a grassy salt marsh to the shore. The area was bigger than it appeared from Eve's house and it took the group 40 minutes to cross it. They arrived at a fishing village and a spot where several open-hull boats had been pulled onto the beach. Pierre junior talked to a cluster of young men, one of whom agreed to take the group onto the water. The villagers pushed one of the boats into the surf and the five passengers got in.

The boat crossed a smooth open stretch of water, heading east towards a line of rocks and breakers in the distance. During the journey Eve took several pictures of her servant. She handed the camera to Flora and held Trish's shoulders, wanting several photos of together with "her little sexpot".

Just short of the rocks, the boat owner cut off his motor and dropped an anchor. Eve and her companions then did something that surprised the American: they got undressed and stashed their clothing in a water-proof bag. The younger Pierre passed out snorkeling gear to the group. His eyes scanned Trish as he handed her a mask and flippers. Trish was looking at him as well. Along with his muscular body, he had a nice large cock that now was on display. She badly wanted to touch it and couldn't get her mind off thinking how much she'd like to have him inside her.

Like everyone else, Pierre junior was curious about Trish's lack of pubic hair. She glanced at her Mistress, who ordered her to tell the story of her depilation treatments. For the first time Trish enjoyed going into detail about how her hair had been taken off. She spread her legs so he could get a better view. When Pierre junior asked for permission to touch Trish's vulva, Eve consented. Trish willingly kept her legs spread, badly wanting to feel the young man's hand caressing her. His fingertips passed over her pubic area, but she wanted him to move down...just a little. She could tell that he wanted to, but with her owner and his parents still sitting in the boat, he was not about to take that risk. Now, that really sucked. Trish desperately needed some good sex and an orgasm...

Eve took it for granted that her servant knew how to swim. Noting that she was giving Flora's son too much attention, she gave Trish a crisp slap on the bottom and ordered her to get into the water. The water felt totally great. It was the first time in her life that Trish had gone snorkeling in the nude. Pierre junior left his parents and swam away from the boat, apparently looking for something along the reef. Eve swam along the reef in the opposite direction, taking some pictures with Flora's camera. Trish followed her. Eve wanted to take some underwater shots of her servant, so she ordered Trish to dive to the coral and come back up several times. She then ordered Trish to take off her mask and swim around some more.

Even though she had to pose and perform for her Mistress and her camera, Trish enjoyed the reef and the chance to do something different from picking up fruit and running around crowded cities.

Eve also enjoyed the experience and learned an important lesson. If she could do fun things with her servant, give her moments of pleasure along with all the hard work and discipline, Trish was much more likely to become content with her new life. Eve's ultimate goal was to make the servant totally dependent on her, but she also wanted Trish to willingly submit and eventually to love her. Balancing discipline with rewards was necessary to turn Trish into the lover who would best serve Eve's needs.

In the meantime, there was the problem of Trish's sexual frustration and the possibility her sex drive could cause her to do something stupid. The attraction between Trish and Pierre junior became obvious when everyone was back on the boat. Eve decided to discipline her servant, but in a way that would allow the Islanders to have some fun with her at the same time.

Once everyone was back on board, Eve ordered Trish to go to the bow of the boat. She had to get on her elbows and knees with her rear facing towards the stern, and would be responsible for "keeping a lookout for rocks and water hazards". To keep her balance, she'd have to grab the edge with her hands and keep her knees spread wide apart. She would have to stay in that position the entire way back: with her anus and vagina lewdly displayed for the benefit of the boat owner and the other four passengers. Of course, during the return journey, Eve took several pictures, including some close-ups of the girl's exposed crotch.

Trish held on tight as the water splashed beneath her face and the breeze buffeted her body. She felt like the figurehead on the bow of a ship. She did keep a watch for rocks, just in case there was any truth to what she was being told to do. After a while, staying in that position made her uncomfortable, but she was not distressed or humiliated as she would have been only a few days before. She was a servant, she was Eve's property, and if Eve wanted to force her to expose herself, there was nothing she could do about it. Anyhow, what she was doing was not too different from what she would have done for Pierre junior had she been alone with him. She would have teased him with her body to get him worked up for a "good fuck". When she peeked between her legs, she did notice the three men on the boat staring at her with wide eyes.

Eve ordered Trish to sit down when the boat approached the beach. She saw Pierre junior covering his crotch with a bag of fruit, hiding a hard-on, undoubtedly. Good.

Eve glanced at her servant's face and noted that she was not teary-eyed or mortified. It was apparent that Trish was becoming used to following her Mistress's orders and that her modesty was disappearing. A slave did not have the right to any modesty. Trish was beginning to accept that part of her life, which was a positive development.


Eve was faced with a dilemma when she and her servant returned to her house. Trish seemed to be adapting very well to her new life, but there was an important problem that needed to be addressed: the servant's longing for sex. Yes, the girl had spent nearly every night with her face between Eve's legs, but that did not satisfy her own sexual urges.

Eve had hoped to spend more time with her servant before seducing her. There were a lot of reasons, one of which was her desire to complete her servant's submission before allowing her to have any pleasure. However, the day on the boat made Eve realize that she could not wait much longer. Trish was capable of doing something stupid, for example trying to have sex with the neighborhood teenagers. If such a thing were to happen, Eve would have no choice but to impose a punishment regime, which was something she really did not want to do. Better to take care of the problem sooner than later, even if it disrupted her original plan.

Eve brusquely told her servant that she wanted to practice massage techniques, so that night they would be changing places on the massage table. Her plan was to first relax and stimulate Trish on the platform. Then she would sit on the sofa and put the girl over her lap. Trish would be in a submissive position and Eve would spank and fondle her until she climaxed. Eve calculated the idea would allow Trish to have her orgasm while allowing her owner to always be the one in control.

Eve started by giving her servant a typical massage. She sensuously caressed the young woman's body, exploring her servant and discovering what aroused her. She spent a very long time fondling the girl's soft bottom, enjoying the feel of the soft mounds of flesh under her strong hands. Eve enjoyed the reversal of roles, as did Trish, who finally was getting a chance to relax.

Finally Eve sat on her sofa and ordered her servant to lie across her lap. Trish obeyed, nervously settling herself over her owner's thighs. Her bottom was completely vulnerable. Eve spent several more minutes caressing and fondling Trish's soft backside. She then ordered her ward to spread her legs and relax her bottom. She admired her servant's anus, gently tracing it with her fingertip.

"You know that you were a very bad girl...hiding cocaine in here."

Eve punctuated her statement by tapping the opening of her slave's bottom-hole. Trish was nervous, wondering where her Mistress was going by reminding her of her crime.

"Yes, Mistress Bousquet."

"I said: you were a bad girl. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, Mistress Bousquet. I was a bad girl."

"...and what happens to bad girls, Servant Trish?"

Trish took a deep breath. She forced herself to give the answer Eve was expecting.

"Bad girls get punished, Mistress Bousquet."

The policewoman instructed Trish to move forward a bit and tilt her bottom up. Trish obediently spread her legs to better expose herself to her owner. Now her lovely bottom was submissively positioned, with her bottom-cheeks bent and spread. Eve gently massaged Trish's backside, enjoying the sight and feel of her servant's pale skin and soft flesh. So lovely...

While Trish had gone over Eve's lap knowing that she was going to receive a spanking, the policewoman had much more in mind. Yes, there would be a spanking, but Eve hoped to use a weakness of her servant's body to teach her an important lesson. She would use the girl's body to control her emotions and force her to completely surrender herself.

Eve continued to massage Trish's bottom and thighs, using sensuous touches and light tickling with her fingertips until she noticed a subtle change in the young woman's posture. At first Trish was very tensed up and nervous, but Eve's touches allowed her to get the girl to relax, then finally to enjoy what was happening to her.

Trish was very wet, and tilted her bottom up, desperately hoping her owner would slip her fingers between her thighs and touch her...

Eve smiled. She had Trish right where she wanted her. She teased her ward's labia with the tip of her index finger as Trish involuntarily tilted her hips even more, hoping that Eve would touch her clitoris.

"I'd bet you'd like a nice orgasm right now, Servant Trish..."

"I...yes, Mistress Bousquet...please..."

"You're going to have to earn that orgasm, Servant Trish. I'm not just going to give it to you. You need to earn it."

"Mistress Bousquet...please..."

Eve patted Trish's bottom.

"You stay in position and behave yourself, and I'll reward you when we're done."


With that Eve began slapping Trish's upturned backside. At the beginning she did not spank very hard, just with enough force to put some pleasant heat and sting in the younger woman's bottom. She slapped more quickly than she would have slapped during a real punishment spanking, since her purpose was different from a normal punishment. She wanted Trish to feel sensation in her bottom that came close to, but was not exactly, painful.

Trish's vulnerable ass continued to redden under the attention of her policewoman. The mounting heat and stinging in her backside was just enough to enhance her sexual arousal. Every so often the policewoman took a break from the spanking to tease Trish's vulva, by lightly touching her labia or running her fingertip over her vagina. The touches were just enough to torment Trish and keep her state of arousal from diminishing. Eve's goal was to keep her servant as close to climax as possible for as long as possible.

As Trish's bottom reddened, Eve began slapping much harder. The painful slaps only added to Trish's feeling of sexual desperation and willingness to do anything to be allowed to climax. Eve now had Trish completely under her control as the heat and stinging became much more intense and erotic. Had Eve started out spanking Trish as hard as she was spanking her now, the girl's sexual arousal would have vanished because of the pain. However, Eve knew how to gradually increase both the pain and the girl's sexual desires.


After about 15 minutes the spanking was reaching its climax. Eve took longer breaks to continue teasing Trish between her thighs, pleased that her servant was desperately spreading her legs and lewdly exposing herself as her posture silently pleaded the policewoman to satisfy her sexual desires. Trish's desire for an orgasm filled her thoughts and canceled out any hint of dignity or self-control. She wanted that orgasm, and that was all she wanted.

Eve's fingertips sensuously explored Trish's vulva, staying in contact with her labia and gently circling her vagina. Trish's body trembled and she moaned with pleasure, as she relished the feel of the older woman's invasion of her most intimate area. Finally Eve's fingertip touched Trish's clitoris. At first the touch was tentative and light, but gradually Eve's fingertip began massaging Trish more seriously, with the intent of finally bringing her to orgasm. The younger woman bit her lip and groaned with delight as Eve's fingertip worked its magic on her body. As the policewoman continued to massage Trish's clitoris with her right hand, she ran her left hand over her back and bottom.

Trish climaxed, but Eve was not done with her. She inserted her finger into Trish's vagina, then again explored her labia and clitoris. The second orgasm was so good that she nearly passed out from the pleasure.

Trish remained over Eve's lap after she calmed down, too tired to have any desire to get up. The policewoman ran her thumb over Trish's vulva to lubricate it, then touched the girl's bottom-hole several times with her wet thumb to prepare her for the final part of her lesson. Once Eve was satisfied that both her thumb and Trish's sphincter were adequately lubricated, she pushed deep into Trish's bottom-hole while penetrating her vagina with her index finger. Trish, who was just starting to come to her senses, gasped at the policewoman's new intrusion into her body.

Eve's thumb and fingertip worked their way in deeper and pressed together inside Trish. The sensation was strange and sinister, but also very erotic. Combined with her sore bottom and exhausted muscles, the firm grip inside Trish's body gave her the feeling that she had completely lost any control over her existence. Eve knew what she was thinking, because the sensation her servant was experiencing was exactly what she wanted her to experience.

Trish felt totally helpless, much more so than the previous night when her Mistress pinned her to the bed. She was owned. She was Eve's prized possession...nothing more.

"You are mine, Servant Trish. I control your life. Don't ever forget that."

"Yes, Mistress Bousquet. I am yours."

For the first time Trish actually meant it. She was not just "going along". She knew that she belonged to her Mistress, forever...

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