tagChain StoriesThe Set: Searching for Harmony

The Set: Searching for Harmony



This story was created as part of a chain story writing challenge. The goal was to write a story with the title "The Set" using the following ten words: Charity, Harmony, Lavender, Painting, Remote, Ribbon, Skulk, Sky, Solace, Transform.


My house was an ongoing project, between the replacing of floors, the painting and the remodeling of the kitchen I figured it would transform into something pretty special, but it seemed that just as soon as something got finished something else would break. I had hoped the painting would be the end of it but then the dishwasher broke, which then prompted me to also replace the old lavender countertops, which then required a new range. It snowballed from there and suddenly the entire kitchen had been replaced.

I barely had time to cut the ribbon on the new kitchen when the air conditioner broke. Yeah, so that means a new, energy efficient model with a digital control system, special timers and even a remote control. The unit cooled the air, but I just couldn't get the control system figured out.

Now it always seemed to me that all you needed to do was set the thermostat on the temperature you wanted and that was it. No, not any more. These new fangled things want you to tell them when you are sleeping or at work so they can go into cut back mode apparently thinking I need the charity or something, but the system supposedly can figure out when I don't need to pay to be cool or warm and simply shuts down. I don't know, I mean I'd rather just set the temperature and let it go.

So anyway, within a week I had the thermostat so screwed up that I found myself sweating all day and freezing at night. In an effort to keep comfortable I had to skulk around the thermostat at all hours of the day and night just to try to see if it was working. After a week it was seemed clear I wasn't going to get it working so I called the contractor for help.

I was mildly surprised when I discovered the Air Conditioning Serviceman was a woman, a very large, but attractive woman with long, dark hair, very prominent breasts, a tight stomach looking stomach and very long, muscular legs. She spoke with an accent, Russian perhaps, anyway, after greeting her at the door, I led her into where the thermostat was and outlined my dilemma.

"So you have a problem with the set?"

"The set?"

"Yes the set of the temperature... the, how you say? Thermo..."

"Thermostat," I completed her sentence for her. "Yes, I have trouble with it."

"Okay, but you understand to be happy you must have the right set. I will fix it for you, but you tell me, when you go to bed."

"When I go to bed?"

"Yes, yes, what time?"

"Oh about 10 or so."

"10 PM right?"

I nodded.

"Okay, that's twenty two, and what time are you working?"

"I work from about eight to six pm."

"Okay that's eight to eighteen, good, good," she replied.


"I'm home most of the time."

"Okay, I fix it now," she said before turning to the thermostat. "First I set now," she glanced at her watch. "Now I set sleep time," she pressed the buttons a number of times, "and now time at work." When she finished she stepped back, turned to me, smiled and said, "Okay, all is in harmony."


"Yes, yes, working properly, right?"

"I guess."

"Look, here is my... my card. You have problem, you call me."

"Okay, thanks," I said following her back to the door.

Stepping through the door she said, "I will come back next week and check you?"

"Check me?"

"For harmony, the air conditioner working."

"Oh, oh, yes, okay."

"A beautiful day," she said, grabbing my hand and shaking it.

"Beautiful day," I repeated.

"Beautiful day, beautiful sky. It's so big here, big sky."

"Yes, yes it is," I said. I then watched her walk back to her van. For as tall as she was she was remarkably graceful in her movement. She looked back and smiled, so I waved.

Well, the ac worked fine the rest of the week and I had forgotten she said she'd be back to check on things, so when the doorbell rang while I was in the shower, I simply wrapped myself in a towel and headed for the door. I figured it was either the Fed-Ex guy or someone I could run off by just peeking around the door.

Instead I found myself staring at the tall, dark haired woman while I was clad in just a towel. I slowly looked around the corner of the door and said, "Oh, I forgot you said you'd be back. Let me get some clothes on."

"No, it is not necessary, I just will check the set, see if there is harmony."

"Just give me a second and..."

She pushed the door and said, "Is not a problem." She slipped past me completely oblivious to my state of undress.

To get to my room I had to follow her down the hall. She stopped at the thermostat and studied it and in doing so, she blocked the hall. Well, not completely, but I didn't think I could comfortably get between her and the wall.

She suddenly bent over looking at something on the return air grill and in doing so gave me a slight glimpse of skin between her shirt and pants. I had heard of plumber's crack but this peek was certainly more attractive than any plumber's I had seen. Of course, the soft, curving view inspired me as my cock quickly hardened.

Before I could make the appropriate adjustment to conceal my erection, the woman stood up and turned to me. Although I froze, the prominent tent in the towel in front of me was embarrassingly obvious. I smiled, but noticed her gaze was downward.

"Your system is in harmony. You are pleased?"

"Oh yes, yes. The temperature is fine."

"Something else pleases you?"

"Ah, well, ah..."

"I think something else pleases you," she said, her eyes still fixed below my waist.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"No, do not be sorry. I sometimes see men speak to me in this manner."

"Speak to you?"

Reaching her hand down and lightly running over the bulge in the towel she whispered, "Speak to me like this."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."

"No, no, do not be sorry. I have needed a man to speak to me like this. Will you speak to me more?"

"More? How?"

She grabbed my free hand and pulled it up to her breast, "Speak to me like this."

I gently squeezed her breast with my hand and said, "Like this?"

Leaning back against the wall she nodded. I dropped my towel and moved both hands to her breasts. As I squeezed them she began kicking off her shoes and unfastening her pants. I quickly began unbuttoning her blouse and gently pulling her towards the bedroom.

By the time we reached the bed, all she was wearing were her panties. I kneeled in front of her, worked her panties down and then buried my face in her furry bush. She spread her legs wide apart as I reached up, grabbed her ass with my hands and pushed my tongue up between her lips and deep into her pussy.

I looked up and saw her looking down at me between her large breasts. As I ran my tongue up between her lips to her clit, I watched her eyes close and her lips tighten. Her hands wrapped around my head as she pulled me to her.

She breathed loudly and as I sucked her clit up between my lips she groaned and "Come, I am come." I quickly moved my hand around and pushed my fingers up inside her immediately feeling the pulsations. Releasing my head from her hands, she fell back onto the bed, her legs spread wide.

I kneeled there a moment, looking over her large legs, spread as they were, they seemed to cover the entire bed. Her pussy lips were open, curving so deliciously, a bit of her juices ran from the opening. Moving forward, I kneeled on the bed between her legs and leaned my cock onto her soft lips. My cock seemed dwarfed next to her long, curving slit, but as it slipped into her, it felt wonderfully snug.

I moved slowly at first, watching her breasts move slowly as her body received each thrust. As I quickened my pace her breasts seemed to move in a circular motion, her dark, hard nipples bouncing each time our stomachs slapped together. It wasn't long before she was lifting her ass up off the bed, meeting each thrust of mine with her own thrust that actually seemed to lift me in the air some.

She moaned loudly and said, "I come again, yes, yes again."

I continued my thrusting and the combination of watching face as she came, feeling the pulsations up and down my cock and seeing her breasts bounce in rhythm with our movements simply drove me over the edge. Arching my back, I plunged my cock into her soaking pussy and came, spurting my hot, white cum into her again and again.

After coming, I collapsed onto her, where she wrapped her legs and arms around me, holding me tight. I didn't move for the longest time, just enjoying the feel of her completely enveloping me in her body. My cock slowly shrank and then slipped out of her, falling limply against her ass.

"You have fallen from me," she whispered.

"Yes," was all I said.

"I am suddenly lonely again, I want you inside me."

"I want to be inside you."

Grabbing my hand, she guided me down between her legs. I pushed two fingers into her, feeling them slide easily into the mixture of our juices.

"Put more, more fingers," she whispered, her breath quickening.

I slipped two more fingers into her so only my thumb was not inside her. She began moving her hips up and down so I turned my hand to where the thumb rubbed against her clit as I moved four fingers in and out of her opening.

"Deeper, deeper, more..." she moaned. She then reached down and pushed my hand against her, shoving my fingers in deeper. Moving my thumb from her clit, I made a fist, which she pushed against herself until, her wet pussy opened up and swallowed my entire hand. "Now fuck me," she gasped.

I pulled my hand out slightly and then pushed it in, just a short ways at first but then deeper and deeper. When I went in past my wrist I slowed some, but she kept pushing against me so I shoved my fist deeper. I finally came against something solid feeling and then backed my hand out. Moving back and forth I continued as she lifted her hips driving me deep into her.

Her head now moved back and forth and her breasts were flopping all over her body as she moved. There was a large wet stain on the bed where her juices flowed down my arm and dripped onto the sheets. Finally, when it seemed as if she wanted, needed to draw my entire am, my entire body into her pussy, she came, hissing loudly as cunt pulsed on my arm, squeezing it, sucking on it as her juices poured down to my elbow.

It was only when she collapsed back onto the bed with a loud whine that I slowly began pulling my arm and fist from her pussy. I could feel the soft walls as they contracted over my fingers and gently helped push them out. When my fist finally reappeared from between her stretched lips, I let my head fall onto her thigh and I simply watched as her pussy slowly closed and her lips shrank back to a tight slit.

I awoke the following morning as she was pulling her leg from under my head. I quickly grabbed at her, trying to pull her back to me but she said, "No, no, I am late already."

"Can't we..."

"No, no I have no time."

Grabbing her ass I leaned forward and kissed her pussy, pushing my tongue up between her lips, but she pushed me back.

"I want to, but can't. If I am late I get fired, if I get fired I lose my Visa and have to go back."

"But what about..."

"No I have to leave now," she said, pulling on her pants. She then slid on her shirt and headed out into the hallway. "Your temperature is fixed now, I must go."

I walked out into the hallway and watched as the opened the door and stepped outside. She glanced back in at me and said, "Such a big, beautiful sky," she then closed the door.

I waited a moment, then turned and walked over to the thermostat. I began indiscriminately pushing buttons as number and lights began flashing. Oddly, it looked like I might need someone to work on the set again.


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