tagHumor & SatireThe Seven Sexy Sins Ch. 02

The Seven Sexy Sins Ch. 02


.::This chapter is meant for a little character development as well as a way to setup for the next steamy chapter. It's short, but I hope you enjoy.=]::.


"Oh-ho Shit!" Kei's head threw back over the 'Couples chair' with laughter. Anytime she tried to stop laughing, she looked at the paper I wrote and broke into a fit of giggles again. When laughing delivered no satisfaction, she rolled around in the chair, clutching her stomach while gasping for air.

"It's not that funny." I grumbled, occupied with cleaning my waffle iron.

"Ha!" She barked, nearly sobering as she sat up from the comfort of the cushions. She giggled again, "This shit is hilarious."

I glared at her, noticing that her long straight black hair had been messed up from her rolling giggle fit.

"I like how it couldn't possibly be that he finds you unattractive. He MUST be gay."

"Leave me alone..."

"This is seriously your first time?" She asked for the literal 7th time.

I scoffed practically slamming my waffle maker back to where it belonged. "Don't you think if I was making it up it would be less embarrassing than that?"

Her face twisted with laughter, "Oh fuck," She started laughing again and fell back into the chair, unable to handle the hilarity of it all. "My face hurts." She groaned after a moment. She poked at her cheeks still smiling.

"Okay, okay!"

"I'm sorry, I'm trying. Okay...kay. So..." She sat up as I walked into the room with a glass of juice.

"I can't believe you're doing this."

"It's not like I want to write about it. The assignment was to write about experiences in relation to the seven deadly sins."

"No, I mean, taking a sex addict class or what ever."

"Oh," I sighed, "Yeah, well, it's interesting." I handed her the glass.

"Why are you even doing it? You are NOT a sex addict." She leaned back with the glass in both hands.

I watched her cautiously, promising myself I'd kill her if she got anything on my favorite piece of furniture.

"I don't know. I guess I just want to learn how to control the need. Ugh." I ran my hands through my long brown hair. "Cause that's what it's become. A need."

"I think you just need a boyfriend you can sleep with all the time."

Throwing myself into the couch, I threw my hands toward the sky. "You're telling me. I don't think guys like dating me though," My feet found the coffee table easily out of habit.

"You should come with me sometime."

Kei practically choked on her juice.

I swear, if she spits up on my chair!

"Are you kidding?" she said in a gruff voice, "I have no problem with MY sex life."

I narrowed my eyes defensively."Neither do I."

She leaned forward, suddenly serious. "Your problem is that you don't accept your sex life."

"What ever," I grumbled knowing she was right. "Thanks Asian life couch Kei."

She giggled. "Shut up."

I gave a slight smile, "But seriously, you should come with me."

"Ha! Fuck that."

"Come on," I prompted, "You'll find it funny."

"I haven't even gone and I find it funny." She leaned over to set her drink on the side table.

"Just one time,"

Her face scrunched into something rather unpleasant. "I don't want to."

I sighed. "Okay, fine." I started bending and curling my toes against the table to pop the joints.

Obviously my peer pressure was for shit. I'd have to catch her some other way if I wanted her to come with me. Not that I was clever enough to think of something.

"So tell me how Aiden is." I finally said, needing to fill the silence, and take the attention off any embarrassment in my life.

"Veronica! His name is HAYDEN! Why do you always do that?" She laughed.

I put my hands up. "Okay, sorry! HAYDEN...what's up with you guys?"

She bowed her head, still looking up at me, causing her hair to put her face in shadow. (Which...kind of creeped me out because she looked like the grudge when she did that sometimes.)

"Oh my god," She whispered.

"So...good then?" I mused.

She fell back into the chair, pretending to faint.

"A. Ma. Zing." She moaned, then looked at me with a smile, "Every time I think about him he makes me wet."

I grinned sensing a good story coming on. "Well? Give me details!" I prodded sitting up.

"Okay! Well!" she pushed her hair back and reached for her drink. The clink of the glass on the table made my heart stop.

"Oh shit." She looked at me startled before darting up for the kitchen.

"Are you fucking kidding me!" I screamed jumping up. "You are so coming with me for a week's worth!"


She fumed. I could tell by the way her full lips stuck out in a pout and the way she crossed her arms over her chest...which a few of the men of the class noticed. For an Asian, Kei is insanely curvy.

We sat in a classroom at the community college; our chairs placed in a circle. I didn't really know if an actual Sex Addicts Anonymous class cost anything, but I knew that this little set up didn't. It allowed the people signed up for the (unaccredited) class to have some clarity and the counselor(s) who happened to be taking actual psychiatry or Psychology classes, at the college, to work and learn with and from the real thing.

"Thank you, Brian, for sharing your experience with us."

We all politely clapped for him. Some more intently than others, like myself. Brian told some of the hottest sex stories. Though, Kei didn't really seem impressed.

Everyone kind of fell into silence as the counselor wrote something down.

"I-I-I-I can make your bed rock," I sung into the silence, adding onto Brian's story. Everyone broke into quiet and laughter and chuckles, and Brian winked at me. That earned him a smile. Kei pretended that she wasn't trying to smile.

Our counselor, Cassandra, cleared her throat to grab out attention and silence us.

"Okay, does any one else want to share? Get anything out of their system by talking about it? Kei, how about you?"

"W-what?" She looked startled.

"It doesn't have to be a...an extravagant story like Brian's here. It could be...you know, your likes and dislikes...something like that."She prompted.

"Oh...well...uh," She uncrossed her arms, revealing a saucy tank top.

"I—" she laughed then looked over at me with a grin.

I had a bad feeling.

"I do have a story. QUITE a story, actually."

Cassandra smiled. "Okay," everyone made him or herself a little more comfortable. "Go ahead."

She looked up in thought; "I absolutely LOVE dominating my boyfriend Hayden."

I slapped my forehead.

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