tagHumor & SatireThe seX-Men Ch. 02

The seX-Men Ch. 02


The seX-Men 2 – Penis and Vagina United

This story is the sequel to The seX-Men but can be read independently. Please feel VERY free to vote and write a comment. Your comments are what keep me going.

All was quiet below a certain window of a dorm room of St. Catherine's Girl's College for Proper Virgins of Christ save for the faintest rustling of a squirrel and the chirp of a cricket. But with a whoosh, the silence was broken and then repaired. The squirrel, startled, dashed off. He had been startled by the suddenly present figure that crouched there, below the window. The figure was sleek, with blue skin. His skin was cut with the deep grooves of ritual tattoo, curving this way and that, forming crude pictures of graphic sexual acts, ranging from the prudish to the perverse. His firm buttocks formed the base for a long prehensile tail ending rather phallically. His true manhood was also prehensile, and slithered impatiently.

The blue figure raised his head to look through the window and looked into the room. Rows of bunk beds could be seen from outside, each occupied by a girl aged 18 or 19. Each had, on account of coming from strict religious families, never had sex or engaged in any sort of sexual experience besides a friendly peck on the lips from a boy. The figure's tail tugged on the window, but it was locked. A sinister smile crossed the blue tattooed face of the figure, and his green eyes flashed with excitement.

WHOOSH! The figure stood in the center of the room. All around the room girls were in varying states of awakening, some rubbing their eyes, others sitting up to see what the disturbance was, still others already standing by their beds, peering into the darkness. It was when the girl closest to the door flicked on the light that the first scream was let out.

The completely naked, blue figure lunged forwards at the first girl but burst into blue smoke as he teleported away, leaving her terrified with her hands up needlessly to protect her face. He reappeared on top of the bunk bed closest to the window, straddling the frightened girl who lay there. Long fingernails ripped her underwear off and he plunged his searching organ into the unprepared girl. A gasp caught in her throat and was cut off by the blue smoke that covered her as the figure teleported away. He reappeared flipping backwards between beds, his long cock catching one girl standing between beds. His cock got a hold of her ankle, yanked her skywards, and while she fell through the air upside-down, ripped through her panties and took her virginity. Meanwhile, his tail gagged a girl sitting up on a bottom bunk by slipping into her mouth. As the figure almost hit the ground, he burst into smoke and reappeared across the room. His tail flicked out and caught a girl running for the door and pulled her close to him. He plowed his slithering cock deep into the girl, bringing tears to her eyes. His long tongue lapped up her tears and he shoved her away. As he jumped, he teleported himself, so that his cock became buried up to the hilt in a 19-year-old virgin trying to crawl away. He fucked her doggy-style for a few seconds as his tail stole the v-card of her best friend in the bed next to hers. Then, in a burst of blue smoke, he teleported back to the door, disappointing the girls attempting to escape and fucking their innocent pussies with his two dicks before he looked for his next victims across the room...

"Now you be car'ful dawn thurr," drawled Vogue in her Midwestern accent. "Y'all know how dangerous mah juice is." Vogue's mutant ability was that when a man came inside her pussy, the man's life force was drained as well, causing death. Vogue didn't know about her mutant power until a rapist tried to have his way with her and found out the hard way that he had picked on the wrong "hottie". Just one more reason to use a condom. She laid on her back with her legs draped over her boyfriend's, IceStud, shoulders.

"You just concentrate on keeping quiet and not letting any other students hear your screams," replied IceStud. His mutant powers included the ability to freeze and defrost water vapor around him on a small scale. He could also cum in huge waves, causing anyone in his wake to become frozen until they achieve orgasm. And if the victim isn't rescued, it could be weeks before a wet dream finally defrosts the unlucky sucker. He knelt beside Vogue's bed between her luscious thighs. He gave a little huff of breath and Vogue's little bud frosted with ice.

"Ah, honey, that's cold," protested Vogue.

"Patience, baby," advised her boyfriend. Without touching it, he held his hands fractions of an inch above her hazardous snatch. The frost on her clitoris began to melt and run down her lips. The ice water slid slowly down her slit, pooling slightly at the entrance to her love canal. A few drops of water made it to her pert asshole.

"Oh, that is nice," cooed Vogue. IceStud repeated the process, creating an icicle on her cute little nub and heating it until it melted, sliding slowly down her slit. Faster and faster, he played with her without touching her, now causing a drop of ice water to fall from a height to strike her clit, now freezing her entire labia and quickly defrosting it. As the last drops of ice water slid down, Vogue shuddered and let out a piercing scream.

"Oooooh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyeah yeah yeah yeah YEAAAAAAAAH!" shrieked Vogue as she came forcefully. IceStud dodged out of the way as Vogue's pussy let out a squirt of venom.

"So much for keeping it a secret," IceStud said with a self-conscious smile.

Vogue's scream disturbed Jean Sluttay and Cycocks' lovemaking in another room of Dr. SeXavier's College for Gifted Students, affectionately called the Mansion. Jean psychically lowered her husband to the bed and then did the same to herself. They had just been having anal sex upside down in midair by means of Jean's telekinetic ability.

"You always know exactly what I want," sighed Jean.

"Well, it's kinda easy for me," Cycocks, answered, shrugging off the compliment. "I can see your deepest fantasies." One of Cycocks' powers was that he was able to divine the fantasies of someone by concentrating while looking at them. He also had the handy ability of firing beams out of his eyes that ripped their victims' clothes to shreds and stunning them for a time.

Cycocks began to roll over to go to sleep, drained from the afternoon's activities.

"Oh no, you don't," said his wife as she telekinetically forced him back over.

"I don't think I'll be able to get it up for a fourth round, baby," protested Cycocks.

Jean flicked her wrist over her head and Cycocks' penis inflated to full mast like a balloon.

"New fantasy. Let's play," she said, grinning. Cycocks smiled and readied himself to fuck Jean doggy-style while she dialed up old friends in her grandmother's wedding dress.

They were interrupted again by Dr. seXavier's call to action. The leader of the mutant pack needed Jean and Stormones to run a very important errand. Stormones was a powerful weather-controlling mutant with sexy chocolate skin and snow-white locks of hair. Jean met up with Stormones in the airship they would fly to their destination. They had both suited up into costume, Stormones' long flowing white hair partially covered her large supple chocolate breasts, which were fully exposed due to the revealing cut of her sleek black outfit. Her pussy was outlined as well. Her face matched her breasts in their light brown color, and in their flawless beauty. The more responsible and less impulsive Jean Sluttay wore a yellow and blue costume, which also had hemmed holes revealing her tits and pussy. Her wavy brown hair complemented her deep blue eyes and pale, perfect complexion. Her double-D tits seemed to hang in the air, perfectly round, perhaps as a result of her sexual telekinetic powers.

Stormones playfully ran her fingers along Jean's cunt and brought her fingers to her mouth, licking them.

"Oooh, Cycocks, I know that taste so well," Stormones said slyly.

"Stop playing around," Jean said, slapping Stormones' hand. "We've got work to do. The professor says that this mutant he's tracked down was the one that broke into St. Catherine's last week and raped those girls. He's going to be tough to take down."

Stormones yawned and tweaked her own nipple.

"I'm horny and bored," she said.

"You don't even listen to me when I talk to you, do you?" asked Jean dismissively. "Let's just go."

"Sexy bitch," Stormones muttered under her breath.

"Slut," Jean grumbled.

A cold wind blew through the old barn as Stormones and Jean stepped over the threshold. Dr. seXavier had tracked the mutant to this spot. Jean could hear the sound of the mutant's teleporting up among the rafters. She tried to use her power to force him to stop moving but wasn't close enough.

"Come down, we don't want to hurt you," she called out.

"Gehen Sie hinaus!" His voice echoed around the rafters. "Get out!"

"I'll get him down," said Stormones. She raised her hands and her eyes rolled into her head. Storm clouds darkened what light was in the empty barn. Licking tongues and mouths rolled down from the clouds, stabbing at the blue teleporting figure. The mutant teleported faster, trying to avoid the pleasuring mouths, but wherever he appeared, there they were, lapping at his balls, tightly sucking on his cock. He began to get hornier and hornier until he had to turn his attention to the girls. He teleported quickly around the girls, pausing closer and closer. Jean continued to try to use her power to force him to stop moving but wasn't powerful enough until—

With a squelch, the mutant appeared right in front of Jean, his strong chest pressed against her breasts, the head of his penis penetrating Jean's vagina. Jean had by the strength of his will forced his teleporting to stop, but could not break her position lest she lose him.

"A little help," Jean groaned.

"I'm liking where I have you," Stormones said mischievously. She went behind the mutant and grabbed his ass, pushing his cock deeper into the slick recesses of Jean's cunt.

"Uhhh!" Jean whimpered.

Stormones wrenched the mutant backwards onto the ground, holding him there.

"Sorry, I was just playing around. You know I've got your back," Stormones said to Jean. But Jean didn't hear her. She was running her hands over the bizarre tattoos on the mutant's body. She caressed his chest, ran her hand up over his right shoulder and held the back of his neck. She felt a scarred round hole there.

"Who are you?" Jean asked him.

"Zere are zoze who call me... ze Nightgroper," he said.

"...And so this guy, whoever he is, controlled the Nightgroper by inserting his penis into the back of his neck. This guy's cum must have mind control capabilities. We also found a vial attached to the base of the Nightgroper's penis." Jean finished her report to Professor seXavier. She stood before him in his office, the walls of which were stained a deep mahogany and overlooked the grassy expanse of the land adjacent to the Mansion.

"Well done, Jean!" exclaimed the professor, turning his futuristic wheelchair to face her. As he spoke, he sent mental suggestions to her mind that caused her to sink to her knees and perform fellatio on him as he spoke. "I think that when you run tests on the vial, you'll find that it used to contain the same mind control fluids that this "guy" has in his ejaculate, just more concentrated. I've heard of a mutant with this sort of capabilities, and I believe our "guy" is one and the same. He is called The Fantasy and he is a very powerful mutant and a very disturbed individual, a frightening combination. Jean, I know you have your mouth full, so there's no need to respond. It is extremely good news that you and Stormones were able to pick up the Nightgroper. But to be honest, Jean, I believe it may already be too late," the professor concluded. He grunted and flooded Jean's mouth with hot jism.

It was too late. The attack had been executed at St. Catherine's the night before classes got out for summer. Girls who had been deflowered and injected with The Fantasy's mind control spunk returned to their homes all across the country. At The Fantasy's mental prompting, they began their voracious carnal improprieties.

In San Francisco, a girl crawled under her family's dining room table during a dinner party and began to give head to two of her male family friends. Their twin looks of surprise caused her to be found out by her parents, who ordered her out of their house. She seduced the mailman who was coming up the walkway to her house, fucked the neighbor's dog, and flagged down a busload of college students on their way to the National Chess Tournament. Her parents could see her sitting on one nerd's cock as she sucked another's cock and jacked off two more with her hands.

In Atlanta, a girl jumped onto the stage at a Shakespeare play she was attending with her family. She flashed the crowd her tits, then sat down on Lord Chamberlain Polonius' lap, pulled down her shorts, and began to finger herself in front of the crowd, moaning loudly. Her father ran up and wrenched her off the stage, and he and her mother drove her home, where they attempted to give her a shit-talk like none other. They tried to scold her but could not concentrate, as their daughter would not stop fingering herself and sensually licking her fingers, slick with her own juice.

In New Jersey, a girl snuck into her parents' bedroom and, as luck would have it, her parents were having sex. She slipped under the covers and ran her hands over both their bodies. They didn't notice that another person was in their bed with them before the girl's father had fucked his own daughter and came in her pussy.

In Chicago, a girl arranged a sleepover with ten of her friends but didn't tell them about the male prostitutes she had called over and hid in various places around her basement. The girl steered the conversation towards sexual talk and when the girls began to get more riled up, she cued the prostitutes to emerge. All the girls were in such a daze that they participated in this orgy, but couldn't get the many cum stains out of their clothes and hair before they returned shamefaced to their own families.

And these were only the least outlandish of cases...

Dr. seXavier rallied his most powerful mutants to his office. Jean Sluttay held her husband Cycocks's hand tightly. Cycocks wore his trademark yellow modernistic wraparound glasses. Stormones stood behind the huge bulk of Wolvsexfiend, who stood six and a half feet tall and whose limp cock hung six inches down between his legs. IceStud and Vogue also held hands, standing in another corner of the room. The newer members of the fighting squad came in last. The Nightgroper, no longer under The Fantasy's spell, walked in shyly, his cock-tail dragging along the floor behind him. Cunnilossus walked in after him. He was even larger and broader than Wolvsexfiend. He didn't even try to fit a spandex suit over his vast pectorals or his tree trunk thighs. He took a stance beside Stormones. Cunnilossus had to stand with his feet well apart to make room for his monstrous tool. At four inches in diameter, it was by far the largest penis of the seX-Men. But out of propriety, it was sheathed with a long black sock that failed to hide his billiard balls. Last to walk in was the brooding and impudent Creampyro. Short bright red hair topped a face with glaring, accusing eyes. A yellow and red spandex suit hugged his well-toned but skinny body. The carpets matched the drapes as proven by the shock of red between his legs that was his pubic hair. A well-sized cock matched his well-sized ego.

"As you all know, this country is in very great danger," began the professor, choosing Vogue to give him a hummer this time. "The Fantasy must be put to a stop as soon as possible. His movements have been difficult to track, though, so I'm going to split you up into two groups. Whichever one finds him first will radio the other group for backup. Nightgroper, you're going to ride along with Cycocks, Stormones, and Creampyro here. Vogue, you may stop now. Really, you may stop. That's lovely deep throating, though. Jean, lead Vogue, Wolvsexfiend, Cunnilossus, and IceStud to the alternate airship. Good luck, kids."

Stormones landed the first airship in a grassy field in a valley surrounded by tall mountains in the Northern Rockies, a valley called the Valley of the Bearded Clam. She released the ramp so they could exit and turned to rise from her chair but was greeted by a fiery mass of pubic hair. She raised her eyes to meet those of Creampyro.

"I think I'm really going to enjoy working with you," said Creampyro, grinning. He grabbed hold of Stormones' head and pulled it to his crotch. She struggled to pull her head away and finally jerked out of his hold and rose to her feet.

"Listen, Creampie," she sneered, "I don't like you. I'll fuck you if I have to do it for the team and for the professor, but I sure as hell aren't gonna suck your cock for fun. Got it?"

She muscled her way past Creampyro and left him standing in a daze. He shrugged and followed her out.

"Get a load of this!" yelled Cycocks. Stormones instinctively shielded her face from whatever cumload she supposed was being shot her way. Cycocks laughed at her reaction. "Like a true seX-Woman," he said. "I meant that I've found a passage into this mountain! It must be manmade."

The four seX-Men made their way through the narrow cave passage into the heart of the mountain. They soon found themselves in a huge cavernous anteroom. Grating formed the floor of the cavern and the walls were lined with complex control panels. Across the room was a heavy set of metal doors.

"Manmade, indeed," commented Stormones.

"Ja, it looks just like my summer home in Germany," said the Nightgroper. "I can—"

He was cut short by the sound of the metal ceiling pulling slowly apart. The four seX-Men didn't know what was to come and so didn't know in what way to protect themselves. They frantically clustered together in the center of the room, gazing apprehensively upwards. Suddenly, thick ropes of white cum fell from above, covering them and holding them in place.

"Shit," spat Creampyro.

IceStud walked back over to Jean, his silvery body reflecting in the sunlight.

"I've checked the entire area in and around the village the professor told us about, but there's no sign of anything of the sort we're looking for," reported IceStud.

"Very good," commended Jean, tweaking his nipple encouragingly. "Okay guys!" she shouted. "Back to the ship!"

Wolvsexfiend lumbered over to her.

"Jean, I think you better listen to this," he said, handing her his communication unit.

She took it and raised it to her ear.

"Jea—" Stormones' voice weakly crackled over the comm unit. "or Wolv or whoever! This is the place. He's— " Two seconds of noise followed. "and we're compl—" Crackle crackle. "Please come quickly! I—" END TRANSMISSION.

Jean sighed. We'd better hurry, she thought.

"I am The Fantasy," the fat man introduced himself as he walked up and down in front of the kneeling mutants. "You will remember my name as the name of your master, from now until the day you die. Please wait here. I won't be long. I'll be wide, though." He grinned and strode away.

The four seX-Men were shackled into position, arms by their sides, kneeling, heads held in place by chains. The Nightgroper groaned. Cycocks shook his head in amazement.

"So many fantasies!" he remarked.

"What do you mean? What kind?" asked Creampyro.

Cycocks relived what it was like to look at The Fantasy while concentrating. FLASH! Cycocks saw The Fantasy masturbating as he watched a girl give head to a couple young guys sitting down to dinner as she knelt under the table. FLASH! The Fantasy could be seen underwater, getting head from a mermaid as his anus was licked by a school of guppies. FLASH! Cycocks saw The Fantasy sitting cross-legged on the top of a mountain, cock erect and plunging into a girl's ass as she bounced up and down. She was also simultaneously sucking the cocks of two monks, who had hiked up their brown robes to help her out. FLASH! Cycocks saw... what? He saw himself watching his wife get fucked by two men he could not make out. She cried out in pain and got visibly weaker and weaker as the two men ravaged her mercilessly... FLASH!

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