tagBDSMThe Sexy Domme Next Door Ch. 05

The Sexy Domme Next Door Ch. 05


I was stirred from my sleep by my doorbell ringing. I quickly got out of bed and hurried down the stairs. I hadn't thought about it until I was on my way down, but my diaper was soaking wet and weighed a lot. It was so wet that a little bit of pee was dripping down my inner thigh having escaped the elastic leg band of the diaper. I had on Miss Carissa's little yellow nylon panties beneath the diaper. That was how I was told to go to bed the prior night.

"Good morning, rickiee" giggled Mistress Rebecca and Miss Carissa. "I see you followed our orders and wore that disposable diaper to bed. It sure looks like you have filled it to the bursting point with your disgusting pee," Mistress Rebecca said as her eyes followed the dripping pee on my thigh. They pushed me into the house and slammed the door behind them.

"Take that disgusting diaper off little rickiee" ordered Miss Carissa.

Obediently, I unfastened the tape closers on the side of the diaper and let it slip down off of me. My soaking wet completely see-thru yellow pantie was all I was wearing. My clittie completely encased in my clear plastic cb-6000 caused Miss Carissa to giggle and point at it.

"rickiee, I never thought my panties would look like that ... all wet from pee and completely encasing a male chastity device. You should be so ashamed and embarrassed to be see like this."

"Pull down the front of those soaking wet panties, rickiee, so we can see your little clittie cage" ordered Mistress Rebecca.

Immediately I pulled the front of the panties down and there to my total embarrassment, was my extra tiny, shriveled up clittie, barely filling the plastic cage.

"Pull them up ... I'm even embarrassed for you, rickiee "quipped Miss Carissa.

"Upstairs ... now" they both said at the same exact time.

I ran up the stairs with them close behind, giggling at my wet little yellow panties. "It's a good thing the panties are yellow, rickiee ... or they would surely be stained yellow from your piss. Get into the bedroom ... we need to inspect your body before you dress for the day"

"Take those panties off and hand them to me, rickiee," ordered Mistress Rebecca.

I slid them down my legs and handed them to Mistress Rebecca. She immediately took them, rolled them up in a ball, and shoved them in my mouth.

"Suck that piss out of Miss Carissa's panties so we can dress you in them for the day. They will dry from your body heat as the day progresses."

I sucked the damp nylon panties and tasted the strong, salty piss that had soaked them for so many hours. I felt my nipples begin to harden and my clittie began to stir ... only to be stopped by the rigid plastic sheath.

"Oh look at that, Rebecca ... he's beginning to get aroused. What a pathetic little boy he is ... what man would be aroused sucking pee panties in the presence of two women?"

"Mistress Rebecca, Miss Carissa ... may I take a shower I mumbled with the panties still stuffed in my mouth?"

Miss Carissa responded by kicking me in my balls ... "little pathetic and disgusting rickiee ... you will do what we tell you to do. You're not to ask us anything. What you do or do not do, are purely for our pleasure."

"Yes, Miss Carissa ... I am so very sorry ..." I began to respond when her foot smashed my balls again.

"Do not speak unless told to speak, rickiee"

I nodded my head and looked down at the floor.

"rickiee, we are going to go for a walk on a trail at the park. You will dress in those yellow panties and a pair of tight sheer white short-shorts. I think a black bra and tight white shirt will finish off your little slut outfit."

Hearing those words made me panic inside. I was going to be paraded in public ... with what would be obvious to everyone ... yellow panties that will show through the white shorts and the bulge from my clittie cage will be so very noticeable. To top it off, a black bra with a tight thin white shirt will be so obvious ... so obvious that I am a man is women's clothes.

"I think a pair of little white socks and pink sneakers will top this outfit off nicely, Carissa," giggled Mistress Rebecca.

I wanted to protest ... but I knew it would not change anything ... and it would make everything much worse.

"The only other thing I want to add, Carissa darling ... is a vibrating butt plug. It will make his clittie leak and when the panties dry from his piss, they will again be made wet from his leaking clittie."

Oh my god ... I began to shake uncontrollably.

Giggling, Miss Carissa said ... "look Rebecca ... look at rickiee ... he's shaking either from fear or excitement ... what do you think it is, darling?"

"I think it's a little of both ... I think rickiee is excited that everyone will see what a little whore he is and at the same time, petrified of who we might encounter AND the general embarrassment this will impose" Mistress Rebecca said in a very authoritative tone.

"Now, dress for us rickiee ... show us what a little slut you can be" ordered Miss Carissa.

Slowly I removed the panties from my mouth and pulled them back on. I smelled like pee ... I could smell the pee that had permeated my skin. As I pulled them up, Miss Carissa handed me the large black rubber butt plug.

"Bend over rickiee so I can slip this intruder into your worthless ass" Miss Carissa ordered. Obediently I bent over. Before she slid it in, she told me to suck on it and make it nice and wet so it would slip in easily. I made it as wet as I could with my saliva. Within seconds, I felt it pushing its way into my rectum. With Miss Carissa holding the wire up in the air, I pulled the panties up tight against my body. "Ughhhh,,," I moaned as I felt it suck into my greedy little ass and then felt it begin to vibrate ... vigorously torturing my prostate gland. I felt a trickle of precum ooze into my already very damp panties.

"Look Rebecca ... I see a dark wet spot at the tip of his clittie cage. Guess he's really in need of a milking ... but no time right now ... I guess the plug will milk him continuously throughout the day.

"Let's go, rickiee ... get in the car so we can ride to the park." Ordered Miss Carissa

The ride to the park was uncomfortable, with the vibrating plug in my ass ... pushed in deeper by sitting on it. I could feel my clittie leaking in my clittie cage.

Soon enough, we arrived at the park. We parked in a secluded section of the park where the trail begins. I was so self-conscious with the tight white shorts and yellow panties. I looked down to see how visible it all was, and sure enough ... not only were the panties absolutely visible, so was the bulge from the chastity cage and a growing wet spot from my leaking precum.

"Oh my god, Rebecca ... just look at that little fucking whore ... he is so aroused. And look at his hard nipples poking through the thin material of his bra. Oh this is going to be fun!"

Carissa just giggled and ran her fingertips first over my nipples then over my caged clittie.

I looked pathetic. Tight little girl shorts with panties and my bra showing through the shirt. All that with little girlie sneakers and anklet socks. I looked like a man dressed as a girl and on top of that, all aroused and pathetic. I thought to myself, I hope we don't encounter anyone.

We started walking, with me instructed to walk in front. I was so uncomfortable. The plug was vibrating relentlessly in my ass and I could feel the wetness in my panties. I head a sound around the bend, and then sure enough, a girl approached us ... jogging. She looked at me and then at Mistress Rebecca and Miss Carissa behind me.

"Carissa, is that you?" she asked.

"Oh my god ... Samantha ... I can't believe we ran into you out here."

Carissa ran over to Samantha and hugged her.

"Rebecca, this is Samantha ... or Sam as most people call her."

"Hi Sam, it's my pleasure to meet you" Rebecca said politely

All the while, Samantha couldn't help but look me over. I saw her eyes start at my feet and work up my body, then back to the obvious bulge in my shorts.

"Sam, my love ... this pathetic boy is rickiee. We refer to him simply as rickiee. You see, he wants to be a girl, but has all the wrong anatomy for that. He is our girlie-boy slave. We do with him as we wish and he obeys without hesitation." Carissa explained.

Samantha just kept looking at me. I was so embarrassed and ashamed. To be paraded around dressed like this, in an obvious state of arousal ... and then be seen by a total stranger. Ugh ... I just wanted to disappear. But if it makes my Mistresses happy, then I must go along with their wishes.

"Carissa, I don't know what to say." Samantha responded.

I could see that she was getting excited. Her tiny breasts had pencil eraser hard nipples poking through her sweaty tee-shirt.

"He ... uh she ... what do I refer to her, him ... oh my god ... what do I call IT?" Samantha said

"You, my dear, can call IT whatever you wish. We will have him refer to you as Miss Samantha," Carissa said with a giggle

Samantha is cute as can be. She is petite, with a very tight, athletic body from what I could see. Thin, but muscular legs. I very small waist and tiny breasts, with large, hard nipples. Her blond hair is fairly short and thin. I could feel my clittie wanting to get hard, but of course, it was restrained from that possibility.

"Why is he all wet, and what is that bulge? " Samantha inquired.

"It all goes to what rickiee is ... rickiee is our girlie-boy slave/slut. It is quite a long story and this is neither the place nor time to go into it with you. We will have rickiee tell you the whole story when there is time, assuming you are interested, Sam. Are you interested in helping us keep rickiee in his proper place ... our slave? Carissa said in a serious voice.

"I'm not sure exactly what you are talking about Carissa ... but sure ... it sounds like it might be fun!"

Mistress Rebecca watched with interest. Looking at me and then at Samantha and Carissa. She seemed very excited about adding Samantha.

"Yes, Samantha ... rickiee needs strong women in his life, to keep him focused and to continually train him to be respectful of women and to make sure that he devotes himself to pleasing women. The more women he pleases, the more complete his life will be." Mistress Rebecca chimed in.

"Rickiee, kneel at Miss Samantha's feet and say hello!" ordered Carissa

"Here ... now?" I said with concern because we were outside where anyone could come up upon us.

Mistress Rebecca smacked me across the face. "Never question us, little rickiee! You know better!"

I kneeled in front of Miss Samantha.

"Pull down her shorts, rickiee ... gently and with respect!" ordered Miss Carissa

I looked up at Miss Samantha ... "may I pull down your shorts, Miss Samantha, Ma'am?" I questioned in a subservient voice.

"Yes, you may, rickiee" Miss Samantha giggled.

With shaking hands, I pulled down her shorts revealing a white nylon thong. I noticed her pubic hairs escaping the confines of her panties. She had a rather thick bush of pubic hair, so I figured that it was not merely a case of her not shaving recently ... but that this is how she typically is.

"Miss Samantha ... the way I have been trained to show respect is to kiss your panties ... because they contain the womanhood that makes you special ... and then I am to please you with an orgasm followed by my accepting your golden nectar ... if you wish to reward me for a good job, or to punish me for a bad one." I said, not believing I was saying this to a total stranger, out in the open.

Almost without hesitation, Miss Samantha opened her legs, presenting me with the crotch of her panties ... and instantly I noted a string hanging ... letting me know she has her period.

Mistress Rebecca noticed the string as well. "Samantha, darling ... I see you have a special treat for rickiee ... he is quite honored to accept your menstrual offering. We use tampons on rickiee when we have our period, so he can experience to some degree ... what women have to put up with on a regular basis. Each month, he will wear a tampon at the time of our menses. One month me, the next month Carissa ...now he can experience your schedule as well."

I closed my eyes and kissed Miss Samantha's panty covered crotch. I could smell the mixture of sweat and piss ... quite strong I supposed from her running and sweating. The string tickled my nose.

"May I please remove your panties, Miss Samantha ... so I can give you pleasure by worshiping your beautiful pussy"

"Yes, of course, rickiee"

I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down ... the crotch sticking momentarily in her crotch. A thick blonde pubic bush was revealed. It looked so beautiful with that string hanging out.

I turned around and tilted my head back, just underneath her crotch. She instinctively lowered her crotch to my mouth.

"Rickiee, you fool ... how do you expect to give her satisfaction with a tampon in her cunt?" Miss Carissa yelled.

As previously instructed, I put the string in my mouth ... gently pulling the tampon out of her magnificent hairy pussy. It wasn't terribly bloody as it was revealed, so I figured she must be at the end of her period. As it left her pussy, it plopped out and dangled from my mouth.

"May I suck your tampon, Miss Samantha?"

Stunned by the question, she just giggled.

"Ma'am ... may I please be honored to suck your tampon?

She looked at Miss Carissa ... who simply nodded and smiled

"Yes, rickiee ... worship my tampon" she said, getting into the whole scene

I put it in my mouth and sucked the blood out of it.

"If you didn't have something else in your ass ... your boy pussy, rickiee ... I would put that used tampon in ... perhaps some other time," Mistress Rebecca said nonchalantly.

Finished, I pulled it out and went back between Miss Samantha's legs.

Again she lowered her now slightly bloody hairy pussy to my awaiting mouth. As I parted her lips with my tongue followed by my fingers holding them open ... I noticed the largest clit I have ever seen. It was every bit of a half inch ... protruding from the hood. I felt my clittie try to harden ... only to meet the resistance of my plastic cage.

She has a beautiful pussy ... nicely shaped lips, and that huge protruding clit. I greedily lapped at her pussy and clit, alternating between the lips, the hole and the clit ... until I felt her mashing her cunt against my tongue and lips. Then I felt her legs start to shake and an overwhelming orgasm overtake her body. I could feel the weight of her increase on my face as she moaned, quivered, and ground her pussy on me. As she calmed down, all of a sudden I felt a hot stream of piss flood out of her pussy, pushing the lips apart and soaking my face and body.

Her piss was hot, strong tasting ... very salty. It burned my eyes and I felt it soak my shirt and then my shorts ... I felt the hot piss soaking my caged clitty. It kept coming. I never thought it would stop. Finally she stopped pissing. As I wiped the piss from my eyes ... I looked down ... I was soaked and my white shorts were stained yellow from her piss ... I was a mess.

Miss Carissa and Mistress Rebecca were holding each other laughing. Miss Samantha was still in the pleasant aftermath of her orgasm. I wanted to cum so badly ... the vibrating plug was now torturing my ass pussy. It was no longer even remotely pleasurable. I could feel my clittie leaking precum profusely and I was a quivering, unsatisfied, mess.

"You know, Carissa ... I need to pee real badly now ... and I see a perfect place to pee" giggled Mistress Rebecca. "Squat in front of your Mistress and accept her golden nectar, rickiee"

Mistress Rebecca pulled down her shorts, then her pink panties ... and pissed on me like she was pissing in a urinal. Hot, salty, yellow piss flooded out of her magnificent pussy ... and I tried to gulp down as much as possible. It was impossible and her piss added to the already soaking piss that I received from Miss Samantha.

"Oh god, I have to pee now too" laughed Miss Carissa.

She stood in front of me, pulled down her shorts, her green panties ... and pissed all over me. Her piss soaking my hair, my face ... my already soaking top and shorts. I felt the piss soaking my socks and sneakers.

The three of them stood looking at me ... giggling and pointing at me. The hot pee started to cool down and my nipples were erect. My yellow panties were even more visible and the obvious plastic clittie cage showed through. All I smelled was piss. I watched Miss Samantha take a new tampon out of her backpack and insert it.

"Let's get back to the car, rickiee. We need to get you home and get you cleaned up." Carissa barked.

As we headed down the path, a boy and girl jogged past us. They stopped momentarily looking at me. How embarrassing. They laughed and started jogging again. I was relieved that my Mistress' didn't invite them to use me.

Getting in the car, sitting on several towels ... I wondered what would happen when we got home.


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