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My wife is a beautiful woman, who has shared a sexual appetite above and beyond my hopes during our relationship over the years.

She has an awesome body. Full "C" tits with perfect nipples, a pouty sexy mouth, curvaceous hips, an ass to die for and her pussy is hot, tight and as sweet as can be! She is a sweet and wonderful person all the time but when it comes to sex, she sometimes surprises me and can be like one of the guys. That's why I love her!

I can say that during some of our experiences, she has been like buddy or a best friend. Yet in a woman's body meaning I can share with her my deepest thoughts, she will exchange the same and I can party with her and talk to her like one of the guys. Like when other women say they just want some attention, she too has said that's bull they just want to get laid but make it sound nice.

Anyway, let me share some of our experiences with my wife, my cousin and myself. We have had the pleasure of being with her 7 times over the last 8 years (I wish it were once a month). Anyway, the following represents a single story combining those times.

My cousin came to visit. Unknown to him I had recently shared a fantasy of mine to her about seeing her with another guy. I had to end up telling her some of my past and that on more than one occasions my cousin and I fucked my ex and one time we screwed his ex.

That night she was in a definite sexual mood, plus deep down, I think she wanted to surpass and out do my ex and of course the prospect of having two men intrigued her. We were partying and drinking the night away. She was wearing these tight ass green pants, the kind that show off a woman's ass and show her pussy lips at the same time. Plus, I think she wore them because one time my cousin made a comment about how good she looked in those pants, she knew! Her ass is the target of many men's eyes, but she has awesome tits and this night she had on a snug shirt with plenty of cleavage. It was a warm night, so she decided to change. When she returned, she had on supper tight daisy duke pants and a loose shirt with no bra. She walked over to the cooler, bent over and looking over her shoulder and said, who wants another beer. She was teasing us, just what I wanted! I saw him staring at her ass. I wanted to fuck her so bad, right then.

Our conversation turned to sex, from past experiences to strippers to videos and more. She told him we made a few videos of us together, he said I'd like to see that. I got up, not knowing what she would do, got the video and upon my return, she had this devilish grin on her face. I put the video in and we now moved into the Living room and before our eyes was my wife's legs spread, her pussy open as she fingered herself on the TV screen for him and I to see. As we watched my wife reached over and began to rub my crotch, but she made sure he could see. He was staring intently at my wife's cunt, Tit's and Ass on the TV. But then, she began to unzip my pants and began stroking my cock, which he immediately noticed. She knelt down between my legs, pulled her hair to the side, so he could see, and began to suck on my cock.

He was now staring at her and not the video as her lips wrapped around my cock, as her head bobbed up and down. She wanted to show off and I loved it! My horny little wife continued for a while and then moved up to kiss me and began to rub that silken pussy on my cock, until she impaled herself on it. She began to ride me, but kept her legs wide enough for him to see her cunt lips grabbing my cock. I was enjoying the hell out of this, but then I think she remembered how much my cousin loved her ass. She got off my cock, turned away from me and sank her pussy down on my cock. He was sitting right next to me as my wife rode my cock. My cousin and I could see her cunt lips hugging my cock and we could see her tight little asshole as she rode my cock. She rode me until I came on her ass. Even though I thought this was awesome, I had wanted more to happen, but little did I know, there was a lot more activity to transpire, she was not done.

She said, I need another drink so we followed her into the kitchen (Really because we were mesmerized and could not keep our eyes off her ass). We again picked up on the subject of sex, after he stated that was an awesome show. Because of the word show, we began to talk about strippers and sexual shows. I said to my cousin, you should see the Dildo I just bought her. We talked about it and she was teasing him about how she put on a show for me and how big it was. She jumped up "I'll get it", left the room and changed into a red thong and a matching bra that did little to hide her awesome tits. For a woman her size, she has big tits. But when she returned she was carrying the huge 10" dildo, that is as fat as my wrist. She sat down grabbed it and began to give head to it. I announced it was time for another shot of Gold Schlaggers, since we were doing them all night. I poured the shots, we laughed and toasted to sex. She was now, supper hot and horny.

We continued our sex talk for a while. She then asked out of the blue, do you guys like my tits, we both said hell yeah, as her hands roamed over them. Did you like watching us she asked my cousin, of course he said yes, he got to see that gorgeous ass that he mentioned to me so many times. Out of the blew, she grabbed the Bottle of Gold Schlagger, leaned back in her chair, took her tits out of her bra, pulled her panties to the side and placed the bottle at the entrance of her cunt and began to shove the bottle neck in and began to fuck her cunt with it. Here I was with my cousin as my wife had her legs spread, her pussy spread, showing her tits, pussy and clit as she fucked the bottle. She pulled the bottle out with her cunt juice all over it and offered it to him. He licked and tasted her cream from the bottle. I think she was really turned on now! Special shot I said, Nipple Shots.

My wife got up, dipped her right nipple in the shot glass and offered it to him. I watched as he took her nipple into his mouth, his hands roaming cautiously, until I guess he said to himself, fuck it now or never. He grabbed her ass, feeling its power, then began to rub her cunt. She looked me in the eyes with this big dirty grin. She let him grope and suck her tits, play with her pussy for about 5 minutes. Your turn she said, as she broke away, as I did the same. She had to go pee, but before she left, she bent over to show us that ass of hers. My cousin and I sat and talked, I told him, I wanted him to Fuck her, he was all for it. When she returned, somehow, we came up with a game, it was really my cousin's Idea, he said every fifteen minutes she would have to deliver us a nipple shot, she like that idea, I did too.

The next nipple shot came and she walked up to him, straddled his lap, but she kissed him passionately as his hands roamed her body. I saw their tongues exchange, his hands feeling up her tits, grabbing her ass and playing with her pussy. At this time I had to use the bathroom. I was gone a good 10 minutes and when I returned, I stopped in my tracks, they were in the middle of the kitchen, she was bent over, her ass facing me as she was giving him head. I watched for about 5-10 minutes. I snuck back upstairs and made noise coming down and when I got there, they were both sitting in their chairs. Hmmm, I wanted this to happen big time, but she was hiding it. I sat down and she said, while I was gone I sucked his cock. I felt so much better and now wanted more. I said something like, you like games, how about playing our new one I said to her. Ok she said. I went to get it.

When I came back they were in a deep conversation about working. I heard him say, why not work for me at the store. She said something like yeah, so at lunchtime you'd want me to suck your cock right? Or I'd have to fuck you before I left? She was just getting raunchy and I loved it. What would I have to do, lean over your desk (she pretended it was his desk and leaned over the kitchen table). Play with my ass boss, she said. He did. Both of you play with my ass she said and we did. I watched this other mans hands roam over her magnificent ass, squeezing and grabbing her cheeks. His hand went lower and began to rub her pussy as I spread her ass cheeks apart.

He then returned the favor as I slid my hands across her wet smooth pussy. We did this for about 5 minutes until she said "What about these", as she offered her tit's to us. We each took a tit in out hands and began to feel their softness, firmness and sexiness. "You can suck on them", she said as we devoured her tits and sucked on those awesome nipples for a while. I then proceeded to set up the game as she was kissing him and rubbing her pussy on his crotch. We were now ready to begin the game and I was excited. I was not exactly sure she wanted to be used completely as of yet, but I knew the sex game had some awesome sexual positions. She got off him and was ready to play. I was so turned on at this point, my heart was racing a hundred miles per hour.

Her turn first, She was to give head to her man for 1 minute. She got down between my legs and began to wrap those awesome lips around my cock and give me head as she made a slow show of it and made sure he could see. "Time", my cousin said. She broke away and said "His turn" and she began to give him head. I watched as her mouth began to engulf his cock and her head began to move up and down on another mans cock. The sight was an erotic rush! She too did this for a minute but it seemed longer. Her turn was next and she had a 69 with your partner. She looked at me, him then me again and told him to lie down. I watched as she slowly lowered her pussy over his mouth as his tongue made contact with her pussy as she sat on his face.

She stared me in the eyes, lowered her head and mouth to his crotch, as she parted her lips and took his Dick in her mouth. As she began to suck ever so slowly, she never took her eyes off me, except when she was close to coming from his tongue lashing on her clit and him grabbing her ass cheeks, hips and sexy Tits. "Time" I yelled. She came over to me and gave me a hot kiss and gave a few sucks to my dick. My turn came and just as I was to read the next sexual activity, she got on the kitchen table, spread her legs, held her cunt lips open and said I need to feel your cocks up my pussy, please give me 10 strokes each. I rubbed my cock along her pussy lips and then plunged into that sweet pussy of mine.

While her cunt was gripping my cock, he was playing with her tits and before I knew it she said next. I watched as he stepped up, grabbed her full hips and sank his cock into her pussy until his balls hit her ass. He got about 20-30 strokes in and out of that awesome snatch of hers, until she looked at me and said, your turn. She loved it! After about 20 strokes, I stepped aside and he again started to fuck my wife's tight little pussy. Ok, that's enough for now she said. My cousin answered back "Time for a shot". She got the bottle of Hot Damn, leaned down and took his meat into her mouth. She then pulled back, poured a shot, dipped her nipple in it and offered her tit to him to suck on, which he did, while fingering her cunt.

She came to me, and leaned forward to kiss me. She was making sure he was staring at the object of his desire. She whispered, he's playing with my pussy. She then bent over more to either please me or give him a better view and access to her ass and cunt. I think it was both.

I grabbed the dildo that was still sitting on the table and moved it down to my crotch. I said, maybe you could put on a show. I'll be right back she said, as she came back wearing this sexy secretary looking outfit, told us to sit on the couch as she put on her music. She began an awesome strip tease. My sexy wife grabbed a Chair leaned back and spread her legs and cunt wide open for us as she played with her cunt lips and her hot little clit.

She then reached back, grabbed her 10' thick dildo and sat it on the chair, She turned her back to us, so we could see that hot ass of hers, as she slowly impaled her pussy on that thick rubber cock. She began to ride it up and down, when we both noticed her grab her Vibrator and began to stick it in her tight asshole. First of all, my cousin and I were both awe struck by her fine ass, plus she had this thick rubber cock up her cunt and now she was sliding a vibrator in and out of her asshole! I remember him saying, holly shit, I can't believe you can fit that dildo up there.

She then walked over to him, told him to hold the dildo. She again turned away and sank her pussy down over the cock. He began to move the cock in and out. She knew he and I were turned on and she knew he wanted to fuck her with that thing. She then lay back on the couch between us and said, go ahead, fuck my pussy with it, use me. He was so excited, as was I. I got to munch on her tits as he moved that fat rubber cock in and out of her pussy. She lay there, with her tits in full view, her cunt wide spread, and her clit exposed and let him play with her for a long while.

Fuck him I said. She pushed him back and straddled his lap and sank her hot little cunt over his cock. I watched as she began to ride his cock up and down. I watched her cunt lips being stretched as my wife rode my cousins' cock. I could see her pussy juice all over his cock. She rode him for about 15-20 minutes and when I was licking her ass, she said, I want to see if you can both fuck my pussy at the same time. I stepped up and slowly tried to get into her pussy, while my cousins' cock was already in there.

She reached back, grabbed my cock and shoved her cunt down on both of our cocks at the same time. She was yelling "Yes, I have two cocks in my pussy, Fuck me, oh please fuck me". Yeah, I would say I was worked up by now. Now fuck my ass she said to me. Wow, I stepped up and shoved my cock up her asshole. I could feel the thin wall between her pussy and ass as I began to fuck that awesome ass, while she had a cock in her pussy. What a rush, what a feeling! Only a thin little wall separated our cocks as we fucked this hot little bitch, which happened to be my wife.

He finally came, after all he had already been fucking her for about 35 minutes, he has good staying power. He got up to pee, ass I bent her over the couch and began fucking her stretched pussy until I too came. She had already cum multiple times. I think we were all exhausted, or so I thought. She was still bent over the couch and he began to rub her shoulders, neck, back and ass. He started to finger her ass. It was my turn to use the bathroom. When I returned he had grabbed a rubber and some Vaseline and was now fucking her asshole. I loved seeing my wife bent over the couch spread eagle, as my cousin began to pump her in her sexy ass. H e came again in the rubber while staring down at her gorgeous ass. He left to go clean up.

While he was gone she looked up at me with her sexy eyes and after everything that happened, she said "I will do anything you want, anything"! I said really, she just said anything you want. I told her I wanted her to give us both head, but the slow head. You see when she gives "Slow" head, she makes such a show of it and is just so damn hot and sexual when she does it. I knew you'd say that she said. When he came back, she said sit as she crawled up to him ever so sexually and began to lick his cock, his balls and eventually her mouth engulfed his cock. She was making love to his cock! I watched for about 10 minutes of her superb head technique.

My wife then said for us to move closer so she could alternate between our cocks. She put on the best head show I have ever seen. She sucked on my dick, slowly and sensuously looking in his eyes, basically saying, see me sucking dick, Like it, I am good. She would then do the same to him, but while looking at me, I could see it in her eyes and attitude. "You like seeing another cock in my mouth, you like me being a whore, don't you. She knew it, I knew it. She sucked us both for an hour until we both came.

I wish we could repeat this once a week "At Least". She turns me on so much and I love when we are mischief's together and being dirty. I love the raw sex side of her, just like a guy, but with a killer of a woman's body.

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