The Shop


We walked into the shop on a cold winter's evening. We had just finished a light supper and were going to the galleries for a glass of wine on this first Friday, but this store just seemed to beckon to us. The sign that said 'Costumes n More....' was held up by a long legged manikin wearing hip boots, a mini skirt with a scarf over her breasts. The breasts were obviously anatomically correct, or she was feeling very happy.

We laughed and feeling adventurous, stepped through the door. The carpet inlaid a sign of its own-"Stop here and leave if you are not over 18. Over 21 preferred. "

"Aha! " I exclaimed, "A Shop that LIKES older women!"

My husband smirked. He still had the manikin in his mind. The woman behind the counter smiled and beckoned us into the store. She was older, her hair was tucked into a long deep red scarf wound exotically around her head. Her blouse was low cut showing her still beautiful cleavage. We greeted her with warm smiles.

"This is an amazing place," I said. "I have always wanted to stop in."

"But you were a little afraid?" The cashier asked.

"Well ...shy, I guess." I admitted with a small smile.

"It is often so. Welcome." She said. "Nothing will happen here you do not wish to. Would you like some tea?"

"Sounds wonderful." I answered, feeling the cold of the street down to my shoes.

"My treat and my pleasure." The woman answered. I smiled and admired her earrings and chatted while my husband looked around the store.

"Don't be afraid to go upstairs," she said winking.

"I think you will enjoy looking through my rooms. If you should find something that intrigues you, just place your credit card into the slot. Each time the charge is $25. I think you will find this charge is very reasonable. And quite satisfying."

I nervously grabbed my husband's hand and we walked up the steps. He walked a little ahead of me, which was good because suddenly I had goose bumps. And of course, I got to look at his beautiful back and his perfect butt. I was imagining him in his underwear as we reached the top of the steps. My pussy had started to tingle. "What was in that tea?" I said out loud.

"What?" my husband asked. "Are you ok?"

I nodded yes, but whispered, "Suddenly I am as hot for you as I have ever been. I think there was an aphrodisiac in that tea."

While we were whispering about it we heard some sounds coming from a closed door. They were low moans. While my brain registered worry, my pussy tingled. And, my pussy is never wrong. While I paused I realized that what I heard was the sounds of a couple groaning in ecstasy. They were making no attempt to keep it quiet either. My husband's grip on my hand tightened. A sign said, 'Be brave. Take a Peek, $25.'

I told you my pussy never lied. At this point my husband's cock was telling his own tale of truth as I touched it lightly through his pants. "Let's do it. What do you think?"

He nodded, his wallet already out. After his card registered, the curtain moved aside soundlessly and written in unusual letters across the bottom of the window was a statement: 'You will not be seen and the couple inside has given permission to be viewed. Enjoy!'

A couple lay on the bed was going at it; they were both wearing costumes, she was dressed like a woman of pleasure in the West...lots of petticoats, net stockings. He was a cowboy without his knickers giving us a full view of his ass slamming into her pussy as hard as he could. Her legs were on his shoulders, her loose blouse pulled down exposing her breasts moving in response to his hard thrusts. Her nipples were hard and peaked.

She was begging. "Harder, harder, oh you are so hot. Oh fuck, you feel so good. Sooooo goooooood."

As we watched, I slipped my hand across the front of my husband's pants- his cock was hard. I looked around quickly unzipped his zipper and began to stroke his cock. Suddenly I dropped to my knees and looking around, I began to lick his cock. I kissed his balls gently and licked up the side of his cock till I got to the tip. I ran my tongue around the tip until he came while watching. He groaned loud and I saw the couple smiling. The cowboy collapsed on his girl and she wrapped her legs around him, as he kissed her softly.

My husband zipped up his pants and said, "I Think we could spring for a little more."

"Oh yeah. Let's see what else there is." I responded with much heat. I was dripping.

At the next room there was a sign, 'Ladies, deposit your panties in here for a five dollar coupon.'

My husband looked at me and said, "This is getting better and better."

I slipped, first, my stockings, and then my panties, down my legs. Then I put the stockings in my bag and dropped my lacy black panties in the basket that my husband was looking at while touching the front of his pants. The basket was full of colorful and lovely sexy panties.

My husband, with a whimsical twinkle in his eye, suddenly pulled me over about eight inches and pointed to a sign directly in front of me. 'You are standing over a camera; make this a free pass to the next room by allowing us to take your picture.'

No one had ever taken a picture of my pussy (outside of my husband of course) but since the sign promised anonymity and that I could review it, I agreed. I moved my legs aside and knew the camera would only see what was under my skirt. I felt the warmth of the flash and then a floor view of my pussy came on the wall to our right. I was shocked at the size of the picture. You could see how my pussy was glistening. I touched the part of the screen that said, 'Accept the picture.'

The screen flashed again and suddenly the screen was full of pictures of pussies. My husband was enthralled. There were about twelve pussy shots, and then the picture changed to twelve more. It seems I had become part of the wall of pussies. We waited until my pussy came up again and I could see that my skirt was not recognizable and no one but my husband would know that I had just let the world see my pussy! It made me tingle to know that now and forever my private pussy was visible to whoever frequented the shop.

With our free pass and five dollar coupon we had access to more rooms. I was a little weak at the knees so I grabbed my husband's hand. His grin and squeeze said it all.

"Where's the wall of cocks?" I whispered.

"You'll have to wait for that." He grinned. "Or make one yourself."

The next room was entirely dark. On the wall there was a long his of instructions which read:

'In this dark room all walk naked. To enter you must remove all your clothes and place them in the locker. Place the key chain on your wrist and enter.

In the room you may touch and be touched. If you do not like what is happening, whisper "Stop!" The person will stop. There is always a moderator in the room and you will be escorted out for breaking the rules.

If you enter the room clothed your credit card will be charged $500.

You have exactly four minutes in the room. After four minutes your key will flash colors. When the last minute is up, you must leave or it will begin to make a very loud obnoxious sound.

During your stay we ask you remain completely muted. It will enhance the experience.'

Just then, as though on cue, we heard a key go off it was very loud and we heard the sound of giggles and a door shutting. We shared a quick look and my husband pushed the enter button and a key dropped down. We picked up the key and walked along a dimly lighted hallway. All the doors were on the right. We stopped at number 9 and went in. We quickly disrobed. I, of course, was already without panties.

I noticed a small light on the opposite wall showing a second door. My husband, my very naked husband, held the key and we opened the door and stepped into near darkness. Shadows moved around us, bumping one another. There was the sound of breathing and the smell of arousal.

I felt hands on my shoulders, then on my hair, and then on my butt. One pair of hands began to message my breasts, to pull at my nipples; another slipped a finger between my legs. I reached out toward a dark figure. It was a man and I touched his cock and held my hand under his balls. They felt warm and soft. I ran my hand softly up and down while he stood still. And then I touched his ass. I ran my hands across his ass and down between his legs. I felt his cock throb.

Someone else was putting his fingers in my pussy from behind me while someone in front of me was fingering my clit. I felt myself grow very, very wet. I held onto someone's shoulder but as I was about to come, they stopped and moved on.

Suddenly I wondered where my husband was. I had seen keys flashing and people leaving. There were maybe three or four couples in the room. I saw a key light up and touched the holder of the key. It was my husband. I recognized his enlarged cock. It was bobbing. He later told me how two women had caressed him and kissed him while he had caressed their ass and dipped his finger into their slick pussies. One woman went to her knees and circled the head of his cock with her tongue. Just then the key flashed brighter and we had to go. We slipped through door number 9. As the door clicked shut a soft light went on. Somehow my husband pushed his raging hard on into clothes. I had no panties and the juices of my pussy were running down my legs. We slipped through the hall out the door. I was feeling a little disappointed. I needed to come. Badly.

We stepped into a room where there were snacks, juice and tea.

"Drink the tea." I seductively suggested to my husband as I drank some more. Whatever was in there was good stuff. I ate some macaroons that melted in my mouth. I felt ferociously hungry, starving. But for more than food.

Hand in hand we walked into the last room; I felt this urgent need for orgasm. I twined my fingers around his and imagined I was encircling his cock, hard and strong. In his hands I could feel the throbbing of his cock. As we entered the room I noted there were no two way mirrors in this room. No keys. There were sounds, only sounds. I felt myself sniff the air like a deer, and I smelled first the scented candles, and then the smell of arousal. My ears twitched with the sounds of bodies moving.

I nodded to my husband. He slipped the card through the slot and the door gave way. The old woman stood on the other side of the door, smiling as though she was proud of us.

"Ecstasy demands courage as payment. Step outside of yourselves and become part of the flow."

Her words first words felt true and sweet but the next were firm.

"Remove all of your clothes now." She ordered firmly. She stood before us as we removed the remainder of our clothes. She smiled and nodded and placed them gently into a box which she then placed in a small locker. She placed the key around my wrist snugly.

"He will remove it when it is time." She said and kissed us both on our cheeks and then him sensually on his mouth. Then we were blindfolded.

"Do not worry," she said. "All are blindfolded. No one can see. Only listen, smell and feel. Join the ecstasy, be unlimited yourselves. If you have an orgasm apart you will not be permitted to leave until you orgasm together. You may enjoy anything here, but you must end together. It is law. There is no eating and drinking until that has happened."

She turned and closed the door. We knew it was locked and we were trapped. There was no way out but through ecstasy.

I stepped hesitantly ahead, my husband's hand on my bottom. I was trembling and suddenly wished to flee. As my hand reached back toward him and traveled down his belly I felt his hard cock. The sounds moaned were all around us, moans of desire, and moans of ecstasy.


"Suck me sweet heart."

I felt hands on my breasts, touching and caressing them, pulling at my nipples. I heard my husband moan, I moved my hand toward his, and felt a woman's hand on his cock. She was standing behind him, her nipples running down his back. My hand covered hers as she stroked him. A hand slipped between my legs and I was bent over, from behind someone stroked my pussy, slipping and running his fingers between my labia, flicking over my clit, playing through my lips again, alternating. In front of me a man pushed his cock through my mouth and I licked it, stroking my tongue up and down.

A groan escaped from my husband's lips. The woman with him was moaning and there was the sound of sucking, and I knew his cock was being licked. Someone was playing with his ass, I heard his moans and the moans of two women. He later told me that someone had slipped a pussy lubricated finger into his ass and was finger fucking him from behind while his cock was being sucked.

Suddenly the women were moved away. I thought perhaps he had come. I was near coming myself. The hands had continued playing with my labia and fingers were inserted in my pussy. I felt gentle hands on my ass and my cheeks and legs spread. Something was inserted in my ass, and I nearly swooned. Just when I was near to coming the men was shooed away. A woman in silk moved me to a bed. Other couples were on the bed. I could feel the bed move as someone was being fucked from behind, I felt the movement of the bed and the soft mewing sounds coming from the edge of the bed were delicious.

My husband lifted my legs up on his shoulders and slipped himself into my sopping pussy.

"Quick and hard." I whispered. Then I yelled it. "Harder please...harder." He slipped in and out, faster and faster.

"Now, I whispered. "Now please now." He began to move harder. Faster and harder. I wrapped my legs around his waist and lifted up my pussy. I was aching for him, aching for relief and for the wonder of all we were feeling.

"Come baby. Come hard!" He said. I moaned and screamed and he joined me. In all the noise I decided to scream loud.

I screamed, "I love you. Fill me fill me with your love. Right NOW."

Suddenly the bed became alive with movement, with moans, with sex, with heat. My husband was slamming into me with hardness and I was moving to him with wetness and with welcome and yearning.

He and I came hard together: long and hard until we were exhausted. We lay there for a moment as the bed quieted. The room had murmurs far from us and I smiled into the darkness. I touched my husband's dear face and he kissed my hand, a kiss I returned.

We were touched gently by a person in silk and we moved away to a small room with a sofa and our clothes. There were grapes and bagels and tall glasses of juice. We smiled and ate and talked and relaxed. Soon we washed, dressed and left. The front room was empty...but there was an envelope with our name on it and a twenty dollar certificate with the statement, 'favored customer status.'

As I looked back I caught a glimpse of a woman in silk who waved, but it could have been my imagination, as we stepped into the clear cold midnight air.

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