tagFirst TimeThe Shower

The Shower


It all started innocently enough. Chris had gone off with his Dad to the Shack for a week, while next-door, Simon had gone up North on a working camp. Josie told me he would be gone for two weeks, and that while the men where out we could just stick together. The first night that boys had gone, she brought her daughter over and we sat up watching TV and drinking until the early hours.

That next day, a ferocious storm had kicked in. I was more than a little frightened. I was used to Chris being home. Suddenly, there was a huge bang from the laundry and I went out to look to find the Hot-water Service had died. I rang Chris’ mum who said she would try an get it fixed as soon as possible, for now I could shower at her place. During this, Josie had come over to see what the noise was. She offered for me to use her shower, I readily accepted.

That night, the storm got even worse, Sam was put to bed in Josie’s daughter’s room. She and I sat in the back room, having a few drinks and smoking a few cones. We where talking about sex, and she was telling me about some of the dirty things she got up to as a stripper. I was more than a little turned on. After a while, Josie offered for me to use the shower. I agreed, and then she warned me not to take long as there was not much hot water. I promised I would be quick so that she could have a shower too. I could not understand then, the meaning of the look she gave me.

I was in her bathroom and I had just taken off all of my clothes and got the water nice when she walked in with some towels, I was surprised to find she was as naked as I was. I tried to look away embarrassed, but I could not help but have another look at her. She was just a little shorter than I was and rather thin. She had one of those faces and I had to remind myself that she was a year older than me. It didn’t help that she kept her pubic hair trimmed right back so only a pencil-thin line of hair ran up from her slit. She smiled as she caught me admiring her and she dropped the towels and wandered over to me.

“I told you we don’t have much water, we may as well shower together, so we have some left tomorrow.”

I could only nod as we both got in. The shower was a lot like ours, a shower-head over a bathtub. The thin stream of water was deliciously hot, but it hardly wet the both of us as I awkwardly tried to get as much contact with the water and as little contact with Josie as I could. Suddenly she grabbed me around the waist and pulled me close to her. She whispered huskily into my ear to wash her back. I reached over and grabbed the soap as she grabbed my sponge and soaped it up. We rubbed soap into each other’s backs as our breasts pressed together, the hot water streaming over us. She was rubbing the middle of back, making broad circular motions, I was rubbing her shoulders. As I worked my way down, I thought about it and realised to my surprise that I was incredibly turned on…In fact I was as horny as hell. I made sure as I washed her shoulders that enough soapy water ran down between us, making our bodies slide together. A few times our nipples came into contact and it was electrifying. Josie must have noticed my arousal as she slid her hands down to my ass and rubbed it. She had dropped the sponge and was using her hands. She massaged my cheeks with skill and occasionally ran a finger into my crack, just lightly tickling my butt-hole. I followed suit and started to rub her ass in the same manner.
I felt the time came for me try and take charge so I moved one of my hands around to her front, sliding it up from her belly to her breasts. I gently kneaded and massaged them for a while, lightly squeezing he nipples. She sighed with delight, and she in turn moved one her hands around from my ass. She didn’t move it up though, she brought it across my leg and gently started to stroke my pussy! I shuddered with delight as she French-kissed me. She leaned down and started to suck and gently bite on my nipples, her stroking getting more in time and deeper. I spread my legs to allow her better access. She slightly spread my pussy lips and used her middle finger to rub my slit. The sensations that where coming from my vagina where like nothing I had felt before, she knew exactly how to rub me and I was loving it. She kept going until my pussy was sopping wet and ready to swallow her finger.

She whispered in my ear that she was going to lick me. I could only shiver in anticipation. She knelt down in the bath, I put one of my feet out on the edge of the bath to give her better access. She started to lick me. I had never in my wildest dreams imagined what it was like to be licked by another woman, but now I knew and I wanted more. I reached down with one hand to open my pussy for her. I used my other hand to rub one of breasts and occasionally to stroke her hair as she licked me. She had reached down and was busily fingering herself, I could hear her finger softly squelching inside her as she reached up with her other hand and inserted a finger, then two. Normally I would not let someone do this, but it felt so good. I could feel the biggest orgasm of my life building up inside me, I was worried that it would hurt, when suddenly she stopped and looked up with a cheeky smile. She stood up, her finger still buried in her little pussy, and gave me deep French-kiss, I could taste my own juices on her tongue.

“Now lick me!”

Frustrated and confused that she had stopped, I obediently dropped down onto my knees and reached out, grabbing her ass and pulling her into me. She skilfully placed her feet on the edges of the bath, allowing me to reach her damp pussy lips. She had managed to remove any traces of hair inside and kept the little strip short. I hesitantly lapped at her outer lips, not sure of what to do.

“Think of what works for you…”

Josie muttered, rubbing her small breasts. I gently slid my tongue past her lips and ran it up and down her clitoris, feeling it swell as I licked it. A light moan from her indicating that I was doing something good. I kept going, and increased the pressure. Her moans where getting louder and she gently moved her hips to increase the sensation. Her already wet pussy was starting o get really juicy and I was having to stop and swallow as it filled. Her juice tasted wonderful, it was sweet but not heavy, like very light honey. I stopped licking for a while and, remembering what Chris did when he went down on me for a while, I placed my lips around her clitoris and started to suck. A tiny shuddering cry escaped from Josie’s mouth and she reached down, holding herself open with one hand and pulling my head closer with the other. I glanced up to see her eyes closed, she was biting her lip with a dreamy expression on her face, and I knew she was close to an orgasm. A nasty thought went through my head, recalling how she didn’t let me come…

I kept going, her moans where getting louder and louder and I pressed on, her pussy was flooding and I could feel the tiniest of contractions as she was nearing a powerful orgasm. Suddenly, I stopped and stood up, keeping my hand on her mound, and feeling it twitch in my palm. I gave her a deep kiss, pushing the near mouthful of her juices into her mouth. She swallowed it and pulled her mouth away saying.

“That tasted almost as good as you…”

On an unspoken agreement, we both climbed out of the shower, and quickly dried each other, although we wheren’t really that dry and we dived into her bedroom. I lay down on her bed as she went for her bedside drawers. She pulled out a purple, 18’ long double dong, quite similar to one I own myself. She lubed up one end with a tiny bit of KY and then mashed it against her pussy, her juices visibly covering it and making it slick. She climbed up onto the bed and slowly pushed one end into herself, giving me a full view of the proceedings. I could not belive I was seeing this tiny girl’s bald pussy, swallow the huge toy inch by inch. As it’s thick purple girth spread her lips wide, I could see the look on her face as her pussy stretched around the huge fake penis. She was in some far away place, being fucked by a large man or something. Regardless, she was enjoying herself immensely and my pussy was positively soaking. Finally, she took all she could and looked at me with a cheeky grin as she moved to me…

“Your turn…”

I parted my legs apprehensively, lightly stroking my pussy as Josie kneeled between my knees, the long purple dong hanging down as if she had a giant penis. She held it in place with a hand as she bent over kissing my pussy and giving it a few playful licks. She stated to move forward, kissing her way up my tummy and chest. She lightly kissed and nibbled on my lips as she lay flat on top of me and I fcould feel the dong inside her against me. I shivered in anticipation as she reached down with a hand, curving the loose end around and pressing it against my pussy. She started to lightly rub it’s penis-like knob against my clitoris and lips filling me with delight as the rubbing got harder and more intense. Gently, she pressed the knob against my hole and ever-so-slowly, she began to push it in.

My sopping wet pussy seemed to have a mind of it’s own as it opened up and allowed Josie to slide the huge monster cock into me, it seemed like the stretching would never end as slowly, more and more of the knob was pushed past my lips, until finally, I felt my vagina close a little as the knob had made it’s way in. I gasped as Josie continued to push, my vagina felt as if it where on fire, I had never taken anything so big before and it was great. As more and more went in, I closed my eyes and held her tightly against me. She whispered dirty things in my ear and kissed me as she inched even more of her toy into me.

“Okay dirty girl…Take a deep breath…Now breath out!”

I did as was commanded and was rewarded with another full inch being driven into me. I could feel the knob pressing against the very top of my pussy and knew that I could not take any more. Josie pushed herself back up, so once again, she was kneeling between my spread legs. I could see the purple snkae disappear inside her little pussy, and that her juice was dribbling down the side. She slowly moved, one leg at a time so they where bent over mine and she lay back. I glanced over to see they had a full length mirror near the bed and I had a view of both of us, lying on our backs. Our legs where intertwined, and our pussies where nearly touching each other. I quickly thought about it, and realised that I must have had at least 6 inches of the beautiful toy inside me. I reached down, feeling the glistening toy, soaking in Josie’s juices as well as mine. I felt a few inches of the toy, before it reached her stretched lips. I playfully flicked a finger across her pussy and was rewarded with a shuddering moan. She leaned up on her elbow like I was and reached down as me rubbed each others swollen clits.

Suddenly, I felt the toy push even further into me, surprised, I relaxed and let it slide in further. I squeezed my muscles against it, pushing it back and Josie gasped. We both lay back, using our pussy muscles to fuck each other. I stretched out enjoying the feeling and reached under her pillow. My hand closed around a familiar shape and I brought out a thin vibrator. Josie looked up with a naughty grin and said;
“I was wondering if you would find that…There’s another one there. I reached up and found the other, passing one to her. We switched these on and began to buzz ourselves, still pushing the toy into each other. We started to make a game of seeing how far we could push in one go. I could feel the dong start to twitch and looked to see her biting her lip and shuddering as a powerful orgasm took hold. It was then I realised I had been holding off to prolong the enjoyment. I closed my eyes and relaxed, concentrating on the feelings in my pussy with the huge toy and the vibrator, when I heard Josie begin to moan, quietly at first but getting louder as she began to come. Unbidden, I switched off my Vibe and reached down, gripping the slippery toy as best I could and pumping it faster in and out of her…And me. Her moans got louder and she was writhing around as the orgasm was nearing it’s peak when suddenly she cried out.

“Oh God…I’m Coming….!”

I kept pumping the toy, carried away with the hard fucking I was receiving until her orgasm died away. She lay still panting, her pussy still spasming around the thick tool. She looked up at me panting and was surprised I hadn’t come yet.

“Oh baby…Now I owe you…!”

She said, gently easing the toy out of her, leaving her end to hang out of me. She lay down with her head between my legs and began to lick me, just as she did in the shower, the toy was still inside me and she gently fucked me with it, licking all around. Under her tongue, I could feel my own orgasm build up. I was starting to get a little frightened as it built higher and higher, I had never had one as powerful as the one promised.

Suddenly the world began to spin, my whole body felt as if it where on fire, my pussy shuddered and close around the toy so hard, I thought I would break it. All I could feel was the faint sensations of her expert tongue and the huge cock pushing me on as my orgasm continued to explode in me.

I came around to find myself still naked on her bed, she was gently rubbing my pussy with a hand as she lay on her side next to me. She kissed me gently rolling on top of me. I could feel a large wetness between my legs and also where her pussy had come in contact with me. Josie kissed me again and whispered in my ear.

“You where great baby but there is one small point…I think we need another shower now!”

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