The Shower

byAngel Fyre©

The next morning, I woke before him. I needed a shower, so I rose from the bed and walked into the bathroom. I closed the shower curtain, and turned on the water, not too hot and not too cold. I stepped under the shower spray and closed my eyes, reveling in the feel of the warm water over my warm body. I opened my eyes in surprise when I heard someone in the bathroom with me. A moment later, the shower curtain parted, and a head peaked in.

"Couldn't wait for me to wake up, love?" he joked, taking in the view of my naked body. "Guess that means I'll have to join you."

He stepped into the tub, and closed the curtain behind himself. He took the shampoo bottle from me, squirted some in his hands, and rubbed them together. He stepped behind me, and rubbed his hands into my hair. He lathered my hair well, remembering that I loved to be pampered like this. When he was done washing my hair for me, he backed me under the showerhead, helping to rinse out the shampoo. Then he picked up the conditioner bottle, and repeated the same process, running his fingers through my hair to work in the conditioner. He rinsed my hair for a second time.

"C'mere sweetheart," I coaxed. "It's your turn to get shampooed." I lathered the shampoo in his hair, and then stepped aside to let him rinse it out. "I still need to be washed. Are you going to help me with that too?" I asked with a sly grin on my face.

"Oh, but of course, my pet," he answered with his own devilish grin. He picked up the soap and washcloth, got a good lather, and told me to face the opposite direction. I obeyed, turning my back to him. I felt the washcloth start at my neck and shoulders. Carefully, he washed down each arm, down my back, pausing a moment longer on my round bottom, before finishing up with my legs. "Please turn around, love; I need to continue with the front."

Again I obeyed him, turning to face him. I saw the passion and love in his eyes as he started with my shoulders, pausing at my breasts. He soaped them, then flicked his tongue over each nipple, watching me shudder. He resumed his washing, stroking the cloth over my belly, down past my kitty, down my legs, then back up again. He went back to my kitty and washed a little longer there. I moaned, closed my eyes, and leaned back against the wall as the pleasure increased. He stopped, and I opened my eyes.

"Time for my washing now, love," he said as he handed me the soap and washcloth. I lathered it, and told him to turn around, like he did to me. I soaped his shoulders, arms, back, and paused at his bottom, before continuing with his legs. He turned around. Since I was down there already, I started with his legs, passing his semi erect member, to wash his stomach. I stood and continued with his chest, arms, and shoulders, and then returned to my pleasure tool. I started to wash it, when he stopped me.

"I want you so bad right now," he moaned. "Turn around for me please baby and we can make love right here in the shower." I willingly turned around, and felt him push a little on my back, to make me bend over. I felt his hard member pushing at my tight little hole. I moaned and spread my legs a little further apart for better access. He moaned as well, pushing more of himself inside. He got it all in, and stood there for a minute, letting me get used to it before he moved again. I wiggled my bottom against his pelvis, signaling that it was time to get going. He pumped me hard and fast in the shower, the water spraying down on our backs. I leaned with my hands on the shower wall, to keep me from falling. He had his hands on my waist, pulling me toward him. Faster we went, until with a roar, he came. As I felt his hot seed pouring inside me, I shuddered and came, coating his member with my warm juices.

We stood for a minute like that, before he pulled out. I turned around, and he held me under the shower, letting the water cool our hot bodies. He turned the water off, opened the shower curtain, and told me to stand there for a moment. He stepped out of the tub, grabbed a towel, and quickly dried off. Then he picked up a second towel, walked over to me, and started drying my hair. Once it was no longer dripping, he moved down my body, slowly and tenderly drying me off. He handed me my robe, and helped me put it on. He put on his robe also.

"Let's go see what there is for breakfast, my sweet one," he said. "All of this activity has made me hungry."

I giggled. "Me too."

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