tagMatureThe Shower

The Shower


Morning already. I know I have to get up, but I went to bed late and I'm still tired. My oldest came home for a visit and brought a friend with him, so we were up late talking. He's a nice guy and good looking for 21. I really am not in the mood to deal with the kids. Maybe I'll just lie here a little longer. Damn, I need the bathroom, so I guess I'm getting up.

I open my bedroom door and am surprised to find the bathroom door open with the shower running. Next thing I know, my sons' friend pokes his head from behind the curtain. "Morning Deb," he says smiling. I'm not quite sure what to do, so I lower my eyes and ask why he has the door open. He tells me that my ex came and took most of the kids out and my oldest took the baby to go get a few things. He apologizes for leaving the door open but thought he'd be done before I got up. I tell him to let me know when he's done because I need to use the bathroom really bad, I push the door to close it and turn to go back in my room.

He calls my name and tells me if I need to go that bad, I should just do it, he won't look. I'm not comfortable doing that but after listening to the water running I'm about to wet my pants. I go in and make him promise not to look. Unfortunately I can kinda see through the partition between the shower and the toilet. Damn, he's built, with a tight, round, firm ass. I finish my business and go to leave. He asks if I enjoyed the view. I turn bright red and mumble sorry as I step to leave. He opens the shower curtain wide and grabs my arm.

I am now privileged to a full frontal view of him, he has a hairy chest and hung real nice. "I just thought you'd like to see the whole package," he says with a wink. I guess I stared just a little too long which let him know I liked what I was seeing. He pulls me toward him and kisses me. I don't know what to do, this shouldn't be happening but I'm responding to the kiss. He smiles at me and asks me to join him. He can see I'm hesitant and starts helping me out of my shirt. I take off my bottoms and step into the shower.

He pulls me against his wet body and kisses me again. He feels so good in my arms. He starts soaping me up, working from my shoulders down. The feel of his hands on my body have me tingling all over. I gasp as he slides his hand between my legs and washes my pussy. We switch positions so I can rinse off, and then he hands me the bar of soap. I lather up my hands and start washing him from his shoulders down. His body is so firm and his huge cock feels good in my hand. I spend alot of time washing his cock and his balls before he rinses off.

As he's standing under the water, I rub my hands all over his body to help rinse him off. His chest, his ass, his legs, and back up to his cock. I lower myself to my knees and start kissing his balls. I lick my way up and down his hard shaft before taking him as far in my mouth as I can. I suck on him with such enthusiasm that he has to ask me to stop or he'll cum too soon. I kiss my way up his body, stopping to suck his nipples. I work my way up to his mouth and kiss him deeply, my tongue darting in and out of his mouth. When he shoves his tongue into mine, I suck on it.

Now he's kissing his way down my body. Stopping to thoroughly enjoy my tiny titties. Slowly down past my navel his mouth explores. He pokes his tongue between my legs and I spread them as far as I can in our confined space. He licks my pussy, sucks on my clit and tongue fucks me as his hands squeeze my ass. I'm so excited by now that I can't wait to feel his manness inside me. "Fuck me hard," I beg.

I turn around and put my hands on the wall. I spread my legs and he enters me from behind. I moan continuously as he pounds the hell out of me, one of his hands caressing my tits and the other lightly rubbing my clit. "Harder, faster," I cry. He tells me I'm the hottest older woman he's ever known and can't believe how tight I was inside after having so many kids.

I can't hold it in any longer and neither can he. We both moan loudly as we explode in one simultaneous orgasm, With each spasm he shoots what feels like an endless amount of hot juices deep inside me. He pulls out and immediately those juices ooze out of me and down my thighs. I turn around and he pulls me into his arms again. We kiss as we stand under the water to rinse off.

"Maybe we can do this again before I leave," he says.

"I think that can be arranged, but next time I want you in my bed," I respond.

"Maybe all night?," he asks.

"Definitely," I say.

I pull the shower curtain aside to leave and stop abruptly. My oldest had come home already and was standing at the open doorway with a shocked expression on his face. I don't know how long he was standing there, or what he heard. I turn bright red again, because he not only got a good look at his naked mom, but he knows his friend got to know me intimately, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nobody said anything. My son turned and left, closing the door behind him. We got out of the shower. We dried each other off and got dressed. We kiss once again before leaving the bathroom. They leave in two days and I'm looking forward to that next time in my bed, and so is he. I think it will be tonight.

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