tagGroup SexThe Shower Ch. 05

The Shower Ch. 05


5: Gone Fishing

After dinner the two worn out couples headed to bed, husband with wife in both rooms. At dinner they talked about most everything except for the shower the four of them had taken together. It was an awkwardness that they all felt, and each wondered if they should feel that way. As they finished eating the ladies cleaned up the dishes while the guys discussed fishing the next day.

Their catch that day had been enough for dinner but both guys were searching for the "glory hole," in the lake where some of their friends bragged about catching their limit in less than an hour. When they tried to find out where this "glory hole" was, most of their friends clammed up, not wanting the spot to get fished out. Bob finally was able to get some vague directions from a drunken friend. They made plans to head out that way in the morning.

The next morning the guys got up, loaded the boat and then cooked some bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. They had the table set and ready before waking up the girls and after breakfast, they even did the dishes as the girls got dressed for fishing. Of course the girls had no intention of fishing, they just made sure they had a couple bottles of wine packed for the trip.

The ride out in search of the "glory hole" took about thirty minutes and they spent another fifteen trying to maneuver the boat in the exact correct location. By the time they stopped, got their gear ready and started fishing it was almost ten a.m. They almost immediately caught two fish and within another ten minutes they had caught a total of five, but after that the fish quit biting.

While the guys were driving the boat out, getting it set and catching their first five fish the girls were sipping on their wine. About the time the guys ran dry fishing, the women finished off the first bottle of wine. They were feeling pretty good by that time and both wanted a little attention from the guys.

With the quick run of fish the guys were really beating the water, casting out their lures, reeling them back in and immediately casting them out again. They were convinced that on the next cast they'd light them up again. As the frustration built, they began changing lures, casting off in all different directions, but nothing was working.

Jason was just about to cast when Bob said, "Jase, take a look at the women."

Both women had stripped down to their panties and bras and were kissing each other. The guys watched as Alicia slid her hand down between Jean's legs placing her palm on her panties, pressing them against her pussy.

"You know Bob, it's has gotten kind of warm, maybe we should wait for a couple of hours to really go after these fish."

Reeling in his line Bob said, "Yeah, that's a good idea. Do you want another go with Jean."

"If it's okay with you," Jason replied, placing his rod and reel on the deck.

"As long as you are okay with me and Alicia."

"Let's put these worms to good use," Jason said, pulling off his pants and underwear. He walked over to Jean, grabbed both her hands and helped her to stand up. He then backed up, sitting in the swivel chair behind the wheel of the boat. Watching as Jean pulled off her panties, he licked his fingers and reached between her legs. He burrowed his fingers between her lips and then pushed them into her pussy. Glancing over at his wife, he saw Bob kneeling between her widespread legs.

Holding one of Jean's hands, Jason held her steady as she opened her legs and sat down, straddling him. He moved hand from Jean's and then held his cock upright as she lowered herself onto him. As his cock slid into her pussy, Jason tried to feel how different it was from his wife's pussy. Jean began to move up and down on his lap and Jason did feel a difference but it was hard to figure out exactly what it was. He finally turned the chair to the side, so both Jean and he could watch Bob and Alicia.

By the time Jason turned the chair, Alicia had her legs draped over Bob's shoulders and was raising her hips up as Bob's face was buried in her pussy. Oral sex always sent Alicia over the edge and this was not exception. Jason and Jean watched, while slowly fucking each other, as Alicia moaned loudly and came.

Bob was up and moving almost immediately to get his cock into Alicia's pussy. Before he could Jason called out, "Alicia, move over on the side bench so we all can watch each other."

Bob simply put his arms under Alicia's legs and grabbing her arms lifted and spun her over onto the bench running along the side of the boat. He then leaned forward as Alicia grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy. Bob slowly pushed his cock into Alicia and then withdrew, moving a bit quicker he thrust and withdrew again.

Jason felt the sensations of Jean's pussy sliding over his cock as he watch his best friend's cock slide in and out of his wife's pussy. He had never been able to see his wife fuck with this type of view, and it was fascinating. Her pussy lips were pushed in with Bob's thrusts and then drew out as his cock pulled out of her. The lips seemed almost to be sucking his cock back in. He continued watching, mesmerized by the cock stretching his wife's pussy open, fucking her faster and faster.

Suddenly Jason felt Jean's body begin to tense up as she moaned loudly. She came down on his cock and then just ground against him as she came. Jason could feel her pussy pulsing on his cock. With seeing Alicia getting fucked by Bob and the sensations he felt from Jean's pussy Jason was getting close to coming, so when Jean began to move up and down as her orgasm subsided, he knew he was close. He began lifting his hips up, shoving his cock up into Jean's pussy as he finally shoved his cock in to the hilt and came deep into Jean's pussy.

As Jason recovered he noticed Jean watching Bob and Alicia. Bob was thrusting so fast and hard into Alicia that her whole body seemed to jiggle, her breasts, her ass, her legs and her feet seemed to be flailing wildly. Bob suddenly moaned loudly and arched his back, pushing his cock deep into Alicia's pussy, spurting his cum inside her.

After a few minutes, the couples separated and each searched around the boat for their clothes. Once dressed the girls dug into the thermos chests and pulled out lunch, which was some sandwiches Jean had made while Alicia did the dishes the night before. The guys grabbed some beer and the girls opened the second bottle of wine.

Around four p.m. the fish started biting again and by five thirty the guys had caught their limit and were heading for home. Once again their conversations neatly avoided the sexual escapades of a few hours earlier. It seemed they all were okay just ignoring what they had done.

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