tagErotic PoetryThe Shower II

The Shower II


Raising my arms above my head, I stretch and purr like a soft kitten.
My soft lips part in a small smile, my long lashes slowly raising up.
Loving the feel of my red satin nightgown grazing against my little nipples.
Shivers slightly as I feel them straining in awareness against the fabric.

Sitting up slowly, the down comforter slides down from my satin nightgown.
Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I look around my spacious chambers.
Feeling lost in my big queen sized bed, my 5'2 frame not taking up much room.
Sliding off the cold bed, my little feet touching the cold stone floor; shivers.

Walking slowly towards the shower, my soft full round breasts bouncing gently.
I open the door, walk in and closing the door behind me.
Leaning down, I turn on the shower, checking the temperature carefully.
Making sure the water is just right for my delicately golden skin.

Ever so slowly, I slide down my thin straps, feeling my satin nighty slide down.
Then I slide my fingers into the waistban of my delicate satin panties.
Feels the satin fabric sliding down my voluptuous body, mmmmmmm.
I step out of them and into the shower, feeling the heat on my sweet skin.

Closing my eyes, I allow the the warm water to run down my slick skin,
Down my full rounded breasts to my smooth stomach, then my little mound.
Placing one leg on the edge of the tub, my soft petals part,
Allowing the water to enter and caress my sweet flesh delicately.

Holding the wall of the shower, I lean my head back, exposing my smooth neck,
Closing my jeweled eyes, I allow myself to feel every drop caressing me.
My little nipples tighten as waterdrops curl around them, like a lover's fingers
Causing me to moan softly, arching my body in natural response......

~Read Part III...*winks*

Written by: ~LadySensualFire~

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