tagChain StoriesThe Sibling Diaries Ch. 05 Pt. 01

The Sibling Diaries Ch. 05 Pt. 01

byIntimate Confessions©


This chapter is very long and covers several events and incidents. I apologize for the wait as well as the length. Since this book is designed to conclude at chapter 7 it is important that the story leads to a conclusion. This chapter is designed to allow Judo and I to reach that goal without too much awkwardness or contrivance. I might also add that this chapter is pretty hot. Much of the length is spent...well in a state of extreme excitement. Please bear with me, the second part of chapter 5 will be up in a week or so.




After a visit to the jewelry store I headed home. I travel light so when I got home I was able to easily carry my bags up to the apartment. I put them down and opened the door, happy to be home. After my stop at the jewelry store, my bags weren't the only thing that were light and I was keenly aware of the need to get some income producing work out of the way.

The thing is, travel is very tiring, for me at least and the kind of work I do requires real enthusiasm and mental alertness, so work was out of question, at least for the rest of the day.

I wasn't making excuses. I was worn out from the flight and Sandra and her sister were expecting me later on in the evening; I decided to take a nap.

Before napping, I took a hot shower letting the warm water wash much of the weariness of travel from my body. I wrapped myself in a white terry robe and headed for my room.

On the way to the bedroom I gulped a couple of the "Ever-hard" capsules Gretta had found so offensive. After all, Sandy had warned me that performance would be an issue later tonight.

As I relaxed on my bed I allowed my mind to wonder back over one of the recent developments in Gretta and my relationship.

Now I know I've related the difficulty Gretta and I have had sticking to our word. As I tried to drift off to sleep I kept recalling our encounter the night before I left on this trip.

One of the most disturbing things about our relationship is most of the time Gretta acts like Sandy and I are a couple of sex fiends and she's as pure as the driven snow. I'm beginning to believe this is just an act. She manages to get a whole lot of teasing in herself... then she refuses to acknowledge that anything has even happened.

I'm beginning to wonder if much of the excitement our relationship sparks revolves around her teasing me and then leaving me to my own devices. I think she knows what she's doing...and enjoys it.

This brings me to the particular incident I found so troubling, which had taken place on the night before I left for this trip...

I had just finished packing and was sitting in the living room when Gretta came out, poured herself a drink and asked me if I still knew how to give a really good back rub.

"Sure, is your back hurting?"

"They don't know a thing about ergonomics at the office. Every muscle in my body aches, would it be a terrible imposition for you to do a back rub?"

"Glad to help sis, just lay down and I'll rub away."

"Would you mind leaving the room for a minute?"

"I guess not, why?"

"I really need you to rub every muscle and I need a second to get ready."

"OK" I said and went into my room and shut the door. When I returned, Gretta was lying face down on the floor entirely undressed with a pillow tucked under her pelvic area and a small bottle of oil sitting beside her. I was taken aback and said, "Haven't you forgotten your underpants?"

She looked up at me from the floor, an amused half smile on her face, "For heavens sake David, it's a butt, everyone has one. I hope you're not so alive to indecent suggestion that it makes you horny. I'm your sister, get a grip."

"You're right" I agreed and got down to work.

As I massaged, I had to agree that she did indeed need a back rub. Every muscle in her body was as tight as a drum. While there was no doubt in my mind that she was indeed in need of a back rub, I couldn't ignore the close call we had nearly consummated a couple of weeks before. I forced a brief flash of her standing in front of me rubbing her swollen and glistening cunt and offering to "let me watch" out of my mind. She had to be aware that this was arousing to me.

I worked my way down her back and then rubbed her arms, working my way all the way to her fingers. As I worked, I was glad I had taken the precaution of wearing my pajama bottoms. I didn't have a raging hard on or anything, but there was life there and it was growing more and more aware of our situation as the massage went on.

As I rubbed the small of her back Gretta asked, "Do you think I'm attractive David?"

"We've had this conversation before, you know I do."

"I know you've told me, but you're my brother, you have to be nice, I really want to know what you think."

I started rubbing her legs and said, "If you weren't my sister, I'd be trying to reach your pussy right now." Inside my pajama pants, the level of excitement jumped up a notch and my half-erect cock began to fill out coming to complete attention.

"Well, thanks for the complement and as much as my puss might need playing with, that's for others to do, not my brother. I can't help noticing you skipped massaging my ass however and I need rubbing there as bad as anywhere else. That's why I skipped the underpants, you don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not sis" I said pouring oil on my shaking hands and sliding them over her perfect butt. I was glad that her face was pointed the other way because there was no hiding my obvious excitement at this point.

"It sounds like your love life isn't making the grade." I said as I smoothed the oil over her firm ass and moved down to her thighs.

"Unless you count giving some guy a blow job, having him come all over you and roll over and go to sleep good sex, I guess you're right" came the muffled reply.

"It must be frustrating."

"You have no idea."

As I worked my way down her long and perfect legs I noticed that she seemed to be thrusting her pelvis into the pillow she had tucked there. At this point any hope I had of gaining mastery over my erection vanished forever. Her muffled voice came to me as she said, "This feels so good, almost sensual, I don't know how I can thank you."

I had several ideas, which prudently I kept to myself.

"No thanks necessary sis, I'm always glad to do what I can."

"I know, sometimes I wish we weren't related."

"Oh, why is that?"

"Oh I don't know, this just feels really nice. If you weren't my brother I could flip over and have you do the other side."

Do I need to tell you how hard my cock was at this moment? Do I need to tell you what self-control it took not to reach under her pelvis which was now moving regularly against the pillow between her legs and touch her cunt?

Instead I got to my feet, having finished my massage and stood looking at her naked body lying on the floor glistening with the oil I had applied and turned toward my bedroom door. This effectively hid my raging erection from her as I thought about how badly I wanted to touch her all over. What I said was "I hope that helps relieve some of the tension at least, goodnight sis, I'm leaving so you can get up without me seeing anything."

"Thanks" her muffled reply came back.

I walked into my room and shut the door, but not all the way. I left a crack in the door, simply because I couldn't resist seeing her other side naked. Who could blame me?

I turned and put an eye to the crack in the door, expecting to see Gretta scramble to her feet, but she was still lying there. As I watched through the crack, she appeared to be lying motionless, but as I continued watching, I noticed that she was still thrusting against the pillow but with a lot more vigor than she had done when I was in the room.

I watched this for a minute or two, too astounded to reach down and stroke my rigid cock that was dripping inside of the tent it had made for itself. Before I could process the information my eyes were sending me Gretta shuddered was still for a moment then she scrambled to her feet, leaned down to grab the bottle of oil and left the room.

I caught just a flash of her magnificent body, the inflamed and hard tipped nipples and the blonde pussy, which I could see was slightly swollen and distended even from my location behind the door. Her door closed and I was left alone to deal with the situation as best I could.

I stood there for a minute ambivalent and tentative then letting my titillation direct my feet, I quietly stepped out of my room and moved across the hall to Gretta's closed door.

In the quiet of our darkened apartment behind my sisters door I could clearly hear a high pitched buzzing sound that couldn't be anything but a battery operated vibrator.

As I stood in the hall, my rigid erection making a ludicrous protrusion that stuck out in front of me like some sort of auxiliary limb, a third leg if you will, I was overwhelmed by a cascade of emotions.

First, of course was extreme desire and longing. The insistent buzzing coming from behind the door fueled this like gasoline being poured onto a roaring bonfire. This feeling alone was so strong it nearly sickened me causing my vision to swim as I pictured what was going on behind the door and imagining me reaching out and turning the knob.

Not far behind that was shame and guilt as I castigated myself for what clearly was a sick and perverted attraction.

Behind the door, the sound of the vibrator stopped and was replaced by a regular slapping sound that grew louder and faster as I listened. Suddenly I heard Gretta cry "Oh David!" I stood in stunned silence for a moment and then the steady sound of the vibrator resumed.

Reaching into my pajama bottoms I grasped my aching dick and began to slide my hand up and down its slippery length the obsequious sound of the vibrator mixing lewdly with the slippery sounds issuing from inside of my bottoms.

For a couple of minutes I reveled in my indecent behavior listening to the slick sound of my hand moving back and forth under the material. I briefly pulled my bottoms down and stood at her door stroking the shining length of my rigid erection openly, stopping to slap it back and forth causing droplets to spray on the door.

Behind the door the slapping sound had resumed but the vibrator was going as well. I was left to imagine what was happening a few feet away on the other side of that closed door. Then I heard Gretta cry out again, this time in inarticulate passion. I realized that I was a goner and was going to wind up shooting my cream into the carpet outside of my sister's door.

With trembling hands, I rapidly pulled the bottoms back up and grasped myself through the material feeling my cock begin to throb. I tried to stop myself from what I was about to do, but it was useless.

I don't know what I'd have done if she had opened the door right at that moment because I began to squirt hot cream right down the leg of my pajamas.

I remained poised there, unable to move; shuddering, gasping and soaking myself as I stood listening to the faint sounds of my sister whimpering through the closed door along with the steady sound of her vibrator.

These were the thoughts that were running through my mind as I lie on my bed relaxing from my trip, feeling the first effects of the "Ever-Hard" capsules I had taken when I felt someone sit down on the side of the bed.

I opened my eyes.

Gretta was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of boxers. She had a glass of wine with her. She too had just exited the shower and hadn't really done too good of a job of drying off. Her cotton shirt clung to her revealing a little more than either of us should have been comfortable with.

I know she saw me staring at her breasts which the damp, clinging shirt revealed; I couldn't help it. She asked if I minded if she shut off the lamp as the light was bothering her eyes. We both knew the real reason, but I replied that I didn't mind, so she turned of the lamp and we sat in the darkness as she sipped her wine.

Gretta has been trying to develop her social life and for a while I listened as she talked about some of the guys at work and flirtation that had been going on with a particular guy. I in turn talked about some of the things Sandy and I have been doing. For a while the talk was of a general nature but Gretta started asking specific questions about us and I found myself describing my encounter with Susan.

As I relived our experience relating it to Gretta, I must admit, I started to become a little aroused. I figured it was no big deal as I was wearing a bulky robe and besides we were sitting in a pitch-black room.

Gretta was very interested in this incident and asked repeated questions about our experience. Her questions became uncomfortably explicit, but I continued to answer them.

Then Gretta started talking about her roommate in college. She described an experience she had one night when both the girls were in their room during a "dry spell" dating. She told me that she and her roommate had been so frustrated and horny they had masturbated together in front of a mirror. She went on to say that both girls had used each other as a "last resort" during the year. She concluded by saying she wished she knew someone who would help her get through her current dry spell.

I asked her if this was the same girl who she had watched having sex with a boyfriend and Gretta replied that it was.

She went on to say that while she hadn't done anything that night in front of them both, but later when they talked about the experience in the darkness of their room together, they had both started to become aroused.

"At the start it was just talking" Gretta said, "But after a while we were really trying to get each other excited. For the longest time neither of us would admit it. We'd start out just talking and sooner or later the conversation would become risqué. After a while we'd start telling each other erotic stories about our supposed experiences. Then the talk would turn really dirty, downright pornographic. She'd be telling me about having sex with two or three boys and we both knew darn well it had never happened but I did the same thing right back using the nastiest language you can imagine. All this time pretending we were just talking; we both knew better. Pretty soon one of us would get up and go into the bathroom for a while and the other would lie in her bed and...well you get the picture."

I certainly did. By the time she finished talking I was lying in the dark with a very hard dick. I should have asked her to let me get to sleep, but I didn't. Instead I started telling her about the capsules I had just taken and admitting the idea of getting off with anyone was starting to sound pretty good.

We spent the next few minutes verbally flirting. I confessed that on my trip I had jacked off every day at least once or twice and I hadn't been this horny since adolescence.

In turn she admitted to me that her social life was a flop so far and suggested that I was not the only person in the room who was getting off alone. "The only difference between us" she said, "is that you'll be seeing Sandy later tonight and I'm on my own until I meet someone."

I reassured her that someone would come along. She acknowledged that she knew this was true, but in the mean time she felt starved for human touch. "That massage you gave me a week ago was the first time anyone else has touched me in about six months", she said.

I told her that I was glad to help by doing whatever I could and she said that she appreciated my efforts and then went on to say that she was so starved for attention that she had become quite aroused during the last massage.

I didn't quite know how to respond to this last statement and I was tempted to come back with a smart retort about "too much information". Instead I decided to tell her the truth and admitted that I had been quite aroused at the conclusion of the last massage and as a matter of had masturbated soaking the pajama bottoms I had been wearing. I didn't feel compelled to tell her that I had been standing at her door listening to her while my cream was running down my legs.

"Well David", she said quietly, "That relieves me of a big load of guilt, because I did the same thing."


"Like a little slut, with battery operated toy no less. I spent the next few days ashamed to look you in the eye."

"Look Gretta, it's only natural. We're both kind of going through a dry spell and its not like we're really attracted to each other and in the end, we only did what we were going to do anyway."

Gretta sighed and said, "I didn't think of it that way. You're sure you're not offended?"

"Not at all, as a matter of fact, it's kind of cool."

"So the idea of a sexual massage doesn't bother you even if the only relief comes later alone in your room?"

"Better than jacking off looking at dirty books", I said. "After all, we're both adults and just because we became physically aroused doing it doesn't mean that we were going to do anything weird together. I think we've passed that test"

Gretta was quiet on her end of the couch for a moment and then she said that her back was bothering her again and asked if I would mind giving her another backrub. I told her that I wasn't sure if this was a good idea right now. I admitted our talk had aroused me and frankly, I was about to "take care of things" before going to sleep. Besides, I told her I wasn't wearing anything except the robe and I didn't feel like getting dressed or putting on pajamas.

What she said next disconcerted me more than anything she ever said to me did. She said that we were brother and sister and she agreed we should be intellectually mature enough to deal with physical arousal. In other words, she said, "I know you're hard and you know I'm hard up, so just be careful about where you rub."



"You know those capsules I took that...help me to uh...maintain a long lasting...uh...erection?"


"Well, I took two of those about thirty minutes ago, I really don't think this is a good idea."

Gretta laughed, "That's even better, since you're chemically aroused, we can stop worrying about where your erection came from and just ignore it."

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Gretta stood up and said that since neither of us could see the other, we might as well as be naked. I could hear her slipping her clothes off. She ran down the hall and returned in a moment with a bottle of massage oil from her room. She handed it to me and I heard her lie on the floor.

I slipped the robe off and dropped it on the bed and poured some oil on my palm.

I know now I should never have agreed to this. I had been trying to comfort her about her feelings after the last backrub, not lay the groundwork for a new one. What I had failed to share with her was how desperately aroused I had been and how close I had come to touching her inappropriately last time.

I was as hard as a rock and when I sat down on her behind so I could rub the oil on her back, my erect cock was touching her. We both pretended not to notice as I rubbed her back and shoulders and then moved down to her firm ass and long shapely legs.

As I rubbed her, she started to tell me more about her relationship with her college roommate.

"Finally, one night neither of us went to the bathroom, we just kept talking to each other until finally she asked me what I was doing and I admitted I was playing with myself and she admitted she was doing it too."

"For a couple of weeks I was hot all day just thinking about what we'd be talking about that night. One day I was feeling so nasty I decided to come back to our room during class to get a little relief and walked in on her...doing it to herself...she didn't stop...and I watched her; then I let her watch me."

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