tagLoving WivesThe Silver Anklet Ch. 03

The Silver Anklet Ch. 03


The next two days gave me a good opportunity to gather together my confused thoughts and to reflect on my outrageous and unbelievable behaviour during the previous two days. I went back to some degree of normality and returned to my normal routine of shopping, gardening, cleaning and other mundane household tasks. I also had some wonderful telephone conversations with my darling husband and I surprised myself by managing successfully to act as if nothing had happened and everything was perfectly normal at home. In fact, Michael seemed to be the one who sounded guilty as he repeatedly apologised for being away during my own summer break, and he promised to take me away for a few days to a country hotel when he returned. Apparently, his boss had agreed to allow him to take a few days off as a reward for his willingness to deputise for his ill colleague. I promised myself that I would try to make our little holiday a memorable one for Michael and I really hoped I could, at the same time, manipulate the situation so that Michael could at last attempt to take me under control and fulfil my submissive needs.

I also had a chance to recover physically -- my bottom was initially very sore and red after my spanking by Mr Evans and my pussy lips were visibly swollen from the fucking I had received from Uncle Ron and old Reg, his father. I soaked myself in warm baths and rubbed soothing ointment onto my arse cheeks until the soreness gradually receded and the red marks disappeared.

I could not help myself, however, from occasionally drifting into daydreams about Uncle Ron's disgustingly ugly but magnificent cock and I would find my hands involuntarily moving down between my legs and touching myself while thinking about the huge monster pounding into my tight little cunt. It was as if I temporarily became another person -- my animal 'Juicy Lucy' side, as opposed to my normal, sweet married 'Mrs Lucy Ryan -- school teacher' side. I felt that I would do anything for this large, ugly man, including satisfying his obviously voyeuristic nature and satisfying the needs of other people while he watched. One moment I might be dusting the furniture and then, as my thoughts returned to that sleazy old man's prick, I would find myself standing in front of the mirror while I tugged down my sweatpants with one hand while massaging my nipples to hardness with the other, quickly followed by frantic wanking. I especially enjoy coming while standing up and watching myself -- somehow the feelings seem so much more intense.

On the day of Uncle Ron's return, I awoke full of trepidation to another fine summer's day. There had been times over the last couple of days when I almost telephoned Uncle Ron to tell him that I had come to my senses and that I didn't want him to come round again. However, my 'animal' side would then take over and I could not quite bring myself to put an end to the rollercoaster ride I was on, and my imagination ran wild again as I wondered what further sexually-fuelled adventures Uncle Ron had planned.

I felt extremely nervous and light-headed, and the butterflies started racing around again in my tummy as I got out of bed and got myself ready for Uncle Ron's visit. My spirits had been lifted, however, after speaking with Michael on the telephone the previous evening. In my mind I rationalised that my behaviour with Uncle Ron was a way of exploring new boundaries and increasing my adventurousness, which could only enhance and enrich our marriage in the long run.

I took a hot shower and applied further lotion to my bottom while deliberating about what I should wear. Because it was likely to be a warm day, I decided on a pretty yellow summer dress with buttons all the way up the front, which finished about six inches above the knee. I fastened my silver anklet around my ankle and slipped on a pair of flip-flops. If our previous episodes together were anything to go by, I reasoned that I required a minimum of garments and, of course, I was not allowed to wear any underwear.

Uncle Ron arrived promptly at 11 o'clock. I opened the door and he was wearing his usual scruffy old shorts and T-shirt. He looked me up and down with a huge grin on his face and I gave him a little twirl so he could inspect me properly.

'Very nice, Juicy. That should do nicely. Come here.'

I obediently took a step outside and he suddenly lunged at me and held me tightly with a bear hug around the waist. I gasped and, as my mouth opened, he pressed his lips against mine and I could feel his tongue wiggling around in my mouth until my own tongue met his. I stood on tiptoe as we licked and sucked each other's tongues and lips in a little frenzy of lust and I could feel Uncle Ron's hardness pressing into my tummy and his hand lifting my skirt and moving up my thigh. I suddenly realised with alarm that we were in full view of anyone who happened to be passing in the street. I opened my eyes and looked over Uncle Ron's shoulder and, at that moment, saw Dave, our postman walking down the path towards us. I quickly disentangled myself from Uncle Ron and pushed him through my front door and into the hallway of my house. I looked sheepishly at Dave, and he winked at me as he handed me my post. After thanking him I hurried indoors before he had a chance to say anything further.

Uncle Ron laughed at my predicament but I was really worried that Dave might tell someone what he had seen.

'What if he says something to Michael,' I said.

'Don't worry Juicy. You need only tell the truth, which is that you were greeting your old uncle who came to visit,' he said. 'In any case, perhaps it will make him realise what a good little slut you are so that he can then give you what you need.'

I wasn't reassured by this remark, but I thought how great it would be if Michael would, even occasionally, be forceful and dominant and treat me like his own little slut. I gradually calmed down and looked over at Uncle Ron, who was still smiling at me stupidly. He still had a large bulge sticking out of his shorts and I reached out and rubbed him gently.

'Where are we going today, sir?' I asked in my best 'little girl' voice.

'You're going back to work,' replied Uncle Ron.

'What do you mean sir?'

'Well. I'm very good friends with someone you know well. His name is George Thomas.'

'Surely you don't mean George, the caretaker at my school?'

'The very same. And even though it's school holiday time, he's agreed to open up school today just for us. Isn't that kind of him?'

George was a short, wiry man in his fifties, who always seemed to be grumpy about something and was constantly complaining to teachers about the behaviour of the children or the untidiness of classrooms. He was also a bit of an old pervert and always managed to hold on to my arm while he talked to me or, 'accidentally' brush up against me when I passed him in the school corridor. He had a terrible reputation amongst the other young female teachers and they tried to avoid him as much as possible. My best friend and teacher colleague, Ann (my belly dancing companion) was constantly teasing me by saying that I was creepy old George's favourite. Apparently, once I had been in my classroom after school bending down putting some books away in a low bookshelf and she had seen him looking at me through the window and rubbing himself.

'You shouldn't wear those short skirts to work, Luce, you don't want to give old George a heart attack!' she had said.

I laughed it off at the time, but I continued to wear short skirts occasionally and I must admit that I started to notice George looking at me and I liked the feeling that it gave me. It reminded me of how I felt when I was younger and Uncle Ron used to ogle me on my way to school or when he used to visit my parents. I even went out of my way to pass his little office in the school in the hope of bumping into him or making up excuses about things that needed repairing in the classroom so that he would call in to see me. I got a thrill out of seeing his reaction when I crossed my legs in my chair in front of him or bent down to show him something so he could see down my top.

'What are we going to do at school, sir? Do we have to involve creepy old George?'

'You'll have to wait and see. But I know you will enjoy it!' Uncle Ron replied.

During the journey to my school, I tried to imagine what was going to happen to me on today's 'adventure'. George was a quite loathsome, pervy character but, paradoxically, the thought of him looking at me, or even touching me, really turned me on (although I didn't want to admit it to myself) and I suddenly remembered how I felt on the occasions when I had deliberately teased him at school.

I then reflected that many of my wildest sexual fantasies had been about me with older and/or less attractive members of the male species. The turn-on for me was essentially the thrill of seeing someone drooling over a young, attractive woman -- someone who they would normally expect would either ignore them or, at worst, would react angrily. Also running through my mind was the thought that younger, better-looking men would normally take it for granted that they would attract members of the opposite sex without too much effort, and I guess that my husband fell into that category. However, sex with older men, uglier men, fat men, or a combination of all three, seemed hugely kinky and much more satisfying, knowing that they were probably feeling that it was their luckiest day.

Allowing George to have his way with me seemed even kinkier, knowing that he had probably lusted after me for a long time and would be overwhelmed by the situation. However, I was also aware that I had to be careful to please him as I didn't want him to make things awkward for me at work as I loved my job and didn't want to lose it over some scandal, which would probably also mean the end of my marriage.

'Penny for your thoughts.' said Uncle Ron, staring at me.

'Oh....sorry sir. I was just wondering what you had in mind for me today.'

Well, as I said before, you will just have to wait and see. Let's just say that George is in for the treat of his life, and you'll have a new experience into the bargain!'

This made me wriggle in anticipation, and I could feel my cunt becoming wetter.

When we arrived at the school, George was standing waiting for us wearing his usual garb of blue overalls, white T-shirt and heavy work boots. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw me getting out of the car and walking towards him wearing my little yellow dress. He stared down at my slender, lightly tanned legs and licked his lips. I saw his eyes move up to my chest and I'm sure he noticed my hardening nipples pushing through the thin material.

'Well, hello Mrs Ryan. Ron tells me you've been a very naughty girl. I do hope that nice husband of yours doesn't find out about your antics -- not to mention the headmistress!' said George with a false look of shock on his face.

Even though I felt extremely horny about the whole scenario, and could feel the usual dampness between my legs, I felt that it would be advisable to let George feel he exercised power over me.

'Please George; please don't tell Michael or Mrs Williams. I'll do anything if you keep quiet.'

'Wow!' said George, looking over to Uncle Ron, 'you weren't kidding, were you. You certainly know how to return a favour.'

'What does he mean, sir?' I said, looking at Uncle Ron quizzically.

'Well. let's just say George helped me out financially a few months ago when my business was in trouble and I said I would repay him with something special. Old George was always talking about this gorgeous young piece of fluff at his school and when I realised it was you, I thought of the ideal way to repay my debt.'

I felt myself turning red, and looked shyly down at the floor to avoid George's leering face.

'Let's go through to my office,' said George excitedly, and he led us through the school to his small office at the back. It had a chair, a small desk with a computer monitor in the corner, and a pile of porn magazines strewn across the top. The walls were stacked with shelves containing boxes of toilet rolls and bottles of cleaning fluid.

George sat down on the chair and Uncle Ron pushed me forward.

'OK slut, unbutton your dress for George,' he commanded.

Slowly and sensuously, I undid each button and slid the dress from my shoulders and it dropped to the floor around my feet. George sat there transfixed, staring at my glistening pussy with its neat 'landing strip' of golden pubic hair above.

'Beautiful, beautiful,' he stammered as he reached out his hand tentatively. I parted my legs obligingly to accommodate his thin, groping fingers which immediately came into contact with my wetness.

'My God, you're gagging for it, girl. Who would have thought...?' Said George as his fingers slowly slid up and down my soaking slit, making me gasp out loud. George's other hand had moved to his crotch and I could see a noticeable bulge appearing in his overalls as he slowly rubbed himself. He then moved his slimy fingers to my lips and I took them in my mouth and sucked my juices from them.

'Ok, Juicy. It's time to take care of my friend George's perverted needs,' said Uncle Ron. 'But first you need to see what he's got for you.' With that, Uncle Ron put both his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down on my knees in front of George.

'Take all my clothes off, there's a good girl,' said George, as he held out a leg. I took the hint, undid his bootlaces and removed both his heavy boots. I pulled down his socks and peeled them off his feet and then slowly unbuttoned his overalls. They dropped to the floor and I noticed he wasn't wearing any underpants. His cock was already standing fully erect and sticking out lewdly from a mass of grey pubic hair. It was about the same size as Michael's -- about six inches -- but was strangely curved like a boomerang. His circumcised helmet was bright red and a slither of pre-cum had oozed down the side.

'Bloody hell, George, that's one weird weapon you've got there!' exclaimed Uncle Ron. 'What do you think, Juicy?'

I didn't answer, but just stared stupidly at George's bent old dick.

'Suck me, Mrs Ryan. Get me ready,' said George, breathing heavily.

I thought to myself what a disgustingly horny sight George made. His naked torso was covered in a thick mat of grey hair, as were his thin legs and ball sack. He was only slightly taller than me, and his oddly-shaped prick seemed quite thick and out of proportion to the rest of his skinny body.

I stood back, kicked off my flip-flops and stood there wearing just my silver anklet and my wedding ring. I padded barefoot over to George and the little bells tinkled as I moved. I went down on my knees again, moved my head between his thighs and slowly licked the pre-cum from the head of his cock. It immediately twitched and seemed to grow a little more erect and I heard him make a strange gargling sound in his throat.

'Aaaargh....that's right, Mrs Ryan, lick me you little married slut. Take it in your mouth.'

I slowly engulfed his cock with my lips and slid him into my willing mouth until I could feel it hit the back of my throat. It felt strangely warm and velvety and it seemed to twitch as I moved my mouth up and down its length.

'Fuck, fuck, that's it cunt, take it down!' shouted George.

'I think you're ready now, George, don't you,' said Uncle Ron, who had been sitting on the desk watching the proceedings. 'Stand up, Juicy and lean forward across the desk.'

I did as I was told, and lay face down on the desk with my bare feet on the floor and my bottom in the air. I could feel my wet pussy squishing against the edge of the desk, which made me wiggle my bottom involuntarily.

'Oh my God, Ron. Look at that lovely little arse. It's been driving me mad for months!' exclaimed George.

'Yes, and you are soon going to be the lucky owner of a 24 year old virgin arse hole.'

I looked over alarmingly at Uncle Ron. 'No, you can't mean it sir,' I cried, 'I've never done that before. He'll hurt me with that thing.'

'Don't worry,' he replied. 'You'll be very gentle, won't you George?'

'Oh my God, has she really never taken it up the arse? She's going to be so tight!' said George, crudely.

Suddenly I heard the sound of a jar being opened. Uncle Ron leaned over me and I felt two of his fingers, covered in some kind of lubricant, poking into my anus and wiggling around inside. It felt weird at first, but I suddenly felt a strange, warm feeling deep inside me as Uncle Ron's fingers probed and slid up and down and I moved my bottom in rhythm with the movement. He then pulled his fingers out and moved away and I waited in dreaded anticipation of the next assault on my virgin hole.

'Please don't hurt me George,' I whimpered as I heard George moving into position behind me.

'I'll do my best, but it looks like you won't really mind be,' he replied, noticing that I had pushed my bottom higher to accommodate him.

'Fucking hell! What a dirty little bitch you are, Mrs Ryan. This will teach you for being such a prick-tease!'

I suddenly felt George's thick cock pushing and prodding against my lubricated arse hole. Slowly but surely it slid in and I could feel my ring parting to allow him entry. I felt a sudden stab of sharp pain as he slid further in and I cried out. The pain, however, soon turned to a feeling of wonderful fullness within me. I felt as if a red hot poker was pushing into the recesses of my belly as he started pumping up and down.

'Grr...aaargh!' George yelled as he pumped faster and faster. Suddenly he jerked violently as I felt spurts of warm liquid being pumped deep inside me. His chest collapsed on top of my arched back and he groaned and mumbled incoherently in my ear. The glorious feeling of George's old spunk shooting up my insides and the pressure of my clit against the edge of the desk brought me to an explosive orgasm and I bucked up and down with George's convulsing cock still deep inside me, groaning and clawing at the desk and sending George's porn mags flying to the floor.

I could see Uncle Ron wanking his huge, ugly cock inches from my face and suddenly his own sperm shot out and across my face and into my hair and eyes.

George, panting heavily in my ear, gradually slid his cock out of my arse hole and, as he moved away, I slid slowly down the side of the desk and collapsed in a heap on the floor, my body still jerking occasionally with the last aftershocks of my own orgasm.

I could feel George's sperm oozing out of my back passage and dripping onto the floor. At the same time, felt Uncle Ron's sperm trickling down my face.

'Look what a mess you've made to George's office floor Juicy,' said Uncle Ron, pointing down at the small puddle of creamy liquid that had accumulated on the linoleum. 'You'd better clean it up, because old George likes clean floors.'

I nodded silently and slowly got to my feet to get a mop that was leaning against the wall.

'Not with that, bitch. Use your slutty tongue,' said Uncle Ron.

I was mesmerised by the whole situation and still feeling exceedingly horny and I am embarrassed to recall that I immediately and unquestioningly got down on all fours and slowly licked up and swallowed the disgusting puddle of sperm from the floor, while George and Uncle Ron looked on in amazement.

'My God, Ron, I don't believe this. I think I must be dreaming!' said George, staring at the performance taking place in front of him. 'Mrs Ryan, I think you and I are going to have a lot of fun when school starts again.'

'No, we can't George. That was just a one-off,' I replied, not really believing what I was saying.

'I don't think you've got much choice, do you Mrs Ryan, or shall I come round and speak to your husband?'

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