tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Silver Moon

The Silver Moon


So many girls, so little time. Damien thought to himself as he prowled his favorite night club. There were many girls giving him winks and seductive stares, just as usual. What wasn't usual was that he wasn't interested in any of them. He wanted something unusual, something he hadn't seen. He sighed to himself. He doubted he'd find that here. He'd been to The Silver Moon a million times and it was always the same. A million ditsy blondes throwing themselves at him because he was tall, dark, and handsome. He was hoping that the new features that were recently added to The Silver Moon would attract some new faces. He looked around at the new décor.

It was blatantly sexual. There were statues of all sizes depicting every sexual act and position he could think of, the wallpaper had silhouettes of naked men and women, and in several of The Silver Moon's many rooms there were live displays of people engaging in various sexual activities. They had basically turned it into a sex club with dancing. He wandered into one of the rooms with a live display. There was a well-built man with dark hair – and the most engaging woman he had ever seen.

She was standing up and the dark-haired guy was going down on her. She had dark red hair that fell well past her hips and flawless tanned skin. She had a slender body that featured amazing curves, and when she looked up, directly at Damien, she had dark silver eyes. She was extraordinary and exotic, and immediately Damien wanted her. He watched as her body started trembling and then she gripped the man's shoulders for support as an orgasm washed over her. Damien was instantly hard. With difficulty he tore his eyes away from her and then noticed he wasn't the only one hard. There were even a few men within the small crowd that were openly masturbating.

When his eyes returned to the platform the man was gone and she was looking directly at him. She pointed at him and then curled her finger, indicating for him to come up on stage. His eyes widened. He'd watched the shows several times since they'd converted The Silver Moon but he'd never expected to be part of one. He was planning on walking away, but his feet were carrying him forward. He just couldn't resist her. Before he knew it he was climbing onto the platform.

"I'm Firia Tiavanna."

"Damien Sarvas." He said in an entranced voice before closing his lips over hers. She twined her arms around his neck as his arms encircled her waist and pulled her up against him. She moaned and pushed her hips in towards him as she realized that, like most of the people who visited The Silver Moon, Damien was completely naked. He could tell that she wanted more now, but he had patience. She was like a rare treasure he may never find again and he wanted to savor every moment.

He sat down on the nearby armless couch then drew her down onto his lap. She pressed her lips against his, engaging him in a heated kiss once again. He let his hands stroke gently over her breasts, playing with her nipples. She moaned softly which encouraged him to be a little rougher. To his delight he got a louder moan out of her and she arched her back slightly, pushing her breasts more fully into his hands. He continued fondling one of her breasts while breaking the kiss to lower his head to the other one. He let his hot breath tease her for a second before flicking his tongue across her nipple. She gasped in surprise and he flicked again. Once. Twice. Then he took her entire nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. She cried out, further arching her back.

He let his free hand caress her side, her hip, and then he let it brush over her center and found it incredibly wet. A little of his patience slipped away. He thrust one finger into her and pulled it completely out. It was drenched. Then he thrust two fingers deep into her, slowly first, then faster and faster until he had her crying out for more. Only then did he lay her back on the couch. He picked up just one of her legs and put it on his shoulder, then he gripped her hips and entered her ever so slowly. She was begging for more and she was so hot and wet he just couldn't resist giving it to her. He began to fuck her fast and hard and, thanks to the position, quite deep. Soon he felt her tightening around him as she approached orgasm. By this point she was literally screaming and, through some miraculous force of will, he managed to keep himself from going over the edge even though he could feel her muscles clenching around him as she got even wetter from her orgasm.

He picked up her other leg and put it across his chest and onto the same shoulder as her other leg. Still gripping her hips he began to pump into her vigorously. He could feel himself building, getting closer and closer with every stroke. He knew he couldn't hold back this time. She was screaming again and she looked so good, her tits moving rapidly back and forth with the motions of his thrusting...and then her muscles clenched around him again and he was lost. He threw his head back and moaned as he came inside of her, filling her up.

Moments later, when he again found the strength to move, he sat up to find another couple on the stage waiting. "Sorry, dude, we need the stage."

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