tagNonHumanThe Síochán Ch. 01

The Síochán Ch. 01


Sometime in the early 1800s

He walked through the dark night, his strides long and confident as he moved gracefully and silently along the dirt pavement. It was usually his favourite time of night, two hours passed the witching hour and he enjoyed the solitude even as he felt a slight weariness settle into what was left of his soul.

Being a night walker was invariably a lonely life. He seldom came across others of his kind and usually regretted it when he did. They were often uncouth, little more than predators with no concept of how to be discreet when they slaked their hunger.

He longed for this century to be over with already, though it had barely begun. He prayed the next century would be better, that the humans would progress into a more civilised state, that he could walk among them at night and ease the loneliness that crept up on him from time to time.

Nathaniel Ryan sighed deeply and scanned the empty streets with bored green eyes. His long black hair fluttered in the cold night air and he pulled his long black cloak tightly around himself. It wasn't that he felt the cold; it was more a case of stopping the garment fluttering wildly in the breeze.

His hunger was on the rise and he knew he would need to feed soon. He hadn't fed in almost three months. Being an Elder he didn't need to feed as frequently as a newly turned vampire. They had to feed nightly, sometimes even more than once a night. The older a vampire became the easier it was to control the burning hunger and Nathaniel was old. He was probably one of the oldest vampires still living and he was proud of that fact, even prouder that his bloodlust didn't dominate his life.

Nathaniel had managed to last a complete year without feeding once. He had almost paid for it though. When he did finally feed, he had almost lost control and killed the lovely wench who had offered herself up to him. He had not made that mistake again. Now he chose to feed every three months or so. He found that time scale was the most fitting for his needs.

He sighed as he felt the burning itch in his throat start to build the more he thought about feeding. The desire to find a woman to satisfy his baser urges was increased too. With the bloodlust came the lust for sexual activity. He often lay with a woman without feeding, but the satisfaction he received from the joining paled in comparison to feeding whilst riding between a woman's pale thighs. Feasting on a woman's hot blood during the act of sex was completely wondrous; for both partners.

His body hardened and he felt his fangs begin to elongate. He tried to shift his thoughts to something else, but it was too late. He needed to feed; he needed to sink deep inside a beautiful woman's body. Immediately.

He stretched out his senses and began to scent the air, smelling for that one intoxicating scent which would stir his blood. He found it quickly, a few houses down from where he was standing. The building was stately for the small town he was in. It must belong to a rich merchant or possibly the town mayor. He followed the scent of violets and sunshine, pulled inexorably towards the woman whose scent teased him so.

He paused at a downstairs window, looking inside and being faintly surprised to find the owner of the intoxicating scent sitting in a large cushioned chair beside an open fire. It was the early hours of the morning and most humans had been in their beds for hours.

He ran his green eyes over the woman's face and smiled slowly. He was looking at the face of an angel. She was quite simply exquisite to look at. Her face was heart shaped and as she looked up from her book he could see deep green eyes framed with long, thick, black lashes, a small, straight nose and wide, luscious lips. Her skin was porcelain white with not a blemish in sight.

It was her hair that arrested him the most. It was golden in colour and naturally curled. It was tied back at the nape of her neck in a sapphire blue, satin ribbon, and as she moved to set down her book and tease the fire, he could see that it was extremely long and came to her waist. He imagined wrapping himself in those long silky tresses and his body hardened further. She was dressed in a long white cotton nightgown with a high neck and long sleeves. The garment effectively hid her body but not enough that he couldn't see that she was slim beneath it, with full breasts.

He silently eased around the house until he reached the back door. It was no effort to tease the lock open with his mind and slip silently inside. He followed the scent until he had navigated the dark house and reached the parlour the woman was sitting in.

She was waiting for him. It was the only conclusion he could come to for when he appeared in the doorway, the angel with the golden hair was standing before the fire, her face to the door. Large, green eyes regarded him with only a hint of fear in them.

"I knew you would come, Sir," she said quietly as he simply stood there, drinking in her exquisite beauty.

As she spoke he recognised her voice, for it was light and musical, the voice of a woman he had heard speak before. He searched his mind and remembered waiting while she spoke to a merchant he had been purchasing travelling supplies from. He had been intent on buying his supplies at the time and paid no notice to her after the first glance.

She had obviously remembered him though. It was not uncommon for women to remember him. He cut a tall, imposing figure, with his wide chest and trim, fit physique. He knew his appearance was particularly appealing to women. It was all part of the many attributes he had gained when choosing this life of his.

"Did you?" he asked with a hint of amusement in his tone. "Then you have me at a disadvantage, because I did not know, until a moment ago that I would be visiting you."

Her gaze was fixed on his as she shivered slightly at the seductive quality in his voice. He had automatically lowered his timber, sending out his compulsive tone as he spoke. It came naturally to him when he needed to feed.

"Our hands brushed that evening in the merchant's shop," she answered almost breathlessly. "I have a gift, Sir. Sometimes I can see what will occur in my life, in the near future. That day, I saw you here in this parlour. It was the dead of night. I have been waiting every night since for you to arrive."

Her words surprised him and he inhaled deeply so he could fully scent her. Her sweet floral scent rushed over him and he felt his body harden so much he was almost ready to burst. He ignored his needs for now, carefully checking that the woman before him was human. He sensed no other smell except that of a human female. This gift she had was not related to any other kind of outwordly being.

"An interesting gift you have," he breathed softly, his voice lowering further as he entered the room fully, moving steadily towards her. "Why did you not act to protect yourself if you knew I would come?"

The angel before him smiled slightly sadly as she watched him approach. The firelight behind her was casting shadows against her cotton nightgown and he had a tempting glimpse of her womanly curves.

"I have learned that I cannot fight the visions I have, Sir," she said quietly, her expression resigned as he stopped in front of her. She tilted her head back to look up at him, for her height was barely five feet and he exceeded six feet by a few inches. "There was nothing I could do to stop this meeting so instead I decided to embrace it. If it is my time to die this night then I cannot fight it."

Nathaniel reached out a large hand and gently brushed one perfect cheekbone. His touch was light, caressing, and he watched her shiver slightly as he grazed her fragile skin with one long finger. "Your life is not forfeit this night, beautiful angel," he sighed softly, wanting to reassure her. "Unfortunately I cannot say the same for your chastity for I intend to take that delight, as well as to satisfy my other needs."

He heard her suck in a deep breath at his touch and then another at his words. He breathed in deeply and scented the first sweet tang of her arousal. His bluntness invariably teased such a sweet reaction from the women he chose to slake his lust with. It was often against their will because these were times when a woman prized her chastity above all else.

Still, when he announced his intentions, their sweet bodies always betrayed them. "You are exquisite," he breathed softly, allowing his finger to trail slowly down to her jaw and then to her neck where he halted at the spot where her pulse beat so fast and her precious fluid flowed so temptingly. She shivered under his light caress and he had to concentrate to contain his fangs for he wanted nothing more than to bury his mouth in the side of her neck and to drink deeply of her delicious taste.

"What is your name, child?" he asked, for in his eyes she was but a child, despite her womanly curves.

"Summer," she breathed softly and he smiled again, a slight tugging of his lips as he rested his finger on her pulse.

"Summer," he whispered, his smile growing. "Such a beautiful name, such an apt name for that is what your scent reminds me of, a beautiful summer's day with the sun beating gloriously in the heavens and the flowers swaying in a light summer's breeze. How long have you graced this world with such beauty, little Summer?"

He watched her swallow nervously, her little pink tongue coming out to dance lightly across her bottom lip as she sucked in a deep breath, reacting to his closeness. "I am eighteen, Sir," she answered breathlessly, fighting down a deep moan at the feel of his hand on her neck. Her entire body was tingling at having him stand so close to her. She could feel a wetness between her thighs, a feeling she had never experienced before and it frightened her even as it exhilarated her.

"Nathaniel," he sighed softly. "That is my name. I would hear you breathe it softly as I pleasure your beautiful body, sweet Summer."

"Nathaniel," she murmured almost as if she were in a trance. The sound of his name whispering from her lips almost made his knees buckle. It was the sweetest, most arousing sound he had ever heard. He had never been this hard before, never been this shockingly close to losing complete control with a woman. This beautiful little woman child teased his senses mercilessly as she gazed up at him and licked at her bottom lip again.

He quickly stretched out his senses to detect the others in the house. He counted four sleeping heartbeats and slipped into each mind stealthily, nudging them into a deep, unnatural sleep. Now that sweet Summer had breathed his name, he knew he would have to hear it cried out loudly in her passion. He did not want others to interrupt their time together.

Nathaniel trailed his finger slowly from her pulse and down to the tie that held the bodice of her nightgown closed. A quick, deft flick of his fingers had the tie undone and the virginal material gaping wide to his gaze. He sucked in a deep breath as his movements revealed more porcelain white skin and the swell of her full breasts.

She shivered under his touch, a flush of rosy pink decorating her cheeks as he slowly peeled back the nightgown, sliding it from her shoulders and down her body until it lay in a pool around her ankles. She stood gloriously naked before him and his cock twitched in his breeches as he looked his fill of her beautiful body.

The cool night breeze puckered her dusty pink areolas and hardened the tips of her beautiful breasts. Her peaks were naturally long and so hard, he couldn't resist grazing a thumb lightly over them and smiling when an involuntary moan was dragged from her lips. She may be young and inexperienced when it came to men, but she had a hidden lust which he was happy to tease out of her. Nathaniel stepped back from her and unclasped his cloak.

Summer had known the man with his sinfully beautiful face would come for her. She had known the moment their skin had accidentally grazed each other a few days before in the merchant's shop. She had thought to try and prevent the meeting somehow, but had quickly realised it was futile to do so. Her strange gift of being able to see into her own future was always deadly accurate. All her life it had always come true with no way to avoid it.

Now he was finally here, his long dark hair flowing silkily down his back, his light green eyes boring into her very soul as she watched him remove his clothing, his gaze never wavering from hers. She shivered in trepidation as he bared his wide, hard muscled shoulders and firm chest to her view before his hands went to his breeches and he was swiftly removing them along with his boots.

When he stood to full height again, her eyes went round with shock as she looked upon her first sight of a man's naked, excited body. His shaft stood proudly from between his thighs. To her innocent eyes it looked monstrous, long, thick and pulsating with his need. Yet, it looked oddly beautiful too and she couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to touch it with her hand.

She flushed pink again at the boldness of her thoughts, her eyes travelling back up to his face and seeing him watching her with a hint of amusement in his beautiful eyes. His hard lips twitched with a little smile as he stood still for her perusal.

"So innocent, sweet Summer," he breathed softly, reaching out and undoing the ribbon in her hair. He played with her tresses for a moment before he slid one hand slowly down her arm until he came to her hand which he caught in his larger one.

Summer shivered and caught her breath when he moved her hand towards his maleness which seemed to throb in time to her own rapid heartbeat.

"Come, touch me," he said in a low deep voice. "Do not be embarrassed to want to feel a man's cock in your little hand. With a beauty such as yours, I am sure you will receive ample opportunity to touch a man in your future."

Nathaniel groaned softly as he wrapped her little hand around his thickness and kept his hand on top of hers so she couldn't pull away. He ached to feel her stroking his hardness and the pleasure of a simple touch was enough to set his heart racing. He used his hand to slowly stroke hers up and down his throbbing body.

She was an apt pupil, quickly taking control of her own actions, gripping his cock tightly in her tiny fist and stroking him boldly with a rapt expression on her beautiful face. He released her hand and threaded his fingers into her curls as his hips moved in time to her movements and he tilted her head up so he could taste her lips.

The sweetness of her mouth was truly intoxicating. He slanted his mouth over hers, teasing her lips apart and slowly easing his tongue into her hot mouth. She moaned and her hand tightened on his cock eliciting another groan from him as he began to move rhythmically against her hand. He was so close to achieving his release already, so hot and hard for this ethereal little woman before him.

Nathaniel had wanted to spend just a little time on his needs but decided to enjoy Summer for longer than he had originally intended. She was too beautiful to rush and he wanted to pleasure her completely, teach her the joys of being a hot, passionate woman. He rocked his hips into her hand, harder and faster, his breathing becoming more ragged as he plundered her soft lips over and over again.

"Your hand is so pleasing, Summer," he groaned against her lips. "Stroke me faster and harder, beautiful one." She obeyed him as he knew she would and he felt the sweet tension in his stomach coil as the little virgin pushed him towards his release. His cock swelled in her hand and he groaned loudly and erupted against her stomach, shooting his hot seed onto her body as she continued to stroke him hard and fast.

He smiled against her lips and detached her hand from his cock, standing back to admire his fluids running down her stomach towards her nest of blonde curls. She had pleasured him greatly but seemed a little surprised that he had decorated her body so quickly with his release. Like the sweet little virgin she was.

Her innocence enthralled him and amused him. His more feral half delighted at the thought of defiling one so innocent whilst his more tender side wanted to teach her the art of lovemaking and releasing her passion. For a moment both sides warred with each other for dominance as he watched his seed continue to slide into her silky blonde curls. The sight spurred his more feral side to victory and the smile he gave her was nothing short of wicked.

Summer stared at her body and then slowly looked up at Nathaniel. He was smiling at her but the smile was one of devilment, almost bordering on evil. She felt a little shiver run through her as he used one long finger to scoop up his release from her body, the thick white fluid coating his digit. She started in shocked when he smeared his finger against her lips and she felt his seed coating her mouth.

"Open," he breathed softly, using his command tone on her just ever so slightly. He wanted to test her willingness to be corrupted and was rewarded with her almost instant compliance. "Lick my finger, Summer," he growled.

Her little pink tongue danced out of her mouth and slowly licked his cum from his finger. He watched her intently as she frowned slightly at the first taste of him and then returned for more, becoming bolder and sucking his finger into her mouth greedily. He breathed deeply as she cleaned his digit and then proceeded to lap at the cum he had smeared on her lips. He felt his cock twitch in appreciation of the sight and he lifted her quickly and strode over to the chair she had been sitting in before the fire.

Nathaniel settled her in his lap, her back to his chest, her head resting on his left shoulder. Her firm backside pressed against his growing cock and he delighted in the slight discomfort he felt from being crushed between her fleshy cheeks as he slowly hardened again.

He sighed and used his finger to scoop up more of his cum from her stomach. He fed it slowly and relentlessly into her waiting mouth, moving lower towards the silky curls between her thighs as he sought to capture ever drop of his essence from her body. He could feel her little heart thrumming and could smell the intoxicating scent of her arousal the closer he came to the apex of her thighs. This little beauty was being so compliant in her own seduction that it heated his blood and hardened his body quickly.

His now fully hardened cock was trapped within the comfort of her ass cheeks. He moved his hands to her hips and rocked her gently against his throbbing shaft. His head grazed her little puckered hole and she gasped in surprise at the sensation and tensed slightly against him.

He smiled as he slipped inside her mind to listen to her fractured thoughts. Her mind was already full of lust and confusion and he listened in as she wondered fearfully if he would choose to enter her puckered asshole as his rubbing cock seemed to intimate he would like to. It wasn't something he had considered doing but he didn't write the idea off. Underlying her fear that he would take her there, there was also a slight longing to know what it would feel like.

Nathaniel shelved the thought for the moment, deciding he would re-evaluate his needs later on. For the moment, it was the hot, wet apex of her thighs that he craved so badly, that and her hot, willing mouth. He slid Summer from his lap until she was kneeling before him. He spread his legs and tangled his hands in her glorious golden curls and pulled her towards his aching cock.

"Your hand was delightful on my body, Summer," he smiled wickedly. "Now I would like to know the touch of your mouth on me. Take me in your mouth and suck on me, little virgin." He pressed her head towards his throbbing shaft and growled slowly as her lips parted and she sucked in the head of his cock timidly.

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