tagMind ControlThe Sisterhood of the Goddess

The Sisterhood of the Goddess


John and Janice Alexander had been married twenty-five years. John, fifty, was a senior partner in a local legal firm and Janice, forty-five, was a successful psychotherapist, specialising in marital problems and lived in the sleepy town of Little Norton, Hampshire. Today however, Janice had the day off and was expecting Amelia Somerset whom John had hired on the recommendation of Jim and Helen Slater, who were moving to the United States and who had previously employed her.

'I wonder what she will be like?' thought Janice. All she knew was that Amelia was twenty-two and a hard worker.

The door bell rang Janice went to answer it. Upon opening the door, Janice was taken aback to see a tall statuesque young woman with long ebony hair and a pleasant smile standing there.

"Hallo Madam. I'm Amelia Somerset."

Janice was slightly surprised at the sight of this Amazon of a girl. Her slightly tanned face reflected the sunlight. Janice almost felt entranced and couldn't help staring at her wonderful breasts, exposed by her low cut white blouse. More than this though was the medallion that rested between them. It seemed to give off an unusual glitter. It was almost hypnotic. Janice managed to pull her attention away from the girl.

"Of course, my dear. Please come in."

Janice herself was five feet ten but this young woman towered over her.

"Six feet one," said Amelia.

"I beg your pardon?"

"You were wondering how tall I am?"

"As a matter of fact I was. Here, let me help you with your luggage."

Thank you," and Amelia followed Janice up the stairs.

"This will be your room. You have an en suite bathroom and toilet for privacy."

"This is lovely. Thank you Madam."

"Perhaps you'd like to unpack and freshen up and join me in about two hours in the living room and I will show you around the house?"

That will be fine Madam. Thank you."

Janice left the room, closing the door gently behind her. 'There was something strange about the young woman,' she thought . She just couldn't put her finger on it.

As soon as the door was closed. Amelia had her own thoughts, 'A magnificent specimen. The Goddess will indeed be pleased.' She smiled.

Two hours later, having unpacked and showered, Amelia strolled down the stairs. When she got to the open door of the living room, she paused for a moment to observe Janice, blonde hair tied in a bun, wearing large dark round rimmed glasses as she sat reading her book. Her long slim legs, encased in black tights, were crossed in what Amelia felt was a very sexy pose. Amelia coughed discreetly, catching Janice's attention. She put her bookmark into her book and placed it neatly on the table.

"Ah, there you are. Let me show you around the house. I hope your room is ok?"

"It is very comfortable Madam. Thank you."

After the tour of the house, they returned to the living room.

"When will Mr. Alexander be joining us?"

"He is away in London on a case. He will not be back until Friday."

'Good,' thought Amelia. 'We have four days.'

"You've got a very nice tan, Amelia."

"This is my natural colour Madam. My mother is Egyptian and my father is English."

"Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry," responded an embarrassed Janice.

"Not at all Madam. People often make that mistake."


The following evening, a tired Janice Alexander put her brief case down on the hall floor and her keys on the table. Amelia came out and greeted her.

"Hallo Madam. You look very tired. May I get you your usual drink?"

"That would be nice Amelia, thank you," and she went into the living room, kicked off her heels and sat in her armchair.

Amelia meanwhile mixed the drink and slipped a small white pill into the glass, waiting for it to dissolve without any possible trace. Although she knew she had the power to control her, the pill would make it easier and quicker by making her relax and diminish any resistance. She brought the drink to the exhausted woman.

"Thank you dear."

"You should relax more Madam. Your stress levels will simply wear you out."

Amelia began to gently massage Janice's feet. The drink was beginning to take effect.

"Oh. That feels so wonderful." Janice felt like she could float way. She could also feel the gentle massaging of her shoulders.

"Can you hear me Madam?"

"Yes, Amelia. It's so wonderful."

By now, Janice's mind was in a blinding fog. She could hear Amelia but not see her.

"Look up towards me Madam."

Janice looked up and all she could see were two piercing blue eyes and Amelia's strange medallion that also glowed blue. It developed into a blue spiral and Janice attempted to turn away.

"Keep looking up Janice," Amelia's voice sounded in a kind of shallow echo. "There is no need to be afraid. Just relax. That's it, relax, relax, relax. You are drowsy. Your eyes are getting heavier. You can't keep them open. Sleep, sleep, sleep. You must obey Amelia"

"O-obey Amelia," repeated Janice, over and over. When she was confident Janice was under her control, Amelia spoke again.

"Janice, I'm going to ask you some questions and you must answer me truthfully. Do you understand?

"Yes Amelia."

"Have you ever made love to a woman?"

Janice seemed to hesitate.

"You must answer me. Do not be afraid."

"I made love to my room mate while in medical college and..." Her voice trailed off.

"Continue," came the firm but gentle command.

" Now I make love to one of my patients, Jill."

This took Amelia by surprise.

"You will follow these instructions from now on. You will continue to love your husband. You will also continue to love Jill. I will help you to love Jill even more. When I am present, you will always want to make love to me, indeed, you will beg me to allow you to do so. When I say 'sleep, Janice' you will address me as Mistress. Is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Rest now. When I count back from ten, you shall awake refreshed, without any memory of what has happened. Understood?"

"Yes Mistress," responded Janice in her entranced state.

An hour and a half later, Amelia counted back and Janice awoke, totally relaxed and refreshed.

"Dinner is ready Madam."

"Thank you Amelia," said Janice, wondering why, all of a sudden, she felt a lust for her new maid.

After dinner, Amelia cleared the table and Janice could not help staring at this Amazon beauty. She was getting wet like she never did before.

'Oh Amelia. How I dearly want to make love to you,' she thought.

Able to read Janice's mind, Amelia smiled to herself.

'Soon my dear. Soon. You will be mine and the Goddess's,' she thought.

At about ten thirty, Janice stretched out her arms.

"I think it is time for bed. Goodnight Amelia."

"Goodnight Madam."

Janice headed up the stairs. Amelia stood at the foot of the stairs and called out.

"Sleep Janice."

"Yes Mistress," and Janice froze at the top of the stairs.

Amelia came up close to her. Janice's hypnotic state, coupled with the entrancing scent from Amelia, made her completely helpless.

"Follow me, my love,"

"Yes Mistress and both women entered the bedroom. Janice's lust had reached fever pitch. "Please Mistress. Let me make love to you," she begged.

"Patience lover, patience. Now, undress me."

"Yes Mistress," and proceeded to draw the long zip on the back of her one piece outfit and eased it from her magnificent body. The sight of her Mistress's huge breasts straining against her low cut bra almost made Janice insane with lust. When Janice had finally undressed Amelia, she stood silent, awaiting her next command.

Amelia eased herself onto Janice's marital bed and spread her long, slim legs, exposing her shaven pussy.

"Undress for me my pet; the Goddess Isis must be allowed to see your wonderful body."

"Yes Mistress," and quickly removed her blouse, skirt, slip, bra, tights and soaked knickers, placing them in a heap on the floor. She undid her hair, shaking her head, allowing the long blonde tresses to fall freely down around her naked shoulders.

"Now my pet, eat me."

"Yes Mistress," and Janice obediently went between her Mistress's legs and began to devour her vagina. She licked, sucked and nibbled in regular intervals.

"Agghh. Magnificent my pet. Just magnificent."

This positive affirmation made Janice all the more eager and horny. Amelia took her slave by her head and guided her to her huge breasts.

"Eat, suck and enjoy," and pushed her down upon her huge melon and again Janice sucked, chewed and licked in equal measure, making her Mistress moan with delight, and the more Amelia moaned, the more eager her slave became, just as she had intended.

Once again Amelia gently took her slave's head and guided her to her mouth and both women kissed each other with deep passion, locking their tongues around each other.

"Now my sweet lover. Let us eat each other out."

"Oh yes Mistress," came the response from Janice, with clear delight and excitement and they rolled into a sixty-nine position. They both rigorously sucked, licked ,chewed and moaned deeper and deeper with every passing moment. Janice climaxed first. Her orgasm was huge. She had never experienced anything like this before. It was just like a dam giving way, releasing its load. She screamed for both joy and relief and gasped to catch her breath. Amelia finally climaxed, though she only released a low, long sigh of sexual satisfaction.

"Ah my pet. You are a wonderful lover, but I will teach you the great skill to satisfy a woman. From now on we will make love every day and regularly sleep naked together just as the Goddess Isis commands."

"Yes Mistress. All for the Goddess Isis," responded Janice in an eager sigh. They slept, huddled together.

The following morning, Janice woke at her usual time, feeling an energy going through her as if she had slept continuously for a week but without any knowledge of what had occurred the previous night. She was confused though. She was alone in bed. Of course, John was in London. Yet she was naked. She never went to bed naked. More over she felt she had made love to someone. Was that just a dream? She didn't know. She decided to say nothing and headed into her shower.

The heat from the jets of steamy water were pleasing and erotic. Janice could not understand why she was having these thoughts. Her train of thought was broken when the tall Amelia stood before her, naked. An embarrassed Janice tried to cover her nakedness. "What are you doing here, Amelia?"

"Sleep Janice." Once again Janice was entranced. Amelia entered the shower and began to suck on her new lover's breasts, the tingling feeling of her Mistress's tongue on her nipples made her moan with delight. Amelia's tongue travelled down her naked lover's flesh and settled at her pussy. There her tongue action aroused Janice into a lustful stupor. Her pussy lips were penetrated with gentleness and her orgasm came rapidly with a moan of deep Sapphic satisfaction.

"Now my sweet, please your Mistress," and without a word she copied her Mistress's actions, sucking her huge breasts, licking, sucking and chewing. She also imitated her Mistress by travelling down her body, eating and sucking her pussy. Amelia released a sigh of sexual joy when she orgasmed. Amelia put her hand to her lover's chin and made her face her.

" Ah my beloved. You are wonderful."

Janice smiled like a schoolgirl who had just pleased a teacher.

"Continue with your shower. Get dressed for work and Amelia will call you for breakfast."

"Yes Mistress," and Amelia left her.

Janice was in her room, checking herself in the mirror. Her white blouse was perfect. Her striped black jacket and matching skirt were perfectly aligned and her long blonde hair was safely imprisoned in a bun.

"Madam, breakfast is ready," cried Amelia.

After breakfast Janice went to the hall and Amelia handed her the briefcase.

"Don't work too hard Madam."

"I'll try," replied Janice, with a smile and a raging urge to orgasm. It only subsided when she got into her car and drove to work.

'Fear not my pet. We have loads of love making ahead of us,' thought Amelia, with a smile of satisfaction. She had her first slave for the Goddess Isis, and what beauty. Her next task was to make sure that Janice's husband did not interfere with her plans to build the sisterhood to the Goddess Isis.


On Friday evening, John Alexander arrived home. Having greeted his wife with his customary kiss, he retired to his study. It was his usual habit before dinner to do so. He was so absorbed in his work to notice anything different. He did ask that Amelia bring him some tea. It would be an opportunity for him to speak to her. Little did he know it was the opportunity Amelia had also hoped for, but for different reasons. There was a knock on the study door.

"Come in."

Amelia entered with the tray.

"Ah Amelia. I hope your room is comfortable and that you are settling in?"

"Oh, my room is very comfortable, thank you sir, and thank you for hiring me."

"You came very highly recommended, my dear and my wife speaks highly of you too."

Amelia smiled to herself. 'If only you knew,' she thought.

John sipped the tea.

"She also tells me you're part Egyptian."

"Yes sir. Your wife probably explained the details."

Again, John sipped the tea.

"She did indeed."

"Will that be all sir?"

John yawned. Amelia could see the pill she had slipped into his drink was having the desired effect.

"Yes. That will be all Amelia, thank you."

Amelia slowly walked to the door and then swung suddenly around.

John looked up with a start but was unable to do or say anything. He could see Amelia walking back to his desk and finally standing in front of him. Her piercing blue eyes and the medallion that rested on her exposed cleavage were mesmerising. He tried to turn away but couldn't. Her piercing eyes, combined with the glow from her pendant, trapped him.

"You cannot resist the power of the Goddess, John. Look deeply into my eyes."

A sort of hazy fog seemed to envelop John's mind. He could hear but not see Amelia. All he could see was three beams of blue light that transformed into a spiral. He felt like he was going to float away. Amelia's voice became a strange but soothing echo.

"John, can you hear me?"

"Yes Amelia."

"You will obey me."

"No. Will not obey."

"You must obey. The Goddess Isis, demands it."

Goddess Isis demands it," repeated John slowly.

"You will obey me. You will obey Amelia. Isis demands it."

"Isis demands it," repeated John.

"You will obey me. Obey Amelia."

"Obey Amelia," repeated John.

"You will obey me?"

"Yes Amelia."

"Good. New I am going to give you instructions and you will follow them.

"Yes Amelia."

"You will address me as Mistress."

"Yes Mistress."

"Janice has special sexual needs that you will comply with. Her every wish is to be obeyed."

"Obey Janice."

"You will still love your wife but you will not interfere in anyway with her other lovers. Is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress."

"When I say 'Sleep John' you will immediately obey me."

"Yes Mistress."

"Good. I will count from ten to zero and you will awake refreshed but not remembering anything about this conversation."

Amelia walked over to the door and counted. When John came out of his trance, he could see Amelia closing the door. He was somewhat confused. Had he been dreaming? He wasn't sure. What he did know was that he had an extra energy in him and he went through his paperwork faster than he had ever done before.

That night, Amelia was passing the Alexanders' bedroom. John was still downstairs reading. Amelia could see Janice's reflection in her dresser mirror. She was rolling back the bed clothes. Amelia entered and Janice was about to speak but Amelia spoke first.

"Sleep Janice."

Janice stood erect in her nightdress.

"Lift your nightdress, Janice."

"Yes Mistress," and she bent to the hem and lifted it, revealing her knickers, that were already starting to get wet.

"Remove them," she commanded. She did so.

"Go to the bathroom, take John's razor and shave your pussy bare. You are a daughter of Isis and your bare pussy is a symbol of your devotion to her."

"Yes Mistress," and she left for the bathroom. After she returned, Amelia implanted further instructions.

"From now you will demand that your husband fulfil your own sexual needs. We are no longer slaves to men. Very soon, they will be our slaves."

"Yes Mistress."

Janice was in the bathroom when John came in. He was in bed reading when she came out. She stared at him and to his horror eased her nightdress over her head and threw it to the floor, exposing her slim body in all its glory.

"Jan. What the hell are you doing?"

"Shut up slave." Janice placed her large breasts in front of her puzzled husband.

"Lick and suck my tits." Janice never spoke in such a fashion but John felt compelled to obey without question. Every lick and suck brought a moan of deep satisfaction from Janice.

"Enough. Get naked slave."

John removed his pyjamas.

"Now drive your huge cock into my pussy."

Again, John complied. His rhythm was slow at first but speeded up with each stroke. Janice's body began to react with extreme pleasure. Her movement was equal to John's. Moreover, she enjoyed the dominance. Both husband and wife came in a mutual climax and moaned with ecstatic delight. They soon fell asleep, cradling each other's naked bodies.

The following morning, John and Janice woke up almost at the same time. They were both confused. They had not slept naked for years but knew they had had a night of wonderful love making. They were really puzzled as to what made them release this unbridled passion.

John was the first to get up and head for the shower. It was Saturday and he dressed in his tracksuit. He was going down to the local youth soccer club. He used this time to coach the youths, along with other members of the firm.

Janice rested in bed for a while before showering and then dressing, also in a tracksuit. In her case, she was preparing for her jog with thirty- eight year old Caroline Atkins next door. Amelia was in the dining room when Janice came in. At once, Janice became lustful at the sight of Amelia. Amelia just smiled. 'Soon my love. Soon,' thought Amelia.

The doorbell rang and Amelia answered it. It was Caroline. As she stood there in her blue tracksuit, all five feet eight, slim body and large breasts, Amelia once again thought. 'Another wonderful conquest for the Goddess.'

"Are you ready Jan?"

"Almost," replied Janice. "Oh, this is Amelia, our new maid."

"How do you do Madam?"

For a few seconds, Caroline seemed stunned. Like Janice, she was enthralled by the tall slim nature of this young woman, with piercing blue eyes and massive cleavage. Her medallion too, seemed to have an unsettling effect. She pulled herself together.

"Hallo," she said in a friendly tone.

Janice's urges were too much for her. "I'll be back in a moment," and beat a retreat for the toilet. She came out, having replaced her damp knickers and Amelia was standing by the toilet door. Janice was about to speak but Amelia got in first.

"Sleep Janice." Janice stood in an entranced state.

"Caroline is a beautiful woman, is she not?"

"She is very beautiful, Mistress."

"When you return from your run you will invite Caroline for tea."

"Yes Mistress."

Amelia counted from ten and the puzzled Janice came out of her trance. The two women went for their run.

Both women returned after about two hours. They were met in the hall by Amelia.

"We'll have tea in the living room, Amelia."

"Certainly Madam."

A short time later, while the women were chatting in the living room, Amelia knocked and entered the room with the tray.

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