tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Skin Ball Ch. 06

The Skin Ball Ch. 06





Mason arrived at Ep Chi a little less than an hour after the girls had left TriGam. There were still sisters hanging around the house, though many of them had changed into something more comfortable than the previous night’s party attire. More than a few eyebrows were raised as Mason let himself into the house, heading up the stairs to Jessa’s bedroom.

In Jessa’s room, the blonde was sitting on the floor, absentmindedly flipping through channels on the television, trying to quell nervous butterflies that had come alive in her stomach. Alex didn’t seem to be quite as nervous, having passed out on Jessa’s bed seconds after letting herself in. Both girls had changed out of their cocktail dresses, Jessa clad in a pair of exercise shorts and a tank-top, Alex completely covered by her long, tan winter coat.

Mason’s knock, though expected, startled Jessa. She was on edge, and while part of her couldn’t wait for the sex to come, another part of her wanted the waiting to be over, for the uneasiness to be replaced by bodily instinct and the pursuit of pleasure.

“Are you girls ready?” Mason asked, sticking his head into the bedroom.

“The question is,” Alex asked sleepily as she sat up, “Are YOU ready?”

Mason’s smile stretched from ear to ear.




The drive over to the gym was filled with idle chitchat, as was the process of actually hauling the mats into the gym. Not only were the mats heavier than Jessa had guessed them to be, but there were also a lot more than she had noticed before. All three of them had gotten fairly sweaty from the workout, and as they dropped the last mat on the floor in the center of the gym, all three stopped to catch their breath. The mats still had to make it back up onto the walls were they were kept, but none of them were eager for that particular task to begin just yet.

Alex, still dressed in her winter coat, excused herself to use the bathroom. Jessa and Mason, an arm’s length apart, just lay on the mats in silence, unsure of what to say to each other at that particular moment.

The Memorial Gym went unused by anyone but sports teams, and most of teams had already stopped practices for finals and the coming Christmas break. As Evan had gone unnoticed the day before as he and his pledges removed the mats, it was completely unlikely that anyone was going to notice Mason, Jessa, and Alex now, as they were putting them back.

Memorial was small, at least in comparison to gyms that Jessa had seen at other colleges. There were two basketball courts, side by side, but the blonde was fairly sure that neither was the right length for regulation. Games were held over at Jefferson Arena, but the smaller courts here in Memorial were acceptable for practice.

Around the courts ran an overhead track, only a tenth of a mile in length. Jessa’s friend Cat had spent more than one afternoon in Memorial Gym on that track, losing count of laps when she got into the twenties. The track was small, yes, but it served as a welcome alternative to running outdoors during the cold New England winters.

Both Jessa and Mason looked up as they heard Alex come back from the bathroom, the heavy gym doors closing noisily behind her. Casually, the brunette reached over and flicked the light switch, allowing the natural light from the windows overhead to fill the gym. And, with the attention of both the man and the girl across the floor, she began to drop her winter coat to the floor, revealing nothing but skin underneath.

Mason’s mouth was agape, watching the brunette strut across the large room as her hips swayed and her breasts gently bounced. Jessa had to admit that the scene was turning her on, as well, but unlike her male counterpart, she was able to speak. “Here?” she asked incredulously. “I was figuring we’d go back to TriGam.”

As Alex got closer, she walked towards her girl friend, seemingly ignoring Mason for now. “Why not here?” she countered. “We seem to be alone in here.”

“Well, I just thought, you know, a bed, and…no chance of anyone walking in on us.” Even as Jessa spoke, Alex knelt down on top of her, softly pushing her back down onto the mats. The blonde was now on her back, staring up at her friend and the ceiling above.

Alex, completely naked and straddling Jessa’s sweat-covered body, answered her friend first with a chin, and then by saying, “I’m willing to risk it.” She followed her first kiss with another, this time a little bit lower, working her way under Jessa’s chin to her neck. Each subsequent kiss caused goose bumps to rise up on Jessa’s skin in places where she was sure she’d never felt goose bumps before. As Alex worked her way down to the hollow at the base of Jessa’s neck, the blonde felt her nipples harden in erotic pleasure.

Alex continued down her friend’s body, kissing her through her top as she worked her way to Jessa’s waist. Once there, the brunette let her tongue linger on the blonde’s exposed belly button, tracing the henna tattoo around her stomach, and then slowly moved it northward again, forcing the tank top up with her nose. As more and more skin began to show, both girls felt Mason shift on the mats two feet away, leaning in to get involved.

Her left hand grabbing the hem of Jessa’s tank top, Alex lifted her face from the body in front of her and pushed Mason’s chest away with her right hand. “Sit back and watch for now,” she reprimanded him. “I just want to get her primed up first.”

Mason looked a little disappointed, but seemed to be happy about the lesbian show that was being put on in front of him. But this wasn’t just about his pleasure, a point made by a gasp of satisfaction that escaped Jessa’s lips. Alex’s hand had pulled the blonde’s tank top up, exposing the cup of her bra. Now, it had found her nipple through the bra’s material, and was gently pinching it as Alex’s lips once again touched on the bare skin below.

Jessa wasn’t exactly sure what to do with her hands, but she did know that her first task was to pull her shirt off. Though she wasn’t quite sure how she felt about Mason sitting this round out, she didn’t have long to think about it – her body was soon lost to sensual bliss. One of Alex’s knees was now in between Jessa’s thighs, the other off the side. And even Alex’s left hand reached under the red bra cup to grasp the nipple itself, her right palm was now grinding into Jessa’s pussy through her shorts. The brunette’s tongue traced a line towards Jessa’s left nipple.

Her body was quivering. Her pussy was hot and growing moister by the second. And yet all Jessa could do was run her hands up and down her friend’s naked back, losing herself in the surges of sexual pleasure that were enveloping her body. The red bra snapped in the front, and Alex allowed herself only a few seconds away from the blonde’s right nipple to undo the clasp, revealing Jessa’s breasts once again to the man seated inches away. Alex’s lips blanketed Jessa’s nipple, her tongue snaking around the rock-hard protrusion and flicking against it. As she did this, she swung her right leg over Jessa’s, positioning herself on the far side of the blonde’s body from Mason. She continued to rub her palm on the other girl’s pussy, but moved her hand under the girl’s shorts. Jessa, having not worn any panties with her exercise shorts, felt a wave of energy shoot out from her pussy.

Mason sat just inches away, his mouth salivating at the flesh in front of him. He had seen them both naked, and he had touched them both the previous night. Now, though, he was looking forward to the reality of his cock out, and inside both of these girls.

Jessa, watching Alex’s naked breasts dangle in front of her, leaned up and took a nipple into her mouth. Even as she herself was sighing heavily, she began hearing Alex’s recognizable guttural sounds. And, as she continued to lick the brunette’s areole, she felt one of Alex’s fingers dip inside her pussy.

“Mason,” she said, pulling the waistband of her shorts down past her hips. The man’s eyes bulged when he saw the finger dipping in and out of the blonde’s vagina, but he knew what she wanted. He slid her shorts down past her ankles before resuming his position alongside the two girls.

The blonde spread her legs a little further, allowing Alex to get her first finger deeper into Jessa’s pussy. One finger was soon replaced by two, however, testing the limits of Jessa’s tight sex.

Mason didn’t have to sit out much longer, but neither girl was going to expend much energy telling him what to do or how to do it. Instead, Alex simply growled, “Kiss her,” before repositioning herself so that she was back between Jessa’s legs. As Mason brought his lips to Jessa’s, Alex brought hers to the glistening slit in front of her. Her tongue penetrated deeply, licking both the inside and the outside of the blonde’s neatly shaven pussy.

Jessa’s moans of pleasure were muted by the tongue kiss that she and Mason were sharing. He had rolled onto his side next to her, and her left hand was running up and down his back. But while the kiss was intense, there was little that Mason could do to distract Jessa from what was going on elsewhere in her body. She was breathing heavily, gasping for air in between lip locks. And, as Alex moved from the depth of her pussy to find her clit, Jessa’s free hand found the top of Alex’s head. Her fingers intertwined with her friend’s friends brown hair, Jessa pulled the other girl’s face as tightly as she could to her pussy. Her whole body was shaking, reacting to the kiss and the fact that Mason had begun fondling her breasts, but mostly to tongue tracing circles around her clit. Although she arched her back violently as the wave of orgasm began to role in, she refused to release her death grip on her friend’s head.

Alex didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she herself had grabbed a hold of the blonde’s buttocks, pulling Jessa’s closer to her mouth at the same time that Jessa was pulling Alex’s mouth closer towards her pussy. She listened to the panting girls, Jessa’s breaths getting shallower and shallower, with more and more vowel sounds and moans mixed in with each passing second. Finally, Jessa could hold it in no longer, letting out a powerful, noisy moan of climax. He body shook uncontrollably, feeling her orgasm take a hold of her more quickly than ever before.

But Jessa’s first orgasm would not be her last, and even as she recovered from it, she and Alex had already begun to gang up on Mason. Both girls sat up, swapping mischievous looks with each other as they forced the man higher up on the mats. Alex took her turn locking lips with Mason, while Jessa simultaneously began rubbing her hands under her shirt and against the significant bulge under his jeans. Alex took hold of his shirt, pulling it up his body while Jessa turned her attention to the fly of his pants. It took only a second to get Mason out of his clothes, and only one more to get him out of the black boxer-briefs he was wearing underneath them. But when they did, they both looked at his cock in wonder.

“Jesus,” Jessa gasped, not realizing that she had said it aloud. Cat had complained about Mason’s cock being TOO big, but Jessa had always just chalked it up to Cat’s inexperience with men. But, in Jessa’s own few sexual encounters, she’d never seen a dick as big as Mason’s. She and Alex had both lost their concentration when it rose out of Mason’s underwear, both of them wondering if Mason would even fit inside their pussies.

As soon as she had recovered, though, Jessa let her instincts take over, and she leaned in to take the tip into her mouth. Alex had lost all interest in anything from Mason’s waist up, and dropped down to the same level as her friend. As Jessa worked the tip in and out of her lips, Alex began to suck and lick along the shaft, their faces only an inch apart. As the brunette’s mouth progressed along the huge penis, Jessa made room for her at the tip. Their own lips and tongues rubbed against each other, and Jessa could taste her own juices through the salty taste of Mason’s pre-cum.

Both girls were on all fours, hovering intently over the man’s cock. Jessa’s hands were gently massaging his testicles, while Alex was squeezing the base of his dick. As the brunette took more and more of Mason into her mouth, Jessa was forced down his shaft, where she licked the underside of his member and began running her tongue across the warm sack beneath it. Glancing up now and then, Jessa could tell that Alex was deep-throating as much of Mason as she could, but there was significant more dick that hadn’t yet made it past her lips. Still, the brunette’s head was bobbing up and down, up and down on Mason’s dick, leaving a blanket of saliva behind it. Not wanting to be left out, Jessa took her turn on the dick, not getting much more of it into her mouth than Alex had.

“If I’m going to last….” Mason began, not finishing the thought. Both girls back off his dick a few seconds later. Both of them wanted him inside of them just then.

“Fuck Jessa first,” Alex ordered the man. “But so me help me god, if you cum before I get fucked…”

Mason just nodded.

Alex positioned the blonde onto her back, and then crawled on top of her, as if they were about to sixty-nine. It was clear that Alex wanted to be eaten out, at least, even as she grabbed Mason and pulled his cock towards her mouth. After a few brief seconds with the cock in her mouth, the brunette began to insert it into her friend’s pussy, right in front of her face. Jessa’s eyes bugged, but her sighs of intermingled pleasure and pain were muffled by Alex’s vaginal lips. Mason was deep inside her in three quick strokes, Jessa’s pussy still sopping wet from her earlier orgasm. Even now, as the cock moved back and forth inside her, Jessa could feel Alex’s tongue on her clit, occasionally jumping to the base of Mason’s dick and back to her clit again.

They had been sweaty when they began, but now the increased activity had caused all three bodies to become covered in a slight sheen of perspiration. Jessa’s whole body moved back and forth with the pounding she was receiving in her slit, and Alex’s body was writhing in pleasure on top of her as her pussy ground further and harder against Jessa’s mouth.

After a few minutes, Mason pulled out of Jessa, looking worried that he was going to cum. While the better thing to do probably would have been to give him time to rest, Alex allowed the man no such thing. She forced him backwards until he was lying on his back, his enormous cock standing free in the air. And she wasted no time in positioning herself on top of it, sliding the whole thing into her pussy in one quick motion. While Jessa would have gotten on her knees in that particular sexual position, Alex was up on the balls of her feet, squatting over Mason’s body. She used her bent legs to drive herself up and down on the man’s dick, and only paused for a second to grab Jessa’s arm and pull her towards the fucking couple.

Jessa straddled Mason’s face, looking down his body into Alex’s eyes. And though Alex shut her eyes from time to time as the sex brought her closer and closer to climaxing, they shared an erotic gaze throughout most of their session. Alex bounced up and down on Mason’s dick, while Jessa felt the skilled tongue against her own pussy. She was transfixed, however, with the scene going on in front of her, watching the brunette’s pussy slide up and down on the throbbing skin. She had never really watched her own body with such attention, and she found herself enthralled with simple and yet amazing action going on in front her. Even as she ground her crotch harder against Mason’s eager tongue, she bent forward to wrap her lips around the base of his dick. It was not her own pussy juices that she tasted now, but Alex’s. Her friend’s body was moving up and down from a point just in front of her, her lungs calling out guttural sounds again and again, sounding more like grunts than sighs or moans. And then the talking began.

Jessa had never been one for talking dirty during sex, though she had to admit that she loved hearing her lover do so. And Alex later admitted that she herself had rarely ever done it before, but at that moment, she was so moved by the pure dirtiness of what they were doing. As Mason touched the very depths of pussy, she began talking out load, almost imperceptibly at first.

“Oh oh oh oh oh fuck fuck fuck,” Alex began under her breath. But what started out soft just began to move her, and she began saying, “Fuck me fuck me fuck me. Mason, fuck me fuck me. Mason. Mason! Fuck me! Fuck me! Deeper. Deeper.”

Though it caused Jessa to raise her eyebrow, she realized that Alex was turning her on ever more.

“Put your tongue on my clit,” Alex ordered her, seemingly only half-aware of anything going on outside her groin. Jessa did as she was told, and was rewarded with a slight squeal, she herself sighing loudly as Mason’s lapping speed increased; obvious, he was getting more turned on by hearing Alex talk, as well. Alex ran her hands through her friend’s blonde hair as the simultaneous pleasures in her clitoris and inside her body crashed together.

She rolled quickly, pulling both of her partners were with her. She was suddenly on her back, in the same position that Jessa had first felt Mason’s cock inside her. Jessa, repositioning herself, was now on all fours, her ass facing towards Mason. Looking down, she stared into Alex’s half-open eyes. The brunette was still chanting to herself, repeating, “fuck me,” again and again and again. Mason was still driving deep inside Alex, and Jessa felt each stroke between the two of them when Mason’s abs slapped against her own naked ass. Leaning forward, she locked lips with her friend for a few seconds, their lips intertwining. Alex pulled away, though, choosing instead to again kiss Jessa’s neck as she continued to moan, grunt, and speak all at the same time.

The brunette’s hand dropped to her crotch. With her forefinger and thumb, she formed a ring at her pussy, squeezing Mason’s dick each time it came in and out of her, letting the slickness of her own moistness pass against her hand. As she did this, she rubbed her palm against her clit, masturbating even as she was being fucked. Alex’s actions were not only working for her, however. In addition, the back of her hand was rubbing up against Jessa’s pussy, as well, and the blonde was obviously not going to sit this particular session out. All throughout, Alex kept talking.

“Oh, oh, oh. I am so so so hot. My whole pussy is so hot. Don’t…stop…fucking…me!”

And with that, she let out a massive sigh, her whole body frozen in silence for a few seconds as she rode the crest of her orgasm. Her lips formed a perfect circle, and Jessa stared down into her friend’s open eyes as she came. Alex seemed to lose her connection to everything around her as she finished, staring blankly up at the blonde.

But while Alex had orgasmed, Mason had waited. And with one girl down, he quickly turned his attentions to the other. He pulled out of Alex and shoved himself deep into Jessa’s waiting vagina. She was already position in front of him on all fours, perched over Alex’s body. Slick with wetness, Jessa was already a third of a way towards her own orgasm when Mason stuck his dick inside of her. It was probably less than six or seven strokes before Jessa began to cum again, this one dwarfing the earlier orgasm that Alex had given her. Oral sex was good, but there was nothing like a vaginal orgasm in Jessa’s mind. Instead of sighing loudly, or even moaning, Jessa let out a loud, piercing, “YESSSSSS,” hissing towards the end.

Mason wanted this session to last forever. The entirety of his sexually active life, he had looked forward to the chance of one day having a threesome. And now here he was, taking turns inside two different girls. But the fantasy proved too much for him, and as Jessa’s scream of orgasmic pleasure echoed through the gym, Mason knew he was down. He quickly pulled himself out of Jessa, losing control of his body. He held himself up against Jessa’s ass, shooting load after load up against her stomach.

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