tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sky So Blue Ch. 03

The Sky So Blue Ch. 03


Captain John Wellington was walking the dull, grey corridors of the Vogon ship, his arm around the shoulders of Sky as worked his way through the alien vessel. She would occasionally look up at him and when he caught her silvery gaze, he would smile. She was, he realized, having an effect on him that he had not anticipated. The hurt and the anger that had been coiled deep inside him for so many years was loosening its' grip on his soul. He barely recognized himself from a week ago. They entered the level which contained the cells and stopped at one of the com-pads. John examined the small screen, trying to determine which cell held the other Sjin.

"Got it." He grinned and began moving down the corridor. When they came to the cell that was holding the other Sjin, Sky started to become agitated.

"I should not be here, John Wellington." She stopped before the entrance.

"Why not? What's wrong?" John asked.

"The other Sjin...she is...I should not see her."

"Why not? Explain it to me." John grasped her gently by the arms.

"She is Sjin-Ryu, from the south. I am Sjin-Kai, from the north. We are not supposed to see each other."

"Why not?"

"She is the enemy. It is forbidden for us to speak to each other."

"Oh good. Perfect." He said dryly. "Does that mean you're going to fight each other or something?"

"No. Females do not fight on my world. Only the warriors."

"You can go check on the Squibs and Matradoks if you like." He offered.

"Thank you John Wellington." She turned and skittered quickly away down the hall. John opened the door and the cell looked identical to his former room. There was a fountain in the corner, a bed and a little white alien lying on it. This alien had shock red hair however, and he noticed as she glared at him, icy blue eyes. As her tail flicked through the air he spotted reddish stripes circling the tip. She was about the same height as Sky but a little more fuller figured. Her hips were soft and round and her full breasts were tipped with pink nipples.

John stepped closer to the red-haired Sjin lying on the bed and she immediately backed up into the corner away from him.

"I'm not going to hurt you." He said extending his hands outward. He approached the bed and sat on the edge. He realized this was going to be much more difficult without Sky to help him translate and he dropped his head in thought. How could he convince her he meant no harm? As he looked up into the icy blue stare, she suddenly leapt at him. Her fingers gripped his head tightly and her tail curled snugly around his neck. He instinctively grabbed her waist as she straddled him and could feel her entire body trembling.

John winced as he felt the colours flashing through his vision. He heard the familiar humming sound and then her voice was inside his head.

'You are not here to hurt me?" her voice thrummed through his mind.

"I will not hurt you." He said aloud. Her tail uncoiled from his neck and she released her grip on his head.

"You smell of her." The little alien hissed.

"What is your name?" he asked.

"Meadow." She answered cautiously.

"My name is..."

"Captain John Jacob Wellington, United Colonies Assault Force, retired." She finished.

"That's right. You can call me John."

"What do you want with me?"

"Didn't you pull that from my mind?" he asked.

"No!" she hissed angrily. "I would never steal thoughts." She said as though the idea disgusted her.

"All right. Relax. I meant no offence." He soothed. "I have taken control of this ship. We will be returning to your home world where you will be free to return to your people."

She widened her eyes in surprise. "You challenged the Vogons?" she asked curiously.

"Yes. You won't have to worry about them anymore." He smiled.

She sighed heavily and fell back on the bed. "It will not matter for me."

"What? Why?"

"I will not survive the journey." She closed her eyes.

"She has started the fade." Sky appeared in the doorway. John turned to face her while she clung to the doorway nervously.

"You should not be here B'naith." Meadow hissed, glaring at the blue-haired girl.

"You are fading. There is no one else to perform the ritual. We Sjin-Kai would not dishonour the spirits by letting you fade without ceremony." Sky spat angrily.

"You are Sjin-Kai. You have no honour." Meadow hissed.

"All right. I think I can see where this is going. And before it gets there, we need to have a wee chat. Sky? Come over here please?" John waved her over. She reluctantly moved to his side on the bed. "I need some answers. First of all, why is she 'fading' if I am here? I thought being with humans allowed your people to live longer?" he asked.

"You have not been with her, John Wellington. It only works when you mate with one of our people." Sky answered quietly. "We know from the last human that you only mate with one person at a time."

"The last human was female, correct?" John asked. Both Meadow and Sky nodded. "Well that's understandable. Male and female humans often have different ideas on the specifics of our relationships." John smiled.

"You can mate with more than one female?" Sky asked surprisedly.

"We can, yes."

"Then you must mate with her, now." Sky said excitedly.

"I will not take your mate, Sjin-Kai." Meadow glared at Sky.

"It is my decision. Not yours." Sky sniffed.

"You would offer your mate to me? You would praise Abolith?" Meadow asked incredulously.

"I will. We are not barbarians, Sjin-Ryu." Sky answered stiffly.

"What does that mean? Praise Abolith?" John was suddenly getting the feeling that he really had little say in what was going on.

"Abolith is the ever-widening spirit. When many males are lost, females lend their mates to other females to help propagate the species in the name of Abolith. To present your mate to another female is...honourable." Meadow explained. "I would not expect such a gesture from a Sjin-Kai." Meadow was still glaring at Sky suspiciously.

"So you want me to mate with Meadow?" John asked.

"You must, John Wellington. You can save her." Sky pleaded.

John found Meadow to be very attractive but the idea of having sex with two alien women who he didn't know that much about and who obviously disliked each other seemed a recipe for disaster. "You're sure this is what you want, little bird?"

"Yes. It would please me greatly." She roughly shoved him on his back and looked to Meadow. "Help me remove his clothing." They quickly stripped him of his clothes and Sky kissed him deeply. "I am happy you will do this thing, John Wellington. It is a good thing." She whispered. Sky then guided Meadow's head to replace her own.

"I am grateful to you, John." Meadow said quietly. She kissed him tentatively at first, but then her desire began to build. Her lips pressed hard against his and her tongue slipped into his mouth. Sky whispered something in her ear and Meadow lowered her body, sliding against John's chest and stomach, dragging her small breasts against his skin until her head was near his hips. John looked up to see Sky duck between Meadow's legs and Meadow began to moan as she took his now erect cock in her wet, warm mouth. John gasped and gripped the bed sheets tightly in his fists.

"I'm not going to last very long if you keep doing that." He winced. Meadow looked up at him with his cock in her mouth and winked. She took as much of him as she could deep into her throat and he groaned loudly, throwing his head back. Sky was suddenly at his side and she pressed her lips against his. She slid her tongue in his mouth and he could taste Meadow on her. Her hands caressed his face as she kissed his jaw and neck, her lips tugging gently on his skin.

Meadow straddled his waist and slowly lowered herself onto him. His hard cock spread her wide open and she moaned as she took his length inside her. She began rocking her hips and John pulled Sky closer. He pulled her up so he could take her small breast into his mouth. He rolled her erect nipple with his tongue, gently nibbling with his lips as Meadow started riding him faster. Meadow was impaling herself hard against him, whimpering with each impact and as he caught Sky's nipple with his teeth, Meadow began to shudder and a long low moan escaped her lips. Her pussy was contracting around him and he suddenly started spurting his come deep within her. She collapsed onto his chest and tried to catch her breath while he stroked slowly in and out of her wet pussy.

Sky laid her head on John's shoulder and he reached between her legs. His fingers found her slick opening and he began stroking her softly. Sky moaned and thrust her hips harder against his hand. He found her clit and started tracing circles around it. Meadow slid down his body and her red tongue flashed out between his fingers. She plunged deep inside Sky's moist center and as John continued rubbing Sky's hardening clit, Meadow was lapping at the juices flowing freely. Within minutes Sky's entire body clenched tightly and then shuddered as the orgasm tore through her. As she lay there, chest heaving, Meadow moved beside her and kissed her cheek lovingly.

"Thank you, Sjin-Kai." Meadow whispered.

"Thank you, Sjin-Ryu." Sky smiled. She ran her fingers through the spiky red hair lightly and down the tight braid that fell past her shoulders, lost in thought. Meadow studied her intently, her icy blue eyes glittering with curiosity. They settled in on either side of John and he put his arm around each of them.

"Why are your people enemies?" John asked carefully. He didn't want to start something when everyone was feeling so content, but his curiosity was aroused.

"We have always been." Meadow answered simply.

"We are forbidden to ever speak to each other. This is a very unusual situation." Sky spoke slowly. "Meadow is the first Sjin-Ryu I have ever seen."

"But why are you enemies? What started it?" John pressed.

"It has just always been. We have always been told that the Sjin-Kai have no honour. We have always been taught that they are evil thought stealers." Meadow looked over at Sky with a look of sadness."

"That is what we were always taught about the Sjin-Ryu. I think it is not true. I know it is not true. I cannot feel any evil within her. We were lied to." Sky's brow furrowed and she bared her fangs. For the first time John saw her appear angry. Meadow had the same expression on her face and suddenly they both sat up, facing each other. John was worried. It looked like they were about to attack each other. He was very surprised when they coiled their tails around each others necks very slowly and grasped each other by the head.

"What are you doing?" he asked concernedly.

"We are knowing each other. We were both deceived. We seek truth." Sky answered distractedly. They closed their eyes and started chanting. John watched in fascination as they concentrated on each other.

When they finally let go of each other, tears began to fall. They wrapped their arms around each other across John's prone body and hugged each other tightly, sobbing uncontrollably. John sat up and thought maybe he should give them some time alone with each other but Sky reached out and held him.

"Please, stay with us." She wiped the tears away and sniffed.

"Are you all right?" he asked concernedly.

"Yes. It was all just a shock. The elders have taught us both the very same thing. It is all lies. They are all lying. They keep our people at war on purpose." She began crying again.

"This is a very devastating discovery to us, John. Everything we have ever known is all a lie." Meadow explained.

"I understand. Just like the day after elections back home." John smiled and hugged them tightly until they had gathered themselves and the tears had stopped flowing. When they had calmed down, John began putting on his clothes. "Let's get out of here. I don't want to stay on this ship any longer than we have to."

He finished putting on his shirt and then looked at the two naked white aliens waiting for him at the doorway. "Hey. Do your people...do they wear clothes?" he asked. They both giggled and Sky nodded.

"Yes. We wear clothes. Although they are not as fancy as yours, John Wellington." Sky's eyes were still a bit teary but John found himself enjoying the smile on her face. She seemed even more beautiful to him now than when they had first met.

"Do you not like looking at our naked bodies, John?" Meadow cocked her hip and seductively slid her hand up her side until her fingers cupped her full breast sensually. "Are we so displeasing to look at?" she asked with a smirk. John slung the rife over his shoulder and headed out the door.

"No, that is definitely not the case. You are both unbelievably beautiful. Please, remain naked as long as you like." He grinned and followed them down the corridor, enjoying the view mightily.

As they entered the hangar, John noticed the crates that had been removed from his ship were piled beside Medea. He also spotted the container which he presumed held the Sjin dust along with several crates he did not recognize. He approached one and traced the Vogon script on the side off the container.

"Do you know what this is?" he asked looking at Sky.

"Yes. It is Syballin spice." She answered

"I wasn't actually planning on taking their cargo but since they went to all the trouble of delivering it, what the hell." John circled the pile of crates and containers slowly, wondering how he was going to load it all. "Medea?" John called.

"Yes, Captain?" the voice answered in his head.

"Do you have a way of loading these crates into the cargo hold?"

"Yes Captain. Would you like the task completed now?" she asked.

"Yes please." John said.

"By your command." Medea answered swiftly. Two large tentacles whipped out from the ship and latched onto the cargo. Within seconds everything had disappeared within the membrane of the hull.

"Holy shit, that was quick. Why do I get the feeling that I am never going to stop being amazed by you, Medea?" John smiled.

"Because I am amazing," Medea answered with a slight giggle.

"With a sense of humour as well. Perfect. All right ladies. Let's get on board for what I have no doubt will be a very interesting ride." He gestured to the two Sjin and they approached Medea's hull. John looked down at his armband and an understanding percolated through his consciousness. He touched the wristband and an image flickered in the air above his forearm. He could see Medea through it and also through her. He spotted an entrance near the floor and headed towards it.

As he passed through the membrane of the hull, there was a vague pulling sensation against his skin but it was only a slight resistance. He moved up the corridor followed by Sky and Meadow and entered the cockpit. He sat in the command chair and Sky took her place beside him. A third chair slid out from the wall, slightly behind and to the right of Sky. Meadow hopped onto it and spun in a complete circle. John looked back to see her then wrap her tail around another console and she closed her eyes, apparently content with the chairs rotational capabilities.

"Do you wish to indoctrinate another crew member?" Medea's voice filled the room.

"Yes please Medea." Sky answered happily. Before John could react, one of the tentacles whipped around Meadows left arm, leaving behind the familiar armbands.

"Maybe Meadow doesn't want to be part of the crew, Sky? Shouldn't we have asked her first?" John looked at his co-pilot sternly but she just smiled.

"I know her now, John Wellington. I know this is what she wants." Sky smiled.

"It's true. This is what I want, John." Meadow added.

"We are going to learn to fly the ship." Sky said excitedly.


"Medea will teach us everything including the theory. We will learn to fly her so that you can take a break when you need one." Meadow agreed enthusiastically.

"Ok, I gotta say it's a bit unnerving having you all communicating telepathically with the ship and each other. How am I supposed to keep track of what's going on?" he asked exasperatedly.

"We will keep you up to date." Meadow giggled.

"Good God, I'm surrounded by telepathic women." He cursed under his breath.

"I am going to study the communications system while Sky is learning to fly. We will be a good crew for you, John."

"Of that I have no doubt." He sighed and leaned back in the chair. It was incredibly comfortable. He looked at the armrest and noticed a hollow where his hand could rest. The sides had high ridges which cradled his arm perfectly. He stuck his fist into the hollow and felt the flight stick within. As he touched it, a plate popped out and covered his arm with more membranes that looked similar to his armbands. They began to glow and a small screen flipped over his shoulder and sat just to the right of his eye. As he looked into the small screen, he could see it was a menu of icons and options. He could move the cursor just by looking at one of the icons on the menu. When he looked up at the large screen in the front of the cockpit, information started scroll across the bottom of it. He targeted different icons on the menu and the corresponding display would appear on the large screen.

"This is awesome." John laughed. "This is the best HUD I've ever seen. My compliments, Medea. You are every bit as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside."

"Thank you Captain. Do you have a command?"

"Yes I do. Let's get out of here. Can you put me through to the Vogons? Tell them to open the hangar door?" There was a bit of static and then a Vogon appeared on the screen. He spoke in his harsh language and John turned to Sky for interpretation.

"He says the hangar doors are opening. And he hopes to never meet you again." Sky translated.

"Nice. I hope I never meet him again too. Tell him to have a nice day." John grinned.

* * *

It didn't take John very long to figure out Medea. All the controls and interfaces were so intuitive, he felt right at home within minutes of slipping into the vacuum of space. Medea was fast. Faster than any ship he had ever heard of. Earth ships had three types of propulsion. They had ion drives for long distance at near light speed, which usually required cryostasis tubes, they had jump drives which warped time and space and sent you across vast distances instantly, negating the need for cryostasis tubes, and then there were the sub-light engines which were used for navigating through everything from star systems to atmospheres.

Medea had a powerful jump drive and instead of sub-light engines, she used some kind of gravitational field propulsion system that John had a little trouble comprehending. She was somehow able to use the gravitational eddy's in space to move herself. The closer she was to a celestial body, the more power she had to draw on. This made it very easy for her to manoeuvre in atmospheres. But even in deep space, Medea could outrun anything earth had to offer.

John had never felt giddy before but he was pretty sure this was as close to it as he had ever been. And then he saw the navigational data. Medea had the most comprehensive star charts John had ever seen. Medea could go almost anywhere.

One of the main reasons humans hadn't been as far out as these other alien races was their inability to jump anywhere that hadn't been mapped. They had to rely on ion driven ships to land settlers and send back data before they could jump there. It made exploration very difficult and time consuming. But with this kind of nav data, anything was possible. If humans ever got their hands on Medea's navigational data, they could go almost anywhere. John realized in that moment that he would never be going back to Earth. He refused to be the person responsible for helping spread humanity throughout the galaxy.

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