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The Slave Boy 02



Just a word, this was supposed to just be one piece, so you might want to read the last few paragraphs of the first chapter. There is no real beginning or end, just a break between the two.

l know how shameless this is, but I want to advertise an upcoming story! I'm going to submit to my first contest. Next Nude Day contest, keep your eyes peeled for 'The Goats' It will appear normally, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed! ^_^


All characters are 18+*


I blinked in the bright sun as I left the castle. I felt like I was running away, even though I knew that Haagan had bought me. I was just so cowed from my years here that I looked around nervously, afraid that at any minute the slave-master would see me and lash me for being insolent enough to think I could leave for any reason.

He had four shaggy ponies when he came here, a mount and three weighted down with loot. Now he had three. The heavy saddlebags were lighter, and less rounded. I was surprised that I had been worth so much, and even more surprised that he had bothered to pay it.

I was moving slowly because of the pain between my legs. He patted the back of a scruffy roan mount. The pony's shoulder was slightly below mine, but he was very sturdy, with heavy bones and a thick muscular body

I hadn't ridden a horse in years, and even then it had been a massive tame plow horse covered in straps to hold onto. I wasn't even sure how to mount.

The pony could sense my apprehension. All of their horses were only half-tamed anyway. The ill-tempered roan snapped at me and neighed shrilly. I flinched back against the corral wall and the pony easily pulled the reins from my hand and ran back into the herd.

Haagan looked down at me from the back of his bay pony. "I'm s-sorry Sir." I stammered, looking down at my feet in the soft churned earth.

He only laughed. A huge belly laugh. He dismounted and beckoned me over.

"This is Abba. She's a gentle lass, she wont hurt you, Kitten." He made a step for me with his hands to help me up.

I let out a soft gasp of pain when I settled in the rough saddle. He was holding the reigns with one hand and with the other he gently squeezed my hand. "It's alright Aro." He murmured. His voice was surprisingly gentle, kind. It was surprising. I had thought I knew how to react around him, but he kept surprising me.

He led me twice around the corral, teaching me to use the reins. Abba was very patient. He went off to collect the roan and his packhorse. I timidly led Abba around in little circles. She snorted boredly. I rubbed her rough warm overcoat. "Please don't throw me Abba," I whispered. "And I promise, I'll find you a big carrot."

She snorted, and took off on her own accord to follow Haagan and the packhorse. I just struggled to hold onto her shaggy mane without pulling on the reins. My ass throbbed dully with every jolt, and then we were trotting down a narrow road of icy dirt. We were leaving. I gave one last look to the place where I had been a slave for four years. I was still afraid of what was to come, but I felt nothing for the place I was leaving behind.

Haagan was looking back at me, and he was smiling kindly. "Getting better at hanging on there, Kitten?" He called back to me.

"Yes Sir." I called back.

He looked back at me with a strange look on his face. He looked like he was unsure of what to say. Then he tugged on the roan's reins so that the pony pulled back until he was in step with me.

"Call me Haagan from now on." He said quietly. "If you call me Haagan, I'll call you Aro."

He was changing. I looked up from where my white-knuckled hands clutched Abba's mane. I looked into his pale icy eyes, and somehow, the indifferent lust in his eyes was gone. He looked different, kinder. His look sent a chill down my spine, and I felt a tingle of sensation at my groin. I was attracted to him. Especially now that he was acting friendly.

"Um... Yes Haagan." His name rolled off of my tongue like silk. I liked being able to say his name. He grinned, and a bit of his cocky self was back. He moved back up to the front of our little procession, with me in the back and our packhorse in the middle.


My clothes were inadequate for the harsh winter cold. Sure my cheap woolen cloak was good for darting from cellar to kitchen to keep, but not for much else. By the time the sun had reached it's apogee I was hunched over the saddle like my spine was deformed. My sleeves were pulled over my frozen fingers as rough hand-covers and my hood was pulled over my face so I could barely see. I trusted Abba to follow the roan.

My legs felt like slabs of aching meat. I had been clinging to Abba with my legs for hours, and I was losing feeling. I had lost contact with my feet a long time ago. They dangled to either side of the horse in soft cloth stirrups. My entire body felt cramped into place.

My fingers were frozen into crooked claws in Abba's mane. I was shivering badly. I let out a harsh gasp of relief when Haagan halted by a small copse of evergreen trees. He dismounted and started tying the horses to trees where they could paw at the frozen tufts of grass.

"Alright Aro? Come on, get down from there..."

He helped me down, and I stumbled, and only his arms protected me from landing facedown on the frozen earth. He felt how I was shaking and he cursed softly. He pressed his big warm hand against my cheek, and then he grasped my shaking ice-cold hands in his.

"Damn you Aro, why didn't you say you were frozen to your saddle? Or that you were wearing this flimsy bit of nothing?"

My teeth were chattering. I cowered from him, falling from his grip to the hard earth, shielding my head with my arms. "I'm sorry M-Master Haag-g-gan... I... I d-d-didn't... I didn't think you w-w-w-w-would h-help me if I d-d-d-did."

He dragged me over to a fallen log and plopped me down on it. The next second I was surrounded by a heavy stupefying layer of warm soft fur. My body convulsed with a wave of shivering as the warmth heated me to the core. He had taken off his heavy fur-lined cloak and wrapped it around my shoulders.

He didn't speak to me. He grumbled and gathered dead wood and twigs into a massive heap in front of the logs. He took a bit of tinder from one of the saddlebags and lit it quickly and effortlessly with a flint and steel. The entire time he was giving me an exasperated look and grumbling under his breath. At first I was petrified, but as it continued, I relaxed slightly.

He had no ill will towards me. It was a strange thing to get used to. He was frustrated, but he wasn't going to punish me. His cloak was so warm. I felt sleepy and stupefied surrounded in the luxurious warmth. The cloak was caribou fur, with wolverine trim on the hood. Wolverine fur didn't gather frost from breath, so it was a good material for trim. Caribou fur was double-layered, lightweight, and the individual hairs were hollow, making it very insulating. Caribou made the best winter clothing.

He dug in the saddlebags and pulled out a pouch of food. He gave me a thick slice of heavy journey-bread. The bread was brown and coarse and filled with nuts and wheat and oats and whatever grains had gone into making it. With it, a wedge of pungent goat cheese, a stick of dried meat, and half of a thick orange carrot. The portions were much bigger then I was used to. Without pausing, he sat on the log next to me, apparently oblivious to the cold. He munched on his bread and cheese hungrily and silently, still frustrated with me.

I took a small bite of the cheese. I had been given a lot to think about. "Thank you Si-- Haagan. I... forgive me please."

He gave me a sideways glance, appraising me. The fire's heat was stupendous and baking. I felt so alive, so sleepy. He spoke between bites of cheese and meat.

"I have to apologize, too." What a shock that gave me. I almost felt uneasy. He was a Nord, a master. They never apologized to the likes of me. "I treated you like a whore this morning, and the night before. I hurt you. I apologize."

Without really thinking, I leaned against him. I rested my head on his muscular shoulder. "It's okay." I whispered, nibbling on the bread. "I wanted to."

He chuckled, and put an arm around me while we ate. For the rest of the quick meal, we were in silence. He had changed. He was treating me... He was treating me like a lover, an equal, not a slave. After the meal, I tried to give him back the warm cloak, but he just shook his head and pulled a jacket of fur-lined leather armor from his back, donning the heavy garment instead.

While he changed, I slipped the carrot to Abba.

He shrugged when I tried to apologize for taking his cloak. "Don't worry Aro, my armor is very warm... just a little heavy. Do you need help getting on Abba?"

I nodded guiltily, and he chuckled. He made a step with his laced fingers and I landed on Abba with a wince.

"Haagan?" I called after him. He paused to pet Abba's soft muzzle.

"Yes Aro?"

I felt myself blushing. "You... You can call me Kitten if you want. I... I liked it."

He grinned widely, his solemn pale eyes twinkling with humor. "Very well... Kitten. Stay warm, and if you get sore or cold, tell me, and I'll help you. I'm not made of stone."

Then, it was not so much his cloak that kept me warm. It was more the burning feeling of joy and hope and hopelessly confused love in my chest.


We joined a group of farmers that had been visiting family in a neighboring town. I had never really interacted with ordinary Norse farmers or villagers. There was Sven and Ingrid and three boys, aged twelve, ten, and six. The boy's Grandmama was in the pony-drawn cart along with their belongings. We moved slower, but I knew that it was better to travel in groups, for fear of bandits or disaster, and Haagan reassured me that we would reach the town of Talrun for the night.

They knew I was a slave. Haagan was able to laugh and joke and trade trinkets with them, but I just clumsily rode Abba and stayed quiet. Sometimes they gave me strange looks, but otherwise they ignored me.

Haagan was so at ease with them. His name was Haagan the fierce, but I remembered that in all of the rumors and boasts about him, they mentioned that he was also a farmer.

I was so tired that I was nearly dozing in the saddle. It was getting dark, and I was jolted to awareness when I heard my name.

"Yes, that's Aro. Boris treats his chattel worse then animals, that's why he's such a skinny little thing. I wanted a strong boy to help me out around the farm. Hopefully, I wont have to go on so many raids this summer, I've been in service for the Jarl a long time."

Sven nodded sympathetically. "You're a man after my heart. The Jarl needs to stop his constant raiding and think about the land. You cannot have a nation without farmers. You can't feed your people with gold and steel, you need wheat and oats and wool and mutton."

Sven squinted. "I think I see the town lights. Me and my kin will be weathering it out here, good luck to you Haagan, and to your boy as well."

Haagan dismounted to give the man a rough one-armed embrace. "You're well-met, and good luck with the spring planting."

I made due with bowing my head to him silently. I felt so strange, riding a horse and wearing a fine cloak with red dye and caribou fur while they were clothed in padded wool. It felt weird and unseemly.

Talrun was a large village, not walled, but the town center was surrounded by spiked pits and a heap of packed earth as a defense. I had never been to a town. I had been dragged from a slave ship, stored in a barn while they fed us a few square meals and tried to make us look as healthy as possible. Then the slave-master had chosen me and a few others, and we had walked to Strong-hammer's keep with ropes around our necks.

It being sunset, the town's activity was dying down, but I looked with curiosity at the warmth and lights of two taverns. I looked at the abandoned work-yards of the blacksmith, the carpenter, the tanner, and the cobbler. The streets were wide and packed with loads of stones dragged in from the countryside to prevent them from being mired in wet weather.

We stopped at a large horse-barn, and Haagan paid a silver penny to corral and feed the ponies. The groom smirked when Haagan had to help me dismount. I was warm, but so sore that I cried out with pain from my stiff and aching legs.

Haagan gathered up the supplies he wanted to keep close and we went to the tavern.

The innkeeper met us at the door. He was a blonde man with a thick luxurious beard and thin hair. He was slightly heavy, but he looked tough and scarred. The tavern was filled with men and women having a meal at the carved wooden tables. Two dark-haired serving girls moved around, cleaning and sweeping and serving. They looked healthier and happier then any of the girls from the keep. I stayed behind Haagan, looking at the floor, trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

Haagan bought us a room for one night. He requested that our meals be brought upstairs, and he paid an extra pence for a basin of hot water.

I looked up and I saw that the Innkeeper was looking right back at me, his bushy eyebrows raised. I flinched and looked back at the ground timidly.

"Go upstairs Sir, the second door on the left is free. I'll have my girl come up in a half hour with the meals and the water. Have a good rest, and enjoy your mead and meal."

"I will, and thank you." Haagan led me up the stairs and into our room.


The room was small, but cozy. Lit with a lantern, and kept warm with a small iron brazier of coals. The bed was clean and wide, a tick of straw filled with herbs to kill smells and ticks. It was covered with a heavy wool coverlet dyed blue. I looked around, curious. We had a pitcher of water, and a chamber pot, a small table, and two chairs.

Haagan's hand was warm and heavy on my shoulder. "You move like an old man... Have you never ridden a horse before?"

He was leading me gently, but inescapably towards the bed. "No Haagan... Not since I was little."

He nudged me so I fell onto the bed. I sat there, wincing and taking off his cloak. I stripped out of my cloak and was starting to untie the laces of my shirt when he asked me quietly.

"Kitten? What are you doing?" I looked up and he was grinning at me, his arms crossed with an amused expression on his face.

I felt my face flush. "W-... Weren't you going to..." I shut up, unable to finish the sentence. He chuckled and stripped out of his heavy leather armor, hanging it on a rack near the door. He gathered up the cloaks, his magnificent fur-lined one as well as my cheap wool one. He put them on the rack as well.

"Maybe later Aro... But as for now all I wanted to do was try and rub the aches out of you. Just lie on your stomach and relax."

I blushed bright red and lay down on my stomach, feeling strange and vulnerable. "Thank you Haagan." I whispered.

Suddenly his hands were on my back, and he was grinding his knuckles into the skin. I gasped with pain, but oh it felt so good! He was digging his knuckles into the taut knots of muscle that had developed from an entire day hunched and shivering in the saddle. I could feel my muscles loosening and going limp with every rough dig of his hard thumbs and knuckles.

"Mmmmmmmm" I groaned. He chuckled and went down my back, rubbing my lower back which had been incredibly sore earlier. It was like the pain was seeping out of my muscles and away into his hands.

"Here." He murmured. "Take your clothes off."

I was so much putty in his hands at that point. My torso was limp and aching and relaxed and my eyes were half-closed with ecstasy. I slowly wriggled out of my clothing.

I could feel my blood burning when he massaged my buttocks and upper thighs. I was naked, but he was still massaging every inch of my body.

He flipped me onto my back. I flushed and cupped my groin in my hands. He ignored me and started massaging my chest and upper arms. Blood had rushed to my groin in a rush, and despite how sore I was, I wanted him inside me. I wanted it badly. I wanted him badly, like a man working in the hot sun wants cold water. I wanted him to touch me everywhere, in all of the right ways, to feel his rough hard body against mine.

Haagan sensed the change, and he nudged my hands away. "Don't worry Kitten..." He purred. "We have all night..."

I jumped and gave a little frightened shriek when someone knocked briskly on the door. In a moment I was curled into a clumsy ball with the coverlet clasped to my chest. My body ached in a good slow way from the massage.

"We're here with your meals and water Sir." A girl called from the door. Haagan looked at me, cowering under the blanket, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

"Oh you poor thing..." He muttered, trying not to laugh. I smiled weakly, my heart still pounding.

Haagan got up to answer the door. He took a basin and a steaming pitcher of water, and then he took a tray. He thanked the girls, who were both peering curiously at me where I was huddled on the bed. I was utterly mortified, even more so when they giggled.

Haagan chuckled when the door was closed. "Oh Kitten, no need to be ashamed. What we share is perfectly legal and normal... If considered a bit outlandish by a few individuals. It's only in your land that it's an abomination."

"Now come here for supper, they laid out a nice spread for us."

I got up with the coverlet wrapped around me. It was warm in here, and my feet sank into the simple carpet of combed brown wool.

A wedge of hard mild cheese and a thick end of soft white bread, supplemented with a clay pot of thick pottage. We each had a large tankard of golden mead and half of an onion as well. I let him split the portions, and he gave himself the lions share, but I still was barely able to finish my portion, and I gave him what I couldn't eat.

"Now..." Haagan purred, standing and cracking his knuckles. "Where were we?"

I blushed under his hot gaze and I got up and lay down on the bed, looking up at him hopefully. My body felt hot and tense and excited. He had been more gentle to me during the day, kinder. Would that translate to his attitude in bed?

He got up and let his horsehair vest slide to the floor. His muscular body was lithe and powerful under the loose linen shirt he wore. The laces were undone, so I was able to see a large expanse of his hairy chest. I could see one dark nipple surrounded by his soft dark reddish hair.

He kicked off his heavy boots and stockings. He seemed to enjoy being watched as he stripped. I could feel my cock resting against my thigh like a long hot stone. I flushed and reached for my cock, thinking that he would stop me.

He was dressed in only his loincloth when he pounced on me. I could see his long cock through his loincloth, so hard that a bit of the cloth was damp with his precome. I rolled onto my stomach under him. I shivered submissively as he ground his cloth-covered groin against my ass.

His breath was in my ear. "Lift up your hips a little." He whispered. I moved onto my knees with my upper body still crushed to the mattress.

I let out a muffled cry of pleasure as he reached around and cradled my throbbing cock in his hands. His fingers were rough and deliciously pleasurable on the thin sensitive skin of my cock. I cried out and squirmed when he rubbed one fingertip in circles at the very tip of my dick.

His hand disappeared and I whimpered with disappointment, but then his fingers were near my mouth, pressing through my lips. I sucked on his fingertips, and I tasted the clear earthy taste of myself. Precome coated his fingertips.

"You get so hot Kitten... You're so ready for me..." I mewed softly with arousal. His words were low and rough.

His loincloth was suddenly gone, and I could feel his hot thick cock rubbing between my buttocks.

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