tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 02

The Slave Ch. 02


I followed my master out into the living room. There sat five people three other men and a couple women. One of the women was kneeling at the feet one of the men. The other one, plus my master's slave, were being used as a table and a foot rest.

"Jesus, what's that smell? Ah, no wonder, another slut has entered the room. Come here, dog."

I stared to go towards him when I was jerked back hard forgetting I still had the chain attached to my collar. "Dog! Don't you think my permission would be appropriate?"

Ashamed, I looked to my master, "Please forgive me, master. May I go and beg him for some food, Sir?"

"You dumb cunt. What did I just tell you about using first person when referring to yourself?” He smacked his hand hard across my cheek.

"You may go beg now but you may not speak."

I crawled over to the man and began begging as a dog would for some food a scrap anything to stop the pain in my stomach. Everyone in the room began to snigger as my embarrassment grew. The man I knelt before ordered me to roll over, which I did. This brought about more laughter. I was then told to sit, to lie down and to play dead. Each time the laughter grew. I felt so humiliated. Finally the man was satisfied and threw some food down to the floor for me. I ravenously bent down to eat. Someone pulled my tail out and cleaned the shit off of it by rubbing it onto my skin. I then went around to the other men as well and continued to beg for food. They all had me do various tricks in order to earn a reward. By the time I made it all the way around, my stomach was full again. I found myself feeling very low and animal like but also very horny. I began to whine and rub against my Master's leg, hoping He would understand.

"I do believe, gentlemen, that this dog is horny. Too bad. However, if any of you gentlemen need relief, this dog here is always available for use."

Two of the men got up and came over to where I was. The other man sat back and watched, he began yanking on his cock as he did so. Seemingly at the same time, one cock thrust hard into my arse hole and one into my mouth. They both fucked me back and forth in rhythm, slamming their cocks into me until it felt like they were meeting inside me.

Unbelievably, they both seemed to cum at the same time. One came on my face and the other onto my arse.

When they finished with me, I was ordered to remain all fours. I panted quietly, my head hanging down some. Then what seemed like out of a cloud, I found myself staring into the face of a large dog and at the same time, I felt the fur of another dog behind me then I felt its nose as sniffed and lapped at my cunt. I startled and surprised.

"Dog slut, you are a dog and so you will be treated and fucked like one for our amusement. While the first dog is fucking you will stroke the other's cock with your hand and take it in your mouth. When the first is done with you I will bring the second around and He will fuck you as well. Now cunt, you may not realize it but you will not only become a dog, you will be submissive to these dogs and serve them as well. Whenever they wish to fuck, you will have to submit to them. Believe me; these dogs can be quite 'ravenous' quite often as you will find out, now on with the show!"

My master helped the first dog mount me, and then stood to one side. The dog found his way into my wet cunt quite easily and began fucking me as fast as he could. I cried out in both pleasure and humiliation as I stroked and sucked the other dog as well. Faster and faster the dog pounded his cock into me, as if he was trying to get his entire body inside me. I couldn't keep up with his thrusts and the dog slipped out of me but someone came over to me and held on to me, making my body move into the dog's cock again and again. By the time the dog came and was released from his knot, I was exhausted. But before I could even think about lying down, the other dog mounted me and began his use of me. My cunt was being pounded and i began to float away into nothing. I had no control; I was like a puppet. This time someone just held me up while the dog fucked me. I had become a hole and nothing more just as I was told I was. I had no power to be anything else or to think I was anything else.

When this dog finished with me, I lay down on the floor, panting heavily. I looked to my Master with begging eyes but he saw him laugh and realized he was not done using me for their entertainment. I was taken to a large cardboard box and placed inside of it. There was just enough room for me to lay down if I curled up into a tight ball, which is exactly what I wanted to do. I didn't care what was going to happen. That was when I felt the first of six people piss on me, then another, one after another they all used me as there toilet. As they did so, they also emptied their ashtrays into the box, pieces of paper, bottles, food scraps scraped off of plates, watered down drinks, etc., etc. I had become a rubbish bin.

Each time someone pissed on me or threw some rubbish in the box, I was asked what I was. I answered that I was a rubbish bin. But they wanted more. I answered that I was nothing, but a filthy, stinking rubbish bin, and dog slut. It was as I was always meant to be and I deserved nothing more. This response pleased them all and I tried to smile as if I was enjoying the experience, knowing it would pleased them, I fell asleep in the filth as the party continued, I was awakened occasionally by trash or someone pissing on me.

I felt myself being lifted from the box and dumped into a bath tub.

"Wake up, cunt. You performed well tonight, I was quite pleased. Your reward is a warm shower and a cleaning from me. Now, remain on all fours while I turn the shower on. You are, after all, still and always will be a dog and this is how I always bathe my dogs." The warm water hit my skin and it felt like heaven. I moaned quietly in pleasure. Then my Master began bathing me with soap. This was even better and my moans became continuous. His fingers found his way into my cunt and He began fucking me with his fingers. Though my cunt was sore, I fucked his fingers. For some reason, being fucked with fingers tended to make me cum faster and more intensely than a cock. I always liked when a master used me in this manner. I had always seen sex as another way for my master to control me. But Oh as his fingers opened me up wide, I could feel each one inside me, probing me deeply, fucking me. I became lost in my master's manipulation of me until I began to howl for need of release. This my master granted and I felt my orgasm soak my Master's hand. He continued to bath his until he was clean. Then dried me. He ordered me to heel and He led me back into my closet. Without hesitation I scrambled beneath my blanket to this safe place, my new home.

"Understand this, cunt. You will feel tenderness from me occasionally but it is not a habit and you will never see it as a weakness. It is only a reward I might decide you need after excellent service. Now, go to sleep, little girl." I didn't have to be told twice. I was asleep before my master closed the door.

For two weeks (or was it three, I couldn't tell) my intense training continued in this manner. Slowly, I became the obedient dog, the dirty toilet. I revelled in my new self, which wasn't really a new self, just one he had never been allowed to be. Before my training, I had been too strong and too belligerent at times for my own good; never feeling completely under a master's control; never feeling completely dependent upon a master. Now, though, I felt my submissiveness to my master deep into my soul.

Thoughts of disobeying were no where to be found. My dependency on my master was complete. And I felt happiness and a contentment I had only dreamed of before.

The time had now come for me to truly become my master's slave. My training collar would be replaced with a permanent one. I would be allowed out of the closet during most of the day and night, though it would still be where I slept. For this I was glad because I had grown used to the confines of the closet.

As he thought back on the past weeks, my master opened the closet door and ordered me out. Obediently, I crawled to his feet. He ordered me to heel and he took me to the shower. There I crawled into the tub, staying on all fours. My master's other slave was and watched as he proceeded to silently bathe me. When I was clean, the slave led me out of the tub and dried me. Then my master returned and led me into the living room. There were other people already there; speaking and laughing, then falling silent as they entered the room. My master reached down and removed my collar.

"You are free to go. Leave here and become again what you were; a lost soul if you wish."

I wasn't sure if He was serious or not. But I knew I did not want to leave. I had searched my whole life for a master that would totally dominate me. I knew I could never survive without him to serve. I fell to the floor and began licking his shoes in desperation. Scared He was going to send me away. It seemed for a long time He stood there, silent, like the rest of the people there; only the sound of my desperate tongue licking his shoes. Finally, He spoke.

"What are you trying to tell me, cunt? Do you wish me to take true ownership of you? " I nodded my head vigorously "Do you wish to stay here and serve me as my slave, my dog, my toilet for the rest of your life?" Again I nodded and smiled.

“Stand, cunt. Two of you hold her arms and have two of your slaves hold her feet. Cunt, I will place my mark on you now which you will carry for the rest of your life it will sear your skin and it will cause you pain the like you have never felt before. It will hurt but it is my acceptance of you. Are you sure you want this.”

“You may speak.”

“Yes! I want you to be my master for the remains of my days.”

My master stepped up to me and kissed me gently on my cheek, and then stepping back, He took the whip and began flogging my back with extreme intensity. I cried out in shock and pain as the whip landed over and over again onto my back. It seemed he barely stopped in between whacks. My screams filled the room as well as my head. When he was done, I was released and weakly I collapsed to the floor.

"Kneel up before me, cunt. I accept your offer of servitude. You are now my property this is my brand I now put on you to let all that use you that you are my property.” With that the slave brought what looked like a soldering iron the head had a shape on it that I couldn’t make out but as it touched the skin of my inner thigh I certainly felt it the pain I was feeling from the beating was gone and I realised that for once in my life I was where I was supposed to be in the order of thing I was a dog slave and that was all.

“This is to replace your training collar this is your permanent slave collar. I will hang your training collar in on this wall with a picture of what you once where to remind you of how you got here. I have the only key to the lock of your new collar. It, your collar will never be removed unless in a dire emergency. You will always feel my ownership around your neck and on you thigh. You will now have the honour of being called 'slave'. You, of course, have no name. I don't name property I own. "

He took the collar and locked it around my neck. I look around the room at the others in the room his friends as my master spoke. "Let you all be a witness that I take this slave as an addition to the property I own." me as his new slave smiled widely as these words were spoken then as my master hung my training collar on the wall above my picture I saw for the other pictures and collars then I looked again around the room and saw the faces in the pictures looking back at me.

It was then it came to me that we were all his slaves and we all had our purposes in life and that was to serve him as he pleased.

So finally I belonged.

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